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Conflict in Underlight

This is a game for roleplayers. We want your ideas how how to build the better game. Post your suggestions here.
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Conflict, some conflict, or no conflict?

Yes, I love conflict whether it's fighting or political arguing!
Yes, I would like conflict if there was GM balance.
Yes, conflict would be fine with neutral areas beyond sanctuary protected by a GM entity that retaliates against aggressors.
No, I hate conflict in all forms!
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Conflict in Underlight

Post by Koi-Cryptic »

In the event we go with an all new storyline, I'd like to get a feel for where everyone's head is at when it comes to things like conflicts(fighting/political) so we can better gauge how to direct things. Conflict and fighting in general are touchy subjects within this community. Some love it while others hate it. We have lost many players because of too much conflict, but we have also lost many players because there is no conflict at all. We have to be able to find some middle ground between the two so that everyone can have fun. Just as it's not fair for someone who loves fighting to ruin the gaming experience for those who hate it, it's equally unfair for those who hate fighting to ruin the gaming experience for those who love it.

When it comes to conflict in Underlight, there are different aspects of it. There is, of course, the fighting aspect of conflict. There is also the political aspects of conflict. This aspect doesn't always have to include fighting, but can at times. I do not want to create an environment where there is no balance.

An example of balance would be House A is at odds with House B. House B wants to crush House A for their stance on the matter at hand. Both houses would have GM support in them to balance out any differences in strength between the two. GM support would consist of one or more characters, possibly a Seneschal in each.
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