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Teaching variations ideas as an add on

This is a game for roleplayers. We want your ideas how how to build the better game. Post your suggestions here.
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Teaching variations ideas as an add on

Post by Rafael »

Post by Rafael » Sat Dec 26, 2020 11:41 am

Is the structure of upper spheres entirely sufficient or encouraging in events required?
Do we over rely on events that were made for a much more populated dream? Do we help enough? when we post for events and no none shows repeatedly, how do we change? Possiible suggestion is to lessen the levels from Major or minor to just events that might effect many in the dream, and multiple posts to track. This proposal is to just reduce scale of existing structure to fit individuals and dreams more than we have in a way that encourages dreamers, not frustating. And whedn frustrations occur, being ready and able to offer usable suggestions

Proposal is simple reduce the asked for scales of events. We do participate when we catch them but when we don't we miss events and no one appears. so rather than events involving many define that many as even a few in dream. Some of us have major long term projects that could impact the entire dream but this is where it fails. We need to consider how to help, just asking if others need help. So as alternative, consider lessening SCALE of events due to the wrong expectations from those putting events on. The difficulties now are dreamers not finding help leading to frustrations and people leaving the dream. So to a degree suggestion of just helping dreamers when they seem 'stuck' is not happening and needs more particularly the higher events when dreamers have issues just getting things rolling. I need feed back on this please. We Want people in the dream to have fun and not get frustated. :ugeek: :idea: :geek:
Structures should be changed and we help struggling dreamers to bring fun back to dreaming. this is suggestion to augment, not replace.
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Re: Teaching variations ideas as an add on

Post by Drizzt »

I agree completely I have had a few conversations with Dreamers that are stuck as you put it, at 3rd sphere. This is because their time in the city is limited and they cannot commit to a larger scale event. We, as teachers, should have an option that allows for Dreamers like this. Flexibility is key here. Can such a Dreamer, do something that isn't an event perhaps, or if they are able to be involved in another event, can that be used as the Quest for the Sphere?
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Re: Teaching variations ideas as an add on

Post by Blade »

This is something which has always bothered me. People's misrepresentation/misunderstanding of the word "event". People get caught up on this word, thinking it means something specific. It doesn't. When we started using the word "event" it was because we lacked a better word to use, for the sake of brevity.

The purpose of tasking, when you boil it down into its most simple of parts is to create activity. That's literally it. It is nothing more than putting forth effort to do something which you are already doing, roleplaying. Tasks add to the lore of the game, either through the creation of content such as histories/stories/etc, or just plain interaction with other players.

Each player is in fact telling their own story. When you take all those individual stories and interact within them is where we get Underlight. Tasks should not be a chore, rather they should be an exercise in your own roleplaying ability, as well as being able to draw others into your story and enhance it with the addition of them.

Stop getting hung up on the word "event". Understand your role as a Teacher is to create content for other people to take and expand upon.
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