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~Curse of a dreamer~

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~Curse of a dreamer~

Post by Lio »

I will start with my own story, of a curse, self reflection of dreams gone by. Then I will add others short stories that appear to be identified as curses, or are they? Self reflection and awareness, makes a person grow. So now I introduce the series.

~Lio's loneliness~
( a seers self reflecting sadness)
My husband, my love; as I sit and ponder, all alone at times with cherished friends long past. Memories of your laughter; your jokes, and your joyful ways. I wonder where the months and the years, those dreams have gone? Why only memories last? Why have you lost your passion to dream? I feel my youth is squandered, slipping way like a cursed elemen and for what? A plateau,a few spheres, some scrolls now curled, stained with age. A forged tarnished ring of promise.Especially plaguing my memories of you.
My husband do you remember? Think at times of what we thought we had? And do I ever cross your mind? And, are you ever sad?
Vanity… of course it is, and vain has been my curse.The twisted path of a dream ill-spent…can only bring remorse.
I thought again, as I smile sadly...I take quill in hand and scribble one more verse. To think, to dream, and to regret... ah, ‘tis this dreamer's curse. That is missing you, and not letting go. Wishing for those dreamers gone by

~ A Cursed that became a Eternal Desire, the gatekeeper who became Kromare~
( A Gatekeeper is cursed as a darkmare, he longs for that state till this day in the dream city)
This story is about Krodoc from Idoclesia, the one known as the red demon. A loyal and prideful gatekeeper, with a reputation for a tenacious temper back in his city. Those who knew him, were cursed when they crossed this gatekeeper, like a bulldog, he wouldn't let go of those dreamers who crossed him the wrong way. It took a lot to push this man, but when you did, you were cursed with a very skillful warrior, whose intelligence at tracking prey, would keep a dreamer in a hyper vigilant state of worrying when he would strike next. This is his story on how what was a bad curse, became his hearts desire.)
Now keep in mind, I don't remember the name of the device or how Eros came to have it, or even why. I just remember that he was struggling with his ability to keep himself sane, and was threatening to use this device on Dina.
I moved to defend her, and attacked Eros. We fought for a little while, but then he managed to gain space and turned to fire his device at Dina. I jumped in the way to be a meat shield essentially, and took the blast to my chest. It knocked me from the City back to my shard, and Dina took off. When I returned to the city I didn't notice at first. I came in through the Courtyard as normal, entered Threshold and as soon as I moved into one of the hallways, I was hit with an incredible burning sensation. That's when I looked down at my hands, which were claws now, covered by a battered cloak. So I got out of Sanctuary and from then on I couldn't enter a sanctuary anymore without feeling that pain.
I remember going on a small rampage, but I don't recall who it was against. Just that I kept certain people inside the sanctuary for days.
*To tie off the shamblix story. It was about a week or so that I held the form before being cured in the water of Umbric. Well Dina eventually convinced me to let people cure me. As I got used to be a shamblix, I didn't want to switch back to my dreamer form. I still miss it to this day. The power I felt, I would be a horron by now. This wasn't a curse to me, it was a blessing to experience this as I reflect back now.

This story was retold by:
Krodoc -Gatekeeper, Dual Focused(GK/DS) 9th Sphere

Liolira Torek
Dreamseer 7th sphere
Alliance of the Eclipse
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