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Fluffles the Trinity creature

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Fluffles the Trinity creature

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This scroll may be updated as research on Fluffles develops new breakthroughs, and any dreamers with information to report about Fluffles can append new pages to this scroll with their findings.

Last night on 1/17/2023 I was swimming in the lost sea, and I heard a voice:


Startled, I asked my whale friend Skyr if he said something, and he simply shook his head. He only speaks in sonar waves, this voice was different. I heard it inside my mind, and nobody else was around. Were my thoughts playing tricks on me?

I shored up out of the sea, and saw faint, orange clouds spreading through the dreamscape. It appeared to be coming from the Trinity plains. I saw Duck and Grandma Jo in the Inchoate Realm market, and told them I was going to go check it out.

I camouflaged my scales like a cuttlefish so I wouldn't disturb the grazing emphants. The area was foggy with the orange haze, and I ran into Max Luminous. "Who is there?" I invoked Vision on him to see me through my camouflage and the thick fog.

He was coated in the orange powder, and to my surprise, he too heard a voice in his mind before the fog appeared. We joined up to search for the source, and found Galicia Neron. She brought us to where the drifting sediment was coming from. On a hill above one of the split staircases, a large lifeform of limited mobility has anchored itself to the Earth, taking a space that once belonged to Gary the grass blade. The thing was pumping clouds of powder from tentacled pods budding from a thick, firm stock. These pods resemble "flowers" that were once observed growing in Trinity last year and studied by Eton.

Flower tentacles, or "petals" are thin, delicate, come in a variety of colors, and seem to be at the mercy of the force of the wind, though sometimes will show an ability to move to the direction of sunlight or close to shield themselves. They seem to have the shape of minature crinoids, but their stalks are of a property more similar to grass or kelp. I have noticed that small, yellow-and-black banded crustacean-like creatures will fly to them, but instead of ingesting the flying arthropods, the flowers allow them to take what appears to be clumps of small, yellow plankton, much like the orange spores coming from this new lifeform. I wonder if the spores are like Polyp buds and they metamorphose into a kind of sky jelly, but I have not seen any creatures like this in the skies of underlight.

These could be reproductive spores that this species evolved to not require codependence with the flying shrimps to spread its brood.

Its body structure is similar to an anenome, with a size comparable to a giant crinoid, but it has many heads like flower buds, and I am unsure if it is a plant, animal, fungus, or an order of life alien to anything previously known in the dreamscape. Galicia saw Max coated in uncountable feathers and a second head and spiked fins sprouting out of my body. She had been exposed to the powder longer than we have, and it appears to have hallucinogenic properties. Max made attempts with all of his might to chop the creature out of Trinity with his Chak, but its body is highly resilient, and may even be impenetrable to anything short of infinite chaotic force.

Our city guardian Galicia claims dark tentacles were seen extending from the Keepers of Eternal Shadow two weeks ago and threw something into Trinity. Perhaps the ruler of KoES, River Sky, may know something about the origin of this new being. It's possibly a species of mare with a non-molecular body structure of chaos. At that point I had been exposed to the powder too long, and started hallucinating Galicia's dress turned into a jellyfish.

This may be a candidate for Elmer's Zoo, which may need to be built on Trinity to accomodate it. The powder is spreading through all the plains, but obviously, Trinity is where the clouds are thickest and dreamers there are at risk of hallucinations or any as-of-yet unknown effects of the spores. I propose protective goggles and gas masks should be forged for any dreamers wishing to enter the Trinities.

We named him Fluffles, and as we left the plane to leave him be, I heard the voice again, laughing. Seems Fluffles has an unusual sense of humor.
~A box jellyfish has no brain, but it has feelings and it has a soul~

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