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The Decision

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The Decision

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Eton had been a loyal member of the House of Wardens for quite some time, but he had recently been feeling a little unsettled. Despite the House's excitement and passion, he found himself longing for a more stable environment where he could truly thrive.

One day, while walking through Underlight, Eton stumbled upon the Order of Sable Moon. He was immediately struck by their discipline and research, and felt a sense of calm wash over him in their presence. He couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to join such an organization again.

Eventually, Eton found himself outside the Alliance of Eclipse. Although it was a bittersweet moment leaving his former home behind, he knew that joining the Order of Sable Moon was the right choice. Surrounded by new dreamers unwavering sense of duty, Eton felt like he was part of something truly special for the first time in a while. He eagerly awaited their acceptance and the adventures that awaited him.
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