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Entry 92 - Entropy Coalition

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Entry 92 - Entropy Coalition

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Dearest Coalition,

I apologize for my tardy missive. Our journey to Underlight was sabotaged by none other than Eldryck Venym. His claws have dug deeper here than we anticipated and was quick to expel Valencia after finding his blockade. We nearly suffocated waiting for the citizens to remove the sword from the stone. Unfortunately during this time, the Heart’s instability expanded.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. I regret to inform you all of Jinky’s passing. In light of Gertrude’s disappearance after we were released, Jinky suspected the madman Eldryck to be responsible. I pleaded with her to stay in sanctuary, but she decided to confront him anyway. Eldryck struck Jinky down without so much as a second thought.

On a brighter note, a selfless dreamer known as the Oracle of Asmyr sacrificed herself to release one portion of the Heart. One down, four more to go. I request further back up as I set out to recover Valencia and find the whereabouts of Gertrude. We must persevere.

- Kaleido,
Steam Engineer of the Entropy Coalition
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