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Stormy’s diary

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Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

Stormy’s diary


Saw: Kayasisis, Huthut, Aire, Dakkoth, Kain, Luthair, Cherry faith, Xarar, Nathan.

Discussed an onion blade apparently an artifact, quite beautiful and looks well made.

“An arm length two bladed silver iron sword. Whisps of smoky shadow twirls around the blade and infused into the woven rattan handle. The inscription on the blade reads: “All shall be consumed.” The rattan will grow and attach to any attempted wielders.”

Seems To be quite shiny, has lovely shadowy whisps, and would take some getting used to from my usual stabby.

Calenture appears to be on the warpath, attacking dol at every turn outside the library and threshold. Constantly threatening to place a chaos collector. Though I’m not entirely sure how that’s a threat, dol as I know it is against chaos. So, why wouldn’t they want it collected from their plane and put to good use? So many questions.

Another issue I see is with dol. A dreamer? appeared to Huthut? be at least in part caught up with someone calling themselves an “ancient one”?? Well, that’s new. Their name is garlic I think. Might be interesting to meet. Also spoke of the blade above, how it’s somehow a threat? That a group called Raiders of Death seem to kill and raid or thief? I’m not really sure how that works, seems a bit inconvenient to be honest, why would you kill someone when you could simply keep raiding them? I mean.. Unless it comes to that. Which has certainly gained my interest. Dol however seems uninterested in fighting Koes, more focused on the potential threat of the raiders and this sword thing. Troubled me for a bit all these going ons, I feel like it could be worked out between these houses, but I’m quite sure they’ll work it out for themselves somehow. Also seems like it’s a very real possibility the .. ancient one is lying, and is no such thing whatever they mean by that. And presenting themselves or this other group as a potential threat to distract dol, so koes could advance? I’m not real sure, but looking away seems strategically disadvantaged.

This leads me to a later discussion on my priorities in the dream, that being:
1. Newlies
2. Gnashadoku gnashy
3. Shiny
4. Darkmares
5. Friends
6. Dream
7. Dreamers

Which inspired me to think about what’s really important to me. And how I used to go for being a chaos warrior. What my goals are and some old chaks I have Think Chaos Knight is more appropriate. A code of sorts that I’ve taken up, primarily to make the dream and dreamers stronger, by embracing, cultivating chaos, learning, adapting, fighting, teaching, and rewarding dreamers for their growth.

And pondered how special swords were made, thinking about becoming a swordsmith, discussing if Huthut had a special sword.

How I created one, crude one with help of an elder at gote while back, following another dreamer's method. How perhaps the forge is important to something as the blade itself, and of course how it’s made what it’s made of. Perhaps I should pursue this endeavor. Sounds neat.

Finding the dream quite sparse, and curious I think I’ll start taking note of the scrolls, and their organization in the library starting with sphere one.

So many questions, and so much going on. As with most things, I think it will get easier.

P.s. I seem to have horns! When did that happen? I don't remember that.. but, suppose it’s possible. I do love being in Emphant form, And they itch. So weird, but that’s good I like it.

~Stormy, The Chaos Knight.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

Another scroll sits next to stormy's original. "I'm not entirely sure why I'm writing these except, I suppose to get it out of my head hoping to figure things out. And given the dream apparently again being ravaged seems prudent for the future. Maybe I'll start writing some of my old notes down. I don't think I'm going anywhere but I didn't think I'd dream of another city when I chose to follow the chaotic currents back to my city.. Wonder if we lost anyone? Seems better not to ask somehow.

Also been thinking of how changes for the better could be made, and again of swordsmithing. It seems selfish even though most things are apparently selfish I wonder though how or if it would help others. For now, I think I'll keep reaching out to befriend, and help others. I haven't felt very .. chaotic lately, that's different. perhaps in time, it will come as I grow more attuned to this city. I don't know.

seen: Athena, Zahra Haqi, Jasper, Kain, Magnilia, Dakkoth, Nathan, Ennochissa, Kelos, Jawsman
Spent hours in the library writing, and reading. I found an amazing story about POR speech done, I really enjoyed it. seemed very moving, imbued with passion.

Athena showed up shortly before a telescope powered up. went to AOEto see what's up
Jasper adjusted the telescope and said. “not again, it’s that Time Portal ” he’s seeing “the near future, The Citadel. Someone dressed strangely, He is searching for something.
It seems like the AoE telescope and generator got a huge infusion of dreamsoul, I wondered if it was from the heart, or tapped into a vein of the city somehow.. like the ones that power the fonts. It was spewing so much dreamsoul into waves on the generator It feels like if it were a font, it could make planes. Was amazing

Ennochissa 7th sphere, claims to be ignorant of the city. Talked of casting a spell in his land of waking. Siphoning lifeforce from his apprentice to extend his own, landed him here.

wonder if the energy build-up and or dreamsoul in the generator formed the avatar, like a beacon or conduit for unawakened souls.

This isn't our city? zahra claims it isn't.
After talking with zahra it’s apparent this isn't the city we came from lyracleasia, this city is different.. apparently it’s a copy somehow built by Raymoth and spika recreated the city, new people came then we came.

That the old dream fell to a nightstalker? I can’t seem to place what this feeling is guess it explains what happened to everyone.

I have to say aside from the stunning shock of finding out I'm in yet another city. . they made a really nice copy, or new city. Very strange indeed and .. apparently spika grew up , and died somehow. was relieved to hear at least gnash is still around somewhere. Time and drifting from dream to dream is so strange indeed.

Wonder what else the dream holds, and what the lyran is up with these horns! the horns are being perceived to be something like ram horns? Curved large? .. zahra called me a tiefling?? so very strange indeed.

It bothered me what happened to Ennochissa, throwing him palisades for simply dreaming, and not even of his own volition. but It’s becoming apparent this isn't the dream i’ve known, the tree’s on the valley are such shiny things, flowing with a power but I’m not sure what it is. The bark taste is so smooth. I’m not really sure what to make of it yet. Of any of it.

This is surely to be an interesting time. I also hear tales of another garden out in the valley. Suppose i’ll have to spend more time exploring the dream. But I also want to explore the library more, Suppose I can take breaks now and then to wander about.

Thinking about a name for this city, since I haven't heard one, maybe I'll find in some part of it a note from spika what it's called. but.. given the shiny trees, I'm inclined to call it silverbark, or silverfire mixing the fun little torches into it? Ahh well, on to next dream..
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »


Seen this dream, Dakkoth, Nathan, Snoaria, Jawsman, Ludakris, Pythia, Esinore, Galicia Neron

Upon reading about Tybarian, I do wonder what the difference between Dreamwright and Dreamsmith, and Dreamweaver is.

from what I can tell,
DreamWrights were the original planesmiths of the city in lyran times or it’s often referred to that, .. perhaps now spika is or was a DreamWright.

DreamSmiths , seems like they are either master forge dreamers but seems liek that would be a forge master. Perhaps, i’ll have to look into it at some point.

Planesmiths, create smaller parts of the dream then grow into rooms, eventually planes.
I was once told by one, long ago that “Few dreamers become a Dreamsmith, but every Planesmith was first a DreamSmith.

so think that’s it.

Dreamweavers are the ones who do have experience with the weave of the dream, the elements that bind it in with dreamsoul among other things.. to repair the dreams weave. Advanced reweavers, perhaps to the point of also weaving together and becoming planesmiths

so that makes me curious, would that make them derivative of dreamsmiths? an alternate forge? .. or maybe another path to becoming a plane smith?
I hear in idoclease you could apprentice to become a planesmith.

hmm reading about the art destroy talisman history, it may have some uses other than its intent i’ll have to consider it.maybe in lue of soulevoke or dreamstrike.
wonder about nmf and DT and or reweave, maybe forge? in an attempt to fix the art so arts can be cast.

personal note on some talisman it's almost impossible to differentiate between fire and blood, night and azure. I should probably explore this more as well.

should really look into more of Qyadicia and Ramslends methods of sequencing arts to try to find a way to combine the sense arts with locate, and to expand it.

for purpose of recreating the talisman, knowing exactly what colour they are seems prudent, and I wonder if identify could be modified somehow to do so.

Nathan can train me in everything available to secondary focus sender to 80
Can’t do razorwind, paralyze, enfeeble or fs art.

Spika was dreamstruck by krytain

hc been contact with Shel’rac change avatar to allow to live in chaos outside city.
Gerriel Endeth used that chaos when she formed the first room.
Primeval chaos - chaos that was there from the earliest reaches of time.

Dol apparently ejected an entire house from the city. The Order all left because of DoL being imposing.

It seems pretty clear something is going on with dol, perhaps the chaos has already seeped into them.

More I learn the better I feel, but my chaotic ways, and alliance with the darks puts me in a different space than those of calenture. love the idea of the collectors, should definitely be refined. seems so much to do.

i need to make time somewhere for expanding my knowledge of how chaos can be used.

Also need to figure out something with the silver trees.
bit talking with hc, discussing chaos, how it works .. I started feeling really alive for a moment, and could feel the chaos churning. was lovely for a moment.

found an interesting sight in the acropolis, loaned the old bones my favor.

Met a newly, Snoaria , fatesender claims to met me a year ago.

They mentioned geryon, and wondered if they still dream.

Helped snoaria get hang of fighting emphants in dueling arena.. then forged him some blades and chaks

Snoaria’s Poker
A small silver dagger with a simple wooden handle. On the base of the hilt are two letters.. ~ SE
(dmg 1-4 slow and bouncing, para staff, 19 charges)
Snoaria’s noodle
This spongy like wet noodle is leaking a odd brown fluid. Store it with care. ~ |\|
((dmg 1-4 slow and bouncing, para chak, 19 charges)

A playful abyss and earth coloured bubble floats before you. Now what.. can we do with this? ~ |\|
((dmg 0 , slow and bouncing, stagger charm, 19 charges)

Esinore isnt actually a big flaming bird, don’t try to feed raw meat.

apparently Ennochissa was looking for someone?

Concentrated essence extract, 100 essences ground to powder, cooked in cauldren.

Dakkoth makes fun contraptions! very fun mind.

A large black cloud rises from Trinity Plains and freezes the air.
dakkoth jawsman and nathan where going ot check it out.

I went to the library to work on my scrolls

I’ve heard of current dreamers read my diary, for a brief moment I was like What?! .. but then I pictured these scrolls in their dark little cubby, and laughed inside suppose it’s obvious.. then I kinda felt elated at the idea, How positively fascinating! It's lovely, I can gain some opposing ideas and grow my own perspective!or expand my knowledge in a shared passion, well. Hello to you, my friend. I hope all is well, and that you come say hello! If you have some ideas on something i’ve written please feel free to discuss.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »


Dreamers Seen this dream : Tussy, Jawsman, Enoon Enroyeve, huthut, Xarar, Kelos, magnilia

find myself oddly attracted to the library, so here I am again, recording the passages of the past.
A thought does occur to me of a dark pond, surrounded by candles like in vill’s story of recall. flower petals floating about as dreamers relax in the bath. stories of histories cited idly. as they bath or float. letting the shadows guide the thoughts, and new stories shared or thoughts to be written and shared with the libraries. pondered library pools, then decided maybe the hidden place in basin of stars but .. it’s not very dark and already has lighting hurm. i’ll have to ponder this later.

The story of Azrael makes me think of the times ladysilver mentioned making plays or prose for dreamers, perhaps I could make time some time to make a play of my own, changing costumes for different parts and or getting others to take part.. sounds quite fun.

An idea could clear out the library including those stuck beyond reach after the archive of what’s there. Then use the dream to create a new library of encouragement, history, and memories from the dreamer's first sphere or others that help inspire others to their own history and present.

With sphere two library finished writing down what was there, think i’ll go peak and the third. maybe wander a bit.

Asked tussy what sort of thigns they do around the dream?
Tussy appears to be a newly awakened.
Tussy talked about learning long walks, Tipsy, Turvy, and Topsy

wonder why umbric is so overrun with mares. makes essence collecting easy enough though.

Wandering around umbric I found a Unknown staff.
A bone china stave peppered with flecks that look like old blood. The head holds an energy that will comatize any target, and increase susceptibility to suggestion. It also has an unknown function
think it’s berry fire coloured

Found a teal clay tablet with a cold, numing aura. The inscription reads “The true heart of darkness lies within the sewers.”

koes is curious becons inside, like someones there.. really well taken care of fascade.
there are mares in the house. interesting
found a tattered scroll rolled up, with a magical glowing symbol sealing the scroll, preventing it from being unrolled

Drowned Quarry, in lost sea has a gen that gens 46 fs chaks

so i’ve roamed cod, umbric, koes, lost sea, totality , evernight, lambent, chasm, cairn, gloom, mt, edgward this dream.

hmm, think i’ll nap in los for a while, maybe wake for a bit
took a look at my tasks , think i’ll look into completing them.

Hmm statues..
Statue for the hidden Ballroom, in Threshold pits
Dancing hearts
Two dreamers frozen in time made of marble, one dreamer stepping forward, both laughing lightly. An intense loving gaze upon each other, as they hold each others hands. Awaiting the next beat to continue their twirl. ~\/\

got the idea from past parties, and thinking of dancing in the ballroom

Mineral Springs, in harrow glades - dark alcove
Hidden Love
A massive spider statue made of wood, almost as dark as the shadows themselves, two ruby stones, will light up as eyes if the light hits them just right. Moss grows all over the statue giving it the appearance of fur. ~\/\

got the idea because a certain dreamer wanted a giant spider.

Threshold Way, in Edgeward Barrows.on the ledge
Taught Thought
Worn jade statue of a dreamer standing upon the ledge, a ring of gems on their head adds a sparkly halo above their head. The dreamer is holding their hands as if in an evoke. ~\/\

From thunberg randomly standing up there.
Emergence academy, threshold.
A small feline loafed, it’s head leaned over, with its tail curled around and dipped in the water. Its tongue sticking out as if it’s drinking some water from the center pond. ~\/\

got the idea from dreamers stumbling over the center piece.

Flower of Cienn for stormy edwards, I would love to see what your creativity brings to mind when you think of the sender arts. Sketch a physical representation of your two favorite sender arts, but heres the catch! I want one version to be dreamer version, and one version to be a mare version o fthe same art. Doesnt have to be a masterpiece so don’t wrack yourself over this task! if you feel so inclined id love to see the drawings published on the scrolls, if not you may show and describe them to me in person.

firestorm and darkness.
dreamer version of firestorm
fire.. everywhere.
nightmare version of firestorm chaotic flames burning brightly

dreamer darkness, dark web of lucidity reaches out like a black cloud from the caster

nightmare version of darkness. shadows of mares flicker in and out through a black haze and chakfire.

Channel: 20 - Magnilia for stormy

Tell me of the top three things you have given your energy to since being awakened.
Houses, Guilds, people, projects, events - it all counts
1: carefully consider the city as it now lays before you where might you go and who might join you on these adventures or even stand in your way? Priorities, always with the priorities

Drawing, scribing, helping newlies

Not sure yet, I welcome most, hoping to involve more in the library shenanigans, i’m currently archiving the library and trying to come up with scheme for remaking it.
Drawing, I’d love to have a community drawing of some sort where we all draw things and practice.
newlies .. most newlies I get automatic help, but not always some newlies have preferences other than me. And I love to hand off newlies for others to help them as well.. mostly because I think differing opinions contrasts and styles is important. Though I also love to slowly teach them. get their opinions.

People standing in my way?? uhm.. myself mostly. hah

can catch flower of cienn on tuesdays

since awakened though. Hunting, helping newlies, and learning

most dreamers I think? would be cool with helping.

myself mostly

interested in the power that resides in the silver trees

Silverbark name of the new city we live and dream in now.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »


Dreamers seen: huthut, Jawsman, dakkoth, athena, alice sibley, barney blight, ennochissa

Hit the library to get started on third sphere library.
found some personal tasks, and chakrams not together, but in same room. was interesting.
Wonder who if anyone is in charge of library now dreams. or hah if it’s me?
I know the alliance claims to be involved somehow.

Woo LightHolders codex, says some scrolls could only be opened with the light. perhaps that scroll on umbric would use such to unseal it?

with the sphere three library completely written down, i’m feeling good. perhaps a celebration break, or i’m not sure yet, maybe just roaming around we’ll see.

Athena MT, SM and DS focus.

Forge fails with curse!

Athena - old city and why she is the way she is.

back in her old city, before she came here. her city was overrun by darkmares they destroyed my city, family, and friends, none of them got out alive. she ended up in this city somehow still not sure

her first dream, everyone was up at HC and spika was there preaching about how great chaos was, after athena’s city was destroyed, I felt out of place because of my feelings, so then all of a sudden, raymoth showed up talking about the light and had the same feelings she had about chaos, she have seen first had what it can do.

she was standing their celebration hall and spika hit me with his/her flame
raymoth stood infront of her to protect her, she didnt even do anything
that’s when she left hc and followed raymoth home to dol.
left hc was not a member so that’s why she feels the way she does have been dol ever since if see darkmare attack.
we all have our own thoughts about chaos and hers is against it fully
she ended up being guardian, then became ruler, dol was running really good. I stepped down because I was going to take a break, but ended back here. became ruler again and had enough of it she will support her home without rulership.
we talked about different things like chaos and such for a bit

strange rattling noise in palisades
They seem to be discussing ennochissa’s presence and intentions, and he’s saying that he’d like to anchor himself ot his apprentice in waking world.

enno’s apprentice was gifting him his body.
I said that’s nice of him, is that a typical thing in your lands?

He said: he needed a new one, time in old body had drained all its life force

not typical no was secret he learned to extend his life beyond normal course

gave him a chaos well with some strength. He said Thank you. This life essence will help me strengthen the anchor I need to return to my apprentices body.

Gave my opinion, and assisted in ennochisa’s release.

was blinded as I left, but shrugged it off and translocated , made my way to fourth sphere library to continue my scribing. My what elegant and wonderfully immersively creative experiences these stories are. Varried in content but all just as good as the next. What a shame to keep them all hidden in here. Should be expanded, learned from more written, shared . hum..
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »


Seen: Jawsman, Perrawyth, kelos
I decided to work on my drawings, they seemed a little sketchy so,
I took to my favorite spot on the cliff of The Shrine of Rek Nektu, in citadel
took out my elemen pieces and started redrawing and shading my previous drawings
starting with dreamer firestorm
decided to make the grass more complete from the start, taking the time to draw different blades of grass
not sure yet how i’ll improve the dreamers, fire, sidewalk, stars, sky, the stones aroudn the fountain, or the water.. but i’ll get to it eventually.
for now i’m going to enjoy the lovely view, and draw listening to the water.

I like how the ellies mix in well with each other, and the spectrum of colours maybe i should use some as make up some time..

jawsman came got me someone needed fs teacher
met perrawyth

gave oracles to perrawyth, jp, fs, rand, trail, scare, push, locate dreamer, give fateslayer, flameruin, show talisman, and sense dreamer!
now.. to see if I can extract some things form them..

interviewing perrawyth:
Your first dreams, was it this city silverbark, or lyraclesia

Mind telling me as a native, how join part works?
She seems to remember join party working something like this…and she joined my party
she used her join party art and then focused on me.
Any speculation on why you have the art?
“Good Question, I feel as though i’ve always known it. but it’s possible that my old teacher could have bestowed it on me.”

How about fatesender, how do you use it? Whered it come from, what it’s purpose?
“Ah, FateSender is a weapon as I recall. Focused energy, from what I remember. Unless i’m thinking of FateSlayer?”

“Ah, right, now I remember. Fatesender is sort of the umbrella art for all others.”

How’s random work, what’s it do?
“Simply calls a random number from the ether.. which is funny, because i’ve never been great with math.”

My you know mathimagicianallies?
“Sure I “know” it. but not good at it!”

What’s ether?
“Ohh you know, the ether, the void, space, chaos. Whatever you want to call it.”

Are you very skilled in the ether, void, space or chaos?
“I’ve been known to be a bit sarcastic and flippant sometimes. Does that count?”

What do you know about trail? How does it work? Whered it come from?
“Trail marks a trail where you’ve been. I believe its purpose is to help dreamers not get so lost in the city or it’s surroundings. Its another one I feel like i’ve always known.”

How about scare, how do you think it came about as an art, and … how do you cast it?
“You seem to enjoy writing, is it a hobby of yours or are you testing me?”

“Scare is for having a bit of fun with people, I think. It goes something like this…” and she cast it on me.

So seems dreamers in this city are also born with arts.
though she seems to know about more elements than us intuitively.
ether, void, space, chaos. .. talks like they are related or the same. most curious
spent the rest of the dream improving my drawings for the firestorm task. was quite a lot of drawing to make it better, but I like the result.

was so quiet, and peaceful this dream. sitting at my shrine, enjoying the breeze and water. thinking and trying ways to improve.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

Dreamers seen this dream: Athena, Jawsman, jasper, kayasisis, kelos, dokkoth, huthut
A new dream, suppose i’ll start on the library this dream.

mission collect 5 charms. All charms must be matching.

mission, bring to patches or rylan 10 focus items that are the same. chaks or elemens, all solid in color and matching. you can bring in a variety of elems or chaks, or just chaks. example 5 gold chaks and 5 gold elemens or 10 gold chaks or 10 gold elemens any focus.

mission: collect chaos wells filled with 200 essences for 200k for this mission you must collect your own essences to receive a reward.

mission: Collect any of the following and bring to grandma jo or rylan. option 1 :15 revenant essences Option 2: 15 horron essences Option 3 15 shamblix essences. You must collect your own essences.

mission: you will now set out on a mission to defeat the mighty darks of the city. this will not be easy and will take a lot of skill. for this mission you will need to bring back 8 darkmare essences ot patches or rylan to redeem your reward.

taking a short break to clear the mind, and rest. roaming the planes.. this dream think i’ll check out edgeward

this is a new city, the control console on the ring of passage in edgeward is gone.
Curious talisman on the broken steps
A cylindrical pillar erects from the sand, reaching a few feet high. The top tapers off into a pointed nose cone. Glass domes are spaced out every couple inches, encapsulating a clear liquid that sustains whirling current. Opalescent moonstones are embeeded into the pillar in a straight formation leading from the tip to each dome.

there is another at lake of tears, and The barrows, lake of tears north, path of justice

I miss being able to utilize sacrifice so many useless chaks around.
wandered over to mt illapse
Mirdinir’s mishap has some curious artifax
A rod of pure light sends out small pulses throughout the room. The feeling of purification fills the radius around it.

most cuious, light apparently can purify like resilience, fire, water.
in the center of the room
a bright rod of light emits light to each of the rods that are in the room. with each pulse a field of purification fills the room in a dim light making the room clean and free of chaos.

yet the mares still spawn here. most curious. my guess is it’s focused on something else.. or hasn’t worked, or isnt really cleansing, if it is.. then the mares are either immune to it somehow or not chaos.

as I entered Jerigigan’s trail, I found myself light as a feather, floating.
how wonderful!

A small statue of some sort says “let the light shine”

So apparently, light has or is linked somehow to levitation. Most interesting.

on wicare’s trail I found another statue of sorts that says “let the light shine” but this time it doesnt have levitation.

ahh the ill effects of illapse keep seem to be tempered, by the talisman. perhaps.. it cleanses the energy from the chaotic energy of hc.

ready room is still locked on illapse keep

purifying rods appear to be restoring the sanctuary
light seems to also have simular effects as resilience

Curse willow in upper basin of stars, pond of reflections

making bubbles
A translucent bubble, floating around somehow not popping, give it a squise! ~\/\
charm, slow and bouncing, random effect, 23 charges, abyss berry, gold berry, night berry, sand berry

huthut - each power token is 50 strength each charge. so 500 strength is 10 charges
darkness to 40 HUT HUT
Draw temple of chocolate with the cats next to lost caves on basin..
draw myself when I was a new dreamer in there (imagination)
me when younger and newer to the city maybe whatever you were like or had with you.

dt task to 40 from athena
come up with 15 things to use this art with. Think outside the box as well.
with this task I want you to think outside the box as well, meaning yes you can tell me what you can destroy like talisman, etc but come up with other things, you dont have to technically come up with all things that can be destroyed with art itself
example destroying agos, how would go about doing that.

finally finished sphere 4 hall. yay! .. jaspers meeting was nice,, memory lane.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

dreamers seen: Lumira, lenguriel, jawsman

saw lumira in the library
told her I noticed her sparklies asked what her specialties are
answer: just about everything outside of house arts and Forge.
who can forge things and make them sticky? it was recommended I see about doing so for one of the statues I made for forge task

can’t help me, asked if might know who might able able to?

.enoon may be able to.

wandering the basin for now
switched to trinity, came across cauldren of goo. Normally I’d stop and taste it. but decided I better focus on finding a place to draw for now.

dont know, the city feels, dangerous in most places. not all that welcoming, not sure where to go to draw.

asked jawsman and lenguriel if they know of a nice place to draw, jaws said yes than took me to pond of reflections in basin of stars. so sweet:) .. but the sky is beautiful, And I used to love this place, made an art here once. But found myself drawing suddenly. YAY .. and so I gave him my horron essence to pay him for his troubles, thank you so much!

now, back ot drawing this firestorm with darkmare thing

Such a quiet time, made a lot of progress I think.
decided after improving the background a bit, to just draw the dark and firestorm
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Re: Stormy’s diary

Post by fancypearl »

Seen this dream, Huthut, eycels (fatesender newly, returning), Cuero,
Made a task for huthut, after talking with him, getting rallied to different sphere hall.
Blind to 10.
Title: Blind to 10 huthut
charges infinite colours: abyss fire
“Blinded by the light! Ask around, and come up with some uses for the different library rooms. Don’t be blinded by the state it’s in. Take a look at my scroll of archive for each hall, write a scroll example of what it would look like. Place it next to mine. ~\/\”

Eycels last dreampt he was practicing in the arena with dayaverse and luthair

likes to explore
used to hang out with dar something, genning

said he’s going to explore for a bit.
let him know i’m in library if needs anything.

finished fifth sphere , sixth, and eight sphere libraries.
now just gotta get rallied to 7th and 9th. and will be done with archiving it.
Added to the library archive scrolls for sphere five, and six.

looking at my tasks:
firestorm 40 need to make two more drawings a bit better I think to turn it in.
Chaos well 40 - done
Darkness 30 -need to do, drawing
DT 40 need to do, out side the box uses. - done

DT alternate uses:
1.Destroying the glue that binds talisman to the floor.
2. Destroying portals.
3. Destroying torches.
4. Destroying the colour of something, leaving it to be repainted.
5. Destroying a section of the city wall, leaving for expansion
6. Destroying the sky, leaving to remake it.
7. Destroying Talisman fonts.
8. Destroying cracks in the dream or fonts that allow mares to appear.
9. Destroying that which binds us to the floor, allowing more freedom of movement.
10. Destroying water, allowing more space to build and create.
11. Destroying steps, making it more difficult to get to some places.
12. Destroying perceptions of things. Making them not visible to certain dreamers.
13. Destroying ability to handle talismans, or use them temporarily
14. Destroying Darkness, enabling places to be lit up where they once werent.
15. Destroying the details of a room or plane, leaving it smooth, bare to reform.
16. Destroying parts of an art, to discover changes, and or mix them together.

Cuero is most curious, seems to be about pushing dreamers out of their comfort zones. For the benifit of the dream.

Cuero finds that even irelevant details can have value.
simple example, you never bother to learn anything about Vision as a new fatesender, only to realize you need to know it in later spheres.

but any little snippet of information can have value if you find an ear wanting it.

Cannot create a vision alt without the art.
mind using chamele?

can see chamele with vis alt.
cannot see invis with vis alt
Can see blended
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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dreamers seen this dream : cuero, lenguriel, athena, cherry faith, krodoc, hotax, anash, dakkoth, nathan, Kain, jasper, jawsman, esinore, Lana, huthut
This dream is drawing
think i’ll start with darkness dreamer
talked with cuero for a while practiced arts some.
Talked with lenguriel for a while about the sword, different places in the dreams potentially good backgrounds for drawing she recommended up basin towards the house.
hotax is from idocleasia
didnt know who anash is
even though he claims otherwise dakkoth totally summoned nathan and enoon enroyeve

forge to 30, reach out to magnilia and assist her in preforging for her race. I expect templates for the entire course, as she has it planned, in her possession and ready to go by thursday evening at the latest.

I warn you, that each forge I do to assist her must meet her standards.
why do you call us seekers? - kain to enoon
because all that find the dreamscape do so because they are seeking something
krodoc uses gk chaks , prefers 46’s , 1 -50 damage 50’s or 90s
nathan likes 50’s and 60’s sm chaks

ok anash is awesome. Quite an honor fighting with them.
newly: Lana - gattekeeper

curious statue in the red temple, cairn of sorrow.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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dreamers seen:Cuero, huthut, athena, anash, nathan, dakkoth

saw cuero on walking in.

I got chaos well and dt to 40!

Athena can plat my: reweave, purify, recall, push, flame, inscribe, mb, soulshield, quest
Support train doesnt imp for beans, the quest is used to while making a token.
quest ->support train,quest is made, then support train art, dreamer., quest is used, token made.

getting tasks for train to 40, reweave to 20 and flame to 50

Athena is trying to bring some changes to the mt council.
ask mt’s about and find out why they feel the way they do about changes to mt council.
if a dreamer gets accepted, I will want to know about it.
told me a bit, but get more info from others.

I lost my bane.. my chaos knight bane. gift from completing gnashy’s training helping him.
Meditating witht he others in the acropolis. becoming a chaos knight. It saddens me, but It does not define me. Maybe it’s time I branch out. and try to teach more about them. It was a good fight and an honor to fight along my new friend anash. Though I do feel weary bit more like I should get back to my drawing and scribing. I know these dreams are precious and few, it seems foolish indeed to sit back , but I am doing what I can learning, practicing my arts, teaching, drawing. strengthening the dream and myself, as gnash has taught me. Though I have to say some of the dreamers are quite strong now. Not sure if I’m enough to push them to be stronger, to develope their chaos, but at least it focuses them. Instead of fighting each other.

Only time shall tell. I dont know what I want now. except maybe a hug, but .. I wont show that If I can. They shall not see me cry, they need me to be strong. guide them, best I can.
I do need to elarn more about these new mares, well one old aparantly from idoclease.. hotax. Anash doesnt talk much, seems to prefer using body language and gestures. That’s ok, many dreamers have such. perhaps they are a younger mare, still learning. Either way, i’ll make sure they don’t have to brave this dream alone. I still have so much studying to do, organising, finding new paths, journeys. improve my art and intent of helping the dream and it’s dreamers. And hoepfully I can find some more shiny things along the way. That fight, it stirred some old memories. shook me a bit. I feel like I definately need to go back over my old scrolls and write them for others. perhaps I’ll regain some lost knowledge of my own. It may help me proceed.
Nathan, dakkoth, seem to be very strong fighters especially together. It’s good. The dream needs strong dreamers in many ways. though they seem a bit short sighted when it comes to dream entities and chaos. I wonder in truth what their motives are. So odd, .. that I seem more welcomed by the light, than a house that reports to be so bound to chaos. Perhaps something was lost with spika in that house. I wonder what was gained, if anything.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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dreamers seen: athena, cuero, lumira, lana, dakkoth, nelt

finished my forge task, need to hand the talisman templates to magnilia.
put 15 essences in it shammy will come out to 390 strength

Yellow sphere symbol means can teach forge and plat it
wordsmiths are masters at words, planesmiths are masters at smithing

blue sphere thingies are word smith
lumira is a teaching elder
green is both

couple things in the city to take apart and do just that.
then explain how
I pull wells apart by extracing the woven dreamsoul.
I expect much other things to be the same.

tasks I have:
darkness to 30
firestorm to 40
reweave to 20
train to 40
flame to 50
forge to 30

second dsphere interview.
asked lana to tell me about yourself.
she asked to be more sepcific
me:What have you done in the dream so far?
her: mostly exploring mostly here uncommon hours, not many people yet.
learned how to fight more or less.
me:Have you taken a journey of the various artworks of the dream?
she asked if there are more areas she can go at the next sphere I said yes many.
That may have changed with cities and time what I know of the dream.
she said I dont think i have learned all the histories of the places you mention though I imagine they are innuerable
should definately check that out some beautiful works of arts flowers, scrolls, histories and stories, many myusteries and dreamers to unfold.
like the cairn of sorrow is said to be the burial mounds of dreamers long past.
that’s impressive
easy for her to lose herself in the art
her she said could stare for hours at the thoughts of the artist behind it
I said there are hidden murals everywhere ohh, and the musuem.
asked what have you learned about your focus and arts?
she said she knows she’s categorized as warriors but curo mentioned that those archetypes are a bit unfair.

“as far as the arts i’ve gotten a bit of information about what I can expect however he’s been a bit cagey about whats to come maybe so i’m more interest in learning what that is.
“gatekeepers embody control, whether granted to others or in a minor way removing it from others.” ~lana
her: like fatesenders can make people run away and have seizures and things like that, but gatekeepers protect them or then can literally lock people in rooms
seems like almost every power has a counter from other focus.

during interview with lana, I shared about the dream , climbing turbospeed or casandralove my sister teaching me to climb, offered to take her to lost caves to the other room and back. Or hunting, or dueling, or the ballroom its quite wonderful.. but I think we had a lovely chat.
she’ll look for me next dream perhaps.

Need to let a gatekeeper teacher know the newly or 2nd sphere dreamer lana now dreams around 10dst. and would like to learn ward and amulet.

Tiny scrapings of different colours slowly meld together to form that of a beautiful warrior, clad in leather armor. Chaks strapped at her side. Confident smile, strong muscular body, gives an imposing look to those green eyes, staring back at you. Maren essences strewn all over the floor around her. Light blue sky lights up her brown hair flying furiously behind her.~\/\

asked lana what she would like her dreams to be?
she said : no idea honesty, tough question.
think now she’s having fun learning what there is maybe when I meet more people i’ll have a senes of where she fits.

bequeathed 10000 experience… on parting. a gift.

met newly insight, dreamseer named Nelt
nelt seemed content with exploring wandering in their own thoughts
made some serious headway on one of my drawings.
was a great dream I think. got orbit 59 again.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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dreamers seen: Dakkoth,

need to find out more about MT council. How do I feel about mt council? Give ideas and suggestions
time to think of future being eligible to hold the station.

moss in the broken steps, possible kindling

browned dry vines, from the short turn, in higher lambents

An incredibly shiny assortment of gemstones from all over the dream, wrapped in a leather pouch. ~\/\

stacked container, compendium, gold jade, do nothing
“A thick container is shimmering in vibrant hues. The bottom and top chambers have some kind of liquid. there’s a thumb lever attached to a handle, that opens a small hole on top and between the containers. leather strap and buckle hold them together. ~\/\”

A very quiet dream of doing tasks primarily
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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dreamers seen: leona, Pythia, Zander, huthut, athena, jawsman, kain, kayasisis, lilith, liolira,

kain = teaching counsil
Requires train of 50, and art of sphere.
then there is voting that takes place, one of the masters should bring your name to the vote
I would speak to each existing mt to get your vote in your favor, some would just vote no if you didn't approach them.

what kind of things do you discuss? Is it worth having?
It’s also in a state of reform, but the standards will probably stay.
we are in the middle of morphing it into something needed.

huthut, not on mt council,
dakkoth not on mt council
dakkoth is shiny
his bones are reinforced with light
sea holds many secrets buried in it’s depths

sea is not a chaotic place.

Stormy : This cannot be. Shiny must be chaotic, it’s a false shiny.

It occurs to me zealots of light.. the shadows
darkness.. what if these are the backbones of the elements in a way.. The formation of something new in the dream that can be harnessed. Could they be a form of the elements themselves?



interactio between them?
light, will, insight, dark, resilience, chaos, dreamsoul order.
as energy or talisman?

dreamsoul missing.
the future city houses elements as their base elements.
if so wheres dreamsoul.. if this is where our original elements came from if so would that mean there are formations of the current elements if so wheres dreamsoul if not how do they fit in.

history of past events sometimes could become a prison for a new school of thoughts, we burry it within us as they don't match what the greatest dreamers foundings.

but if we are ready to accept that everyone was right before us, we can always say that everyone before us is wrong.

Kain: Dreamers of power can easily shred hopes of other Dreamers just because of the weight and appearance of knowledge to the collective majority.

Shadowlight? mixture of shadow and light.

7pm lead city forum Teaching halls.

Athena, on the teaching council?
every MT is on the council.
some elders

Jawsman: MT
The council, as it is now, is comprised of nine master teachers ( regular dreamers) and three elder mt’s
the three voting elder members are esinore, enoon, grandma jo
although there are a couple of other elders who show up at meetings but don’t have voting rights.
Current MT’s are jawsman(GK), Krodoc (GK/DS), Thunderman(GK/DS), Flower of Cienn (FS/GK, Kelos (DS), Kain (sm), athena(sm/ds), magnilia (Sm/??)
Changes don’t really happen often. Something that did get changed early on since the reawakening is the sphere task protocol.
Also Esinore worked with the other elders to tweak the reward system so that we’d be less able to get tokens and be more reliant on tasks. She’s trying to up the numbers of actual tasks versus oracles and token plats
the last couple of meetings she’s advertised who has given the most tasks.
Another major change that happened iis that daxon formally resigned and has left the dream, at least temporarily. That’s when Esinore took over.
mt’s also have a unique benefit that they are allowed to grant token rewards and are allowed to use those tokens for up to 50% towards a platue.
student gives him x tokens for x plat, I can keep thsoe and can save them for later. When I draw the quest up in order to train. can make sure to state how many tokens where received to grant x platue for x person.
kelos: mt
However not sure about the voting now… had bad situation just a few days ago … think that is going to change.
50 train, all majors needed to be at that level.
can’t tell you that right now, maybe in few days esinore will make a decision soon.
The vote is on a private scroll.
not often, usually yearly… house politics has been interfering lately.
meetings monthly
bitching and groaning usually
can’t disclose what it is

is MT required for train above 50?

changes are made when esinore sees fit. usualy once every 8-12 months
usually minor tweaks nothing major.
tried to bring up bundling tasks like four or five times before and since the reawakening but ive been tabled or voted down each time.

Oracles.. tokens.

like bundling tasks for fa, rf, protection
sounds like its a way to voice what is important to you as advanced dreamers, and discuss it’s ramifications, but esinore whoever they are gets to decide.

Esinore does all the documentation of it all.
Esinore is the teaching leader.

facilitates and documents then makes decisions, neat.

So how deep into teaching you go, depends on how far you want to go.
kelos: Yes
Does it work, and is it worth it?
kelos: I’m old.
kelos: there’s been a zillion changes.
kelos: works for a while

How long has this mt group existed?
Kelos: was mt when I was 3rd sphere back when and about 125 years ago.

from what I remember it took a great long while before dreamers started getting higher spheres. That .. changed with supports. How does that work, why would that be?

it does seem in one way or another come back to power in the dream, one form or another, distribution of such, curious. I know there is a reason for it. and so far I like some of the changes. It’s quite interesting to learn about.
while very real with real consequences.

wonder what would happen if the teaching council was struck or disbanded? would it be choas, what would be the consequences of everyone teaching exactly what they want how they want?
Favoritism for sure.. but what could come out of it.. dreamers making their own rules about who how what where when why to teach.. current mt’s leading their own way. facinating thoughts.
I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment, i’ll definitely have to revisit and summarise and think about it all.

something of counter progress
when teacher steps down as a teacher, as jevik bane did once.
it send the generation of Gatekeepers into regress. He was the only GK teacher dreaming…
changed the whole balance of the city.

Saw lio this dream! Awesome!.. wonder why she’s all firey, she bit me and blasted me how curious. Ahh well was good to see her wish I didnt keep falling asleep would of loved to talk with her.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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dreamers seen: xarar, jawsman, magnilia, nathan

think i’ll work on tasks a bit this dream and organising them

talking with xarar about setting up labs around the city.

There’s a font in pendacle laboritory.

came up with three arts sitting thinking.. combine art, bind art, create art.

decided to see who’s in the teaching hall, woops missed study hall sokay.. I can study anyway

jawsman saw liolira too this dream!

kinesis - pushblast - but worse
line of sight, 5 portions of willpower
MT council

Convocation - a large formal assembly of people

perhaps may join the alliance. it seems quite interesting in it’s motives of research.
I think nathan is closed minded at best.Harmful and very quick to accuse and lach on to any reframing of someone as “psychosis” or such to view them in a bad way. distrustful and manipulative, belittling, and accusatory. claiming I am no different than lu chaos, or harkyn Perhaps this is more of a personality conflict, and or personal defect than a viewpoint of calenture. complete and total unwililness to adapt or inquire.
Interesting, but spoke of boundaries and violation of such. So I put one down, that he stop accusing and slandering me with no basis what so ever. operating and taking advantage of a whim excuse when he was unwilling to accept a oppositional point of view. So I sat down a boundary to not continue accusing, slandering, or misrepresenting me in such lucridous way. To continue to do so will be taken as harrassment. Let’s see how well he follows and respects such boundary. unable to accept me for who I am or my joys in the dream, treat me in equal opposition if I walk with the mares in their quest to support the growth of the dream and weedout weekness within it. Quite interesting.
but I have too much work to dwell on it much no matter how troubling,.. made some progress with finding out about the master teachers convocation.
Interview with magnilia went well. It’s interesting finding out about the council. I look forward to seeing how things pan out, and or change.

found myself crying at the gathering, writing bad self pity poetry. guess it hit me pretty hard after all. I’ll be alright I dont know, its hard not understanding things that make dreamers do what they do. just need some time to sort it all out. float for a while. wish the dream well. see ya next dream ~\/\
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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dreamers seen:lana, liolira, grandma jo, jawsman, rylan, athena, zander, huthut, kain, stellaris, eyyo

Think this dream i’m going to work on my firestorm task, draw a bit more.
might check out the chaos lab
woo found lana, lets draw in library a bit visit with her.
A portal in middle of library that utilizes same as the portal down to pits open area portal, except it simply leads back to the library.
false portal for imping ward.
curse pad..
maybe tear a whole in the middle of the library, then add dirt, and transplant the tree

open portal, except let it take you to new room, that has maybe planier portal.. works with curse
can’t be warded.. or warded twice on portal.

lana asked for purify to 10 task, I tasked her as native of this city to tell me about it’s function, use, how it came to be, or history in this city in her own experience and knowledge. write it on a scroll to add to the library as a native to the city of silverbark.

liolira licked me and ran!

so odd koes thresh appears to have watching eyeballs.. and I just had to lick it!
smooth and interesting I see why the mares like them so much.

grandma jo interview for mt council .. didnt answer and woke
will have to try again

rylan also does the marketplace

200 essences is worth 8 gold
tasked huthut for experience energy, to recreate dakkoths light potion to reinforce himself with the light. think about the side effects, and document the process. return to discuss compensation.

library spoke to me this dream, claiming i’ll turn into the poster child for dol, .. playing with chaos.

stellaris appears to be quite the dreamer, definitely a companion in the art of creativity and imagination.

kain stellaris and I had quite a conversation on surrealism and the potential of planesmithing, well until kain ran off screaming for lunatics.

Eyyo willpower , gatekeeper newly

again found myself at the gathering but not before running into the “weeping willow” in the place I once roamed created an art with my grandmother, a place of meditation. is now filled with a “perverse hand”
..can’t help but think it’s mocking me for crying here every dream at the gathering my old home.
as lines connect and I ponder my place in the dream. I give my dreams, it’s true I was born here codex baby. and I can handle those that have their problems with me because I seek chaos and walk with those entities. but when every dream those that are friends finds continuous fault.. it hurts, it hurts I can’t do more as my tears well up. I think of my entire dreams spent here, or in another city. I’ve known these dreamers my whole life. yet somehow magically they don’t trust me anymore. I don’t think I can take it anymore. finding fault posing horrible things they see as chaotic.. trying to go along with it to give some hope and direction focus.. I’m losing. I don’t think I can connect the dots in a way that makes Silverbark a place I want to be anymore. I’m sorry, I tried I really did. You’ll have to find out and branch out on your own now. I love you. Sweet dreams and lucid paths. *various tear drops wrinkle the page here and there* ~ stormy, ~\/\
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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dreamers seen: lu chaos, liolira, lana, dakkoth

So.. here I am again, continuing my drawing. Took some time to think, and heal floating out in chaos.

been a wonderful dream, spent time and got a hug from liolira, got a new costume! woooOOOooo
Saw dakkoth, and even for a brief moment saw lu chaos, he’s calenture? interesting.
Spent a while with lana, and heard a thorough report. got a lot of drawing done. very nice dream.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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dreamers seen: Lu Chaos, huthut

came to make sure nothing was going on, with me sitting up at dol

..so I went back to the drawing

huthut came to visit:)
Tempest uses lucidity
Thinking back at the fight with nathan.. all verbal but it felt almost on par with dreamstrike. just acted slower. It makes me wonder if somehow words are related to arts..
but if that were true.. it seems like their impact wouldn’t be as predictable.
However, it made me question some things.
don’t know if I’m made for that kind of thing.
dreamstrike is a lot sharper.. and doesn't delay as much. perhaps a variant of poison?
not sure
but possibly worth looking into.
huthut spent quite some time with me this dream as I drew and wrote, practicing his arts, very kind of him. Ohh art! I need to finish the pole.
huthut was a dreamseer before fatesender

finished this version of the drawing, got to alter it for the next task
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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dreamers seen: magnilia, liolira, magnum, barney blight, alice sibley, gunnie geir, dakkoth, kelos, river sky, nathan, jawsman, gnashadoku, anash, athlea warwicke, athena,

in this dream I argued for the sake of river sky.
got her released.in exchange for location of prisoners

most curious dreamer athlea warwicke
athlea warwicke is a curious dreamer, said she’d be back guess i’ll draw for now; I need to do some tasks.. it does bother me all these wardens locking up various dreamers. are they somehow drawing energy from them? What is the reason they wish to keep these beings all locked up? it doesn't seem like a good idea to keep all those different dreamers in one place.. or to waste such knowledge.
Anyways, I should finish drawing this creature..
wonder where the nice lady went, and why the darks didn't react to her, can they not see her?
vision doesn't block darkness?

athlea mentioned a secondary energy source, in koes.. and would like to expand upon it.
there appears to be a form of energy at the shadow. darkness, it appears to be quite refined and powerful.

I’m intrigued to say the least to see what it’s capable of.
Talking with Anash asked if they ever considered becoming a teacher?
They casted tempest.. Then stated I didn't know if they meant tzi no, or if they are practicing arts.
They said tzi!!!!!
They spoke. So .. I proceeded to speak in maren and dreamer, letting them learn the language.
it was nice. Got to say nice to know them. And asked if they know river sky?
yes they do
koes is their home
Anash does have to translocate.

they don't know what they like to do in their dream

asked if they eat anything other than dreamer essences?
no and yes

asked if they cook?
they said, No
spent hours with anash at koes peacefully.
I think it's him.
was quite a nice dream with him, made lots of progress in my drawings
i did a lil hunting for this dream, going well, and having a really good meditative time. i think I accomplished a lot of this dream and was quite happy.

Got lots of shinies, plenty of chaos wells .. had good company, i’m not sure what else one could even ask for. the next dream should be interesting.. i really hope we can get into contact with some past dreamers. It sounds so fun.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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Dreamers seen: liolira, huthut, huthut, athena, magnum, kelos, zsa zsa!, athlea warwicke, raymoth antagon, kelos, kayasisis, Zander, flower of cienn, lilith, ludakris, nathan,jawsman,

I got a lovely ribbon from my sister, casandra.. So good to see another face. Zsa Zsa has returned.

new use for darkness.. summoning dreamers back from the past? contacting spirits.

chaos + darkness + time portal = contacting spirits?

darkness stormy’s favorite focus.

Finally got to talk to spirit and .. unleash all of them.. and got zsa back best dream ever.

athlea seems troubled: more threat to the clan skeletal tribe allying with the heretic

I uhh apparently showed up for some meeting?

woohoo flower is back!

City Forum:
talk of seance, darkmares and koes.

athlea warwick speaks series of legends.
She is a priestess of Luna
Luna is the goddess of the wardens.
luna is a diety, there are lower entities that fight.
One takes the form of a malovent burning sun. They are a darker version of a trickster and patron of rebellions.

believers of that entity where anarchies and raiders. her people had to stamp out those people before leaving.
but, it is not dead.
the name of those followers was Twiners.
can recognize them from a tattoo of the sun and a sword on the left wrist.
what’s a scorpion ?

And why would they appear?

huthut uses night chaks
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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dreaners seen:zsa zsa, jawsman, athena, dakkoth, anash, gnashadokuro,

i am definitely drawing this dream at some point.
it also appears there is a rank of some sort.. gnash appeared to give commands to anash.

told magnilia about mixing chaos and darkness with time portal results in spirits
drew a bit mostly hunted..
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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dreamers seen: liolira, athena, huthut, jawsman, raymoth antagon, magnilia

jawsman uses 80’s gk
raymoth antagon uses. .

a huge surge of dreamsoul happened at aoe.
stormy mixed chaos with darkness and the vivid dreamsoul at aoe.
tamarisk lens is in the telescope?

fascinating the telescope breaks if used too long in a stretch.. uses a lot of power and has to rest between cycles. could be overpowered or underpowered.

this time saw six moons.. fascinating thoughts.

multiple house stance? asking jasper.
seems I should seek out magnilia to join aoe. I think their studies should keep me busy.
I’m not sure .. But I think I like someone who can take control.

which.. is probably why I would end up joining hc if lio told me to. but not sure .. that would make me happy. it would change the things I was exposed to.. and would change my dream so i’m sure i’d make the best of it.


I have no idea what i’m doing besides randomly roaming around learning.
guess i’ll hunt for a bit.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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Dreamer seen:

mission : draw.
I drew some, looks ok I guess, but mostly I hunted.
Dreamers seen:
guess i’ll hunt for a bit.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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Dreamers seen: Dakkoth, grandma jo, rylan, liolira, athena, kain, magnilia, huthut, esinore, xererth, varik, liolira
guess i’ll hunt for a bit.

WOO draw time.. maybe
curious banner in koes thresh and lands, cautioning “Outsiders” that the umbric is offlimits on 6th moon of each month until 7th moon rises. moon cycle is sacred and to be respected by all dreamers. anyone caught trespassing on “our lands” will suffer the consequences as we see fit.

curious and vague. Who put it up.. from what I know river sky is sun tribe.. and wardens are moon tribe. Then .. who is responsible, wardens?

the kotoken follow river.. so i’m not sure. seems like something to investigate. Along with whom is considered an “outsider”?

smells like chaos eclipse but who am I to say so..
temple of meditation , thresh caves horron is gone.

horron in The Pit, in lightless hollow is gone..
haha yep .. most likely chaos eclipse?

and temple of insanity, dorsal rift

Ohh my lovins, I gott a flight talisman.. and immediately ran to the ruined realm place off blood falls place.. and wow! the best maze ever all the portals go to the same place, and AND!!! invisible walls. so awesome

ty kain think it was kain?
dunno too excited
huthut showed me through the maze

athena maxxed 9th

interviewed esinore about mt counsel.

Xererth uses 50 gk chaks
need to reorginise interviews for mt, follow up interviews to clarify notes, summerise and finish interviews

got into tiny argument with athena, about end of lyran city.. she thinks mares did it stormy thinks elders did it. Then she said this is what happened to her city.. I said I am from her city strawberry shortcake. Then she claimed to be from another city.. teltek, no one is from her city she’s the only one that got out.
Then I thought about it and rambled about infinite cities in parallel and wibbly wobbly non-linear existence with infinite variable possibilities is too much for my mind at the moment.
then went to drawing again

athena commented on lost her friends family due to darkmares, oh they where nice and sweet at first we all trusted them. lost her friends an family rather. but she does have family here once she joined dol now she has a great family now.

I looked down in sad realization that I’m pretty sure every member of her family is gone now.

Think I need to apologize for calling her strawberry shortcake.. losing my temper. accept that that was athenas truth regardless of the city. .. and move on. I really need to work on this.
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Re: Stormy’s diary

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dreamers seen: Enoon enroyeve, athena, magnilia, nathan, jawsman, dakkoth, esinore, flower of cienn,

the interview with enoon enroyeve seemed to go well.
thanked him for the cat statue

nathan whispered “Athena, huthut, raymoth,dakkoth, liolira all learned how to use the dream itself to empower and influence your forge.”

asked enoon about one of the eyeballs on umbric. will get back to me next week
congratulated nathan on his achievement of some mark. then left.

A cell .. on koes fascade.
looks broken?
What is it with the dreamers from that dream wanting to lock dreamers up?

Found magnilia and dakkoth on umbric..
Apparently, they are planning their wedding
must find wedding gifts

Set wedding date yet?

tell liolira that magnilia is looking for her to help with her project.

magnilia: if I’m in a pickle simple escape away to alliance and seek sanctuary.

got the skeleton for the horron finished, need to colour it, and add the cloak. Then move on to the next version of it. then I can make it move, and join the creature to set up my drawn scene for the task <3

was such a wonderful long night of drawing.

saw a most beautiful blue butterfly in this dream. was very nice timing, really brightened up my dream.

got a lot of drawing finished, and got some hunting done. filled another well.
suppose i’ll rest my mind in the warm embrace of chaos.
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