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The Glimpse - Bringer Stories

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The Glimpse - Bringer Stories

Post by Koi-Wish »

Entry 1:

WishBringer chuckles a bit staring at the ground.

“I certainly hope no one comes and wanders what this is?”, he laughs a bit despite of himself.

Before him on the ground, his eyes trace the path where he had been pacing back and forth for what felt like an eternity, but certainly couldn’t have been all day, was it? The ground seemed to say so, the path grooved in like a well-worn animal path heading to a bed of water, but no water was at either end.

WishBringer lets out a deep sigh and looks up the mountain path.
“Why doesn’t she know I am here?”, he thinks to himself as a sigh escapes him yet again, deeper each time. His brow furrows as he looks up the path yet gain through the Illapse. This time he turns to go up it, the thousandth time, his foot nearly lifts to go forward, but he turns again and continues down the worn-down path.

He evokes his art to locate others and his mind informs him yet again what he already knew. She is there, atop the mountain at that fateful house.

He lifts his hand and smiles as he breathes in the fragrance of the flower he carries, a single tear strolls down his face, its path also known, as a cumulation of tears rests on his garment, the spot glistening in the sunlight.
He sighs, as he looks at the petals starting to sag, “I have to get her another one”
He tosses the flower to the side and heads out through a side portal, knowing he will return shortly to pace.
He turns one last time to look up the path before entering the portal, this time his eyes catch the hundreds of flowers he has now tossed wilted all along his route.

The previous Night Rose just tossed, hits the ground as his shadow fades through the portal, its petals mystical and resolute. A spot sparkles on single petal where a tear drop fell upon it just seconds before, but it dries and blends in with the many others within seconds. And for another short window, the valley well below the summit of Mt. Illapse is empty save for a graveyard of flowers that fill the air with a fragrance like no other.
He breathes in sharply, his body shakes as he weeps on his journey to pluck another.

“I will wait for forever” his voice weak with sorrow, “I have to, I must.”
“I love you.”, and with that he his confidence lifts and he moves forward….. again.

Hours pass and still he doesn’t return, the rose’s once wilting ends now twist and turn, their broken stem base growing, reaching, and splitting digging into the soil. They stand up right, wilt completely gone, they bloom fully and reach for the sky.
A light wind blows by and the fragrance jumps on board the swirling wind.

Silence then settles in, a single petal falls.
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Re: The Glimpse - Bringer Stories

Post by Koi-Wish »

Entry 2:

Nocven gasps for breath as his head reaches the surface.

“What a pathetic need,”, he states to himself as his breath calms, “Fragile as they are, no wonder they think he is dead.”

Around him the chaos pool spins; the deep blackness and stars swirl like a vortex around his central figure as he rises up from the pool.
He trenches his way out of the chaos, and into the muck of the sewers and up onto the bridge before wiping himself off. A beast greets him and his eyes glisten for a moment as the creature barrels down on him.
“Breakfast.” he states and his claws spring forth.

The bogrom itself winces in momentary terror as the claws pierce through its flesh, its internals exposed looking eerily similar to the chaos pool before turning to blood and bone. Nocven’s mouth flares open, stretching like a snake around the head of the bogrom. The Nightstalker proceeds to push and press the entirety of the bogrom into its mouth, as the flesh passes the razor sharp teeth its shreds and bleeds out spraying blood and material across the bridge.

Moments later it is gone.

Nocven takes a seat on the bridge and grins toothily in earnest, “Now lets see what we can do with this body.”
He begins gesticulating with his hands and various cones of color erupt from one hand down to the other, he focused on himself a few times and feels protected, feels his body more limber and even blinks as his vision improves.
“Interesting” he states as he flings out a fireball from his palm.
“Time for more learning later, I must find him” he stands firmly and head out through a nearby portal.

The passageways twist and turn, with various portals and changes in scenery.
He evokes a cone between his hands, “Hmm, the mountain.”
He pauses a moment as if trying to reflect on a distant memory before proceeding.
As he passes through portals, small creatures come at him and he bats them away with a flick of the wrist, “Time enough for you later.”
At the base of the mount he comes across a field of flowers. He suppressed a gag as he makes his way through them, he pauses though, as a single petal on the ground draws his attention. He picks it up, and hold it to his nose, his eyes glimmer as he attempts to focus in on the connection, dissatisfied he places the petal in a satchel at his side and continues up the mountain.

He reaches the house atop the mountain and a being of this place stands, “Do you know?” he bellows and the hapless being reacts immediately crying out, “Not again! Oh heaven, not again!”
A larger being hears her cries and says “What?”
Nocven turns away, ‘I am not ready to challenge them’, he thinks to himself. ‘I can feel him, where he was last’ and races back down the mountain back towards the sewers.
He pauses at the sewers and turns towards some caves his eyes focused on the entry. ‘Here’, this thoughts focus.
The large being shows up, weapons drawn, “Know what” he doesn’t hesitate.
Nocven narrows his eyes and focuses on the being, his mind pulling out his name, ‘PuRe RaGe’
“Where is my brother?” he states simply.
PuRe RaGe responds back, “Who is your brother?”
“Rayvn, he was station here”, he replies reading the others face.
PuRe RaGe’s face shows no emotion as he states, “He was killed by Eldryck, defending WishBringer. Dreamstruck. Felled.”
Nocven watch’s the heart beat along RaGe’s neck trying to pick up changes in pulse, “Dreamstruck. He can not be Dreamstruck. He can’t be harmed in any way”
PuRe Rage shrugs.
Nocven proceeds, “Your trivial arts mean nothing to the immortal”
RaGe replies, “His soul essence was on the floor along with his essence, it happened here, even”
Nocven sighs, “Hoax. Fabrications. Where is he?”
PuRe RaGe replies “Probably abandoned his station then.”
Nocven shakes his head, “Foolishness.” and moves past the man in earnest.

Nocven leaps up and takes to the sky, he pauses a moment after a few feet into the night sky, his brows furrowing.
He reaches into the satchel and pulls out the petal. He looks at it closely.

“WishBringer you say?” he shakes his head.

“Lets see what he has to say” he turns and looks across the dreamscape, and sensing his target, he heads towards the Basin.
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Re: The Glimpse - Bringer Stories

Post by Koi-Wish »

Nocven soars across the dreamscape back past the mountain, he pauses to get his baring’s, to focus in on where he is.

Various beings pour onto the mountain path where he flies overhead. He sighs and intends to ignore them, but not before focusing in and pulling out their names one by one just in case.
A ball of flame hits him in the side a few times, from varying directions. His skin gets charred but feels no immediate pain or sensation of real suffering, satisfied he replies, “There is no need for aggression, I will not retaliation.”

The one he notes as Harkyn hollers out, “I was just pointing where ye were!”
Nocven shakes his head and lowers himself to be more visible to those below him.
“My brother Ravyn is not subject to your laws and rules of pain and anguish. Where is he?” he states.
Harkyn responds, “Maybe ye should go talk with Wishbringer then?”
Nocven pauses, ‘That name again’
“Who among you is this Wishbringer?” he looks to those below.
“He is in threshold” a voice calls out.
“He is in thresh” hollers another.
Harkyn shouts, “Wishbringer, get up here and talk to this guy!”

Nocven heads towards the threshold.
As he enters through a portal his target stands before him.
“Where is my brother?”
WishBringer glances back at “I am sorry?”
“Where is my brother, Ravyn?” Nocven retorts.
“He got struck” WishBringer says matter of factly.
Nocven shakes his head, “This can not be, he is immortal.”
WishBringer pauses before saying “Well apparently if one of your kind decides to make physical attacks, you become susceptible to attack and your immortality is in jeopardy right?”
Nocven shakes his head, ‘this is what they believe’, and responds, “He is not a fool”
Nocven considers for a moment, ‘Not yet, I am not fully ready’ his thinks.
Nocven looks at WishBringer, his eyes squinting his mind assessing, “I will pick up the trail.”
The Nightstalker turns and head back towards the portal.

“Should I let them know?” he says out loud as he heads back towards the caves.
He nods to himself.
He stands in the Caves and waits.
Sadara shows up and he grins to himself, ‘She will do.’
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Re: The Glimpse - Bringer Stories

Post by Koi-Wish »

Entry 4:

"Nocven!" Sadara's voice rings out into the Caves.
"Nocven! I want to talk to you" she screams again.
Nocven's voice but no seen entity calls out from the shadows, "What do you want?"
Sadara reigns in, and her nervousness causes her to tense up before feigning relaxation.
"I want to speak to you about Ravyn" she says quickly.
"Do you know where he is?" Nocven's voice lowers but inquires.
Sadara looks around for the location of the voice, "Can I see you?"
Nocven's voice still low and steady, "I am not within your realm of view."
Sadara considers for a moment but continues, "Ravyn was killed. I saw it with my own eyes. Right here. Ravyn attacked one of the dreamers and the Eldryck dreamstruck him."
"Hoax. Illusion. He can not die." Nocven retorts, "This is not so."
Sadara's voice calmly responds, "It was not an illusion this time... Nocven"
Sadara looks down at the caves floor, "I am sorry"
Sadara pauses before going on, "I learned something else as well, Eldryck" she pauses, "He is my brother. And for killing Ravyn he soon will be killed as well."
Nocven's voice rises slightly, "Death is not something we are very familiar with, it does not happen!" and with firm tone, "Ravyn did not die!"
Sadara's voice nearly pleads, "Nocven, I am certain of it"
She continues, "There were eye witnesses, many other dreamers were here saw! Nocven his very Soul Essence fell where he was dropp..."
"Your name is?" Nocven interupts.
Shaken for a moment she gives pause, "My name.... its Sadara"
PuRe RaGe enters the caves and cautiously stands next to Sadara looking about and around for the source of her conversation.
"Let me explain something to you, Sadara. We are immortal, because we have no soul. So there could not have been this Soul Essence"
The sound of larges wings descending and bits of dirt and rocks scatter as an unseen figure lands in the middle of the Lost Caves followed by Nocven's voice, "Do you bleed?"
Sadara nods gently towards the spot where it appeared something may have landed.
"We do not. We have no blood. Anything you saw would have been precision illusion, nothing more. Our forms are not as your eyes see them"
Sadara listens, "But the Soul Essence, it has to contain something... its hefty. It looks real. Feels real. Even has all the proper strength"
PuRe RaGe speaks up, "Perhaps you show it to him. I watched Trish Pawn retrie...."
RaGe grunts as Nocven interupts him, "Do you trust me a moment, Sadara?"
Sadara looks to PuRe RaGe a moment, he nods, and she replies "Sure?"
A brisk wind blows by Sadara, as she reaches to cover her eyes she stops suddenly as a two holes poke into her shoulder and blood begins to trickle out. She grits her teeth but makes no noise.
"Now abjure me" Nocven states.
Sadara lifts her arm weakly and evokes. Nocven's form appears directly in front of her.
She tilts her head, "Oh, there you are, but did you have to bite me?"
Nocven's mouth curls up briefly, "Its the only way you would have been able to abjure me."
Sadara looks over her shoulder and brings her hand over the wound, suddenly her hand glowing a bright emerald.
PuRe RaGe his hand gripping a chakram, "So you trust us then, because now you're vulnerable. Or, as you said, you don't care. I'm not sure which."
Nocven turns towards RaGe and glances at the chakram, "Even now, you could attack me. I could be defeated, yes." he pauses catching RaGe's eye, "But I can not be killed"
"This is a dream, illusion and what is reality are something used quite regularly, especially by Ravyn, its how he entertains himself with local inhabitants"
Sadara brusher her hair behind her ear, "There were like 5 Ironie II's and other doppelgangars in the City"
Nocven lowers his head a moment, as if remembering, "Illusions, figments. This is all Ravyn's doing"
RaGe speaks up, "BladeSlayer, he went in to the chaos to fight Ravyn and came out all chaotic and new pet mares attacking the City as well"
Nocven inquires "BladeSlayer then, perhaps he is the new conduit"
RaGe continues, tapping his chin "Kruugaar. Ah... well then, he must be stuck inside Bladeslayer. Would explain his outburst, last we saw him"
Nocven questions, "When did Ravyn supposedly die?"
RaGe responds, "A couple of weeks ago, perhaps closer to three"
Nocven then suggests, "If Bladeslayer is still around, these pet mares and doppelgangers? Then as I said, Ravyn is not dead."
Sadara steps forward, "So Eldryck is going to die, and he didnt even kill Ravyn!"
Nocven turns away to hide his small grin, "I do not know this Eldryck"
Sadara huffs and speaks firmly, "Not on my watch!"
Nocven breaths in deeply and turns back to them, "I will need to find Bladeslayer and retrieve my brother from within"
Nocven turns away and heads towards a solid rock face, his eyes hidden to the dreamers turn to swirls of chaos, his smile firm just as he passes through the rock and disappears from view.

Nocven turns and looks into the open caves through the rock walls at the small gathering of dreamers at the caves entrance.
"Fools. Chaos reigns." he chuckles quietly, and turns away again.
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Re: The Glimpse - Bringer Stories

Post by Koi-Wish »

Entry 5:

Nocven watches her leave the Palace, he tucks back into the corner as to not be seen. But as Braelynn passes through the portal, he comes out and flies around the Palace windows peering in.
He catches WishBringer sitting tub side, his feet in the water looking cheery and oblivious.

Nocven slips in quietly and walks around the side of the hot tub.

WishBringer looks up startled, “Wha!?”

Nocven holds a finger to his lips, “Shhh” he attempts to reassure, “Don’t get up”
The Nightstalker sits across from Wish and slides his own feet, boots, and all into the water, looking across at WishBringer.

“They say you and Ravyn had a bit of a situation, at the Lost Caves, and …. “, Nocven watches the others eyes, “….. one thing led to another you were collapsed, and you were about to be Dreamstruck by Dumah, and then my brother sensed the hesitation, got involved and was attacked and collapsed by dreamers, and then everyone wanted Dumah to instead Strike him…. then, correct me if any of this doesn’t line up for you, suddenly Eldryck shows up and Dreamstrikes my brother.”
Nocven eyes the neckline of WishBringer, noting the hurried pulse.
“That about sum up things, or is there more then that?”
WishBringer swallows, “I was, there, but… I couldn’t communicate, Ravyn had me tossed around the Caves and I, I am telling you, I couldn’t focus on what was happening, I was… lost in it”
“Lost in it?” Nocven’s voice raises, “My brother was obviously upset with you for something, what, I am not sure, but my brothers enemy is certainly mine, wouldn’t you say?”
WishBringer looks down, “Not necessarily, I … I didn’t choose to be this conduit, I … I well, again, I had no control. I didn’t attack him.”
Nocven tilts his head, “He can’t be dead. We are immortal. I am not sure what happened, but death is not possible. Yes, oh yes, we can be foolish and lose our defenses against your attacks, but we are soulless, Wish, we can not die. You, however…”, looks WishBringer directly in the eyes, “can.”
WishBringer swallows again, he looks quickly over to his satchel of weapons and shields and then back to Nocven, “What are you saying?”
The Nightstalker twirls his finger around his chest and a crest appears, showing his sphere and more importantly a crimson red ring around the outside. He lifts a single brow and looks as WishBringer’s face begins to tremble a bit.
“You are in the Circle? Wait, are you intending to kill me?” WishBringer asks firmly
Nocven nods, “Yes.”
WishBringer immediately jumps up and flings Firestorm and Flame fire at Nocven, who breaths in deeply and sighs but shrugs off the attacks as if nothing happened.
“Really?” Nocven smirks, and then lifts his hand out in the direction of WishBringer, and unseen force lifts WishBringer by his neck and Wish grabs onto a nothingness at his neck as he is lifted into the air, his face contorting and turning red. Nocven casually gets up and walks up as WishBringer gasps but grabs no air.
Nocven looks him in the eyes, and as his face turns purple he releases the grip slightly allowing Wish to breathe. “I am going to have you choose a life, her’s or yours” and with those words he slams Wish against the Palace wall, releasing his throat but holding him immobile.

WishBringer gasps, and pulls in air sharply and vigorously looking up at Nocven, “Who’s?”
Novcven, “The young lady that left here, or your own?”
WishBringer’s face goes deathly white, “Brae!?”, he tries to read the Nightstalkers face, “No, no! Me, I choose me!”
Nocven chuckles, “Then go tell her goodbye, she is at her fortress atop the mountain, let us go.”

The Nightstalker spins his finger and WishBringer finds himself standing at the Main Entrance of the Dreamers of Light, he turns to go through the portal, but Nocven catches him mid spin, “No no, wait for her”
WishBringer turns towards the house, tears streaming from his face. He begins to use his locator, and see’s she is inside, with him. He shakes his head. “She wont come out, she is with him” WishBringer turns towards Nocven, “Lets go back, kill me there, not here… please”
Nocven grabs Wish by the arm and whips him in and out of the portal, between the house and the mountain multiple times, setting off a signal inside altering them Wish was there. The Nightstalker squints and turns to Wish, “Stay here” and he turns invisible and heads inside.
He see’s Braelynn and RaGe talking, as RaGe tells Brae, “He is here”, Braelynn grabs his arm and says, “Ignore him.” Nocven silently chuckles to himself and heads back out.
The Nighstalker swoops down and grabs Wish by one arm, flying across the dreamscape back towards the Palace, he looks down at Wish, “It doesn’t appear its going to your night”
WishBringer struggles to release Nocven’s grip but it is tremendously strong, he looks down as he passes over the City. His Palace comes into view, and for a moment he feels the warmth it brings each time he see’s it, but its quickly replaced as the Nightstalker flings him through the window onto the floor.

Nocven circles Wish and pulls out a small petal and a vial of liquid that’s contents can be seen through the glass encasing. The contents are a constant swirling mass of black and glimmering sparkles that remind one of stars. Wish stands up and races toward the window, just as he reaches it, Nocven swoops past him and paralyzes him with a glance.
“Now now, you haven’t had a drink yet” Nocven grins and drops the petal into the vial. The vial immediately turns blood red and stops swirling. Nocven starts to hand it forward and stops suddenly his head tilting and listening. “Ah! She has come to you after all, break her heart, Wish, do it, now, or I will make her drink this and let you watch her suffer and die as the chaos eats her alive.”
“No! You will not!” WishBringer eyes the portal, “Oh my gawd, no.. No! I will, I will! Don’t you touch her! Please, I am begging you!”

Braelynn walks in and WishBringer turns from the window, and looks at her. His heart shatters before the words begin.

Continues in Braelynns post Entry 5.3 found HERE
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Re: The Glimpse - Bringer Stories

Post by Koi-Wish »

Entry 6:

It seemed like hours since Braelynn walked out the portal. Before Nocven had left he had set the vial on the table and simply said “Drink it” before fading away.
WishBringer looks up at the sky, trying to gauge the time.
“Soon it will be done”, he whispers to himself his voice breaking up.
He places his head back into his hands, as he sits on the pedestal of the palace.
The room is tattered and torn, things overturned and pushed aside, drawers opened and cabinets wide open. Walls are littered with burn marks from flame or chakram fire. His tables used for dining covered with half eaten foods and partial glass of wine where Nocven had rummaged through his things and laughed at the basic needs to eat food.
He thinks he hears someone coming up the path and he glances up; his heart skips a beat for a moment. He evokes locate dreamer, and immediately sulks back into his hands as he sees she is back at the mountain.
His face normally full of smirks and grins is grim and dark.
He eyes the chakrams on the floor in front of him, mostly depleted now, and picks one up, points it at himself and braces, his face grimaces for a long minute before he sighs and tosses the chakram to the floor.
WishBringer gets up and screams his knees buckled halfway, his arms bent and fingers curling as his voice hollers out, “BRRRRAEEEEE!!”
The palace shakes from the ferocity of the scream, which is shortly replaced by an agonizing whimper and wail of man seemingly in tremendous pain.
He stands their gasping for breath and then his face goes firm.
He looks around the room, and twirls his finger and all that was, goes back to order, the room is clean and unblemished.
He picks up the vial and rolls it in his hand, eyeing the contents.
Sighing, he then reaches in his satchel and takes out a beautiful locket. He holds it close to his chest for a moment before setting it on the pedestal and heading upstairs.
Tears stream his face again as he climbs, smaller trails this time, his eyes bloodshot having cried themselves nearly dry.
His tub in his view, he shakes visibly and walks toward it. Slowly methodically he sinks into the water fully clothed. He sits quietly there for a moment, his lips just above the water, the tears on his cheeks slipping into and onto the water like a glistening oil.
He lifts the dark red vial, and without hesitation open it and swallows its contents.
One final lone tear falls down his cheek.
His face twists slightly in agony before going pale, and then slowly he sinks the rest of the way into the water. Bubbles fail to rise to the surface and his eyes open for a moment before closing as a final gasp of air releases from his mouth, the room goes deathly quiet.

His body starts to change color, abyss and dark before floating up out of the water, he stands at the edge of the tub. His eyes open, swirls of complete blackness and stars fill his eye space as he walks towards the portal.
As he passes the locket it glows a brilliant blue and red.
His walk takes him down the Basin, methodical and slow. He passes emphants and as they charge at him in their typical bloodlust they dissolve into nothingness before getting close.
He steps into the halls of the sewers, his motions purposeful and his direction known.
He passes by the reservoir where Nocven sits casually toying with a bogrom essence, he hardly looks up as WishBringer’s form passes him by but says, “First volunteer is here to find you, my brother, soon you will be home.”
WishBringer continues past Nocven and takes a sudden turn off the path, stepping off the bridge into the murky sewer waters, a bogrom dissolves as it chases him into it, the dreamer never even turns.
Minutes later, Liolira enters, she tilts her head eyeing WishBringer oddly as he runs into the dark corners of the sewers and back out again, spinning and twirling, letting a new bogrom attack him and remove his avatar. She gasps as the soulsphere floating starts firing flames at the bogom and restores itself, giving the form of WishBringer again, albeit dark and growling. As the moment dawns on her, her face turns suddenly terrified.
As she races out of the room in a panic, her screams for help carry across the dreamscape.
Nocven looks up from where he sits, drops the essence in the sewer waters, and turns towards the crys for help, “It is time, he is ready.”
He pulls out an Obsidian Blade and evokes the art of Invisibility before passing through the portal after his prey.

Continues in Braelynns post Entry 6.1 found HERE
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Re: The Glimpse - Bringer Stories

Post by Koi-Wish »

Read Sadara's Entry's found Here!

Entry 7:

Eldryck springs forward first, chakram fire flashing as he lunges forward towards Lolo. Two shots are landed before Lolo's snarl was even able to leave it's face, it screams out and turns towards Eldryck, a mixture of anguish and anger in its eyes. It bellows and releases its own flame, but its target suddenly disappears, startled Lolo glances about hurriedly before its suddenly feels its protective arts being stripped away. Lolo panics and takes off towards a portal, but its demise already foretold as Eldryck appears suddenly blocking its path, his dagger quick to strike as Lolo falls quickly to accurate and lethal blows.

Eldryck spins towards Sadara and Vunai whom are engaged in their own dance of fate. Sadara's arms is burnt, evidence of landed attacks by Vunai who once again is sizing her up for an attack. Eldryck's protective instincts grab ahold of him, and he launches forward dagger lifted high.

Mid-jump he freezes, paralyzed in mid-air, Sadara and Vunai frozen as well in simultaneous chakram fire, the flames of the fireballs not even flickering. Eldryck's eyes are able to look around but struggle as he may his limbs are completely immobile. Suddenly a dark shadow passes over head and a being lands between him and Sadara.

Nocven Oneirsom!

Eldryck begins to panic, his heart racing a bead of sweat immediately pools above his brow as he struggles to turn his dagger towards the Nightstalker, his arm flinches a bit, but not nearly enough.

Nocvern see's the slight movement, "Impressive." He almost chuckles.

The Nightstalker grabs Eldryck by the face, his eyes mere inches from the others, "You know I could kill you right now! You, her, the lot of you!"

Eldryck attempts to swallow hard but his jaw, immobile can only pull off a tremble.

Nocvern sensing Eldryck's fear steps back, "My brother, as you know." he pauses before continuing, "Has fallen victim to this mortal City's art of DreamStrike. You, Edlryck, were the user of this art. As per protocol of our esteemed friends in the Circle, your life is forfeit." Nocvern, looks back at Eldryck, "You are aware of this right?" With a slight chuckle, he snaps his fingers, "Thats right...", Eldrycks head is able to move, the rest of him is still paralyzed in mid-motion. Eldryck stretches his head a bit before looking at Nocvern, "I know this. Get it over with."

Nocvern squats down and picks up a rock, looking out over the ledge of the Illapse. "Ravyn can not die. You know this, I know this," gestures around the circles, "They, don't appear to know this" and with that he throws the rock over the ledge, listening for it to hit the sides of the cliff on the way down. "He is locked away in the Chaos. You can not kill an immortal, foolish citizens of this City, though I give them credit for getting as far as they did. My brother is a fool for leaving himself vulnerable, but that's an argument for another day."

The Nightstalker turns back towards Eldryck, "You sir, are going into the Chaos to find him, and bring him back."

Eldryck's face goes pale, "Not again. No. I refuse, years was enough, kill me now. End this here and now."

Nocvern turns towards Sadara, "I believe in choices, Eldryck, I believe very much in giving you a choice, as you say... here and now." he takes a few steps towards her frozen form, Eldryck's eyes go large, "No, don't you touch her!", he struggles again to move, his arm again flinching as Nocvern lifts an Obsidian Dagger from his belt line, "Choose Eldryck, you or her."

Eldryck's face sinks, he begins to sob uncontrollably, recent days with his sister flash before his eyes, a single tear falls down his cheek. He sniffs sharply and lifts his head, looking at Sadara before tilting his head towards Nocvern, "I choose me."

Nocvern traces the dagger along Sadara's jawline, running it down and along her neck. "Wise or foolish choice, time will tell"

Nocvern's grins spreads across his face, "You won't be alone, I sent another before you, WishBringer joins you on your escapade, whichever of you brings out Ravyn first, well they get to stay, the other, well they can stay for all eternity." He walks towards Eldryck and pulls out a vial and pops off the cork top, "Open wide, and drink." Eldryck does as he's told and swallows the vile liquid it burns on the way down his throat. As soon as he swallows, Nocvern disappears, his limbs continue their mid-jump spree, and he lands directly in front of Vunai.

Sadara blinks in surprise for a moment, as Eldryck swirls and drops the beast in a lightning quick move his back to her. "I had him, brother." she says defiantly as she brushes a piece of loose hair behind her ear, "I truly did." With that she hovers her hand over her wounded arm, and the burn marks fade away.

"I know sis, I know you did." Eldryck tries to say as normally as he can. He looks down at his wrist, the abyss skin of his is getting darker. He takes in a deep breath. He considers his next words before recollecting something.

"I hear they are trying to unlock the portal in Horron's Cave, my doing, I should really go help. May give some more credibility to my name. What say you sis?" He says after the brief pause.

Sadara grins, "You know big brother, even before I knew you were my brother I have been cleaning up your messes. Lets go, I will race you there!" she says with a quick laugh and races towards the portal.

Eldryck's eyes watch her pass through the portal, he evokes locate dreamer, the Nightstalker is already there, he sighs, "I am so sorry sis.... I am so sorry", and with that, he follows her.
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Re: The Glimpse - Bringer Stories

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READ Entry 8 Found Here!

Entry 8.3:


Within it tiny specks like stars. There is no up, or down, left or right. A movement this way, or that causes the swirling to be passed by, only to replaced by more of the same. The chaos was endless. There was no day time, no night time. Everything looked the same.

WishBringer sighed. Endlessly he reached out into the chaos and took steps forward, it felt like swimming, or flying, he wasn't sure which at any given moment.

Occasionally, he came across vast rooms, some of them were from places he recognized, he could see into them, as if he the room was a bubble and he could look in. On even more rare occasions, he would find dreamers, friends within those bubbles. Scream as he could, they could not hear him. He watched some times, gripping onto some form of reality and just watched and listened. Inevitably Nocven's voice would re-enter his mind and remind him that he wasn't alone out here, that he was to find Ravyn, and he wasn't the only one searching for him. His key to getting out, was to find Ravyn and pull him out with him. He would yearn to re-enter those rooms he found, but he would turn again, and swim in the chaos, avoiding growls and grunts of beasts he could not see, reaching and pulling at anything, calling out to Ravyn.

Madness. Complete madness.

He started to memorize swim strokes it took to get to some area's when he needed calming. He even managed to find the bubble that contained his Palace, he would lean against he invisible barrier and look in, nearly feeling like he was there, relaxing in the comfort of this familiar place. He could see his locket still sitting on the pedestal where he had set it weeks, days, hours... he lost track.

He would return here to cry, to seek refuge, and to remind him there was a home he needed to retun to when the madness threatened to take over his mind. Almost like a recharging station, coming here was therapeutic. Necessary even.

Occasionally a visitor would be at the Palace, a friend. Zahra sometimes, Sadara occasionally, and even her. Braelynn. Oh how it tore at his soul when she was there.

Today was one of those days, he leaned against the invisible barrier that prevented his passing, staring in at the locket, his mind calming from the excruciating hunt for Ravyn. When suddenly she walked in....

"Brae!" he immediately shouted, hoping she would turn. "Brae!" he called out a second time. She did not tilt her head as if to hear, her cloak dropped to the floor and she circled the pedestal. His eyes begin to well up, he tilts his head in longing, "Oh Brae, I am so sorry." he whispers. He watches as she continues her pace around the pedestal, she pauses and looks up, "Brae!?" he calls out. She grabs the key around her neck and eyes the locket. WishBringer panics, his eyes searching for hers, "Braelynn no, no... no!" he says firmly, and begins to shake. He starts to pound against the invisible barrier, screaming her name, "Braelynn!!!" his voice carries off, his eyes widen as she reached down with the key to the locket, his face contorts further, "BRAELYNN!!" he screams as she eyes the key hole in the locket. She starts to reach but pauses, hesitating, tilting her head, WishBringer jerks back, gasping for breath, "Brae?", she looks down at the key, and whispers, "When is it time, how will I know?"

WishBringer takes in a deep sigh, and breathes out slowly, "Not yet, love of loves, not yet" and with that he etches an invisible heart onto the barrier surface. He watches her as she sets the key back down around her neck, she simply looks at the locket and utters, "I miss you.", his head tilts to the side, tears streaming down his cheeks, "Oh Braelynn, I miss you too."

Suddenly, a hand covers his mouth and pulls him backwards, he looks up in time to see Eldryck grinning down at him, before everything goes black.
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Re: The Glimpse - Bringer Stories

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Read Entry 9 Found Here!

Entry 9.3:

His eyes blinked open slowly, he was gagged and bound but he could see a fire pit floating in front of him, as he leaned his head this way and that he spun violently from his sitting position, the fire pit spinning in his field of vision, once he centered it the complete nauseating affect stopped. Beyond the light of the fire pit was nothing but swirling stars, chaos as he was used to. Below him, beneath the oddly floating fire and all around nothing but swirling stars within blackness. He struggled at the bounds that held him, chewed on the gag in his mouth but to no avail. No one seemed to be nearby, he searched the darkness but the fire eerily glowed on the swirling chaos, making it hard to look upon.

WishBringer slumped, closing his eyes, thinking this through. Someone had found him. Eldryck perhaps? Ravyn maybe? Something else even? There were many strange noises and sounds he avoided when he could detect from which direction they were coming. It certainly could have been any one, or anything out in this chaotic nightmare.

Minutes slipped into hours, he closed his eyes, and lost track, it may have even been days between blinks. Occasionally, he would hear a grunt of an animal or beast in the dark and he would struggle again at the bounds wrapped around his wrist and firmly pinned against his back. The fire burned consistently, not losing its flare and not even seeming to devour the wood, if it was wood, that burned at its core. It was during one of these staring into the fire moments when he heard them, two voices he knew instantly.

Eldryck snapped, "I told her what she needed, I will not waste another effort of communication until she at least possesses the items. She knows, don't put it on me to push further."

Ravyn paused before responding, "I am in no hurry, the longer I am in here the longer your people will soon forget they missed you. I am not pushing, silly Eldryck, I am merely saying your pathetic City can't seem to function as one unit, and I doubt you will be leaving any time soon, you or your bound friends. Foolish game you are playing relying on them."

Eldryck Venym gritted his teeth, "She will find me, she must. She knows all the pieces to the puzzle. I can't stand another week in this god forsaken madness."

WishBringer caught sight of them as they neared the fire, they walked at it from above, as if the ground perpendicular to the fire, a crazy notion, but he squinted his eyes closed to keep up the ruse of being unconscious.

Eldryck looked over at WishBringer, "Whom will they save; Him or me?" he sighed, tossing a small object into the fire which poofed the same moment it hit. "I doubt its me."

Ravyn Morpheus was completely winged, his face unnervingly large, teeth flaring in the reflection of the fire, he glanced at WishBringer, "I care not. Its wonderful here, my brother should find ways in and out so we can feast." and with that his mouth opened and like a funnel he pulled the chaos and madness into his mouth creating a whirlpool affect, Eldryck kicked and squirmed away with ease but grunted at Ravyn none the less, "Disgusting" he spit towards the fire.
"What?" Ravyn belched as he ceased consuming the chaos, "You put me here."
Eldryck shrugs, "Don't remind me, it wasn't exactly my plan."
Ravyn chuckles to himself, "Forgot about the missing notch from your Club didn't you?" and points to the necklace Eldryck wore around his neck. "You still possess the illusion of the Club so long as any part of it is on your person"
Eldryck grasp the carving around his neck, "Hael Frost gave it to me", he looks down at it, "I hadnt forgotten, I just... ok I had forgotten"
Ravyn Morpheus's smiles turns sharp, "Had you not had that, you would have simply banished me from your City, alas, here we are, me in dining hall of chaos, and you, and your bound friends here stuck. Perhaps forever!"
Eldryck sighed, "No, she will get the things she needs, I believe in her."
Ravyn, "And what of them?", looks at WishBringer and beyond WishBringer to someone or something Wish could not see.
Eldryck sighs again, "I do not know. I think if I can get out, I can get him out, but they can figure out Cova if they want to, he is not my problem. But Wish, they will want him back."
Ravyn cackles, "None of you are my problem, I might just stay!" and with that he leaps out into the darkness.
Eldryck growls, "Not again, get back here!" and he gives chase into the dark swirling madness.

'So he has found him.' WishBringer thinks to himself. 'Now what?'

He struggles to turn, causing the chaos to swirl and spin, tossing the fire in spirals around him when he catches a glimpse of bound feet. "Must be Cova" he says to himself before sighing and turning back towards the fire, balancing it in his vision.

"WISHBRINGER!!!!!" he hears her voice distinctively, Braelynn!

He twists and turns towards the sound of her voice! He draws in a breath to scream back, but a sudden scuffle of arms and legs and his breath is cut off, everything begins to spin again, an arm around his neck is firm and strong, "Shhhh", Eldrycks voice says softly in his ear, "Don't want to give the lady a fright." With that the pressure around his neck firms up, as his eyes fade to black, WishBringer swears he see's her Night Dress come into view, tears stream his cheek, he hardly utters the word "Brae..." before darkness sets in again.
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Re: The Glimpse - Bringer Stories

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Before reading this read entry 10 found Here!

Entry 10.2

WishBringer's chin quivers as he watches Eldryck bind Braelynn up, she didn't struggle but just seeing her face in this moment, joy, sorrow... emotions sweep over him. Tears stream his cheek as for the first time in weeks he gazes upon her. As her eyes meet his again from her sitting position, his heart erupts and he shakes visibly with emotions. He shifts to hide something as Eldryck begins to turn.

Eldryck having secured Braelynn, walks over to WishBringer, "Don't worry I am not going to hurt her, but I certainly can't have the two of you waltzing about now can I?" and with that he rebind Wish's hands, and replaces the gag.

Eldryck squats in front of WishBringer's face and looks him in the eyes, "I have to go get that lunatic we were sent in here after, I trust you will sit here quietly and not make a mess of things," he looks over his shoulder at Braelynn, "The two of you, just sit here and let me catch Ravyn, and we can work out how to get out of here, capeesh? Capeesh."

Eldryck stands up and pulls out a chain from his bag slung over his shoulder, he looks out into the swirling madness, "I don't know about you two, but I am ready to go, this time, he isn't getting away." He shakes the chain defiantly and heads out into the darkness.

WishBringer doesn't even watch him go, his eyes glued to Braelynn's. Why was she here, what happened with RaGe? How did she get into this nightmare with him? Did Nocven poison her too? The thoughts were trivial though, here she sat, with him. Her beauty, her dress, her ever present glow in her eyes. She sat across from him, gagged as well, not struggling but staring right back. The moment felt to last a life time as each of them shed tears looking upon the other. Seconds may have turned to minutes perhaps hours when suddenly over her shoulder he saw it.

An enormous eye, and eye belonging to something so huge he could not even imagine. It seemed to look her up and down, questioning perhaps to itself what it was looking at.

With a jolt WishBringer shifted and shifted again, as if trying to sit upon something. Braelynn, unaware of anything behind her, watched as WishBringer shifted around. Suddenly she saw the glint of the key he had swiped from her neck beneath him as he was shifting and wiggling against it. The key to the locket she had thought, when suddenly it dawned on her "It's time" he had said moments before. She suddenly remembered, he said to her, "When it is time to use this key, I will let you know." she suddenly breathed in sharply, 'That ridiculous genius fool' she thought to herself, 'The key wasn't to his heart, but to his freedom, he knew... he knew!' and she looked over at him in awe as the binds started to strip away. He released the binds and immediately removed his gag, and looked at her with a finger to his lips, "Shhhhh".

'Duh', she thought to herself, 'Eldryck could be anywhere'.

He then crawls over to her and was looking at something over her shoulder, and suddenly she realized he was seeing something she hadn't. She couldn't help but turn. Her eyes flared wide as she saw it, an eye the size of an entire house. The pupil reflected her own face as she looked upon it. It was massive, and her heart began to race, whatever being was attached to this eye was more massive then anything she could possibly imagine. Her face turned back towards Wish, pleading.

He slowly untied her and removed her gag. The two of them moved away from the eye, hand in hand slowly ever so slowly backwards. Suddenly Braelynn tripped over something, and WIshBringer scrambled to get her up. Laying there, his eyes open and lifeless lay Cova. Something was moving in and about his mouth and nostrils, like a quick snake through each orifice. Braelynn suppressed a gag, and they both looked away and continued moving away from the eye.

They picked up speed now, the eye still upon them when suddenly another eye parallel and likely attached to the same being opened and looked upon them what seemed like several hundred yard away from the first. The eyes seemed merely curious, but still watched them as they now raced into the swirling madness of chaos. No longer looking back, they simply ran, flew and swam forward without any care as long as the eyes stayed behind them. It seemed like hours before WishBringer dared look back again, and when he did, they were gone. Letting out a deep sigh and tugged on Braelynn's hand, "It's gone" he says, and for a few minutes both stood and caught their breath.

Finally, WishBringer looks up at her, and she back at him, "You foolish foolish love of loves!" and he embraces her, kissing her deeply and holding her tight. "Why..." he paused between kisses, and then without awaiting her response, kisses her again. He stops kissing and holds her close to him, her head on his shoulder. His body shakes, tears stroll down his cheeks, and he simply sobs.
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Re: The Glimpse - Bringer Stories

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Entry 21.0

The lake was shimmering from the early morning sun. Small bugs danced upon her surface skirting and scooting about. Occasionally the water would ripple quickly, and a bug would disappear as a fish quick as lightning would pull it down to the depths below. WishBringer sat and watched the ripples stir away from the ambush point, sighing in spite of himself, thinking of the horrors that progressed months past, ‘Sometimes we are all but a bug on a pond’ he thinks to himself. How the world can be so magical and beautiful in this moment, yet a horror unseen saves for a quick ripple of water marked a bugs doom for eternity. She walked along the ponds edge now, his eyes quick to watch her, picking dandelions and silly floral weeds along the pond’s borders. Her hair was long and glossy white as snow, it swirled about her as she smiled attempting to catch a butterfly. She laughed and patted at her knees in delight as she chased the butterfly barefoot along the waters edge, her flowers abandoned for the moment. Suddenly she squatted down, approaching on delicate footsteps her eyes glued to the glorious butterfly but only a few inches from her. Hands cupped, she reached quickly and swooped it up.

“Daddy!” she cried out; her smile as bright as the skies as she turned towards WishBringer. “I caught it, I caught it!” She began to run, the sound of her pitter-pattering feet filled the morning air as she rushed towards her father, her face ripe with glee and excitement. As she closed in on him, WishBringer stood up and looks down into her gleaming eyes, “Let me see, sweetheart.” She opened her hands ever so slowly and the Night Butterfly sat upon her palm its wings opening and folding slowly. “Oooooh” her lips curled into the shape of O as she stared intently at the delicate creature in her hands. WishBringer, smiled and with a quick flick of his wrist evoked a magic and the butterfly’s night wings began to glow and sparkle. His daughter peered up at him, eyes wide open, “Daddy! Look!” She lifted her hand and dropped it suddenly and the butterfly took flight, leaving a trail of white and night sparkles as it lofted about in the morning light. She then grinned herself and snapped her fingers and the one butterfly became tens of them, all spawning out from the first. She giggled and laughed with glee as the air seemed to fill with Night Butterfly’s the sparkles trailing like comet tails behind them.

Suddenly everything went black, WishBringer felt a nudge. “Love of loves?” her voice was like soft spring chimes. He sighed and opened his eyes, “Hello my dear” he says his eyes welling up, as he leans on his elbow and gives her a kiss. After their brief embrace, she pulls her head back and tilts it, “Honey you were dreaming again” WishBringer wipes the tears from his eyes and nods nearly feverishly. “Every night this week, I see her. Every night.” Braelynn sighs as she caresses his cheek, “This daughter of ours?” WishBringer nods, and falls into her arms, sobbing softly, “Yes…. Every night I see her, her sweet little face, her beautiful hair, every night, Braelynn, I see Avery.”

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