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This is a game for roleplayers. We want your ideas how how to build the better game. Post your suggestions here.
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Would you participate?

Maybe, I'll have to see
Total votes: 19
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Post by Koi-Cricket »

Everyone needs more storage space right? Especially here lately with the new missions, reward tokens, etc etc. RP lead has come up with an idea so let's see what you all think.

Two remaining houses, GoE and PoR, will be used as personal storage for everyone who would like to participate.

150 essence filled chaos well turned in monthly in exchanged for extra space to have your personal items stored.

Caretakers of the house will take your items in and store them for you, caretaker will appear often to the house to allow you access to your items.

What do you think? Would you participate?
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Re: Storage

Post by Yuritau »

I voted No pretty much solely because having access to my stored items dependant on an intermediary would make me unwilling to store anything I might need quick access to, cause even if you have multiple people acting as caretakers, it just wouldn't be reasonable to have all day coverage.
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