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Apprentices, Library Quest Board & Oracle Arts

This is a game for roleplayers. We want your ideas how how to build the better game. Post your suggestions here.
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Apprentices, Library Quest Board & Oracle Arts

Post by Silverwake »

To whom it may concern:

I think that it should be highly considered that "Apprentices" (any Dreamer with a grey halo) be able to, in-game, teach Oracle Arts on their own... I mean hands down, that is what a new Teacher should be doing and if you think about it, there's no way to abuse it if the game is set-up to restrict "Arts" that are not on the Oracle List. Perhaps there could be some "Apprentice Train" Art that could be learned or something that would allow it? I'm sure there's a coding that needs to happen first, like, "if grey halo = these arts" or something... But how helpful would it be to have Apprentices who could, at the very least be able to just teach those Arts? Forget plateauing them.. Although, I think that would be very useful too. It would be a great way for new teachers to engage with students and teach them the "open" Arts that all Newly Awakened have access to...

Any other thoughts from people out there on this?

EDITED: Also, I think that Apprentices should also be able to post TASKS in the Library of Dreams on the QUEST Board (if they can't do so already). I check the Board when I can and there's only 1 or 2 other teachers that are using this. You would think that ALL Apprentices should be using this board to help out Newly Awakened. I'm going to see if any Apprentices can post, I know Guardians and Rulers can (untrained). This would be a HUGE help for the Apprentice Teacher if this was added to their abilities in the City. The XP Cap should really be 5,000 XP per day for an Apprentice/Guardian, 10,000 XP for a teacher/Ruler and 25,000 for a Master Teacher. This needs to be CHANGED and upped... The 5000 per day, per post was originally set over 15 years ago when the player base was relatively new.

PLEASE, if you are a Ruler, Guardian or Teacher character - please post up quests in the Library so that people and players have something to do. A new player wants interaction and if only 2 or 3 of us are posting, that's NOT enough for someone new to get engaged with. This part of the game needs to be used. Its your duty as a player to post. Thanks.

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Re: Apprentices, Library Quest Board & Oracle Arts

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I'd like to revive this because it has great merits that help us also get to the 35 tasks we need before we move to the next phase of training to get a halo.
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