An immersive RP training for all new Character.

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An immersive RP training for all new Character.

Postby Docgeno » Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:43 am

Here is my thought:
Actual training: The actual training explain game mechanic. It is awesome and we must keep this.
Problem: It does not prepare the new user to the rp nature of the game and may have them fear the game.
Solution: Make an RP training "à la" Fallout.

Here is the plan:
1 Characters are "Born" Soulsphere and must undergo a "Selection quiz"
2 The selection quiz would be a basic sorting hat thing. The result would give them their FOCUS and class.
3 Then come the game mechanic training.
4. Depending on the action posed in the situation given, it make the Character a Low or High born. Thus changing the avatar look, and the skill they carry. (Flash Light and Sunshield, LOL)
5. Selecting the Avatar colour scheme. Different focus means different look.

I know it would change lots of things, but you know the new player will enter the game more confident.
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