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A case for Underlight being found on the platform Steam

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A case for Underlight being found on the platform Steam

Post by vens1o1 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 6:46 pm

Steam appears to be easily the most popular platform from the populous finding a new or classic retro or otherwise great game, and I feel Underlight is one of these great games that the public deserve to play.

Similarly as I had hoped the dev team of Underlight were able to work on making Underlight available on the new platform we know as: Windows 10, I am asking if it would be doable and good for us to have the devs work on the task for getting Underlight onto steam greenlight and open the City of Dreams to a new generation of players from around the globe. I know Underlight deserves this perfect communion with the populace as of large and perhaps vice versa as well. Thankyou for hearing me out and considering to answer the question I have put forth for you all here on the Underlight Fourms Today. :P ~ Vill Valorian.
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