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New Characters

This is a game for roleplayers. We want your ideas how how to build the better game. Post your suggestions here.
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New Characters

Post by Cherokee »

With all this talk of starting anew, I thought I’d share my idea on the topic of keeping our characters, with a little twist.

I know everyone is attached to their characters. The stories we’ve written with them, the memories we have and the time and effort put into grinding their levels. But let’s put that all aside a moment. If we really want to start fresh and rebuild this game in hopes of growing the community once more, ask yourself if your current character(s) still give you inspiration to keep writing more stories? Or are they too bogged down with their history that it’s hard to see past old friendships and feuds that they no longer spark creativity?

Personally I think we should all use this opportunity to re-roll new characters that will allow us a fresh perspective to create new stories and bonds, friends and foes. I have an idea that would allow us to do just that without completely scrapping our old characters. This could also be a unique way for the players and GMs to work together on various RPs.

This version of the City ends (however that is supposed to happen). Our characters band together to do something-something-yada-yada and they eventually reach the OverLight (or something similar). Fast forward however many years into the future, they’ve become some type of Guardians of the City. They’ve ascended to a higher plane, therefore they no longer dream as they once had. They are now a part of the Dreamscape.

We’d still be able to play these characters, but on a limited basis. They’d only be allowed to be summoned or communicate in a special room that has some magical properties to lift the barrier on the divided realms. This would give players the opportunity to work with GMs in coming up with new threats and using these Guardians as messengers to the city of impending doom and possibly offer wisdom of the past that might help them with certain story arcs.

In addition, some former teachers could still retain train and/or forge to dole out group quests that are GM approved. However these would be for rare occasions. GMs could approach certain players to help with new RPs as well as players being able to submit ideas they’d like to see and help with for these RPs.

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Re: New Characters

Post by Brother Timothy »

A long time ago the GM's closed all the houses in the game. There were a lot of dreamers that left the dream permanently because of this. They saw all their hard work in the houses wiped out. The dream and the houses were never the same after that. My character is actually supportive of houses because he witnessed this. So I think new characters is a bad idea.
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Re: New Characters

Post by Cedar »

I think this is a great idea, and am looking forward to starting fresh :)
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