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This is a game for roleplayers. We want your ideas how how to build the better game. Post your suggestions here.
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What would you like or not like to see in terms of antagonist characters.

Bring it on. I enjoy the interactions.
I would like it better if there was GM aid against these types of character.
I like to stand on the sidelines and watch other people deal with those characters.
I am not a fan period.
Antagonist here and there is fine.
Antagonist need to make more appearances and rock the boat.
Total votes: 58
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Post by Koi-Cricket »

We want to know your thoughts on antagonist characters. Choose as many as you would like.
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Re: Antagonist

Post by Harkyn »

I voted, but I wanted to add that the main issue I have with antagonist characters are when they are godlike. It's not fun to fight people invis spamming razorwind. Darkmares that are using dreamsoul constantly and you are only "allowed" to collapse them once they decide to stop using dreamsoul isn't fun. Nightstalkers who are literally invulnerable who are running around removing mares with no way to stop them isn't fun.

I understand it's hard to balance the strength when sometimes you'll have multiple skilled combatants present and sometimes you'll have people who barely know how to use a chakram, but this can be solved by utilizing multiple antagonist characters at different strength levels. Bring out Big Daddy baddie when you have multiple strong fighters, Captain Baddie when there's a mixture of people with fighting skills, and Peon baddie when it's mostly non-combatants.

Dreamstrike is another issue. There is no reason to fight any antagonist with dreamstrike currently. They could kill you (though we know they won't really which is another issue), but you have no way to kill them. This discourages combat. There should be some kind of player version of Dreamstrike created that can only be used on GM toons with some hefty requirements, so that there could be a *chance* to kill the GM baddie at any battle. For example, the player GM baddie dreamstrike could require the evoker to be carrying a house prime and use 100,000 energy from it. This would require some coordination with somebody outside the room holding the prime then bringing it in when it is safe. Something like this would give meaning to every battle.

Antagonists should be powerful, but fair. The best suggestion I have would be a way to give them a set amount of dreamsoul in the 1000's and not allow them to use dreamsoul elemens for both Dreamer form antagonists as well as Darkmares.

Both of these suggestions would require coding. Which I don't think we've had a patch that required any coding for a long time now, but we do have several people capable of coding Underlight, who would most likely be willing if you offered them a modest payment for completing coding required for a patch and a community that has shown that has shown it is willing to pay to support Underlight when needed.
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Re: Antagonist

Post by Cedar »

I 100% agree with all the points Harkyn brings up.
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