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How To Access the Player Test Realm (PTR)

Used for public testing of upcoming release changes
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How To Access the Player Test Realm (PTR)

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The Player Test Realm is a place for testing the upcoming latest release. It allows the UL Community to participate in testing along side with the developers.

Things to note:
- PTR's database is a snapshot of production as of the date specified in PTR on Court Yard Message of the Day.
- Nothing else touches the PTR database such as password resets from account.underlight.com, so if that changed recently, you'll want to use your prior password for your characters. ------ If you do not know the password for your character on the Player Test Realm, please email JorKyrin at accounts (at) underlight.com and request a password change. Please be sure the request is from the email address you registered with your KoiWare account. This is part of the verification process.
- This is an OOC environment
- Database could change or be restored to another point in time
- The PTR server is only up during testing and is brought down during the off times.
- The PTR server is not for chatting and hanging out in. If you are in PTR and not making a contribution to the "Player Test Realm: Feedback" forum, then you need to be playing on the live server.

(Windows 10)

- Install and run PTR client from Steam:
  1. Visit https://store.steampowered.com/app/980730/Underlight/ and click on the green Install Steam button at the top right of website.
  2. Once you have an account with Steam and the application is installed, search for "Underlight", and install the application.
  3. Click on "Library" tab at the top of the navigation bar. Locate "Underlight" on the game list, click on "Underlight" and click on "Play". Choose the radio button option: "Play PTR Underlight Client"
- Download, install, and run PTR client from the main website:
  1. First, download the latest underlight-setup.exe file from https://underlight.com/download/. Run the installer to install the application.
  2. Next, click on the Windows Key/Icon and browse your applications for the Underlight folder. You should see multiple short cuts including two labeled Underlight (Player Test Realm), and Play as PMare (Player Test Realm).
  3. Start the application and login in as you normally would on production/live server. Confirm that the Court Yard Message of the Day states that you are on the "shamblix.underlight.com" server. If so, you are on the PTR server. Happy testing!
As a side note, there is a new sub-folder that was added within the Underlight folder named "PTR". This is where all the PTR specific executable and files live. You can always find them there should your shortcuts get lost in the Start Menu. Also, Windows XP builds are no longer in circulation and is no longer supported.
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