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Stormy’s diary

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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

dreamers seen: grandma jo, raymoth antagon, magnilia, flower of cienn, braelynn, liolira, dakkoth, huthut, nathan,varik,lenguriel,lilith, krodoc, El Capitano,

asking raymoth about eyeballs
doesn’t seem to want to separate from them.

apologized to nathan, and tried to explain the situation somewhat.

apologized to athena for calling her a strawberry shortcake.

caught krodoc!


watching the duel in the arena

El Capitano, 5th sphere, DreamSeer requests plat to 10 nmf - is from idocleasia
dreams sometimes disappear for months at a time.

El Capitano was born in city where only powerful dreamers had the art
so when he could of learned it actually did have up to sphere
and was stuck due to a bet with a dreamer named bortami.
returned from the dead and now has it but isn't high as it was trying to fix it because it is their favorite art.

seems to refuse to tell me focus
asked what he likes to do in the city
“trying to figure it out honestly.”

Magnilia: If I find someone harming spiders you’re welcome to rough them up.

uses nmf to hide from past mistakes and be alone.
spent a while with El Capitano, named stormy’s hair spider “fred”

El Capitano wants to hire me.. he likes information.
he wants history, history of the city is broken.

El Capitano has major history.

gave El Capitano a rose that I made.

…he’s holding my hand *squeeeks*

El Capitano knows anash

El capitano and I spent some time at the shrine of rek nektu, in citadel .. sucha sweet man. So happy we met.

a short happy journey of cuddles and such. .. then he woke. hopefully will be back. , still a fine dream.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

dreamers seen: Flower of ceinn, brother timothy, nathan, athena, kain

talked about dreamseer’s hunting horrons.. horrons vs shammies.. dreaming time, and mainly catching up.

experiment possibility, improve or expand blast to make it better.

when bleed first appeared BT worked on completing it with it as an effect to blast.

kelos tried to make blast not line of sight inquire with him.

perhaps mixing blast’s evoke one of the newly exposed elements

Brother timothy speaks there used to be light mares!
they were excellent and helpful ?
kelos speaks of a time when there were more types of lesser mares.

brother timothy hasn't seen one in decades, he vanished from the dream ages ago.
he is orbit 69

mares tend to attack the higher orbits

brother timothy was one of the people who helped with soul shield, they had the start of the art and the elder who first worked on it.

he’s seen agos do that, the ones in lost seas used to do it a lot.

The old theory was that they exist outside the dream and squeeze in through cracks in the walls since they have a lesser chaos they can appear in any room but cannot go through portals.

when brother timothy comes here alone he can see and hear ghosts?

kain seems useful and enlightened perspective for experimenting light.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

dreamers seen:

did a lot of hunting this dream, been nice one, quiet. think i’ll work on my drawing a bit more after a nap by the fountain and fire

Starting to draw it’s yay needed to continue.
finished drawing that part.. moving to next
sketched up several things.. now to flesh them out.. next dream
maxxed again.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

dreamers seen: liolira, dakkoth,El Capitano, jawsman, grandma jo, nathan, xarar, huthut, athena

liolira wants alts.

apparently, I need to cut down on bequeath unfortunately, and im maxxed again after falling asleep with an ago or two

had an interesting night with El Capitano, wandered around raced dueled mostly
think ima draw now.

drew for a long while sketched up several possible dreamer sketches.
decided to gen for a while

talked with lio a bit, Then after genning and drawing again
Grandma jo! Woo got shines for dreamers.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

dreamers seen:liolira, vrikar, wishbringer, najerv torek, dakkoth, crackjaw,

found vrikar in their house.. collapsed me, Then glared and snarled when I hugged him.
then chaos purged me

hanging out with lio from time to time.

apparently the black emphants hurt more than the other ones? According to crackjaw.

Newly resilience, spent some of the dream with him.

dreamers seen: liolira, topsy, stellaris, dakkoth, athena, huthut,magnilia,krodoc
we spoke momentarily about the missions she’s doing needing chalk chaks, dm essences, and charms

spent hooours tryting to summarizing interviews
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

dreamers seen: jawsman, dakkoth, liolira, grandma jo, gagon, athena, crackjaw
the trees are gone, the silverbark trees.. are gone from the valley, I collected some of the silver bark ina pouch, for experiments. .. ive also consumed some. perhaps we can use it to help the dream, when or iff needed. I am reluctant to use it as it .. is unique now.
the tomato plants are gone from the trinity.
there appears to be a statue of dagon, in trinity, at the dagnon’s deadly ground.
all the plants and garden is gone from the gate to oosm

Saturday 2pm DST, dreamer discussion on kotoken and their relation to chaos

gagon newly is a gatekeeper
a visit from crackjaw a soulmaster newly, how wonderful.
hunted a bit
got saved by grandma as I got stuck on a ledge soulsphere.
hunted more
helping newly again

The quentio’s trail, lower umbric plains is no longer filled with essences and talisman
Interviewing crackjaw for his first sphere.

Crackjaw sphere interview:
Tell me about your focus:
Crackjaw: “Well my focus is a soulmaster”
What does that mean to you?
Crackjaw: “it means I have some ofensive and supportive art”
How many focuses are there?
crackjaw: “4”
If your injured and law on dreamsoul, what can you do about it?
crackjaw: “well, I could run, fight harder, or just use a blood elemen.”
Where do you find elemens?
crackjaw: “they get created from spawners and I believe also get dropped from mares”
What can you use to fight if so inclined?
crackjaw: Well I can use some of the noodles that you gave me, or I can use my arts like soulreaper or flamesear”
What mares or nightmares are there that you know of?
Crackjaw: “well the names specifically I dont know off the top of my head but there’s the flying snake, squid faced floaters, and ones that look like sticks glued together, some come in other colors as well”
Now, suppose you can sense you can learn something like an art, plat, or sphere.. What do you do about it, and how do you accomplish that?
Crackjaw:”ok. So first you find out if you can learn new arts, then find a teacher for the art, to spear you have to do this interview and plat I still don’t know.”
How do you find a teacher, specifically one of your focus?
crackjaw: “ask trustworthy and experienced dreamers”
Whats the difference between flame art and meditation?
crackjaw: “flameseer uses resilience to use it, and shoots a projectile, meditation restores your resources over time.”
You mentioned a house.. What are the houses, and how do you find them? How do you know someone might be in one?
crackjaw “So houses wear crests and you can find them by following the different tourches by portals. They are here for dreamers who have the same ideas and beliefs to work together.”

I granted his sphere, and then a not so fun arguement took place between athena and I.
was .. the first time however brief I cried infront of others, instead of running off and closing in on myself to cry alone. was nice to feel the support of others. Thank you for that.
Perhaps, I misunderstood the situation I dont know, but hope whatever the penalty for my actions are it isnt too dire, but I accept them none the less. Arguing with an mt doesnt seem like a great thing to do. and I am sorry for that.

bottled some of my tears, for use in ritual or two.

garden outside the moonies place is gone.
feew other things, took note , woke for this dream.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

dreamers seen:liolira, gagon, dakkoth,liolira,jawsman, kelos, athena, huthut,

discussed some basics about the dream and talisman, took tour of the welcome center
we went hunting
discussed some of the basics of the dream and ran into jawsman along the way
he taught him some things about gk’s and then did his sphere interview as I took over running around collapsing things
had to wake after he got sphered. when I got back
I got some serious work done in library drawing
was a nice gathering. Pretty good dream
think now i’ll do some hunting maybe work on my report summary of the interviews ive done so far. I look forward to finishing it and preparing for follow up to gain some clarity
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

dreamers seen:Grint, dakkoth,flower of cienn, athena, ludakris, eton, joram, liolira, raymoth antagon,huthut, lilith, anash, gagon,

spent a good portion of this part of my dream hunting been quiet thus far
and I am complete with rough draft of my summary, which puts me almost at the half way point. yay go me!

grint speaks highly of the light, curious.. maybe he’ll teach me something interesting.
house had only common sense bout what to do bout em demons, calenture with their chaos adled brains, allied with some of em demons and they went bout desecratin some of the plains with their god damn chaos collectors.
Ye never wanna drink water from a well that’s been corrupted or poisoned so how do you think the planes are going to do with em spreading their chaos around? It aint going to do great
so the light opposed em fought em even in wars to combat em. now last time I was round, we were coming up on the tail end of a war between our houses.

I asked, “I’m curious why would anyone be opposed from your persepective, to them collecting the chaos from the planes? Wouldn’t that from your perspective remove such.. corruption?

That’s assuming they’re removing the choas. But they weren’t doin that before. First time that demon of calenture spreadem collectors up and down the mountain, it formed a linked chain from our house to their house. Connecting our primes together.

seems quite formal.
What was the reaction between the light and the chaos, with them connected?

furthermore does the light have light collectors?

“Now ye may have a mind fer researching in that kind of scenario, but we erent bout to wait and find out. We had to work together to removem, before it grew worse.”
“At the time no, we didnt have collectors of our own. I aint sure what’s happened then though ma’am. Reckon this was alla bout nine months ago.”

Then? It’s interaction .. was limited, was there any noticable change?

“Then meanin I aint seen the rest of the house or the dream since about them. Since the war ended, and those collectors were removed, I had a rough time dreamin bout this place. Now yer the first soul I see after about eight or nine months.”

seems dakkoth just became a soulseer

!! zander has tokens, zander would like to learn blind but no mt. message to esinore passed on to lio to me.. to esinore.

Asked dakkoth for a memory or story about leading or hosting at least three events involving many others.

Dakkoth for fifth sphere support:
“Alright stormy, let me tell you about the time I tried to create an art called Transmute Essence”
“I was going for my 7th sphere.”
“I was given a quest by Purple Lace, inspired by our conversation prior, to combine the essence arts into a single art….”
“I demonstrated how each of the essence arts used Resilience to carry out each process. I held 8 public meetings and was documented on the city scrolls….”
“And I failed to generate the art. The failure was also not recognized as sufficient for the Elders and thus informed Purple Lace that I needed an entire new quest”
“Disheartened, it was a while before I attempted it again.”
“similar to forge, one would create a shell of an intended talisman. It would be void of energy as a choas well is.. then you would add energy to it upon filling up, the talisman would be generated, with that in mind. the same could be done with essences and the essence art. The transferred energy the release of the soul (for those who mattered) etc. “
“I’m just summarising here from memory. it was intricately designed and the tests were positive. Though at the end, we nearly blew up em’ets lab in the lost caves.”
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

dreamers seen:liolira, jericho valiant (newlie) , xarar, magnilia, jawsman, griddler(newly), athena, gagon, vvelenor(newly), varik , magnilia, huthut, esinore, duck, jasper, zander, Ironies II, jasper, dakkoth, magnum
I should work with krodoc if possible to figure out how to solo or fight a shamblix horron darkmare.

Jericho Valiant is a soulmaster
claims to have more insight than the otherwise besides dreamsoul.. which would make him a dreamseer. Though touching him with right hand I can sense otherwise.. a curious individual.
knows how to hunt, is orbit 6 at the moment
met four dreamers including myself

taught him about the welcome center, the dream in general, halo’s and teachers.
he woke.
griddler ( gatekeeper)
vvelenor (resilience)

sphered vvelenor.
He likes martini’s dry.
I hear Ironies II is going to join us at aoe
xarar is a soulmaster teacher

witness ironies II initiation, and was offered the possibility of guardian for aoe.
posed the question of what to do with my silverbark sample.

have you tried to run the telescope on the other elements, other than dreamsoul?
I mean.. It .. makes me curious .. for instance, if a form of an evoke could be generated in the power feed, and what results would happen with the telescope if any

mags: “We have used bountiful energies once, thus far, since our renewal”
mags: “one of the sisters empowered a wand with it. So surely they can be used in, creative, ways.

sorted many many many drawings and picked the ones I want, now to clean them up take what I need.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

dreamers seen: vvelenor, liolira, jawsman,caleb, stellaris, dakkoth, patches, huthut, magnilia, athena, zander, kayasisis, kelos, ironies II , nathan, jasper, raymoth antagon, lilith, river sky, ludakris
ahh now to continue my work drawing, maybe do some interviews?
apparently stellaris dreams yay.. back from dreaming, brother timothy seems lonely according to vvelenor, dreaming odd hours. too bad I missed him coulda have been fun.

Caleb , dreamseer
took caleb shopping

new kotoken Z something at koes zaknar

focus cost of tempest is 40 luci
got some more shinies

been hanging out with lio she’s going to try to start a new guild.. I guess well we are for newlies. sounds fun.
lio gave caleb his seer plats for oracles

reported my train task, now have train to 40!
so so so braindead after that ..

sitting in city forum, hoping brain not required.
study hall tomorrow, 7pm dst teaching guild.
hope no one notices words hard now.
river sky seems into public humiliation?, and imprisonment.

kayasisis showed me a Apiscimosos - Deer
River sky believes there is a true god.
I asked River Sky if her god is named Solis? no reply.
I asked river sky:
alice referred to the believers of your sun god as "twiners", is that true?
she nodded yes.

On november 27th at 7pm dst there will be an open invitation discussion on archival efforts in the library and how we can drive more engagement with it, making it relevant.

Congratulations I dol again.. shiny wings..
ask dakkoth for massage it gives you wings.
asked dakkoth what the price is for one of these shiny massages.
we can discuss that in library tomorrow.
poor piccup was beaten when they appeared.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

dreamers seen:liolira, huthut, pythia, jasper, dakkoth, jawsman, lu chaos, dakkoth, nathan, esinore, eton
checking out the welcome center with lio, having huthut make a banner

set 4 exceptions for not responding to newlies as part of joining newly bugs guild.
hearing a report as a teacher, reporting to a teacher, in house meeting.

an organization focused on newlies primarily, providing fun informative classes, and maintaining newly area, making extra effort to try to prioritise them, teach and guide. It's giving them guidance, family, and focus starting out before they branch out to the rest of the dream, pre house, pre fourth.

known members, jasper, pythia, lio, stormy, huthut, magnilia, lu chaos, jawsman, nathan, golah

key holders: lio, stormy, huthut, pythia, jasper.
rule 1.
The chamber of unification welcome center is for NEWLY ONLY, not personal items, or mission items.
it’s a backup of the main room in case o f theft.
The room was cleansed.
member representatives
freespirit : lio
aoe representation: stormy edwards
Calenture rep : jawsman
dol rep: huthut

Can store elemental masses for newlies for the market in that room? sure (I think)
No keys given out unless assigned and approved by jasper.

jasper is a seer, advisors usually only teach their focus and house members.
hearing dakkoths report for distress call L
“For this task, I ask you not to research the basics, do not find out the history at this time. I would like you think about your past, and when someoen else was reaching out calling for help. Did you notice in time? did you help them? Why, or why not? and how would someone who doesnt recognise your call know, you are in distress? come back when ready and random for your change to elarn this art:”

“Before I returned from my voyage to rescue Max Luminous, I was at near death…”
“My resilience was weaking. I barely had enough to keep my avatar coherant. My mind had been frazzled. I lost vision in the darkness…”
“Then I heard the cry and screech of The Phoenix….”
“You see , Nathan and I were part of The Phoenix ascendancy… A guild that Nathan formed and lead….”
“I was able to move toward the sqwauk. Closer and Closer until I felt the back of it beneath me. Soaring into the air and back towards the light. The mighty Phoenix came for me…”
“It took me back here, to Underlight.”
“It was then that I found out that it was Nathan who sent the Phoenix to me. It was not there to rescue me, although it did, but rather to send forth to collect me and bring me back to Underlight to assist him.”
“Nathan and I are bound by our dream blood as brothers. We will die for each other. When I heard that he was under seige by the Dreamers of Light, I came in swiftly to help turn the tide and oppress the light back.”
“So tunneled and focused on my own adventure that I lost sight, track, and focus of my breathern back there. I did not notice nor think of what was transpiring here”
“That is why now I am calling upon Nathan to assist me. With all that is transpiring, I have had to make decisions that have shaped House Calenture and severed ties with those who do not seek the same ideals…”
“I can feel my pysche crackling under the preassure. Just moments before I reported this quest to you, I confessed this to nathan and asked for his help.”
“Without speaking up or reaching out, there’s very little else that would ever tell anyone we are in distress. Some hide it behind a fake facade of smile and grin.”
“But such is an immense burden on the soul.”

dakkoth randomed 88, I randomed 21.. and I trained him in distress call.
stats oracle/token and tasked arts
79% free to 21% quested
free as in oracle + token

What's one thing asked of you all before next meeting
figure out how to make a difference. make mt matter other than status symbol

engage with our fellow teachers get their feedback talk in groups
suck less

make sure when you train oracle, write oracle somewhere in the quest don't care if it’s emphasized or not just put it in there so it’s trackable.

Get eton ready for initiation.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

Dreamers seen:liolira, stellaris, jawsman, athlea warwicke

took some bark from the weeping willow.
cut a branch from the weeping willow
Idea, use some of the silver bark, making a paste, and graft the sapling onto another tree.. Or
plant it ,to make it grow a bit .. then move it into the library.
maybe demo the floor a bit?

newly bug charter
To provide and guide newlies to a greater understanding and appreciation for the dream at large. To produce productive members of the dream, while focusing on the fun and creativity, in learning and community building.

Teachers unless asked by the host of the event or get together, or member of the guild, please refrain from taking over / conflicting/ otherwise disrupting the class. If you wish to contribute, join the newly bugs, or host your own class, please do so, and or notify the newly bugs for our support.

absolutely do not allow anyone to have your key, there is 4 keyholders and we are responsible for the security of the vault.
In regard to your house. You can be the one to introduce your home's beliefs if at all possible see if another member can present it… absolutely, your role here at the newly bugs club is neutral, no recruiting allowed to refer to someone else in your home.
Unification is the backup vault for front room supplies, for the newlies. NO personal items or mission items are allowed. Mass elements are allowed if they are to be used for market gifts, or rewards for newlies. Let jasper know , when you do place masses in the vault.
when a newly joins a home or is orbit 39 graduation part upon departure.
workshops are commited as dedicated n ewly teachers, to always offer our workshops regardless of size , 1-10 doesn't matter, the workshop will go on.
all staff newly bugs (teachers are equal, in the eyes of the center) if you have an issue with a teaching style, or topic discussed, please talk with that newly bug after in whispers, or prior to the event in question.
Everyone is expected to contribute as a commitment, engaging as a newly bug helper… the 4 reasons for an exception of duty is as followed:
You are giving a report, or hearing a report.
There is a major event going on, and you attending or hosting, that includes house meetings.
Battles and you are engaged in the protection of the city.

dual focus.. second focus cannot train:
fs = stagger, paralyze, razorwind
gk = reflect or bulwark
ds = combine or balst
sm = abjure or vampiric draw
no focus bonus

ask jaws if he would be willing to combine arts class for newlies with his study hall to lead, for teaching oracles, and general info about arts

Athlea’s dreams are dark and stormy, Of heresy foul, stretching out his claw.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

dreamers seen: stormsy, stellaris,liolira, caleb, crackjaw, huthut, xarar, dakkoth, jawsman, grandma jo, athena, kelos, krodoc, dakkoth, ironies ii, esinore, joram, duck, jasper, eton, zsa zsa, wishbringer, romulus, El Capitano, braelynn

was drawing, and in pops stormsy

returning dreamer

dakkoth: “You can flame the revenant in the coven of echt”
the one where you stand in the corner ontop the stairs?
Dakkoth:“There’s two revenants that I flame down. One is pretty easy for most. it’s like the ambuscade”
Dakkoth:“But the other is a couple rooms down. They share the same spawn so if you flame one you should know how to flame the other to hunt for any extended period of time”

donated 2 of the 22 saving for party
2 gold.

started eton’s path to the alliance.

teaching tip - much like forgers have their own personal signatures on items.. you can colour your codi as a signature of your own teaching colors ~jawsman

spending some time with El Capitano.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

Dreamers encountered: Dakkoth, serers (newlie), huthut, jawsman, liolira, grandma jo,
Raymoth antagon, zander, athena

Dakkoths shard has a fowl day! and it’s happy!
dakkoth: “The entire village grabs a spear in hand and goes into the surrounding woods”
dakkoth: “You cannot come back without a beast connected to it”
Dakkoth: “But there is no shortage of wildlife”
the preparation of that meat must be something to watch
dakkoth: “We only cook a small portion of it. Enough for the day and eve. The rest is preserved in salt and other preservatives”

serers - dreamseer
taking a tour of the threshold
ran into huthut:)
huthut is teaching serers how to hunt.
I’ll wait in the library for them to finish.. if they’d like to continue the tour
, I got some cutouts and drawings done, I’m a bit worried about lio, but I don't think I can handle whatever's going on with her. love you lio.
think i’ll rest in aoe whirltub for a bit before continuing to draw.

I dont like it when my hands start trembling, means i’m losing my calm.

dreamers seen: Jawsman,Chute,huthut,serers, ethnel, athena,dakkoth, lumira, huthut, magnilia, El Capitano

Chutte - soulmaster, female apperance.
very interested in alchemy, and curious thought.

ethnel claims the enchantress has been missing for quite some time. rumor has it shame, betrayal, treason, treachery are the root of it all.

notify ethriel if I see the enchantress
haven't ever seen her physically just in smoke form

Sphere 7: Event impacting the entire City. This should be a significant event that will go down in the History of the City. It should require at least 6 to 7 attempts at what you are trying to accomplish. Documentation on the public scrolls is necessary for this sphere task.
dakkoth asking sphere 7 support

any recommendation, advice, or encouragement for those seeking the 7th sphere for the first time?
Dakkoth: Aye, stormy. My advance and recommendation is for the dreamer to pursue something they are passionate about….”
dakkoth: “They student seeking the 7th sphere should have input on the question goal…”
dakkoth:”and when both are in order, the student will find that the quest is not arduous but exciting.”.

four different meanings of respect:
esteem for or sense of worth or excellence of a person,
a personal quality or ability
or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability;
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