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OSM Excavation Dig

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OSM Excavation Dig

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Many know the Order of Sable Moon was built on rocks and sand. And the sands are ever shifting causing the house to be unbalanced. OSM, with Pixar leading the excavation, and Neogi aiding with tools, safety gear and assuring everyone was safe prior the Excavation.

We all gathered at the Order's Celebration Hall w/ others of the city aiding. (Pixar, Neogi, Almodozo, Perram, Nieba, Stellaris, Lenguriel, Bally, Kelos, & Nathan) As we all gathered prior the excavation Neogi spoke of safety, wearing our hardhats, and to be mindful of each other when swinging our pickaxes, and Pixar explained what were looking for.

Pixar Looking about at everyone in the Celebration Hall, thanking each one for joining in the Excavation Dig down in the Sand Caves. Pixar, along with Neogi and Almodozo, guided each one down to the Sand Caves. Everyone in hand with their tools glancing around at the Hall and walls amazed as some seeing them for the first time. Each one were assigned a job and spread out in the Cavern to begin the Excavation. Neogi and Bally set up the large wooden beams to assure support for the ceiling walls for no cave-ins. Many spread out and began the digging with shovels, chisels to pull out rocks and pickaxes for the heavy duty rocks to break free, while Neogi, Perram and Lenguriel were loading the buckets with rocks, sand, dirt and debris and dumping them down in the deep open facade pits. Pixar was checking on everyone to make sure they needed anything or if anyone had found something or a reason for the sands shifting so rapidly. Nieba throwing her weight into a pickaxe and unleashing hell onto a wall as several rocks fell to her feet. Bally tossing dirt away from his site clearing it out as he digs deeper. Neogi looks over asking "are you attempting to dig your way out, that hole is huge". Bally assured him there must be a large rock under that dirt and being a wild man Bally almost took off his foot but continues his digging. Pixar looking about the Sand Caverns with the smell of mold and dirt, seeing the sand in various locations within the Cavern churn in a circular motion. A small vortex of churning sand appears at the surface of the cavern and then settles to normal. Pixar reminds everyone to be mindful and careful so that they don't get sucked into the vortex. Neogi makes sure everyone is ok and hands out water from a water bucket. He wouldn't want anyone passing out from heat or exhaustion. Kelos and Nathan observing the walls as Kelos spoke about how there used to be water down in the sand caves. Pixar wiping the sweat from her brow ask if anyone found anything that could determine why the sands shift with no one finding anything more than rocks, dirt, and sand. We continue thrusting our shovels deep within the dirt digging as Neogi, Bally and Nieba joke to keep the moral up. Pixar called Perram and Lenguriel over to help aid her in the darkest corner of the Sand Caverns. Lenguriel held the flash light while Perram and Pixar dug in a general area hearing a thud. Everyone stops momentarily to see what was up. Pixar asked Perram to dig deeper in a localized spot and together we hit something. I looked down and saw a skull from a Darkmare pulling it up and holding it to examine. It's appears to be a Darkmare skull with 2 vertabrates connected. The cavities where the eyes and nose once were and worms and roaches crawling out surrounding the cranium. Perram suggested we continue to dig in that same area there could be more bones. Nieba suggested we could gather enough bones to make a Nightmare. Pixar smirked, placed the skull within a cloth bag and continued their dig. Lenguriel accidently steps in a vortex screaming "quicksand". Upon inspection we learned it was just the sand shifting and we grabbed her and pulled her to safety so not to be burried or stuck. Pixar helped Lenguriel to the side and asked her if she was ok, with a nod she said yes and we continued our digging. Soon after we dug up another bone. This time an Ulna that connects the forearm and wrist with 2 digits attached. The bones are fragile and grumbling from the decay over the ages. Pixar placed it in another bag for safe keeping to examine later. As the sands began to shift more we ended the dig, Luthair and huthut came as we were wrapping up the dig, looked about as they were amused claiming we had our very own honey combs. We all were led out and gathered at the Celebration Hall to speak on the findings of the bones and skull. Under examination for all to view, Pixar came to the conclusion that long ago the Entropy Coalition did experiments and created Mares out of chaos outside of the city walls. When rips in the city began to appear these Mares came into the city. While the name of the Ancient Dreamer who did the experiments is not known and he died before all the Entropy Coalition could complete their experiments, it is with deep concerns that some of the Entropy Coalition were part of Order of Sable Moon. Also under further digging into the histories of the Entropy Coalition, we believe after the Ancient Dreamer passed those that remained of the Entropy Coalition continued his experiments but with failed attempts as they did not have all of his notes from his experiments and why there are bones of Darkmares under Order of the Sable Moon house.
A few days later Pixar and Neogi went back down to the Sand Caverns and found another bone. This time it is a large brittle bone which has been bleached white from the shifting of the sands. The bone appears smooth to the touch and mysteriously appears to be from one of the Horron type beast that once roamed the dreamstate. The bone is embedded deep within a large stone. We attempted to pry it out to no avail and decided to do test and research with it remaining inside the stone untouched. Perhaps we will learn some dream what or how they did to cause the demise of the mares that are resting below the Order of Sable Moon.

Then a few dreams later suddenly, with no warning, a Darkmare named Marigny appeared attacking and upon collapse dropped a bone of unexplained origins. This bone was clearly old and worn with carvings on the side of old symbols and signs unlike any we have ever seen. And the bone is heavier than expected when picked up, like it isn't what it should be. Could this be a bone from long past experiments of the Entropy Coalition in an attempt to create a new Darkmare? And failed attempts or was this Marigny Darkmare the results of their last experiments? We will still be conducting experiments in detemining what exactly the product of this Darkmare.

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