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Asynchronous tasking via teacher mission boards

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Asynchronous tasking via teacher mission boards

Post by TehFluffeh »

The Problem:

Many of us who once played Underlight are now adults (legally, if not mentally or spiritually,) and the nature of the constraints on our time has changed. Where once I could have afforded to make a weekly meeting just for a chance to get a platue 60 task from a GM I am no longer able, or for that matter willing, to spend an hour of my time in that manner.

Additionally, some players are not available to play during "peak hours" at all.

The Proposed Solution:

Allow tasking to work, asynchronously, through mission boards. Here is how I envision the flow working:
  1. Teacher posts to the board with their willingness to task and their capabilities.
  2. Student replies to teacher requesting a task.
  3. Student and teacher are able to post back and forth via the mission board as an interview.
  4. Teacher issues a task through the mission board.
  5. Student is able to report back to teacher via replies in a manner similar to the pre-task interview.
  6. Teacher is satisfied, selects art to gain/platue as a "reward" in a reply to student.
  7. Student checks mission board. Receives art/platue.
  • I envision this occurring via the mission boards in the library and not as a house-only service.
  • I envision this being implemented only for arts and platues, not spheres.
  • I assume the technical challenges are surmountable.
The teaching system is one of Underlight's most valuable assets, but the reliance on other players for advancement can be detrimental to the player experience. We all want to grow and improve our characters not just in terms of their story line but in real-power terms as well.

I believe I have elucidated a system that improves on one of the failings of the teaching system, the need for teacher and student to be physically proximate, without removing the vital elements that make the teaching system the asset that it is.
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Re: Asynchronous tasking via teacher mission boards

Post by Sidious »

As I said in chat, I approve of this message
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Re: Asynchronous tasking via teacher mission boards

Post by Krodoc »

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Re: Asynchronous tasking via teacher mission boards

Post by Dina »

+1000 I love this idea!
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Re: Asynchronous tasking via teacher mission boards

Post by OfF KiLTeR »

I would also like to chime in on this. As a teacher with a lot of experience in the past, one of the most frustrating aspects is trying to meet with others. Now I have a six-month old baby and a career and many, many obligations. The benefit of using boards is there is a chain of communication, which can be monitored. Having a train of 60, I can be an asset without having to sift through lengthy reports all of the time I can find to be in Underlight.
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Re: Asynchronous tasking via teacher mission boards

Post by Venom »

I don't know how this would apply to bundled tasks. Venom cannot issue bundled tasks so his halo is pretty null at the moment till he can. He isn't the only one in this situation. I believe this is idea is more for single tasks per ability. Like it was for the old system. I think the only task I've given out recently is for Soul Evoke and that's because its not bundled.

Still I like this idea :) If the old tasking system was around.
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Re: Asynchronous tasking via teacher mission boards

Post by Noidea »

Maybe people would be more willing to do single tasks if it was made easier, though, for instance with this system. In fact, for me with my European hours it might well sometimes be easier to do, say, 4 tasks and report the results via the mission board, than to do 1 task but then wait 2 weeks until I see the teacher again.
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Re: Asynchronous tasking via teacher mission boards

Post by Hakash »


I am also on European time, and mostly I interact with the "daydreamers" in the US when I'm able to dream. I am never able to participate on events or gatherings.

On the plus side,I mostly have CoD to my self. 8-)
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