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New Underlight Installer: Testing Needed

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New Underlight Installer: Testing Needed

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Good evening folks,

In preparation for registering Underlight on Steam, I have prepared a new Underlight setup file using a different installer software called "Install Creator".

For those interested in helping test this installer, you can download it here: https://download.underlight.com/underlight-setup.exe . Any feedback is welcome!

My end goal to changing and improving the installer is for two reasons:

1) Eliminate any further anti-virus client interference due to the old installer being labeled as a "Generic Trojan": that is, due to its client-to-server pulling of new client files during install. And of course the previously underlight.exe client behavior of reaching out to download the web installer executable for the end user during version mismatch (this no longer happens). This behavior is what the anti-virus companies deem Generic Trojan behavior. Of course in our instance, we are pulling down legit files with no malicious intent behind it.

2) Provide more information in the installer and README.txt to help newly awakened players get started quickly without any confusion surrounding how to make a new character and how to log into the dream with said player character.

It is recommended that you uninstall the previous Underlight first, before using the new installer.

Much appreciated!
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