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The Rise of Lyraclesia

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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The Rise of Lyraclesia

Post by Tentacle » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:11 pm

These are my truths and direct observations.

For E. Etormkin

It all began with Aaronyes. His public nature was the most convincing ruse.

Dreamers gathered. A new era was upon us. Old foes and ideologies confronted us. We were having none of it. Freesoul and Illuminate dominated our minds and sought to polarize our actions. Aaronyes and Castellan stood apart and remained enigmatic. Aaronyes for his part acted no more wise than the Uncle who drinks too much. Castellan knew the power of turning a profit and that he had something we would covet. He was not wrong.

Subtle hands (Silk Nuvas) began almost immediately to steer the organization of political bodies in the city. Ideologies too were resurrected from the past. Not unlike many a dreamer who we had been convinced was lost for all time. Belief structures rose again as if manipulated by necromantic majesty. They held only a fraction of the power they once did. More than once I asked myself if they were reinstated because of their eternal truth, or because it was simply easier to regurgitate what had worked in the past. I believe it was the latter.

Of great concern to me during the dawning of the Lyraclesia era was the capacity being shown for selective revision. Specifically, the revisionist power of those we call Idoaclesians. So moved was I, that I felt compelled to take action. A new Alliance was born, dedicated to cultural purity. I felt it integral that we preserve the distinctive people and experiences of different realities. My passion for this cause has not waned. I went so far as to create dossiers for each Idoaclesian that became known to us. Though they tried to move away from their reality, we would embrace it. We would not allow them, or ourselves, to forget.

I see now why the Freesoul and Illuminated did seek so earnestly to polarize us. While we mock what they preach and threaten us with there is a beauty in simplicity. Had we embraced the old Ideologies would we now at least believe in something as a collective? I cannot answer that question.

I know that we have each of us been awakened for a purpose. Even as our realities combine and we question the very nature of reality, this truth remains. Perhaps it is not Freesoul or Illuminate which hold the powerful seed of truth. Instead, it is the paradox that lies at the centre of each philosophy. We should have been exploring the nature of reality all along.

Had Idoaclesians not been so rapidly enamoured with ease of advancement and technological gravitas would more of their culture be preserved? Are they any more ignorant than we are? Do we of the Lyran era not dismiss and regurgitate accolades of the past with a matched frequency as the Idoaclesians?

Time continues to flow. From one era to the next it is eternal. Civilization, Dreamers, are prone to tossing aside the past. I urge caution. We, as Dreamers, are capable of so much more. We need to move away from thinking that convinces us that someone else will do for us. We need to move away from statements without action. Yet, when we do act, we must do so with restraint.

Our next dream is never promised to us - we have forgotten this truth yet again.

Turn away from the power of smoke and mirrors. Hold those accountable who seek to deceive - they want us to fall in line so we are their sheep. Alone, the Deceiver has no power.

These truths and observations were as poignant for me now as they were when they began to stir inside me at the dawning of the Lyraclesian era.

The Matron 🕷️

"I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it."- Niccolo Machiavelli
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