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My Failure...

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North Wind
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My Failure...

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Footsteps echo off the empty walls as shadows dance away from the light cast out by a lone torch. North wanders the halls of a mostly empty house, cursing out loud as he flings green flames from his hands haphazardly. After his tantrum subsides he slumps into an old chair in quiet contemplation. He pulls a journal out from a desk drawer and a quill materializes in his hand, beads of resilience drip from its point as he begins to write.

"We failed...No, I failed. I took the easy path, the one of least resistance and look where that got me...got us. I should have stayed and fought, made them understand the urgency and necessity of our goal. Instead I curled my tail and slunk away to lick my wounds, and when I returned I hid. I hid behind a wall of neutrality, protecting my fragile ego with hollow friendships. They should have listened, I SHOULD HAVE MADE them listen. Had the heart council been confirmed, had we had time to prepare...we could of stopped this calamity before it even began. But no more, no more will I focus on the "should haves and could haves". We are back, much has changed yes but much still remains the same. Chaos permeates this city, ten fold at least, and STILL others cling behind neutrality...Too damn AFRAID to do what needs to be done. I won't be afraid anymore. My words will ring true whether they wish to hear them or not. LIGHT will cast out this shadow that now penetrates a once great house. I will save them, I will save them whether they want to be saved or not. The light rises, others have seen the truth and they flock to us now. When all is said and done we WILL stand atop the charred bodies of those who would stand in the way of TRUTH! Long live the light."

He sweeps away the journal in a final fit, collecting himself a moment his face twists from that of self-pity to one of stone cold resolution.
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