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Roots and Leaves - The Tree That Speaks

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Roots and Leaves - The Tree That Speaks

Post by Sadara »

Entry 1:

The sunlight gleams brilliantly upon the water's surface within the Ark of Duke. A cascading waterfall of stairs fills the pool with clear and resilient water. Within the middle of the pool sits a large lone tree, its limbs outstretched to the sky. In the middle of the large Harrow Tree is a seemingly carved statue of a man's upper torso fused into the tree. So precise, it looks as if it couldn't be carved, the man's face is frozen in a state of contemplation.

On the side of the pool sits two people within the grass. One dreamer with long curly black hair down her back, dark brown skin, and a green halo. The other dreamer with shoulder length black hair, darkened black skin, and a black halo with a single red sparkle. They sit together staring at the tree in silence. The woman is in a comfortable seat, while the man is tense, with a clenched jaw.

The man opens his mouth, showing his sharpened teeth, saying, "Sadara.. sister... may I ask you something?"

Sadara looks over to her brother and nods gently with a warm smile, "Of course."

"Do you hate me?"

Sadara looks over into the pool averting his gaze, and looks back. The look in her eye pained and confused, "Eldryck... you have done many things. Many things that cannot be redeemed. Though I don't hate you." She looks into his dark eyes and smiles, "I see a heart in there."

Eldryck nods to Sadara and looks back to the tree, "You know... I wouldn't have blamed you even if you said yes." Eldryck looks back to Sadara, idly brushing his hair behind him, "How long... do you just... sit here with him?"

Sadara smiles as she looks to the tree and tilts her head lightly, "Until I wake. Why?"

"Father.. as much as he leveled out... had an interesting past."

Sadara giggles lightly, "Oh I know."

Eldryck smirks and shakes his head, "No, Sadara, more than you know."

Sadara looks to Eldryck, with a curious expression, "Hmm? I mean... I know about Silk. What.. exactly.. how does it work? The club that is?”

Eldryck slows his breathing and looks down before looking up at the tree and sighing, "You know the Club was carved from father's trunk.", he pauses looking at the base of the tree, "Silk carved it out, using the Carving Blade that even now resides within Calenture. I have a history of being... ", Eldryck pauses "a bit brutal in getting my way, but I became a member of the Circle, that brutality would not work if I was to be a Guardian here. The Club alters some abilities and gives me a greater power over illusions. Which is how I can Dreamstrike without alerting the Circle"

Eldryck looks over at Sadara.

“If I were to instill fear into potential troublemakers in this City. I needed to have a power that would make them believe I was killing, destroying, and…” Eldryck sighs. “Well you know the rest.”

Sadara looks to the tree and sighs out as Eldryck continues, “Father knew I would be trouble. And wanted to suppress me, thus the Club was carved. Fathers' illusions are powerful… even in forms of weapons. Though… that is not all Sadara... '' Eldryck sighs with exasperation, as he looks to the tree again with a look of disappointment. He turns to face Sadara and grabs her hand holding it tightly, “I don't know why he didn't tell you… but I will.”
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Re: Roots and Leaves - The Tree That Speaks

Post by Sadara »

Entry 2:

The cool breeze along Mt.Illapse blows against Sadara’s skin, as she walks up the mountain next to Eldryck. They walk in sync, though his steps are more imposing. They walk casually kicking rocks out of the path as they continue up.

Eldryck says looking over to her with a smirk, “Sadara what is your favorite fruit?”

Sadara giggles and glances over to him, “Harrow Pears. What about yours?”

Eldryck raises his eyebrows and excitedly says, “Mine to!” he chuckles happily.

She giggles and shakes her head, “I never knew how much we were alike. Quick favorite dish!”

They both shout, “Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms!” followed by a rowdy and happy laughter.

Sadara looks at Eldryck, saying, “You make me proud. I.. wanted to tell you that i'm sor-”

Eldryck cuts her off placing his hand on her wrist as she begins to speak, looking at her with a proudness in his eye, “No.. no apologies.” he smiles at her and nudges her with his elbow playfully. “Now what was that part about being proud?” he smiles toothily at her.

She smirks as her eyes glint with a purple light, “I'm proud to call you my brother, Eldryck. I never knew how much--”

Within that moment Lolo, the datoken appeared behind them cackling as its glowing red eyes stared at the two. Vunai also appears in front of them growling and grunting, as two claws slowly begin to retract from within the shadows of its tattered cloak, creating an X across its torso.

Eldryck instinctively brings his arm across Sadara’s chest, in a protective stance as he seemingly pulls out a large silver parrying dagger from the ether of the dream with his right hand and spins it quickly holding the dagger preparedly as the dagger slowly begins to glow a blackened aura, as his left hand pulls out a polished silver chakram out from behind Sadara’s ear. He smirks to her, as she just shakes her head.

Sadara turns around to look at Lolo in a defensive stance of her own, and brushes her belt, holding her hands out as a red hardcover book appears in her left hand, with her right hand she contorts her fingers, extending her index and pinky finger, as a circular glyph appears around her hand. The book within her left hand flips open, pages seeming to flip endlessly.

They stand back to back, staring down the datoken, Sadara with a calm and Eldryck with an eager calculated smirk. The sounds of snarling, growling, grunting and heavy breathing from the daymares invading their ears. They hold their stance, sizing each other up as if waiting for someone to make the first move.
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Re: Roots and Leaves - The Tree That Speaks

Post by Sadara »

Entry 3:

The Order of Harmony’s walls, dark and stained with the sweat of hard working Dreamers from the Harmony, and Sable Moon. The portal sounds a light warped sound as two dreamers walk through the portal into the Celebration Hall.

Sadara turns to face the Dreamer in front of her as her steps come to a sudden and abrupt step, her face stone cold. Her voice firm as she says, “Silk Nuvas, what is your relationship to my father?”

Silk Nuvas stands tall, with his white armor polished, scuffed along the shoulder, and burned lightly on the kneepad yet pristine. His smile slowly lowers into a more serious face as he speaks, “That is your father's tale perhaps to tell.”

Sadara looks at Silk and squints at the Club on his back.

Sadara speaks again with her brows raised, her tone firmer, “I want to hear from you. I'm asking you.”

Silk Nuvas sighs, and says, “Well.. Your father. Was a good man. I knew him.”

A long pause makes the air awkward, only the sounds of the waters sloshing about in the fountains along the Celebration Hall’s walls.

Silk speaks up breaking the silence, “Anything else?”

Sadara looks at Silk with tired raised brows, "Ok obviously you are having a hard time here.. let's skip my father part. What do you know about Nocven? And how is he in the Circle?"

Silk says, “Nocven is a Nightstalker, one of several hundred, maybe thousands now. Nocven is in the Circle because well, he was voted in many many years ago.”

“So Nighstalkers naturally have a Dreamstrike? Or just Nocven?”

Silk shakes his head and says, “No no, he doesn't have DreamStrike at all, actually. Nightstalkers are not like dreamers. Perspective dreamer.”

“Well then... tell me how he Dreamstruck my Brother, Wish, and Cova? Does he have a form of Dreamstrike? You are saying?”

Silk begins, “What appears to you as a Striking its because it's how this Lucid City perceives the action. The Nightstalkers ability is actually the exact same ability, your brother, gained with this club.” With saying that he takes the club from off his back and twirls it about, continuing, “ Where instead of killing anyone It banishes them to chaos. Nightstalkers and Nocven and Ravyn specifically helped me create this club. So that Eldryck could do what your father asked. Your father knows Nocven very well as well, they aren't "monsters" as you all here look upon them and see. They consume chaos, and consuming chaos is not a bad thing across all Cities and places. Some Cities look at them as heroes and hold them to the highest honor. Others, fear them. I am indifferent, a Nightstalker can't harm me. Ravyn and Nocven came here assuming they were allowed to have free run of the place and consume the chaos. A mistake on Eldrycks part obviously. But they hurt no one really. Used WishBringer a bit yes, but he's a sporty chap. He can pull through.” He then smiles with a dazzle in his tooth.

Sadara with one raised brow and her arms folded nods gently and asks, “Ok well can I ask a favor from you?”

Silk looks away speaking on a tangent, “And now you all had Eldryck attempt to kill him, what Eldryck failed to remember is that he still had a bit of that Club on him.”

Sadara’s eyes widen as she holds her hands up in front of her, “Woah... woah back up! What do you mean he had a piece of the club on him?”

Silk nods and speaks matter of factly, “So when we, of the Circle, thought he killed Ravyn, we were coming to deal with it. But foolish of us, Nocven reminded myself. And it was our mistake too, so we hunt Eldryck no more.” He smiles.

Sadara squints to Silk, as she listens carefully to him continuing, “Round his neck, did you ever notice the notch missing from his Club?”

“I thought it was just wear and tear”

“No. He used the Carving Blade to make a necklace for Haer Frost or whatever that little ladies name was. It was to protect her. Just as the Club was meant to protect you on your Awakening. Eldryck now wears the carved piece of wood around his neck.”

Sadara thinks to herself and folds her arms placing her hand on her chin, "Ok well then you will help me then right in bringing him and Wish back?" she raises her brows, "Come on now Silk, maybe I can... like you I guess...?" she smirks.

Silk pauses with an offended look, “Like me? I am very likeable.”

Sadara looks into Silk’s eyes with a straight face, “Sure… So what do you say? Do you help me or..? I'm starting tomorrow. Here is the idea, Eldryck has already asked me to gather two items for him. His Soul Essence and the Essence of the Creature that left when he was banished."

“I know the 3rd item you will need. You will need to get the blade from Nocven OR the Carving Blade from Lio. Or whatever Floyd is using. An Obsidian Blade can cut the fabric at a weak spot. Lio has the Carving Blade, I am sure she would help.”

“Sounds good... and um... I will try. Now there are a few phases here. I'm hoping to complete at least two of them tomorrow. The Soul Essence part I will need to get from DoL or make it myself using my blood.”

Silk nods and says, “I had heard that, you might seek the Keepers of Shadow, their mystics have a wondrous way of manipulating blood.”

Sadara nods gently and continues, “Well then there is the next part, summoning the creature. I know its name. Though I don't know if taking him down will be easy…”

“It won't be as hard to summon as you might think. Taking him down will be impossible, But you can reason with God. If you're reasonable.”

“I'm from the Temple. It's all that we do, Reason with Gods.”

Silk nods and says, “Then you should have no problem. Keep in mind, it's a god. As long as you don't try to outsmart God, you will be ok.”

“That will be impossible. I'm smart... but not all knowing.” Sadara giggles.

Silk nods and heads toward the portal, he looks over his shoulder and smirks, “Be sure to pay attention, Sadara.” He walks through the portal, leaving Sadara in the Hall.

As a few seconds pass she contemplates his words, staring at the ground. A chill races down her spine, radiating from her shoulder, she looks to her shoulder seeing a gray hand with long talons. Sadara turns around slowly, coming face to face with Nocven.

Nocven smiles with a toothy grin, his teeth sharper than ever, his eyes full of black chaos as he speaks and pats her cheek, “Good luck girl, you will need it.” He slaps her cheek firmly before disappearing within a blink. The red spot on Sadara’s cheek grows brighter as her rage bubbles across her face, her eye twitching, her hand bawls into a fist as a bright reddish plum aura surrounds her hand.
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Re: Roots and Leaves - The Tree That Speaks

Post by Sadara »

Entry 4:

The sound of rushing water overtakes the room, as a woman walks in confidently. She seems preoccupied thinking to herself. Within a few minutes of standing and pacing, she nods to herself and kneels down in the water of the well placing her hands in the water, she closes her eyes as she attempts to turn on the well to its full potential. She breathes in deeply taking in the scent of the clean water, whispering to herself, "Come on where are you Silk?" she opens her eyes as she watches the water around her quicken in speed faster and faster. She looks toward the middle of the well, and then closes her eyes again.

Her magical resilience infuses with the SoulWell, quickening the water around her quicker. The Resilience gleaming bright blues, and hues of emerald, that reflect off her brown skin. She stands up from the rushing rapids, and brushes a loose strand of hair that blew in front of her face behind her ear. Turning a sigil on her belt clockwise with her index finger, making an ethereal bag appear on her hip, she takes out an empty vessel. A sphere from her bag and places it in the middle of the SoulWell.

She kneels down again with the sphere in her hand and cups her hands around the sphere as if she is molding the sphere. She brings her hands around the sphere in three slow motions. The sphere infuses with some of the water from the Well. The intensity of the project weighs down upon her as she watches the vessel glow a slight blue and fills up just a portion of the sphere. She turns her head back to her bag and takes out an essence, a glowing essence and places it next to the sphere

With her hands around the sphere and the essence she closes her eyes whispering, "Cleanse these items... make them whole. For those that I love... and for his soul." With those words the essence begins to slowly merge with the sphere. She begins to shake ever so lightly as her concentration is intense and unwavering. Her bottom lip slowly begins to tremble as she watches the essence infuse with the sphere making the translucent color become opaque with a bright white.

She sighs out in relief and takes her hands away from the vessel as she wipes her brow. She nods to herself with a hesitation taking a look down at the locket around her neck she grasps it gently, closing her eyes. With a pause, she opens them again slowly with a second wind of determination. She opens her left hand as a SoulReaper slowly begins to conjure from the hilt, to the end of the blade. Sparkling off the colors from the SoulWell.

She dips the SoulReaper into the water, and takes it back out. Looking down at the blade she sees the metal on the blade glowing with a emerald resilience. Looking over to her bag, she takes out a Blood Elemen and holds the Elemen with her fingers, as she takes the SoulReaper and cuts a horizontal line in the middle of her palm.

Without a wince, she carefully deforms the SoulReaper in her left hand. And then takes the Elemen, rubbing the elemen with her own blood. The Earthen band around the Elemen stained with her blood, making it nearly a Blood Elemen. She places the elemen next to the sphere. Sadara looks back down at her right hand, and leans over squeezing her hand as hard as she can. The blood from her wound dripping easily along the sphere infusing itself into the vessel.

With her bloodied hand, and she places it around elemen and the sphere. Her fingers shaking from her nerves, and blood loss and holds her left hand above her head as she whispers spells under her breath, speaking quickly, her voice cracking, yet firm under the pressure. Within moments the spell begins to infuse the elemen slowly into the sphere. She intensifies her voice as her left hand above her head begins to glow a white sphere of magic.

Within moments, the sphere is a Soul Essence. She looks back to the middle of the SoulWell and levitates the Soul Essence into her hands with a careful eye. She sighs out to herself and nods, as the wound on her hand mends itsself from the resilience within the room. Sadara then places her hands back into the SoulWell, and exhales slowly. Reducing her heartbeat, and watches as the SoulWell slows back down to its normal spin cycle... -{S}
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Re: Roots and Leaves - The Tree That Speaks

Post by Sadara »

Entry .05: The Dark Exchange

Giant grotesque with numerous short tentacles. It appears to be partially assembled and partially resembles a bogrom. A blindfold resides over his eyes. He sits on Illapse, waiting...

Sadara enters and says, "Greetings... I hope I did not disturb you?" She brushes her hair behind her ear, as she looks to the tall God with a determined expression. She speaks again, "If I may... seek audience with thy lord?" She waits looking to the Old God with her hands behind her as she stands tall and with purpose. Until without any notice...

A cry for help from Sadara, Ruler of Order of Harmony emanating from Theshold Way, Mt. Illapse!

Sadara blinks rapidly as her breathing quickens, "Oh ok... thats a new feeling.." she grabs her head as she continues to look at the creature.

As Dreamers begin to gather onto the Mt, the Old God begins.

Cthulhu says, "A r'luhhor ah nafl need."

Mandus nods softly, wincing, "I know some of it. I do not fully understand it, but he is speaking of the Old Gods and their lack of needs... something..."

Cthulhu's shoots a tentacle out towards Mandus, wraps him up and pull him up and towards him.

The screams of Mandus reverberate around the Mt, as everyone watches on in horror.

Mandus continues to growl in pain, baring his teeth, he says, "What do you want from me?"

Cthulhu says,"Ymg' ai tongue hup ya tongue."

Magnilia grings her hands together in a flurry of rapid gestures resulting in a verdant web to surround Mandus.

Sadara says, ""Speak yours tounge from me tounge""

Mandus continues to snarl, but nods.

Cthulhu says, "Hh' ot ya nyth'drnn l' gotha l' ai ya?"

Mandus growls in defiance, but speaks, " He wants to know which of his ...minions... wishes to speak to him."

Cthulhu squeezes the tentacle tightly around Mandus, "Ah nafl struggle, ngnah Y' ahor forget ya"

Mandus growls again, a tinge of pain coming through in his rumbling tone.

Magnilia glances about the room as her gestures continue - confusion spreads across her features as she takes in the stupor of those around her

Mandus says, "I am not struggling, Old One."

Sadara says, "Well I need to speak. Set him down."

Cthulhu releases the tentacle completely but places it under Mandus's feet so he can stand upon it. And says, "Y' like fahf ehye, Y' ahor h' ah'ehye ahnnn."

Mandus cracks his neck in both directions before rolling his shoulders. Where the tentacle was constricting him, welts and bruises show upon his skin and says, "He says he likes me. Better than the alternative, I suppose."

Mandus speaks in old tongue, his words clumsy and broken, "Sadara... I' gotha I' ai ymg"

Koriania watches quietly, a shroud of Shadow growing around her. Silver motes dance brightly near the surface of her eyes.

Cthulhu says, "Ai sadara, ahagl ah aimgr'luhh mgep'ai geb, nilgh'ri ahor mggoka'ai, mg reason llll ainah."

Mandus says, "He says, "Speak, Sadara, there are words said here. All can hear, there is no reason for whispers."

Magnilia slows her gesticulations and winks towards Elmer while giving a dip of her chin, "I've anchored you Mandus. I hold the tether."

Cthulhu says, "Y' ymg' mgr'luh lloig, sadara. Mg reason l' ah'kn'a. Ymg' ahe ah mg."

Sadara says, "Yes, well I want inquire from you your Essence Old One."

Yet within seconds of her speaking Mandus says, "He says, "I see your mind, Sadara. No reason to ask. The Answer is no."

Sadara says, "Why no?"

Cthulhu says, "Ahh yes." Mandus says, "Why yes?"

Cthulhu says, "Ahf' Y' ah gain hup ahf' ymg' gain?" Mandus says, "What do I stand to gain from what you gain?"

Sadara says, "Well why not gain servants? With your essence I would be able to purpose... two servants?"

Mandus blinks a few times and turns hesitantly over his shoulder to look at the Old One, "Did... you understand that?"

Cthulhu says, "Y' ahor mgep f' llll l' mgr'luh ymg', would ymg' l' gotha l' mgr'luh ya mgleth nwngluii?" Mandus says, "I can have them by looking upon you. Would you wish to look upon my true eyes?"

Sadara looks to the Old One with her hands behind her and her posture determined, "I dont think so. I dont think looking into your eyes will even be needed. I think you are trying to trick me, into death."

Koriania says, "Madness, Sadara. Not Death."

Sadara replies, "Madness leads to one thing... Death."

Koriania laughs wryly and says, "If you say so."

Mandus says, "Oh that is not exactly true, but the difference is sometimes negligible."

Cthulhu says, "N'gha ah last adventure, mgehye'lloig ah lovely way l' pass yar llll hai ng getting ahagl." Mandus says, "Death is the last adventure, madness is a lovely way to pass the time between now and getting there."

Cthulhu says, "Mgng mgehye'lloig ah such poor way ot h' epgoka. C' mgah'ehye yog mgah'n'ghft?" Mandus says, "But madness is such a poor way of putting. Let us... find... out?"

Mandus seems to realize what he is translating as he says it, pausing toward to end.

Sadara says, "Im good no thank you. Id rather inquire... what trial would I need to gain your essence however?"

Mandus says, "Sadara... this is an Old One. There is one bargain he accepts. Your fealty."

Cthulhu says, "C' mgah'ehye l' mgehyenah gn'bthnknyth ot h'. Ymg' ahmgr'luh nogephaii ot ymg' brother?" Mandus says, "Let us us cut to the heart of it. You seek the return of your brother?"

Sadara says, "Why yes. But you already knew that."

Koriania screams, "No!"

Cthulhu says, "Ymg' tharanakor syha'h loyalty geb ng hai, ng Y' ahor ymg' goka ahf' ymg' need. Uh'eor mgep h' ahlloigehye ya mg ahog. Ng ahhai Y' l' uln ymg', ymg' ephaiah'hri, ngnah ymg' suffering ephaiah ph' nilgh'ri ymg' ahor fhtagnnah." Mandus says, "Swear your loyalty to me here and now, forever, and I will give you want you need. Only until it no longer pleases me. And when I call upon you, you will obey, or your suffering will be beyond anything you can imagine."

Sadara breathes in and out slowly, "Goodness thats... heavy." she thinks to herself and taps her chin

Cthulhu says, "Ymg' ahe ah acceptable. H' ah done." Mandus says, "Your answer is acceptable. It is done."

Elmer says, "Oh geez...that can't be good."

Ashton raises both eyebrows.

Mandus studies the Old One, speaking quietly, "... no, Elmer... no it cannot."

Sadara says, "That was an answer... hmm. Ok then... well where is the essence?" She looks in her bag, and hands, "I dont see anything?"

Cthulhu says, "Ot course h' mgepah, Y' ymg' mgepkadishtu mgep ahe h' ymg' mgepahch' lloig." Mandus says, "Of course it was, I knew your answer before it entered your mind."

Sadara says, "I doubt it... I was going to say no. I have other ways of getting what I need."

Cthulhu says, "Patience ah'legeth. Yar. Yar ah perishable mgehye." Mandus says, "Patience fool. Time. Time is a perishable waste."

Sadara says, "Im in to deep it appears so might as well. Time... you say.."

The room darkens and the walls shift with chaotic energies, becoming almost liquid. The floor itself vanishes in tenebrous darkness as only the dreamers and the Old one remain visible.

Mandus looks around the room in its sinking darkness, "You have struck a bargain, it seems, Sadara."

A single tentacle reaches within the chest of Cthulhu and pulls forth a glowing essence, and places it before Sadara.

Sadara looks around the now darkened room takes the essence, "Thank you Old One."

Cthulhu says, "Ahhai yar perishes llll ymg', h' ahornah nafl ah thanks ymg' goka." Mandus says, "When time perishes for you, it might not be thanks you give."

The room returns to normal, the dreamscape repaints itself as if by brush strokes beneath and all around the dreamers and Old One.

Cthulhu slips thru the ground, laughing to itself.

Sadara looks over the essence and taps her chin, "Hmm... I thought itd be bigger."

Magnilia casts a burning sidelong glance towards Sadara - her expression offers fangs.

Sadara brushes her hair behind her and adjusts her belt, "Its about time I guess.." she says to the air of where the Matron stood.-{S}
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Re: Roots and Leaves - The Tree That Speaks

Post by Sadara »

Entry 5: The Plan

A cry for help from WishBringer, Free Spirit emanating from Sepulcher, Lower Umbric Plains.

Within the dank Sepulcher of the Lower Umbric, stands Nocven. As Dreamers pile into the Lower Umbric at the sound of Wish’s cry for help, the plan begins.

A cry for help from Eldryck Venym, Free Spirit emanating from Sepulcher, Lower Umbric Plains.

Nocven says, “Well, it seems like a lot of shouting.”

Sadara's eyes widen as she hears her brother, "What is going on Nocven?"

Nocven replies, “It would appear they are trying to communicate.”

Corin says, “Nocevn, you sent him to the chaos to find your brother, did you have a plan for getting him back out?”

Sadara looks to Corin and then to Nocven demanding, “Open the Ether, Nocven... the tear is still there.”

Nocven Oneirsom pulls out his blade and pokes at a very specific spot, "Hello?" he says, bending over slightly.

WishBringer voice albeit quiet, comes through, "I have your brother, Nocven, it is time to get us out of here"

Nocven smirks and says, “Well isn't that splendid! I knew you wouldn't fail me.”

WishBringer says, "He is shackled, and apparently high as can be on the chaos that swirls within"

Nocven says, “That is fine, I don't care for his state of being. You and him are free to come out.” as he lowers his arm.

WishBringer says, "I am not leaving without Braelynn. She comes with me"

Nocven Oneirsom shakes his head, “She is not my problem. I told you, only one of you will come out.”

Dina gasps, "I hear Wishy!"

Crystalline nods to Dina

Tember glances at Dina and points.

Corin says, “What will it take for you to return both of them?”

WishBringer says, "Then I am not leaving, I stay where she stays."

Crystalline sighs softly at Wish's words.

Nocven says, “Foolishness. You can come out, Ravyn comes out. Two need to come out.” he then pauses suddenly and says, “Whom is that? I hear another voice?"

Eldryck Venym says, "It is I, Eldryck, let me speak to Wish a moment"

Nocven Oneirsom stands up and says, “Nice. Ok, Well.”

Seveiron says, “What if I went instead... Not as popular of a choice but to allow Braelynn a moment to gather thoughts with her house?”

Tember sits on the ledge, her feet dangles into the water as she leans over "Braelynn?"

Sadara kneels down and slowly begins a sigil on the tile under her foot.

A faint voice is heard. "Tember?"

Tember jumps into the water and yells out for Braelynn.

Dina and Seveiron both jump into the water where Nocven stands attempting to find Braelynn’s voice and attempting to get Tember back onto the walkway.

Sadara continues to draw the sigil on the tile and looks up to Tember, she casually continues to draw meticulously and with purpose.

Eldryck says, "I am bringing up Ravyn, Nocven. WishBringer has elected to stay with Braelynn"

Nocven says, “Well isnt love sweet. Cute. I dont care.”

As Dina, Seveiron, and Crystalline attempt to figure out another alternative, Eldryck walks out of the Realities with Rayvn in tow connected to a chain that is wrapped around him.

Eldryck looks to Sadara and says, “Now!”

Sadara stands up slowly, looking to Nocven her foot placed on the sigil, her boot heel alligned with the sigil as she takes the Cthuhlu essence and begins infusing a powerful energy. She then takes a soul essence in her other hand and slowly brings the essence toward the other essence as she stares intently at Rayvn.

Ravyn Morpheus immediately races forward, his shackles pulled to the Soul Essence in Sadara's hands, he vaporizes and sucks inside the Soul Essence.

Sadara says, “So adorable…”

Nocven screams, “What!? What is this madness?”

Sadara smirks to Nocven as she levitates the essence in her hand.

Eldryck says, “Nocven, you will release Wish and Braelynn or your brother is lost to our world for ever.”

Nocven attempts to attack Sadara, with each attack bouncing off of her.

Corin looks to Sadara with a confused expression, “You're okay?”

Restel motions Corin to the runes at her feet.

Sadara smiles deviously at Nocven, "Magic."

Eldryck says again, “Braelynn and Wish.... Nocven”

Nocven Oneirsom eyes go blood red, "Release him.... Now!" he looks Sadara up and down and says, “Do you have any idea what forces you are toying with?”

Sadara says, “Dont stare to long you might catch feelings Nocven dear.”

Nocven attacks again and again until he tires out.

Sadara casually levitates the essence in her palm as she looks over her nails, "Wish and Brae."

Nocven says, “What guarantees do I have that I release them, that you will release him to me?”

Eldryck says, “Just our honor.”

Nocven retorts, “Honor. Your honor means nothing.”

Eldryck says, “Then you have a choice here and now.”

Dina says, “The shoe is on the other foot now, I love watching this!”

Crystalline, “That is all you have, it would seem.”

Nocven Oneirsom looks down and says, “Fine.” he turns to Sadara and says, “I will remember"

Sadara says, “I bet you will… I bet you will.”

Nocven Oneirsom looks down, "Wish." he states matter of factly.

WishBringers voice muffled, "Yes?"

Nocven Oneirsom utters an incantation, and the slit begins to glow.

Wish and Brae, hand in hand step out of the Realities.

As the reunion commences with tackles upon Wish and Brae, Nocven looks to Sadara holding his hand out.

Eldryck nods to Sadara.

Sadara rests her arm under her other arm keeping the essence levitating ever so gently. Muffled sounds of mumbling and incoherent words can be heard, "I think your Brother needs a detox." she forcefully places the essence in Nocven's Hand.

Nocven Oneirsom takes the essence and looks it over, "Ravyn? Are you ok?" he looks up at Sadara and says coldy, "Soon. Woman. Soon." then explodes into dust.-{S}
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Re: Roots and Leaves - The Tree That Speaks

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A New Leaf

Entry 5.1:

It was a success, the plan went well. Wish, Brae, and Eldryck all returned safely. Im glad... though now... its time I focus on me. Find myself again, as much as I love my family my father, brother, mother... I want to find me again.

Nurture, teach, protect, adventure. Thats what I want to do. In the face of many who may oppose my stance, who cringe at the thoughts I have, the actions I take they are still my own. Forging my destiny within the dream for better or for worse. Im making a plan to myself, to do the following:
  • Nurture Altera, the sapling that rests in the Moon Shrine.
  • Expand my magical prowess beyond that of just simple spells, the Singularity may be more help than I think.
  • Find the Xava'li, they are out there I know.
Within all these plans I also want to find the balance with family, I still care for my family dearly, and will keep up aiding them in anyway I can with, boundaries. -{S}
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