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Library Staves

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Library Staves

Post by Starfall »

So the staves in the library were connected to something involving Rubedo Morvant but Rubedo hasn't been seen in several months (afaik they've been there about 6 months since the last major development with that plot). Several folks have been attempting to remove them, but it seems like that plotline has been abandoned given only two were placed and there hasn't been word since.

I'm not sure why the attempts to remove them have been failing, but can they just be removed? Or at least let the next attempt to remove them succeed? It's led to people abandoning the Library entirely this year.
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Re: Library Staves

Post by Kelos »

I completely agree with you. I think it is time for the staves to leave. The Library was the main gathering place, but now, no one stays there for any amount of time. The newlie boards are there and no one tends to post anything on them as well. Actual newlies don't understand why their willpower and resilience levels are being sucked dry.
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