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The Aftermath

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Zahra TrueB
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The Aftermath

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A cold wind blows across Basin.


She felt in an instant him blink from existence; like a ray of light just cut by a sword. Two in one day.
Wish had already been acting strangely. What the man had told her, the man wearing Wish's face (or was that a part of Wish?, she half-wondered) she had told to Rage, Agama and DoL to protect them. The eyes shined too much, and he put off a weird vibe, but it seemed to be Wish all the same.

She had kept close tabs on Wish since Tuesday night; but all the clues pointed to a direction that made no sense. It seem that Wish had lost himself, hurting Kori and Rage for no reason. Or, there was something else going on, as usual. This was Wishbringer after all. That morning, it seemed she had finally gotten her answer. So she had gone up and spent time on the Facade, and told them.

Then Nocven, that cursed NightStalker, had to show up asking for his brother. She couldn't control her fear around that man and he seemed to enjoy it. When she finally did get to Wish, the Stalker was already gone. Everyone was acting strangely, creepily normal. Then the gaslighting began, again. She didn't immediately dismiss Wish's whisper to her, but she was cautious. She knew what she had heard.

She would never hurt Wish, and certainly not intentionally. But, it turned out she had been tricked, as least partly by the Stalker. Nocven must have known, and so gave her that info to throw everyone off, knowing she would tell them. She told Wish and Braelynn the truth of why she warned DoL that morning. It didn't make much difference. She was glad at least Jevik knew about the doubles, so he could check if it was actually them.

She stood holding Wish's head in the Basin. The scene in the Sepulchure haunted her. She hoped she could change wherever these events were leading and fix the broken bonds, between Wish and Kor and Brae and Rage. Hoping, madly dashing, that she might be able to change it. But no...it was in vain. Wish had been tortured and then blown from the world like so many dead leaves, leaving them nothing but inhuman growling and rending shrieks. Wish was gone.

Her friend was gone. She had tried to help keep him alive all these months, and he was...gone.

And Eldryck was no better. Finally the truth came out with the Oracle of Asmyr, and Alder and Sadara. Eldryck Venym was no longer an close outsider with a long history in the City. He has parents, a sister, an adopted brother...and he had her. Ever since she had the dance with Eldryck to learn about him, she had had doubts, but she could see the good in him. He wasn't completely a monster, never was. And she had held to it.

And at the last, she saw him take Dumah's burden on his own shoulders, and come to terms with his own past...well, most of it. Her sister Sama had helped him too.
It hurt her to see him hunted by the Circle like an animal, running here, running there, to the Cenotaph, to the Cave of Mildew, to Chasm. She had wracked her brain for ways to save him, kept tabs on the Circle.

All useless. He slipped from her helping hands, from the City itself. Where he finally ended up was a place she couldn't reach. Stabbed, his heart and soul stolen, then Struck.

"What can I do?" Zahra wondered, as she started walking. Both of them gone, both had shaped her Dreams as much as anyone in her House families. Sorrow and guilt clouded her. A cloud of vengeance started to gather around her. Wish and Eldryck would be avenged, whether they came back or were lost.

Harkyn would be dealt, and then...

And then, she would plunge a dagger into Nocven Oniresom's heart.
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