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PTR v3.1.13 Release Notes

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PTR v3.1.13 Release Notes

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Both KoiWare and OpenUL teams put in A LOT of work into this patch. I would like to acknowledge everyone who contributes to this project by inviting everyone to take a moment and observe the new Credits page within the game. These guys and gals are amazing!

What we need from the community on this public PTR test:
- To the best of your abilities, test the changes and fixes below.
- Go beyond and test normal functionality of other arts and functionality not related to the below changes, interactions with nightmares etc (Not all Nightmares are present in PTR fyi.).
- Please start a new topic in "Player Test Realm: Feedback" form with any findings. Much appreciated!

Public PTR 3.1.13 (12/15 thru 12/19: Target Release Date: Dec 21st, 2019)

**Changes / Fixes**
-OpenUL: New Art: Distress Call: See your local elders to learn more!
-OpenUL: Fix: XP gain issue: Dreamers could reach the fake Orbit 100, past Orbit 99 xp cleiling. This has been fixed and unfortunately was a side effect to a prior fix that was put in place a few years ago.
-OpenUL: Enhancement: Proximity Chat distance constant increased allowing for a slightly large squared distance + Removed proximity restrictions for GM clients. Elders can be heard anywhere by anyone, and they can hear any non-whisper say/talk from any distance from any dreamer. Dreamers are still bound to this however, see next line..
-OpenUL: Enhancement: Speech Proximity Alert: When dreamers are outside of the above proximity chat distance requirement to hear (see) chat, if there is talking or emoting going on outside earshot, a message will now alert you that you need to move in closer
-OpenUL: House Activities: XP Loss for demotions are now house binding only ---- If the initiator is no longer of House A, and initiated into House B (or just FrS), and the initiated in House A is demoted, the initiator will no longer be penalize XP loss. If you are still part of House A, you will receive a XP loss penalty as it is relevent. (Disclaimer: There will be no XP restorations for past lost XP)
-OpenUL: Enhancement: Give: Now reports who you gave an item to in chat confirmation message.
-Koi: Redesigned and updated the Credits page giving the much needed acknoledgement for all the hard work! (in-game > Esc > Credits Button)
-Koi: Rename functions: "Trigger Switches" bind renamed to "Activate Portal" and "Action" to "Emote".
-Koi: References to Peace Corps renamed to Protectors of the Radiance.
-Koi: Underlight no longer supports Windows XP: Fixed Viewport resolution issues related to this change.
-Koi: Fix: PoR portal from PoR Sanctuary to Initiate Missions. Should be member only now, initiate locked.
-Koi: Fix: Portal in Lower Umbric, South Sewer to Albino Caves. 1st sphere lock re-instated.
-Koi: Fix: Portal in East Valley, Gordizo's Grand Entry to Albino Caves. 1st sphere lock re-instated.
-Koi: New: Added City Market.
-Koi: Enhancement: Pagas's Room: Something is lurking here once again. What could it be?
-Koi: Ruined Realm maze reconfigured

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