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Thoughts on the Flame (for task)

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Thoughts on the Flame (for task)

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The are of FlameRuin was one of the first flame arts learned by a dreamsmith called Bathus who apparently only intended to create a small spark of flames to light his pipe, he like really liked his pipe. He however instead created a raging ball of fire that engulfed his head, burning off all his hair. Instead of congratulating him or aploading him for discovering such a useful new art he was ridiculed and laughed at for his lost of hair. It is rumored he burnt off 5 of the other dreamsmiths hair before running away cackling like a madman.

Bathus shared his notes with Tenrik and they developed FlameSear finding this Aethir grew rather jealous as he felt he was a far better dreamsmith than the other two and could produce much better arts than them. He was able to get a hold of both there notes, though not there full research it was enough that in a week he developed his own flame FlameShaft. He then fought the others defeating them in a battle duded the "Flamewar". He was widely acclaimed for his work at developing the flame arts further before he faded into obscurity well before the great fall.

There is a rumor though that Ternik didn't develop FlameSear and it was an unkown dreamer a dreamsith who's name is lost to time who was trying but failing to find offensive uses for resilience. But there research was going nowhere, until while having some tea. The stove caught fire while he was sleeping and spread to the rest of his house, including into his study before he was woke by the heat and smoke. Traped and panicked he struggled to find a way out when he noticed a bottle of resilience essence exploded, the contents boiling and churning on the burning desk. The boiling resilience soon started to spark, and the sparks turned into burst of flames... soon a fireball shot forth braking a water pipe the gushing water putting out the flames. The oddity of water elemental giving birth to flames, to bring forth water to save his life was something he meditated on for some time before he developed the flame art of his own.

There a few stories like this but the all seam to point to the same things, the flame arts where developed more often than not accidently and wherent used for combat but in contests or as a means of showing who was the better developer of arts. This shows that before the great fall when the walls where strong and mares could not enter the city people got along a lot more and there was much less need for combat arts.

Every weapon is a tool, usually developed as a tool before it was a weapon more often than developed as a weapon first..... even the firearm from our waking world was originally a tool for celebration that got developed more and more along the line of weapon till it was less and less a tool, but it started out as one, but we still use fireworks today. The blade arts where likely just tools before they where used as weapons just like in the waking world.

Hopefully one day these arts will return to being JUST tools and never used agenst another.
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