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Hello! - a voice from the past!

Want to talk about non-game related issues? This is the forum for it.
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Hello! - a voice from the past!

Post by AllBz »

I quite literally had a dream about Underlight and the adventures I've had. My character, King Baba, was an extension of my own life and, about 15 years ago, actually played a large part in my outlook on life. I'm very much a "Soul Master" in life, as in the City of Dreams. Unfortunately I've lost the e-mail associated with that account, so here's to fresh beginnings! :P

I'm so happy to see this back up and running. I would always drop in and see from time to time, but now I've actually seen people in-game!

I've created a new Dreamer - Alastan, and I look so forward to contributing to many more adventures with you all!!
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Re: Hello! - a voice from the past!

Post by Cherokee »

Welcome back!
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Re: Hello! - a voice from the past!

Post by Butterfly »

Welcome back King Baba!
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Re: Hello! - a voice from the past!

Post by Arnaya »

welcome back :)
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