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Whisper Bug

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Whisper Bug

Post by Koi-JorKyrin »

This is the testing report from Wish:


Works now however players MUST remember to put Quotes around players with surnames or spaces.
/whisper Brother Timothy Whats up?

Will display: Timothy Whats up?

/whisper "Brother Timothy" Whats up (which can be added either manually or by hitting Tab after you start typing Brother
Will display: Whats up

Before the bug no whispers could be made to Brother Timothy at all - so this fixes the bug, but players still need to be sure to hit Tab or remember to put quotes around names with a space in them.

Community update:

I'm going to attempt to push this patch through this weekend sometime along with the new game.cli release as 3.1.8, instead of a release.

Just need approval from dev team before it can be done!

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