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Proposed Changes to Peace Aura

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Proposed Changes to Peace Aura

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Some months ago, an email was set to our wonderful Koi Team. This email detailed a plan to change Peace Aura. Since that time the members of AoE and a few other hardy individuals have been experimenting IG to make these changes. I would like to thank the Koi teams involvement thus far with our attempts, most notably Giailor (I am sure there were others behind the scenes as well)
The mechanics of the change are:
Being able to evoke the art on anyone
Giving the target the ability to accept or refuse the evoke (like Restore when a SoulSphere or JP or Give when coherent)
We felt that by giving a choice to the target that would remove the argument from when the art was first put in place.

Role playing the changes!
Lead by Fin Marda we have used an item called the Singularity to attempt to combine arts with Peace Aura. Each time we attempted strange things occurred. Various arts would effect the room we were in. Darkness, Flight to name but two. Then on our 3 attempt, everyone in the room gained Peace Aura. Our first taste of success! But, the non-members were not given the opportunity to refuse the evoke. We have made 3 or 4 more attempts since that first success each time, we get the same result at least once. Everyone in the room gains PA, but without the ability to refuse or accept the evoke.

Coding the changes.
From what I understand, these changes are possible. The reason they haven't been done is well, the Dev team is super busy. IT is a thankless job sometimes so, Thank you!
I am hoping that things have calmed down and the changes AoE is asking for can be implemented. No right away of course, we are perfectly happy RP'ing a few more times!(Once Fin Marda returns).
If anyone from the Dev team needs details clarified feel free to shoot me a message on Discord or track me down for an IG explanation.
Thanks once again!

Drizzt's puppet master!
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