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The Legend of Rolanth the Brash

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The Legend of Rolanth the Brash

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This story was told to me by Sholistan.

*Sholistan plays staccato notes on a lyre like galloping hooves in a meadow*

A long time ago, during the Lyran City, there was a dreamer, a gatekeeper by the name of Rolanth. Across the city he was known as Rolanth the Honorable, but for some, his name was Rolanth the Brash. He spent his days patrolling the Lambent Plains in search of prey.

*Sholistan deftly moves his fingers to soften the sounds of the lyre. The music seems to float airily within the dream like a bufferfly wistfully lazing on a flower.*

For you see, Rolanth had made an oath to the Alliance of the Eclipse; an oath to protect them at all costs from invading forces, nightmares and more. The Alliance was a group of pacifists during this time and they dedicated their life to peace and the understanding of the dream. While they did not condone the actions of Rolanth, they did not condemn them.

*Sholistan grows a consternated look on his face as the song slowly drags down into a minor key. The bright and cheerful tune slowly turned somber.*

One night, as Rolanth set watch along the bridge of Wishes, he heard a low growl approach along the bend. A small band of bogroms, bound by chains and led by a creature most foul approached the bridge. Rolanth stood fast and firm at the bridge, unwilling to acquiesce his place to the oncoming nightmares. The chain holder, garbed in ethereal cloth that obfuscated a wraith-like skeletal frame barked loudly:


Rolanth was steadfast and unmoving, his blade unsheathed and scraping along the rails of the bridge of wishes.

*Sholistan quickens his breath as the music slowly quiets and erupts, suddenly and sharply.*

The leader screamed once more:


The bogroms began to gurgle and howl, froth dripping form their fangs.

Still, Rolanth stood unmoving, His vow to protect the alliance was true and he spared no second to defend himself when the sound of rattling chains echoed across Lambent, loosing their slack. The bogroms struck out, their legs sinuous and strong as they leaped towerds Rolanth.

The knight ran forward, unfettered by fear as he slid down across the stone work of the bridge, his torso arcing low in limbo as he raked his blood against his leaping foes. Essence flowed out from them as they toppled against the masonry, struggling to stand for a second strike. As Rolanth spun around to face the faltering prey, he heard it. The rattling of chains. Before he knew it, he felt the sting around his neck as he was bound and strangling for air, ensconced by irons.

With a gasp of air, his blade reached out, clinging tightly to the metal. With a surge of Willpower, his blade glowed brightly and ate away at the chains binding him.

The bogroms, now with regained footing, crept forward and latched on to his legs as he struggled. His blade clashed down over and over again in a spray of essence that stained the bridge a dull gray. As they collapsed, again he was beset by the leader. A beast so sickening and cold, its ethereal body clamped tightly around him. The stench of death defiled the sweet sanctity of Lambent that it enraged Rolanth even more. His love of this place and the people of the Alliance brought forth a surge of Will once more as he broke free from the Nightmare's grasp.

A vibrant array of slashes rang out against the dream in an echoing cacophony as Rolanth struck out over and over; but the mare was unrelenting; it, too, struck out over and over, Its oppressive aura straining against the walls of the dream itself; and in that moment, when a crack in the dream itself broke out, the alliance came.

They watched as Rolanth fought one of the creatures hell-bent on destruction, saw how the walls cracked and frayed and they worked their hardest to hold back the chaos that seeped in. It was not enough, however. The damage was done and as they looked to their knight who gave everything for them and asked for nothing in return, they saw a shell of a man standing over the essence of a mare.

Members of the Alliance mvoed quickly to heal his wounds, but their distraction weakened the walls even more and the cracks began to widen. Rolanth, rose... walking past the Alliance members, his body so weak and frail. He stepped up to the cracks and he focused, pouring every ounce of his being into the stability of the walls themselves.

No words were said. A flash of light blinded the Alliance members and when their sight returned to them, they saw the walls restored and Rolanth nowhere to be seen.

He sacrificed his life for the protection of others.

Some saw the actions of Rolanth as foolhearty; to sacrifice your life here in the dream for folks unable to reciprocate; others saw him as a hero. What Rolanth was, was a man of dedication. He believed in something and believed it beyond all other things. He did what he felt was right and without hesitation.

His story lives on.

*Sholistan opened his eyes as the music slowly faded away to nothingness*
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