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Logs of Fireside Chat - 2/10

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Logs of Fireside Chat - 2/10

Post by Koi-Drama » Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:41 pm


You are cordially welcomed to attend our first Fireside Chat of 2018! We look forward to seeing our wonderful community in attendance as we have a lot of exciting news to share. Join us in the Chak & Flask, on the Basin on Saturday, Feb 10th at 7PM DST [10PM EST]. This event is strictly OOC. Q&A will follow afterwards!

- Koi-Team))

1:55:40: Koi-Wish SHOUTS: INCOMING PMARE - I will handle it
21:55:53: You Say: Please art up daymare incoming
21:55:56: Shoury: Ah.. playtime.
21:56:01: Flower of Cienn: How silly.
21:56:02: >Captain Picard stands from his chair. "Red Alert!"
21:56:22: Hael Frost: Haha
21:56:30: Flower of Cienn: Hello Cricket, Harkyn, Dimitri
21:56:31: Koi-Cricket: Hello
21:56:41: Dimitri Raith: What up, my glip glops?
21:57:45: >Snow Angel X laughs
21:57:51: >Starling cheers!
21:57:51: Hael Frost: Well, that was fast.
21:58:01: Koi-Wish: Pmare woke.
21:58:17: LadySilver: i would too
21:58:23: >LadySilver laughs
21:58:27: Flower of Cienn: Temba
21:58:33: >Snow Angel X laughs
21:58:34: >Trip Tucker stands down from red alert, then gives Owl his number with a wink.
21:58:35: >Starling laughs
21:58:38: Tember: hi :p
21:58:44: Lu Chaos: We sure love Firesides don't we?
21:59:27: >LadySilver waves to icarus
21:59:28: >Black Cloud inclines his head in greeting
21:59:44: >Koi-Owl inclines his greet in heading.
21:59:57: Lu Chaos: Yooo Cloud
21:59:58: Black Cloud: Hello all
22:00:03: Shoury: Black Cloud, welcome
22:00:06: Flower of Cienn: Hey BC!
22:00:13: Black Cloud: Ey, Shoury!
22:00:17: >Najerv Torek grins
22:00:21: Koi-Wish: Greetings everyone.
22:00:26: Black Cloud: Good to see you brother
22:00:29: Lu Chaos: Sup Wish.
22:00:47: Shoury: You too bud
22:00:49: Lu Chaos: Good to see ya
22:00:50: Koi-Wish: Sup sup
22:00:52: >Black Cloud looks to the mighty ones and nods with a smile
22:01:23: >Koi-Owl starts cooking Wish.
22:01:51: Flower of Cienn: WHOS RECHARGING
22:01:59: Lu Chaos: LMAO
22:02:03: Flower of Cienn: Those charges dont count, they are ooc
22:02:05: Lu Chaos: Best time to cheat
22:02:07: Shoury: Not me I SWEAR
22:02:07: >Koi-Owl adds seasonings.
22:02:08: >Starling laughs
22:02:12: Hael Frost: Heh
22:02:14: Lu Chaos: If IMPING against the Fireside rules?
22:02:17: Lu Chaos: Is
22:02:20: >Starling laughs at Owl
22:02:25: Lu Chaos: lol
22:02:27: >Koi-Owl pokes with a fork to test tenderness.
22:02:38: Hael Frost: Wish, bruh...
22:02:39: Hael Frost: Don't you think it's a little hot in here?
22:02:47: >Koi-Wish nods
22:02:50: Koi-Wish: Something
22:02:52: Koi-Wish: Is warm
22:02:55: Koi-Wish: Ooof!
22:03:03: >Koi-Owl shhhhh's Wish and puts an apple in his mouth.
22:03:05: LadySilver: wish you are smokin
22:03:10: Hael Frost: Lol
22:03:27: Koi-Wish: Most of us here, a few more might be coming in - Drama coming in a moment
22:04:20: Dimitri Raith: and now, ladies, coming to the center stage, Koi-Drama. Come on, get those singles out, these boys don't dance for the fun of it.
22:04:46: Koi-Drama: Greetings!
22:04:57: Thunderman: Man.. what was tzayak's speaker guy's name?
22:04:59: Hael Frost: Haha
22:04:59: >Starling laughs
22:05:00: Nathan: Hiya!
22:05:02: Lu Chaos: Welcome Drama.
22:05:04: Thunderman: Na Rict..
22:05:06: Lu Chaos: Good to see ya
22:05:11: >Flower of Cienn slips an arm around Lu
22:05:29: Koi-Drama: We have a lot of exciting news for you all tonight. Thank you all for joining us tonight!
22:05:45: >Lu Chaos cuddles up to Flower
22:05:49: >Hael Frost nods enthusiastically!
22:06:05: Koi-Wish: Seeker will be joining us in a moment
22:06:18: >Koi-Owl paints cricket.
22:06:27: Lu Chaos: That's the Dev guy right?
22:06:29: >Koi-Wish nods
22:06:33: >Starling giggles at Owl.
22:06:35: Lu Chaos: Nice.
22:06:36: Koi-Drama: All right, We will do a quick rollcall. The GMs will introduce themselves and their roles in the project so you have a better understanding.
22:06:38: Dimitri Raith: MPlayer is coming back... they want UL as their flagship title. It's going to be $14.99 a month, and $2.99 per 15 minutes of PMARE time.
22:06:41: >Koi-Wish smirks
22:06:50: >Purple Lace grins
22:06:55: Koi-Owl: A masterpiece!
22:07:01: Hael Frost: 15 minutes is a bit too nice.
22:07:04: Lu Chaos: One Month Free Trial.
22:07:04: >Koi-Owl puts his paints away.
22:07:04: Koi-Scribbles: Hey there! I'm Scribble!
22:07:06: Shoury: POGGERS
22:07:09: Thunderman: And 10% goes to brent :)
22:07:11: Hael Frost: 2.99 for every three minutes.
22:07:19: Lu Chaos: Can't forget the Free Trial. When I was 11-12 those things were heaven sent.
22:07:24: Koi-Scribbles: I'm a n00b, a teacher and I'm part of the new PR team!
22:07:26: >Koi-Cipher waves
22:07:56: Thunderman: Thank you for your service. *winks*
22:07:56: Lu Chaos: Welcome to the team Scribbles.
22:07:59: Your bold feeling goes away.
22:08:05: Koi-Scribbles: Thank you.
22:08:07: Koi-Cipher: Howdy! I'm Cipher, I'm a teacher and RP Support
22:08:08: Black Cloud: Hello!
22:08:21: >Koi-Owl sends Cipher for coffee.
22:08:24: You Say: Hello I am Marketing
22:08:28: >Koi-Cipher makes sure its extra hot and dumps in Owl's lap
22:08:40: Koi-Wish: I am Wish, producer, RP, marketing, re, .... ok... next.
22:08:56: Koi-Drama: You all already know me as Drama, Managing Director proudly serving our UL Community.
22:09:11: Koi-Owl: Hello! I think most people know me by now. I'm the RP Lead, and I do a little dev testing, teaching, and a sprinkling of PR.
22:09:41: Koi-Cricket: Hello! I'm Cricket. Teaching and RP Team
22:10:31: >Black Cloud locks a chain to Flower's ankle so she can't leave
22:10:44: >LadySilver applauds
22:10:47: Black Cloud: Hello!
22:10:54: Lu Chaos: Thanks for the introductions team.
22:11:10: You have been in Underlight for 25 minutes and 35 seconds.
22:11:13: >Flower of Cienn is shackled!
22:11:17: Koi-Drama: The Teaching Lead, Echelon, could not join us tonight due to real life obligations. The Assistant Director could also not join us, Anise. Comet, our Senior GM is not here either. Jorkyrin is also absent. Seeker will be joining us shortly
22:11:53: Koi-Drama: And Dusk! She is absent as well.
22:11:58: Koi-Drama: And Citadel, our Level Design Lead.
22:12:13: Black Cloud: Ah, who needs em!
22:12:58: >Flower of Cienn laughs
22:13:01: Koi-Owl: Hello. I'm Owl. And I'm an underholic.
22:13:11: Nathan: Woops.
22:13:11: >Purple Lace grins
22:13:22: Thunderman: Again, thank you all for your services.
22:13:42: Hael Frost: A few of us feel your pain.
22:13:50: >Hael Frost sniffles.
22:13:56: Your senses return to normal.
22:14:00: Koi-Wish: Thank you for constantly giving us a reason to provide them.
22:14:03: >Koi-Wish smiles
22:14:06: >Black Cloud applauds
22:14:10: Koi-Owl: So just a few RP things. I think by now everyone knows there's a Chaos Eclipse happening.
22:14:38: >Purple Lace gasps
22:14:43: Koi-Owl: If you don't know.... There's a Chaos Eclipse happening.
22:14:52: >Starling laughs
22:15:05: >Purple Lace swoons and sways with delight
22:15:17: Uthanatos: good god...client was not happy about this many people being together
22:15:18: Koi-Owl: Two of the four weapons have been used, and two darkmares have been whacked and sent to the fishes.
22:15:38: Hael Frost: Woo hoo!
22:15:40: Koi-Owl: There's an ancient witchy-woman darkmare who's moved into a de-luxe apartment in Chimeric.
22:16:05: Hael Frost: Well, darn...
22:16:17: >Black Cloud folds his arms behind his back as he listens
22:16:27: >Najerv Torek grins to BC
22:16:28: Dimitri Raith: As an Italian American, I find the use of 'whacked' and 'sent to the fishes' to be triggering. I demand compensation and a safe space.
22:16:28: >Purple Lace smirks at Dimitri
22:16:43: Hael Frost: Oh, hush.
22:16:44: >Shoury chuckles
22:16:47: >Dimitri Raith screams, clearly beginning to weaken!
22:16:47: Koi-Owl: This is leading to the end of the Chaos Eclipse storyline, so I would like to urge dreamers to get involved while they can!
22:16:53: >Purple Lace rubs her hands together delightfully
22:17:11: Uthanatos: I don't, I was part of it....Kotoke struck us...he hit us in our homes...our businesses...whacking Horron....it was a message
22:17:19: Black Cloud: what does the end of the Chaos Eclipse mean?
22:17:31: Uthanatos: I can say that, I'm a guinea
22:17:34: Flower of Cienn: DEATH
22:17:40: Purple Lace: that is the true question, Cloud.
22:17:44: >Black Cloud gasps
22:17:45: >Nathan gasps
22:17:48: Koi-Owl: Due to the intensity of the Chaos Eclipse storyline, we've shelved a few of our previous stories, such as the Lightless Hollow and the Born Crew
22:17:52: Lu Chaos: See why Lu is fighting for survival? Curse you Chaos Eclipse!

22:18:14: Koi-Owl: Once the Chaos Eclipse subsides, we'll bring some things back.
22:18:23: >Purple Lace waits for Lu to shake his gauntlett
22:18:26: Uthanatos: she never finished, she meant DEATH...of a salesman
22:18:28: >Lu Chaos grins
22:18:35: Nmoto: Safe to say, we wont be seeing any of the Borns until the chaos eclipse is over?
22:18:39: >Lu Chaos shakes the gauntlet
22:18:46: Koi-Owl: So tie down your shi---er stuff, or the Lowborn will steal it and I will point and laugh.
22:18:51: >Purple Lace smirks at Lu
22:18:52: Koi-Owl: I hear Jerm is looking for a new gauntlet.
22:19:15: >Purple Lace grins
22:19:20: Lu Chaos: LOL
22:19:25: Lu Chaos: I hope not
22:19:28: Koi-Owl: When I see Jerm riding on the back of Redeemer into battle, I will retire happily from GMing.
22:19:50: Lu Chaos: lol
22:20:06: >Purple Lace slaps her forehead
22:20:10: Hael Frost: Beautiful.
22:20:17: Dimitri Raith: He'll be a regual Don Quixote then.
22:20:22: Dimitri Raith: *regular.
22:20:29: >Coraal chuckles
22:20:41: Uthanatos: I....I'm not sure if I'd laugh or cry
22:20:54: Koi-Owl: If you haven't yet, I urge you to check my posts on how to open and maintain houses and guilds. These with the introduction of Frank and Seeri should see good support for these organizations.
22:21:01: Purple Lace: That's why i do neither...
22:21:11: Purple Lace: i have a question about that post.
22:21:34: Nmoto: Yeah, me too.
22:21:53: Koi-Owl: NO QUESTIONS!
22:22:13: >Purple Lace laughs and nods nods nods!
22:22:20: >Koi-Owl glares like Sarah Huckabee
22:22:20: >Starling laughs
22:22:33: Koi-Owl: There will be a Q&A session at the end, and I'll also stick around after to answer any questions anyone has about RP related things.
22:22:42: Purple Lace: ok
22:22:47: >Nmoto nods
22:22:52: Koi-Owl: Lastly, I just want to bring up in-game roleplay reports.
22:23:06: Koi-Owl: I'm sure you're sick of me always bringing this up, but please remember that in-game roleplay reports are only to be used for quick updates on ongoing RPs, to request impromptu RP support, or to notify us of a beginning to a pre-planned
22:23:59: Koi-Owl: event.
22:24:01: Koi-Owl: We don't want to receive 17.5 in-game reports with your super-special RP idea. It spams our GM chat and I will Redeemer-ize your RP idea in the worst way possible.
22:24:55: Black Cloud: Yeah guys, stop ordering pizzas
22:25:10: Koi-Owl: If you have an idea, or want to submit a request for support, e-mail roleplaying@underlight.com or message me in discord.
22:25:12: Shoury: monkaS
22:25:16: Koi-Wish: If could add to that briefly, its also not a Bat Symbol. Sometimes folks use it like that and assume if we dont show we are ignoring you. Sometimes someone isnt available. We have pretty good coverage but not 100% of the time.
22:25:26: >Purple Lace scribbles in her notes, "Redeemer-ize" and underlines it a few times
22:25:27: >Lu Chaos nods
22:25:51: >Hael Frost looks at the sky. "Hmm..."
22:26:45: Koi-Owl: If you want to say "hey I'm ready for Cipher to give me that massage he promised me" That's fine, but don't keep messaging us or get mad when we don't appear.
22:26:56: Hael Frost: Ha
22:27:09: Koi-Owl: It's alright to let us know you need us, but keep in mind we aren't always available. That goes for impromptu support requests as well.
22:27:18: Koi-Owl: If we don't show up to help you, it isn't because we don't <3 you it's just that we <3 Popeye's more.
22:27:39: Koi-Cipher: My prices are insanely low
22:27:40: >Koi-Owl bows.
22:27:49: >Lu Chaos nods
22:27:57: Hael Frost: Oh, Popeye's... I totally understand.
22:28:03: Dimitri Raith: Popeyes is inferior chicken.
22:28:07: Uthanatos: oh dear gods, you can ignore all my RP requests if you send some popeyes red beans and rice to apologize!
22:28:08: >Starling laughs at Owl
22:28:12: Dimitri Raith: All Hail the Colonel.
22:28:13: Hael Frost: Don't listen to Dimitri. He's on a diet and moody.
22:28:22: >Koi-Owl <3's Uthanatos
22:28:26: You gaze in awe at Something odd's weave, but may still act freely!
22:28:26: Hael Frost: I like thier biscuits.
22:28:45: Dimitri Raith: Actually, Pollo Tropical is the best... so... there.
22:28:56: Koi-Owl: I want to fill a tub with their biscuits and nap in it.
22:28:57: >Black Cloud laughs
22:29:08: Hael Frost: Mmmm. Bed of popeye's biscuits...
22:29:12: >Purple Lace laughs
22:29:14: Uthanatos: oh, their biscuits covered in honey
22:29:25: Uthanatos: a bed...of honey covered biscuits
22:29:31: >Hael Frost drools.
22:29:35: >Koi-Owl stop flirting with me, Uthy
22:29:38: Black Cloud: imagine me dead center of all that honey
22:29:59: >Nathan chuckles.
22:30:05: >Black Cloud Mmmmms
22:30:08: Dimitri Raith: Black beans and rice, with a nice Mojo grilled chicken, and some platanos.
22:30:12: Uthanatos: well...it doesn't diminish my love of Popeye's
22:30:16: >Dreiko yawns
22:30:21: Hael Frost: The fantasy is ruined.
22:30:22: >Hael Frost sobs.
22:30:28: Black Cloud: You're welcome.
22:30:31: >Koi-Scribbles hops off the bar
22:30:41: >Koi-Owl pokes the noob scribbles
22:30:44: Koi-Scribbles: Hey there!
22:30:46: LadySilver: hi!
22:30:53: Koi-Scribbles: I've got a few things to say that might interest you today!
22:30:55: Koi-Scribbles: So, we've been hearing something for a long time now...
22:31:12: >Koi-Owl "might"
22:31:13: Koi-Scribbles: "We want merch!"
22:31:23: Koi-Scribbles: So, I'm not going to tell you much...
22:31:33: >Koi-Owl fires a t-shirt cannon into the crowd.
22:31:36: Hael Frost: Oh lawd.
22:31:41: >LadySilver looks to shoury whats merch?
22:31:44: Koi-Scribbles: But we've been working on the cafe press store.
22:31:46: >Starling laughs
22:31:55: Dimitri Raith: and now, making her way to the main stage, this girl may be new to us, but she's not stranger to the pole. Open those wallets and make it rain for Scribbles.
22:32:01: >Shoury nudges Silver, "Merchandise, silly!"
22:32:05: Uthanatos: There needs to be a 32oz stainless steel coffee tumbler with the Dual Triune engraved....just...ya know...a suggestion
22:32:05: >Purple Lace glances at Dimitri and laughs
22:32:20: Hael Frost: Oh, yes. What Uthanatos said.
22:32:23: Koi-Scribbles: I mean.... again, not going to give too much detail here...
22:32:28: Koi-Scribbles: But some of you might have seen a few images on facebook recently...
22:32:46: >Koi-Scribbles grins
22:32:49: Black Cloud: Are you guys looking for graphic designers?
22:33:05: >Koi-Drama mumbles something. "shameless plugs"
22:33:16: Koi-Owl: And she's not talking about the images of Wish on that nude beach
22:33:16: >Hael Frost cringes.
22:33:25: Koi-Cipher: You can find those on the invite-only website
22:33:27: Koi-Scribbles: I mean, that's on my private T-shirt collection.
22:33:27: >Koi-Wish points Hael
22:33:32: Hael Frost: It's rude to point!
22:33:45: Shoury: y i k e s
22:33:51: Koi-Scribbles: Now, as for graphic designers...
22:34:02: >Nathan looks up
22:34:13: Koi-Scribbles: We ARE looking for a website designer who will work pro-bono
22:34:15: Lu Chaos: There ya go Cloud.
22:34:22: >Purple Lace pinches Shoury
22:34:25: Koi-Scribbles: So if you're interested? Support@Underlight.com
22:34:25: >Shoury squeals briefly with a darting glare at Lace
22:34:57: >Black Cloud nods
22:35:00: Koi-Scribbles: Now, I know some of you might be fond of the old shamblix and harp graphics in the old Cafe Press store.
22:35:21: Black Cloud: btw the new logos look sick
22:35:42: Koi-Scribbles: Just going to say don't worry. You'll be in for some nice surprises.
22:35:45: >Koi-Owl still has his shamblix hat from Lyra
22:35:48: >Koi-Scribbles winks
22:35:52: Koi-Scribbles: Hey Copyright! Your turn!
22:36:12: You Say: sweet
22:36:15: You Say: Hello Dreamers
22:36:25: LadySilver: hello!
22:36:31: You Say: so a few things
22:36:32: Dimitri Raith: I've run out of sleazy strip club DJ patter so... here's this guy.
22:36:46: Koi-Scribbles: Thanks Black Cloud! We appreciate your input!
22:36:47: >Black Cloud nods
22:36:58: You Say: thanks to player feedback if you had not noticed the middle and top portion of the forums is now read without login or register, I want to thank you all for feedback
22:37:34: >Nathan looks at the scribble lady skeptically.
22:37:35: You Say: next
22:38:06: You Say: I am working on creating a Newspaper IC
22:38:25: >Krillin looks around
22:38:38: Krillin: hey hey
22:38:50: You Say: for this to work, we need players to contribute to its success
22:38:52: Black Cloud: I like that idea
22:39:42: You Say: The Aim of the PR team, is to increase the population through more IC events, and having the ability to cross post on other platforms
22:39:45: Hael Frost: It's a very fun and entertaining idea. C:
22:40:07: Black Cloud: Yo Krillin!
22:40:12: You Say: so we are asking that wordsmiths and leaderships IE guilds submit stories, events, and screen shots to produce this paper
22:40:20: Krillin: heya Black wassabi
22:40:25: You Say: for that we have created a new email
22:40:28: You Say: Chronicles@underlight.com
22:40:35: You Say: This is an IC paper
22:40:43: You Say: keep that in mind when submitting.
22:40:50: Black Cloud: How will this be displayed?
22:40:57: You Say: Questions?
22:40:59: You Say: Image format on forums and facebook, this eliminates the need to email the paper directly
22:41:24: Lu Chaos: False IC reports included?
22:41:29: Lu Chaos: Or just real deal, Screenshot only type of newspaper reports?
22:41:51: >Koi-Owl sets Lu on fire. Owlglares!
22:41:52: Black Cloud: Are you open to discuss other solutions?
22:41:54: You Say: fake news?
22:41:55: Koi-Wish: Well if you submit it Lu, isnt that a given?
22:42:01: >Purple Lace smirks
22:42:07: Hael Frost: Oh snap.
22:42:10: Lu Chaos: If I lied all the time.
22:42:13: Lu Chaos: Sure.
22:42:14: You Say: so listen
22:42:15: >Koi-Cipher laughs
22:42:16: >Koi-Owl wrekt
22:42:25: >Starling laughs!!
22:42:33: You Say: the idea is to create IC content, that we can show new players, or possible new players
22:42:37: Uthanatos: I mean...it MIGHT be true from Lu's point of view...but that dude lives in his own little world, truth is subjective there.
22:42:37: Lu Chaos: True enough Lu is nuts
22:42:55: You Say: by a show of I please let me know who would be interested in this feature
22:43:18: >Nathan raises his hand!
22:43:25: >Purple Lace raises her hand
22:43:27: Koi-Owl: Eye
22:43:27: >Nmoto raises his hand
22:43:29: Shoury: I
22:43:30: >Black Cloud raises his hand
22:43:32: Frey: yep
22:43:34: Koi-Wish: O
22:43:36: Nathan: I!
22:43:36: Purple Lace: Aye?
22:43:36: >LadySilver shows "i"
22:43:37: Erasmus: Sounds good.
22:43:39: Koi-Owl: And sometimes Y
22:43:43: >Elmer nods
22:43:50: >Uthanatos raises his hand, then waves it wildly
22:43:50: Coraal: Aye
22:43:51: Starling: U
22:43:54: >Krillin looks
22:44:04: Lu Chaos: I like the idea.
22:44:09: Krillin: I
22:44:12: Apothos: Yes.
22:44:20: Dimitri Raith: Hell, I'd probably read it.
22:44:25: Uthanatos: I can't wait to be a real reporter, doing lines of coke off a hookers ass backstage at a concert...
22:44:26: You Say: ok please be sure to share the information with one another as some may have missed the announcement
22:44:27: Black Cloud: I have another question
22:44:47: Lu Chaos: Hey that newspaper we heard about OOCly, you going to check it out?
22:44:48: >Koi-Owl moves the fire to Uthanatos.
22:44:50: Dreiko: That would be a good use of the Announcements forum!
22:44:51: You Say: We hope this becomes an exciting way to showcase our talents in RP, as well as give you an outlet for creativity.
22:45:03: Lu Chaos: And decrease inactivity.
22:45:18: You Say: sure Black Cloud?
22:45:18: Lu Chaos: I like it.
22:45:19: Black Cloud: Say everyone takes interest in having a voice. Will you allow free journalism, or will you -have- to censor where you find necessary?
22:45:21: Lu Chaos: It'll make ppl want to get out here and do events.
22:45:28: Lu Chaos: And be seen.
22:45:29: >Arnaya waves to Koi-scribbles, then shrugs. Looking blank
22:45:34: Lu Chaos: Good stuff Copyright.
22:45:37: >Arnaya nods to Koi-Scribbles
22:45:50: You Say: As long as it remains IC and does not directly demoralize another player, Unbiased news
22:45:57: Koi-Wish: Not Fox New
22:46:08: Koi-Wish: NPR
22:46:10: Dimitri Raith: I'm going to assume that since this is a way to try and draw new players it, they're going to be editing out some of the more assnine submissions.
22:46:11: Lu Chaos: Nah, real events only, I like that.
22:46:13: Uthanatos: BBC style
22:46:15: You Say: for example
22:46:16: Uthanatos: got it!
22:46:18: Tember pulls 25 from the Chaos
22:46:53: Najerv Torek pulls 94 from the Chaos
22:47:06: You Say: best advice
22:47:09: Hael Frost pulls 91 from the Chaos
22:47:16: Black Cloud: Alright. I'd like to continue a discussion on this with the team afterwards. I have some more input i'd like to share.
22:47:30: You Say: Assume we want new players like you want new players, what would you want them to see?
22:47:35: Lu Chaos: Stuff to do.
22:47:52: You Say: any other questions?
22:48:00: Lu Chaos: And what can be done
22:48:01: Nmoto: Yeah, I got one, copyright.
22:48:07: Hael Frost: Current IG events and furture happenings.
22:48:07: Black Cloud: The depth of role play, I'd assume. That's the market we go for
22:48:20: You Say: Nmoto?
22:48:43: Koi-Wish: Basically one of the shorts of it is, we have a bunch of players on FB as well - this news article will be posted there - possibly drawing a face or two back to partake as well.
22:48:44: Nmoto: Will this be monitored via a guild or something, similar to wordsmiths, etc. Where they'll only be the ones that publish content? Or will anyone have the ability to do so?
22:48:59: You Say: Ultimately its produced by the Marketing Team, with as little omission as possible we are simply editing without bias, and producing quality product.
22:50:19: You Say: For example
22:50:34: Purple Lace: But in game... how will it be added, is what i think he's asking.
22:50:45: You Say: Nmoto and Thunderman produce conflicting articles
22:51:00: Nmoto: Right. If this is an in-game, IC feature, who has the ability to publish content? Anyone, or will it be restricted?
22:51:15: You Say: Everyone has a voice
22:51:32: >Nmoto nods
22:51:42: Uthanatos: well, emailing the proposed content to chronicles@underlight.com allows the team to review and publish it.
22:51:51: >Koi-Wish nods
22:52:02: Nmoto: Cool, thanks.
22:52:27: Uthanatos: just....since it's outward facing...use a spell checker...maybe?
22:52:30: You Say: I am done unless there are any other questions
22:52:35: Purple Lace: please!
22:52:42: You Say: Purple Lace?
22:52:49: Purple Lace: Use Spell check... grammar check.. etc.
22:53:03: Uthanatos: and if we are trying to reach new players, avoiding jargon will help too.
22:53:16: Dimitri Raith: and self-aggrandizing bs.
22:53:32: Purple Lace: Easy there, bud.... Lacie doesn't speak your language natively.
22:53:42: Uthanatos: I.E. Abbreviated house names, slang terms like DoLts, squids and whatnot.
22:53:44: >Purple Lace glares at Uthy
22:53:48: Hael Frost: Ding.

22:53:52: You Say: We have a very effective team in Marketing for that.
22:54:01: >Koi-Drama nods.
22:54:12: You Say: Anything else?
22:54:26: Dimitri Raith: Let them meet your characters organically, newlies shouldn't show up knowing your name, ideals and favorite cut of underwear.
22:54:40: >Black Cloud nods to Copyright
22:54:56: Hael Frost: Oooooh myyyyyy.
22:55:05: Uthanatos: what are underwear?
22:55:14: >Purple Lace shrugs
22:55:42: >Krillin nods to frost
22:55:59: Koi-Drama: I wanted to take a moment out to thank everyone for their support in the recent fundraiser. You guys are amazing. We raised funds in record time which Wish will be discussing about in a moment.
22:56:40: Koi-Wish: Mine will be short and sweet. Thank you so much for the donations again we recieved for the new servers. We will be getting two. And they should dramatically increase performance.
22:58:13: Krillin: is it just me or my ears not working?
22:58:37: >Krillin scratches his head
22:58:42: Koi-Wish: The timeline for that will be approximately 30 days
22:58:45: Koi-Wish: Lots of setup, testing, configuration
22:58:51: Lu Chaos: Could I be apart of testing?
22:59:03: Ra'as: I think people may want to squish closer
22:59:06: Koi-Wish: And then we will be on new stuff which will give us many more years of UnderLight.
22:59:07: Koi-Wish: Not that kind of testing.
22:59:19: Dimitri Raith: Notice me, Senpai!
22:59:28: Harkyn: Server seems to be having issues now. People are getting stuck at the portal
22:59:35: >Koi-Owl turns his back on Dimitri.
22:59:36: Uthanatos: they just need a tempest
22:59:48: Hael Frost: Hahaha...
22:59:49: >Hael Frost also turns away from Dimitri!
22:59:55: Hael Frost: Shunned.
23:00:03: Koi-Wish: Yah I had to Pushj
23:00:12: Black Cloud: What kinda of capacity are we looking at with the new servers?
23:00:15: Koi-Wish: They are standing on each other
23:00:17: Harkyn: I still see you at the portal, wish
23:00:26: Koi-Wish: I am going to hand it to Seeker - to discuss some big stuff upcoming this year Development-wise.
23:00:40: Koi-Owl: If people are at the portal for you, leaving the room and returning should reset it
23:00:44: Harkyn: Now all the other people who left the room and came back are stuck at the portal!
23:01:20: Hael Frost: Haha!
23:01:28: >Black Cloud laughs
23:01:35: Koi-Seeker: Hey guys. So I earlier I posted the upcoming roadmap for the next two quarters to the forums. We can start there if anyone has questions.
23:02:31: Lu Chaos: Didn't see it, where did you post it?
23:03:05: Nmoto: Yeah, what are lucidity portals?
23:03:16: Koi-Drama: On Reddit.
23:03:18: Koi-Owl: It's on CNN.com
23:03:22: >Koi-Cipher laughs
23:03:25: Koi-Wish: On MySpace, where else would he post it.
23:03:26: Koi-Owl: Where do you think
23:03:36: Ra'as: Lolololol
23:03:38: Hael Frost: I also want to know what lucidity portals are.

23:03:55: Lu Chaos: Hey I was being sarcastic, so I pretty much just got you all.
23:04:00: You Say: that is a violation of copy-right
23:04:03: Dimitri Raith: CNN.com used to seriously cover the economy of Second Life... I'm pretty sure we could get them to host UL News.
23:04:05: You Say: please retract
23:04:08: Koi-Seeker: GIve me your Bitcoin login and I will tell you.
23:04:25: Hael Frost: I don't have any Bitcoin logins!
23:04:26: Koi-Owl: Surrrrrre Lu.
23:04:28: Black Cloud: seriously though, can't find it
23:04:43: Hael Frost: That's actually... Quite sad, Tary...
23:04:53: >Koi-Owl facepalms
23:04:55: Koi-Drama: Forum Announcement by the Koi Team by Koi-Seeker.
23:05:24: Koi-Seeker: It is Announcements under the FIreside chat topic.
23:05:28: >Lu Chaos grins at Owl
23:05:30: Koi-Owl: It's at the UNDERLIGHT forums, at the UNDERLIGHT website. At the TOP in ANNOUNCEMENTS, posted by KOI-SEEKER IN BRIGHT PINK
23:05:34: Lu Chaos: Yea i'm looking now.
23:05:47: You Say: so your saying theres a chance Owl?
23:05:57: Lu Chaos: Question, Peace aura, what's the improvement?
23:06:00: Koi-Owl: EXCUSE ME Scribbles has informed me that it's in a LIGHT CORAL COLOR
23:06:10: Thunderman: Question on the roadmap.
23:06:20: Koi-Scribbles: Because it IS!!!
23:06:21: Black Cloud: Ohh i was looking for it's own thread
23:06:55: Uthanatos: what colour is coral...is that like pink?
23:06:56: Koi-Scribbles: Yes
23:07:02: Dimitri Raith: "and in other news, President Lu Chaos asked why we keep getting all these immigrants from shit-hole variants and not good variants like Idoloclesia, that's your news minute and now back to 'Lonely babysitter gets DPed by Dad and Uncle.'
23:07:04: Koi-Seeker: Peace Aura improvement is to restore it to full power since they are a full pacifist house now we want to support their initiative.
23:07:13: Hael Frost: Dimitri! lmao
23:07:18: Black Cloud: thank you for portable key bindings
23:07:28: Avayla: What if it gets abused again?
23:07:47: >Lu Chaos points at Avayla
23:07:52: Koi-Wish: Then we will deal with it.
23:08:00: Lu Chaos: In other words.
would be great for recruitment
23:08:07: Hael Frost: WTF Uthanatos... Lmao
23:08:12: Koi-Owl: I will keep a close eye on PA use after it's been revised.
23:08:15: Koi-Scribbles: I'll take a note of that, Uthanatos
23:08:18: >Koi-Scribbles scribbles on a notepad
23:08:23: Taryag: "Try not to be a dick."
23:08:27: Koi-Drama: We will continue in striving to find an acceptable balance.
23:08:28: Lu Chaos: I'm pretty sure i'll end up with very long peace aura again.
23:08:29: Uthanatos: Dimitri's idea, I'm just seconding it
23:08:34: Shoury: Full power as in, 1 minute base, +1 minute per plateau? It was mighty strong.. perhaps too powerful, during the Agonarius Arc. But its 100% pure pacifist, I have faith in the team (and many others) to keep it more balanced this time arou
23:08:42: Lu Chaos: Soon as I trance and come back, very long PA.
23:08:45: Shoury: *around
23:08:45: Koi-Owl: Considering it is their only defense, we feel it needs to be better and more cost effective than it currently is
23:08:49: >Krillin splashes the water abit
23:09:17: Uthanatos: I think the big deal before was that it was so long and not self only
23:09:23: Lu Chaos: Sounds a bit OP to me.
23:09:26: Shoury: Peace Aura'ing Bladenarius for 6 minutes straight felt dirty ;[

23:09:31: Erasmus: Not to mention, you can now evoke non-offensive arts and talimans when you didn't used to be able to do so.
23:09:38: Thunderman: Reflectable would be nice.
23:09:55: Uthanatos: being able to PA opponents for 6 minutes is harsh, being able to PA yourself for 6 minutes is a defense
23:09:56: >Lu Chaos points at Thunderman
23:10:00: Shoury: Sure
23:10:03: Lu Chaos: But our reflect is 50% so sucks either way.
23:10:10: Celine: What is PA?
23:10:26: Koi-Owl: We are definately considering ways to make it more balanced while increasing its durations, such as house only.
23:10:28: Avayla: It might be better if it was target self only.
23:10:29: Black Cloud: Peace Aura, Celine
23:10:34: >Lu Chaos points at Avayla
23:10:37: >Uthanatos nods
23:10:40: Purple Lace: Peace Aura... house art for the Alliance of the Eclipse house.
23:10:43: Uthanatos: I could dig that Owl
23:10:44: Lu Chaos: Finally a answer.
23:10:46: Lu Chaos: Yesss
23:10:46: Koi-Owl: Calm down Lu
23:10:54: Ra'as: It'll be fine. TELL US ABOUT LUCIDITY PORTALS!!11
23:10:55: Lu Chaos: Self inflicted strong PA.
23:10:57: Harkyn: How will pmare xp be based on difficulty?
23:10:58: Koi-Wish: We are looking at also changing Peace Aura to be self-only and/or Guild only.
23:11:00: Shoury: If its kept defensive, then restoring it to full power should be fine. Using it offensively was too much
23:11:03: >Shoury nods to Wish
23:11:07: Hael Frost: YES WHAT RA'AS SAID!
23:11:08: Koi-Seeker: Lucidity portals are tricky.
23:11:09: Shoury: Perfect
23:11:12: >Hael Frost coughs.
23:11:18: Koi-Wish: Seeker's answer is absolutely dead on.
23:11:28: >Avayla nods to Shoury.
23:11:32: Uthanatos: Lucidity is terrible and should be removed from the game along with all Fatesenders!
23:11:34: Koi-Owl: Keep an eye on the inchoate realm to find the answer about Lucidity Portals.
23:11:36: Thunderman: Imbuing effects in to portals?
23:11:49: Erasmus: Is there a way, with current coding the way it is, to have an art have different durations based on whether self-cast or cast on others?
23:11:51: Koi-Owl: Also side note: I will be halting all RP support if you guys keep calling it incholate realm and making me want chocolate.
23:11:55: >Starling laughs
23:12:02: Koi-Wish: Possible yes Erasmus
23:12:03: >Erasmus nods.
23:12:06: Hael Frost: Heh
23:12:11: Erasmus: That's a possible solution then.
23:12:12: Koi-Wish: We have discussed that as well.
23:12:22: Thunderman: Any chance a unghosting functionality could be added in? Couple ways I thought of were if a successful login is received, disconnect the oldest session. Or allow someone to login to their account koi account and disconnect the session.
23:13:14: Koi-Wish: The ghosting that you saw the last few weeks has been and is being addressed. You may have noticed things better in the last 24hrs.
23:13:40: Uthanatos: I have noticed that if I am ghosted, sometimes I can pop my Datoken in and it will clear it
23:13:48: Ra'as: Holy shit does this say windowed mode?
23:14:31: Koi-Wish: Yes thats coming.
23:14:39: Hael Frost: Yes! It does!
23:14:44: >Starling !!!
23:14:49: Koi-Owl: It sure does
23:14:52: Black Cloud: Yeah, ghosting is a problem
23:14:57: Evie: Woohoo.
23:14:59: Sirus Nesto: Is that like a big deal?
23:15:04: Apothos: I use a WPA2 wireless network because I live near the campus where I work and go to school. It would be nice to reduce the timer on storms when I have to re-authenticate.
23:15:06: Ra'as: Thats a lucidity portal straight to my heart
23:15:06: Dimitri Raith: When can we expect an Android version so I can get nothing done at work, get fired and collect funemployment?
23:15:20: Sirus Nesto: I was excigted when I could hit the windows button and not get kicked out.
23:15:20: Apothos: I'm not technically savvy so I'm not sure if that's possible.
23:15:51: Black Cloud: Also, international players should have shotty connections. If they can't login for 5 minutes and it breaks their concentrations, they may never get hooked
23:16:51: Hael Frost: Ha
23:16:52: >Koi-Owl tests out the new PR department.
23:16:57: >Sirus Nesto smirks.
23:17:03: Uthanatos: emphant centipede?
23:17:04: Koi-Drama: Let's move on.
23:17:04: >Starling laughs
23:17:06: Purple Lace: No.....they're joking.
23:17:08: >Purple Lace smirks
23:17:09: Black Cloud: I like the idea of a new connection terminating the old one, I think that's the best way to go about that issue
23:17:10: Purple Lace: Newlie alert folks... be nice.
23:17:17: Hael Frost: We're dying over here from all the laughter about Pronhub.
23:17:19: Hael Frost: Dear, lord.
23:17:35: Koi-Owl: Any other legit questions about the roadmaps?
23:17:40: Anyasha: A dick...
23:17:44: >Purple Lace grins at Coraal
23:17:45: Anyasha: obviously
23:17:45: Krillin: they just think your ears are too young to hear that
23:17:50: Coraal: Pointing towards your face?
23:17:57: Coraal: Because, no
23:17:59: Koi-Wish: Look slightly like GoEs crest. Just saying.
23:18:06: Koi-Drama: Guys. We have some new players among us. Let's keep it PG. Seeker, anything else?
23:18:10: >Purple Lace giggles
23:18:13: Lu Chaos: Seeker.
23:18:17: Lu Chaos: Like in SoT
23:18:24: Celine: Don't keep it pg on my account.
23:18:25: Uthanatos: it's cool, I'm on fire
23:18:35: Lu Chaos: any time period on UL being able to do live updates
23:18:37: Lu Chaos: Mid-game?
23:18:40: Thunderman: I see the removal of 800x600 resolution. Any way to add support for larger resolution than 1024x768?
23:18:41: Lu Chaos: Like back in SoT?
23:18:50: Erasmus: So, i didn't play SoT... what are art indicators?
23:19:03: >Nmoto agrees with Lu
23:19:07: Hael Frost: Shades of Turth, Nim.
23:19:17: Lu Chaos: Shades of Truth was another version of this ga,e.
23:19:18: Uthanatos: oi, yeah what the hell are art indicators
23:19:22: Hael Frost: Gathering of the Entranced
23:19:23: Anyasha: Erasmus: they're little graphics to indicate buffs/debuffs at top of screen
23:19:25: Erasmus: Ahhh. Awesome. I like that.
23:19:36: Koi-Owl: Art indicators put little icons on your display to show you what buffs/debuffs you have on.
23:19:38: Hael Frost: One's an other version of the game, the other is a house.
23:19:44: Lu Chaos: Seeker, any idea on when UL willbe able to pull off LIVE UPDATES mid game?
23:19:48: Sirus Nesto: They were kind of nice. You could turn them off if i remember
23:19:50: Hael Frost: Older, rather.
23:19:52: Black Cloud: are text box mods anywhere in the plan?
23:20:18: Black Cloud: not in the current on, like in the future
23:20:39: Koi-Seeker: If you guys enjoyed playing with the stretched graphics, then it can be done. The current graphics were designed to support a max of 1024x768. The way the resolution scales is by a multiplier.
23:20:46: Koi-Owl: SoT still had to be shutdown/reboot to do updates.
23:20:57: Lu Chaos: It did?
23:21:06: Koi-Owl: Yes.
23:21:09: >Koi-Drama nods.
23:21:20: Taryag: >1024x768 is challenging for more reasons than just "the textures and sprites will look like ass." but that's a big reason.
23:21:41: >Thunderman nods.
23:21:50: Harkyn: The most importantant part of the roadmap is that we'll have an account system/character creation built into the launcher. That's been broken for at least 2 years now and been costing us new players.
23:22:09: Harkyn: That'll be done within the next 2 months?
23:22:18: LadySilver: sweet
23:22:31: >Black Cloud looks to Harkyn and back to the team
23:22:44: Ra'as: Dilly dilly
23:22:58: Koi-Drama has failed to capture your attention
23:23:00: Lu Chaos: Nah, I hope not Nim Aza.
23:23:02: LadySilver: hey!
23:23:05: Hael Frost: :C
23:23:06: >Purple Lace makes note that Harkyn made Silver say "sweet"
23:23:06: Koi-Wish has failed to capture your attention
23:23:08: Krillin: ah Drama
23:23:14: Koi-Wish: Sorry couldnt help ourselves
23:23:17: Lu Chaos: Will make the players lazy.
23:23:17: Arnaya has failed to capture your attention
23:23:20: >LadySilver laughs
23:23:24: Harkyn has summoned a dreamquake!
23:23:29: You suddenly lose your balance and stumble to recover...
23:23:29: Koi-Seeker: The account system and character creation was already built and tested. The decision was to make it part of the new launcher. It will be done within less than two months to meet our first quarter deadline.
23:23:30: >Purple Lace grumbles
23:23:35: Koi-Drama: Just wanted to see who is still with us and who went over to that other sight.
23:23:37: >Sirus Nesto mutters
23:23:40: Hael Frost: That's just not nice!
23:23:42: Nim Aza: OMGosh what is happening
23:23:43: You feel normal again...
23:23:45: Coraal: Only mostly annoying, just saying
23:23:59: Nim Aza: What made that happen?
23:24:17: Thunderman: Any consideration in to certain talismen not counting against the total pack space? Quests/codex's namely.
23:24:18: Nim Aza: Oh
23:24:26: Hael Frost: A Harkyn made that happen!
23:24:27: Lu Chaos: Good question Thunder
23:24:41: Harkyn: Sorry, I don't have misdirection
23:24:41: Harkyn: Wait, I do
23:24:51: >LadySilver see me after class harkyn
23:24:57: Hael Frost: Oh no.
23:24:57: Harkyn draws your attention to something behind you
23:25:01: LadySilver: see me after class harkyn
23:25:04: >LadySilver laughs
23:25:07: Hael Frost: No, no.
23:25:08: Nim Aza: Sorry Harkyn, your snake tricks didn't work :P
23:25:27: Black Cloud: Yeah, a codex is like a small parchment of paper. How is that equal to carrying a small boulder in my pocket?
23:25:36: Ra'as: People, let's get back to what matters. They were just about to tell us all about the lucidity portals
23:25:42: Uthanatos: they did, keep an eye on the incohate, Ra'as
23:25:56: Hael Frost: Oh, that's right. Lucidity portals, ya'll.
23:25:57: Dimitri Raith: That 'after class' thing is a whole genre on our sponsor site.
23:26:01: Hael Frost: Oh, well then...
23:26:04: >Hael Frost shuts up.
23:27:17: Lu Chaos: Alright so what's next team?
23:27:33: >Black Cloud Say our player base jumps by 100. Our current "Locate Dreamers" art wouldn't be sufficient. The contact list, if you will, needs to be rebuilt I think
23:27:40: Black Cloud: Say our player base jumps by 100. Our current "Locate Dreamers" art wouldn't be sufficient. The contact list, if you will, needs to be rebuilt I think
23:27:41: Uthanatos: Locate isn't meant to keep an eye on everyone
23:27:55: Black Cloud: Not to keep an eye, but to keep track of people you interact with
23:28:08: Harkyn: Will there not be any new arts or anything like that added in the next 2 quarters?
23:28:10: Purple Lace: It worked fine with a larger player base before.
23:28:16: Black Cloud: Yeah but that was a LONG time ago, people didn't have many options
23:28:31: >Nim Aza has an awesome idea for a new House Art
23:28:32: >Krillin grabs Stars lil tail and throws some food down near the water
23:28:32: Arnaya: That said, I would like to see the list expanded a little. Even just one space per plateau would be nice
23:28:35: >Arnaya shrugs
23:28:38: Uthanatos: it'd be a reason to plat it
23:29:05: Purple Lace: I dunno if i wanna see that many people at once.....
23:29:08: >Purple Lace looks at her Locate dreamer art level
23:29:18: Black Cloud: Look, i can write down every players name on paper and keep it by my desk and manually search when I need to. But why should I have to do that? just saying
23:29:32: Koi-Scribbles: Well, as for the locate all idea, that is not currently in the plans.
23:29:37: Nim Aza: Will our inventory ever hold more than just 50 items?
23:29:41: Erasmus: That's been suggested for years. One of the common reasons not to was the scroll buffer.
23:29:42: Black Cloud: Im just saying a player management tab, something a little more advanced to keep up with more players
23:29:54: Koi-Owl: It's already silly on an IC standpoint that most people don't bother introducing themselves because they 'know' each others names. Pushing that further would be silly.
23:30:27: Dimitri Raith: Maybe there should be a way to have a 'favored dreamer' list and be able to pop open a window to tell you who's in, then you use locate dreamer to find where they are.
23:31:03: Black Cloud: But IC, i know most of you. So why can't I memorize your names!?
23:31:05: >Black Cloud laughs
23:31:07: >Purple Lace smirks
23:31:17: Koi-Owl: You can memorize them IRL, or write them down as you said.
23:31:23: Ra'as: Well I'm dumb and can't make it through mazes, we all got challenges yo
23:31:48: Erasmus: Options have been added to help, such as House members and Sense Dreamers.
23:31:56: Koi-Owl: Yeah that's your challenge Ra'as :P
23:32:10: >Starling laughs
23:32:23: Avayla: While we're suggesting...in SoT we were able to change whisper colors. It's easy to miss a whisper in large crowds, that would make things a little easier to keep track of them.
23:32:31: Koi-Seeker: Quests codices are still up for discussion and suggestion by the GMs. TI can say with certainty, they will be in a new list and with have a larger maximum text limit. This will be finalized in Q2 or Q3.
23:32:31: Uthanatos: I was gonna go with "some people are still trying to ressurect evil godlings"...but mazes works too
23:32:39: Koi-Wish: If anyone else has questions, write them on a codex and pass them to me - I will have someone answer them.
23:32:41: Hael Frost: Ha
23:32:47: Koi-Wish: Easiest way for me to keep track vs them scrolling on me
23:33:13: Uthanatos: Right, speaking of quest codexes...yeah, can we not steal quest codexes...that's just dickish
23:33:26: Thunderman: A new list? As in a Codex/Quest tab?
23:33:28: Dimitri Raith: Honestly, I have more people I try to avoid on my locate list than people I like to talk to.
23:33:37: Hael Frost: Bahumbug, Dimitri.
23:34:04: Nim Aza: I don't have that ability as a newby
23:34:05: Dreiko: Maybe you shouldn't leave them in places to be stolen
23:34:09: >Arnaya nods to Dimitri
23:34:42: Erasmus: I know that a lot of people keep Elders on their list. Perhaps a Sense Elder option for Teaching Elders, not RP support or Janitor types.
23:35:05: Anyasha: I liked Avayla's suggestion: change whisper color to stand out
23:35:21: Hael Frost: Agreed, Erasmus.
23:35:29: Ra'as: Oh that is a good idea. Shoot.
23:35:45: Starling: Agreed.
23:35:51: Ra'as: Dilly dilly
23:35:56: Avayla: You couldn't stalk people then!
23:36:12: Erasmus: It'd be good for NA's to be able to find GM teachers too.
23:36:14: Koi-Wish: Nmoto, we havent looked at the code for the color portion in 15years (quoted from someone in this room) its not on our radar.
23:36:20: Dreiko: Why would a Newly need a GM teacher?
23:36:28: Koi-Wish: Nmote asked if we planned to add additional colors for forge and the like.
23:36:48: Nmoto: Cool, thanks for clarifying, Wish.
23:36:48: >Purple Lace nods and grumbles, having to have agreed with Dreiko
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Re: Logs of Fireside Chat - 2/10

Post by Koi-Drama » Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:42 pm

23:36:50: Erasmus: To know that they are there. People like to see active GMs to know the game is alive.
23:37:00: Nmoto: Was an option we had during SoT and EoC
23:37:07: Dreiko: I'd rather see active players than GMs playing with themselves
23:37:18: Purple Lace: What he said....
23:37:37: >Purple Lace points at Dreiko
23:37:40: Apothos: I tend to agree. Locate is fine. We need bodies.
23:37:42: Koi-Wish: Harkyn, any new arts or anything like that in Qtr 1 or 2. -- Seeker is answering that - Seeker
23:37:53: Koi-Wish: Pass me a codex Krillin
23:38:08: Koi-Wish: OR have someone write it
23:40:49: Koi-Cipher: As for Harkyns question about new Arts
23:41:06: Koi-Cipher: GateKeepers can expect to see an addition to their arsenal in Q2
23:41:31: Lu Chaos: Woohoo.
23:41:39: >Koi-Owl EYEROLLS
23:41:42: Nmoto: Fingers crossed for sprint..
23:41:46: Koi-Cipher: Soulmasters will also see an improvement in two Arts in Q2 as well
23:41:54: >Starling laughs
23:41:55: Uthanatos: is it an art that shortcuts to alt+f4
23:42:02: Uthanatos: because that would be a great addition for GKs
23:42:09: Koi-Wish: Anyasha, yours I am going to answer. For requests of changes of arts like that - send it in to us.
23:42:15: Black Cloud: Ofcourse Dreamseers don't need improvements
23:42:21: Anyasha: ok
23:42:24: Hael Frost: :C
23:42:31: Harkyn: They have Invis and Identify curse already. What more could you want?
23:42:42: Hael Frost: To take over the dream!
23:42:59: Uthanatos: I'd say blast working on shamblix and horrons
23:43:01: Black Cloud: I don't know if you're being sarcastic or..
23:43:08: Koi-Owl: A question from Purple Lace, about guilds....
23:43:56: Krillin: yes, wish, another question would be could you grab that crowbar and take them horrible blocks up in the threshold? and put that fire out already its too hott!!
23:44:09: Koi-Owl: She asked if guilds will/could get special crests and forums.
23:44:10: Koi-Owl: Guilds other than WSM and DSM won't have any special crests at this time. WSM and DSM are constants in the game, and guilds won't always be around. A guild could vanish and never be seen again.
23:44:56: Evie: That sounds like a good idea and relatively easy to implement.
23:45:28: Purple Lace: So you would want to see consistency over a period of time then?
23:45:41: Koi-Owl: As for forums, that's deffinately a great idea and something we will talk about between the RP team and the forum moderators.
23:45:44: >Purple Lace nods once
23:45:51: Koi-Owl: Wordsmith and Dreamsmith
23:45:56: Black Cloud: I want some pimp ass colors like Na Rict over here
23:46:01: >Koi-Drama flexes
23:46:20: Koi-Wish: Uthanatos, your question should be sent in as a feature request but quite honestly - I hate the Ignore function.
23:46:29: Hael Frost: I'd love more colors!
23:46:33: Koi-Owl: To be honest, guilds aren't ment to replace houses.
23:46:43: >Koi-Owl hushes for next question.
23:46:49: Harkyn: "Could the number of dreamers you can add to ignore be increased from 20?" was the question.
23:47:04: Black Cloud: IF ITS POSSIBLE, just add those color slider things lol
23:47:05: Koi-Wish: Krillin, your Pull art request should come in as an idea submission.
23:47:11: Uthanatos: I'm not a fan of it either since it breaks immersion, but there are some times it's a choice of ignoring them or walking away
23:47:20: Koi-Wish: Folks, dont pass me codexs for Art requests or changes.
23:47:25: Hael Frost: Of course! I change my discription regularly and more colors would be awesome.
23:47:33: Apothos: TIL you can ignore people? That's against the principle of this game?
23:47:35: >Koi-Wish nods to Dreiko
23:47:57: Lu Chaos: Doesn't stop a chakram.
23:48:04: Lu Chaos: Too late Dreiko.
23:48:29: >Purple Lace smirks
23:48:30: Hael Frost: I would like to keep the ignore feature...
23:48:37: Koi-Wish: Nmoto yes, please submit those requets for "Know" room changes. Citadel can review those.
23:48:49: Nmoto: Thanks.
23:49:02: Lu Chaos: Can someone teach me how to even USE the ignore feature?
23:49:06: Lu Chaos: Never knew it existed until I seen someone use it on me.
23:49:12: LadySilver: wake?
23:49:17: Lu Chaos: I want to ignore people too.
23:49:19: >Lu Chaos points at LadySilver
23:49:22: Apothos: I would, but I'm ignoring you now.
23:49:22: Hael Frost: Lol
23:49:28: Dimitri Raith: Bind it to a key, press that key, add person to it.
23:49:31: Lu Chaos: AHh, thanks Dimitri
23:49:37: Uthanatos: it's naturally unmapped, you have to bind it to a key
23:49:39: Sirus Nesto: Didn't know we had that feature
23:49:42: Krillin: Koi-Wish, do I get put in the books for the art, if it were to pass that is. Not just for being this handsome
23:49:45: Lu Chaos: I know.
23:49:46: >Krillin flexes
23:49:49: Koi-Wish: Anyasha, I will keep your idea off to the side and discuss that with Marketing - thats definitely a consideration. His request was reward for newlies who stick it out for 30 days.
23:49:50: >Nim Aza giggles
23:49:59: Lu Chaos: Ahh.
23:50:10: Lu Chaos: Good one Anyasha
23:50:12: LadySilver: hey i want a reward fir a decade
23:50:13: Lu Chaos: I like that.
23:50:13: Thunderman: Pronouns!
23:50:20: Koi-Wish: LadySilver you are our reward.
23:50:26: >Koi-Wish smiles
23:50:28: Black Cloud: We thought of using ignore once, at the time it sounded funny. Now thinking back it could have been very frustrating for that person, probably not worth it
23:50:32: >LadySilver giggles
23:50:34: Uthanatos: Wish just assumed Anyasha's gender!
23:50:35: Dimitri Raith: Triggered!
23:50:44: >Hael Frost gasps!
23:50:46: Lu Chaos: I always end up getting un-igored
23:50:47: >Elmer nods to uthy..noticed that
23:50:52: Lu Chaos: So it's a useless feature IMO.
23:50:52: Lu Chaos: They always end up wanting to hear me talk again.
23:50:59: >Black Cloud laughs
23:51:09: Lu Chaos: Well Lu that is.
23:51:09: Koi-Wish: Oops.
23:51:10: Black Cloud: They gotta know why you're hitting them
23:51:16: >Lu Chaos chuckles, "I'm sure they know already."
23:51:29: >Black Cloud laughs
23:51:33: Hael Frost: I have had someone on my ignore list for a while now and I haven't removed them yet.
23:51:34: Elmer: i didnt know
23:51:36: Dimitri Raith: Yeah, the flimsy RP reason has to be there, otherwise you're just running around PKing to be a dick.
23:51:45: Lu Chaos: Lies!!
23:51:46: Harkyn: Can someone tell Hael I'm sorry?
23:51:48: Koi-Owl: No wonder you never answer my calls, Hael :(
23:51:54: Hael Frost: Haha, None of you who responded were it...
23:52:15: Arnaya: Harkyn says he's sorry, Hael.
23:52:16: Frey: if they responded you wouldnt know anyway
23:52:40: Hael Frost: I know! I saw!
23:52:40: Koi-Seeker: Black Cloud asked about new textures and improving upon the existing ones. We are starting to discuss this as part of the rebuild. This is something that is outside of scope that we will not actualize until Q3.
23:52:44: Hael Frost: That's true, Frey.
23:52:58: Lu Chaos: Speaking of Quarters.
23:53:07: Frey: yay its not me
23:53:08: Thunderman: Sequel?
23:53:09: Lu Chaos: How long is a Quarter?
23:53:12: Erasmus: Three months.
23:53:18: LadySilver: 90 dreams
23:53:24: Anyasha: Rebuild?
23:53:24: Erasmus: 12 months divided by 4.
23:53:26: Uthanatos: a...quarter of a year?
23:53:27: Koi-Owl: Really lol
23:53:32: Koi-Wish: No Nmoto, houses can have guilds within their house.
23:53:33: Ra'as: Lu - You take the year and divide it into quarters.
23:53:35: Lu Chaos: Thanks
23:53:38: Harkyn: A quarter is 25 days.
23:53:48: Nmoto: Good to know, thanks!
23:53:50: >Black Cloud laughs
23:53:54: Harkyn: 4 quarters equals 100
23:53:55: Hael Frost: Lol
23:53:56: >Purple Lace smacks Harkyn
23:53:59: Lu Chaos: Thanks just wanted to verify.
23:54:05: Lu Chaos: And hey no question is a stupid question.
23:54:10: Nim Aza: 120 days
23:54:13: Erasmus: No no... a quarter is 15 minutes.
23:54:17: Dreiko: That one was
23:54:20: Thunderman: How much is a quarter in colorado?
23:54:21: Lu Chaos: Especialy if you smoke.
23:54:22: Dimitri Raith: but what is it in common core?
23:54:29: Koi-Wish: I handled all the codices I had, any more to pass?
23:54:35: Lu Chaos: Thanks Evie
23:54:37: Lu Chaos: Nah, i'll pass.
23:54:42: Thunderman: I thought I handed you one.
23:54:43: Lu Chaos: So basically about the Quarters.
23:54:55: Hael Frost: Seven.
23:54:56: Lu Chaos: It's going to take you a whole year to implement things?
23:55:04: Koi-Seeker: Depends on the dispensary and the altitude.
23:55:06: Lu Chaos: Or half a year?
23:55:08: Lu Chaos: Just asking.
23:55:18: Harkyn: The stuff that is listed as Quarter 1 should be done by the end of march
23:55:29: Black Cloud: Current plan is for the first 6 months, or two quarters of the year
23:55:33: Koi-Wish: Right Harkyn
23:55:39: Harkyn: The stuff listed as Quarter 2 should be done by the end of June.
23:55:43: Arnaya: Up to, yes. Coding changes to begin with, then debugging, then testing, and debugging again. It's a time consuming thing
23:55:46: Erasmus: And a lot of that is some big stuff.
23:55:46: Koi-Drama: To answer your question - we are monitoring the MT activities. I think once the requirements are meant, the Master Teacher Halo can be gained/regained. There has been some issues where the status was there but not the merit behind it.
23:55:58: Lu Chaos: I see.
23:56:11: Black Cloud: Any chance for controller support?
23:56:40: >Lu Chaos laughs
23:56:42: Thunderman: So its not a matter of requesting a reinstatement?
23:56:44: Koi-Drama: Once the requirements are met and approved - we can follow up. It's not a incompability issue.
23:56:57: Koi-Wish: Thunderman, the MT halo is not a status thing, if its not utilized, its not an auto-return, request or not.
23:57:17: Koi-Drama: Re-instatements can be performed but we have had trends where a player is given back their station only to lose it again to the timer/script.
23:57:30: Black Cloud: It would be pretty cool if I could map my xbox controller to UL
23:57:33: Thunderman: Yes Im well aware. I actually wanted to use it for its functionality, not just its pretties.
23:57:50: Harkyn: UL voice chat support.
23:57:52: >Harkyn shivers
23:57:55: Koi-Wish: Roger Wilco
23:58:04: >Black Cloud laughs
23:58:04: Black Cloud: Is that still around?
23:58:11: Koi-Owl: You should talk to Faelyn about this ICly
23:58:13: Apothos: It's just Wilco!
23:58:16: Black Cloud: Ah!
23:58:25: Uthanatos: put the mic next to a speaker blaring bubblegum pop and walk away
23:58:33: Dimitri Raith: There's only one Roger Wilco that I recognize, and he's a janitor in space.
23:58:42: Black Cloud: hence, ignore
23:58:46: Erasmus: Whoa, Space Quest.
23:58:54: Thunderman: Thats my point - The "incompatibility" issue was on dreaming schedules. I can't seem to catch Faelynn. Been trying for a month. Thats no ones fault, which is why I was asking if other elders could handle the request.
23:58:55: Lu Chaos: I have one more question. Can GM Elders not be allowed to use invulerability?
23:59:16: Lu Chaos: For future reference.
23:59:43: Koi-Owl: If you haven't been able to catch Faelyn, send in an e-mail.
23:59:44: Black Cloud: Then they'd lose cause they all suck at fighting
23:59:51: Koi-Scribbles: Remember, your questions should be on codex
23:59:54: Purple Lace: There's also a MT meeting monday... hopefully she can be there.
23:59:58: >Lu Chaos nods to Scribbles
00:00:02: Koi-Owl: Fighting RP GMs aren't allowed to use invulnerability. End of story.
00:00:08: Koi-Scribbles: Chat moves fast ladies and gents!
00:00:09: Black Cloud: i kid, i kid
00:00:10: Koi-Drama: We have guidelines towards each class of GM Characters.
00:00:33: Lu Chaos: Ok, i'm about to do recordings as well since I know the program now. I wanted to make sure the audience gets a fair battle.
00:00:38: Lu Chaos: In case I fight anymore GM characters.
00:00:53: Ra'as: Maybe you just have to gitgud
00:01:03: Lu Chaos: too late for that.
00:01:10: Nim Aza: LOL
00:01:28: Nim Aza: All this pissing contest in the room
00:01:38: Koi-Owl: As I said, they aren't allowed to use invulnerability, and we have ways of monitoring that. I'm not going to say this again. Stop bringing it up.
00:01:44: Koi-Drama: So for example, Faelyn, Akkadian, and others of that class are allowed to utilize that feature because they are strictly to provide a service to the community.
00:01:46: Lu Chaos: Thanks guys for answering.
00:02:03: Black Cloud: Is it possible to auto-equip a player if they enter a specific room?
00:03:25: Koi-Wish: Anyone have additional questions, I have no more codices
00:03:29: Black Cloud: Like, the practice arenas
00:03:55: Rasputin: Is "Codices" the correct plural of "Codex"?
00:04:19: Lu Chaos: Sounds interesting Cloud, auto distribute practice chakrams and blades.
00:04:21: >Purple Lace nods to ras
00:04:31: Lu Chaos: Sounds like alot of coding though.
00:04:32: Uthanatos: hard to say
00:04:33: Black Cloud: better than keep track of em, they always go missing
00:04:47: Uthanatos: it could be "codi" or "codices" or "codexes"
00:04:49: Apothos: Send a codex you animals.
00:04:50: Hael Frost: Meow.
00:05:03: Koi-Wish: That would be interesting, however, pack space issue... if you're full. But that is a feature request.
00:05:05: Rasputin: Oh... I thought he was opening it up to non-codex questions. My fault
00:05:14: >Black Cloud nods
00:06:12: Koi-Cipher: Erasmus
00:06:15: Erasmus: Yes?
00:06:21: Koi-Cipher: You had a question/statement earlier about a "Locate Teacher" Art
00:06:26: >Erasmus nods.
00:06:36: Koi-Cipher: That is being considered for addition. Possibly as an initial Art for NA players.
00:06:46: >Frey cheers
00:07:06: Purple Lace: that would be very helpful for new players
00:07:08: Erasmus: I agree.
00:07:15: Koi-Wish: Yah we are adding that to our list based off this conversation alone
00:07:23: Koi-Wish: We like it
00:07:29: >LadySilver enjoys the view
00:07:37: Lu Chaos: Nice.
00:07:40: Koi-Wish: Sense Teacher - then you can locate the teacher based on whom lists
00:07:49: Black Cloud: I agree.
00:07:52: Erasmus: Another potentially beneficial NA feature would be art descriptions like Dreamer descriptions. Just tossing it out there. Mentioned before, I know, but bringing it up again.
00:08:06: Black Cloud: That's cool too
00:08:22: Koi-Wish: Erasmus, I like that as well.
00:08:29: Koi-Wish: Can you submit that?
00:08:33: Black Cloud: picking a teacher based off of descriptions
00:08:35: >Koi-Copyright nods thoughtfully
00:08:37: Erasmus: Sure thing.
00:08:43: Rasputin: On the subject of plurals. What is the plural of Talisman? Talismen? Talismans?
00:08:59: Koi-Cipher: Ask a WordSmith
00:09:13: Lu Chaos: So that doesn't count as a Lu question?
00:09:15: >Purple Lace smirks
00:09:16: Frey: i knew you werent just rp'ing ras..
00:09:18: Black Cloud: Talisesmesses
00:09:19: Ra'as: Talispersons
00:09:20: Hael Frost: Oh, what Harkyn said.
00:09:22: Anyasha: Talismans...and codices.
00:09:28: Erasmus: Talismans is proper, I think.
00:09:30: Dimitri Raith: Microaggression! Hit him!
00:09:35: Apothos: Talismarati?
00:09:35: Rasputin: Frey, there is a reason I identify as Illuminated.
00:09:50: Lu Chaos: Wait, about daymares.
00:10:08: Harkyn: Oh!
00:10:17: Arnaya: Talisman is a plural term as well as singular
00:10:19: Lu Chaos: How is the XP going to be distributed? More spheres, more energy?
00:10:20: Koi-Seeker: Art descriptions on right-click of Newly Awakened arts... Done. Q2 or sooner.
00:10:21: Erasmus: Awesome!
00:10:32: >Lu Chaos nods to Krillin
00:10:42: Black Cloud: I just realized the the "tomato tomato" example doesn't work on text
00:10:54: Black Cloud: random thoughts
00:11:02: Lu Chaos: It just did for me for some reason.
00:11:06: >Elmer tomawto
00:11:13: Harkyn: Pmare & Darkmare Improvements

XP based on player sphere, difficulty, and party size
00:11:14: Purple Lace: tomato or tomatoe.
00:11:20: >Lu Chaos points at Harkyn
00:11:28: Lu Chaos: Yea, that.
00:11:37: >Black Cloud laughs, "I don't think anybody spells it tomatoe"
00:11:40: Koi-Wish: Harkyn thats on the drawing board. A JP, XP increase based on party size, bonus... its a new concept
00:11:42: Black Cloud: unless they do and I'm out of the loop
00:11:48: Harkyn: So Harkyn gets LESS xp for soloing a darkmare then a party gets for collapsing it?!
00:12:12: Ra'as: Harkyn sucks!
00:12:27: Black Cloud: glass half empty over here
00:12:29: Koi-Wish: He would get a base, but get a base +bonus for being in a party. So more XP for party hunting.
00:12:31: Lu Chaos: Sounds good.
00:12:49: Uthanatos: which promotes interaction and teamwork, I like it
00:12:59: >Koi-Wish nods
00:13:03: Lu Chaos: Encourages party use.
00:13:11: Koi-Wish: And Join Party plats adding more party-size members
00:13:11: Koi-Wish: This is being discussed and worked on
00:13:17: Rasputin: How does that interact with Channel? would it be possible for one player to get more xp from a kill in a group than they would on their own if the other players have high plateau channel?
00:13:17: Arnaya: Excellent, Wish.
00:13:23: Koi-Wish: Likely not til Qtr 3 or further
00:13:28: Erasmus: What?! A JP improvement!? Great!
00:13:33: Lu Chaos: In 75 days guys
00:13:36: Lu Chaos: You heard him.
00:13:38: >Koi-Wish nods to Rasputin
00:13:39: Erasmus: Another long time wish.
00:13:42: Koi-Wish: Its on the radar
00:13:49: Koi-Wish: We want to encourage party hunting
00:13:54: Koi-Scribbles: Remember! Inscribe your questions on codex. Chat goes by fast and we're more likely to notice your question that way.
00:13:55: Erasmus: Great news.
00:13:56: Uthanatos: things take time, it's not just saying, yeah do it.
00:14:04: Nmoto: Great to hear that, Wish.
00:14:08: Koi-Wish: We have to figure the numbers - ALSO XP would be Sphere based.
00:14:16: Lu Chaos: So higher spheres get more energy?
00:14:27: Rasputin: Is this all only for Dark Mares and Datoken?
00:14:27: >Koi-Wish nods to Lu
00:14:30: Lu Chaos: Nice.
00:14:34: Koi-Wish: Nightmares as well.
00:14:36: Koi-Wish: Nothign official, its in the works
00:14:42: Lu Chaos: So if I hit an emphant
00:14:44: Lu Chaos: I'd get more.
00:14:46: Lu Chaos: Nice I kind of like that.
00:14:51: Lu Chaos: 1k per emphant.
00:14:57: Koi-Wish: Not much more on an emphant to fair.
00:15:01: Koi-Wish: To be fair.
00:15:06: Lu Chaos: Darn.
00:15:09: Koi-Wish: But yes
00:15:12: Rasputin: If you're in a party and you take down an emphant you'd get a bigger cut of the xp than the first sphere.
00:15:15: Koi-Owl: You also get less XP if you recently have collapsed an AoE member.
00:15:15: Hael Frost: heh
00:15:28: Elmer: holds a thumb up to Koi Owl
00:15:34: >Elmer holds a thumb up to Koi Owl
00:15:35: Erasmus: Hahahaha!
00:15:39: Rasputin: What about a xp reduction if you've recently been collapsed BY an AoE member?
00:15:47: >Lu Chaos grins
00:15:49: Lu Chaos: Woah
00:15:55: Lu Chaos: Rasputin
00:15:57: >Lu Chaos gasps
00:15:59: Koi-Owl: If you get collapsed by an AoE member, we just suspend you
00:16:09: Erasmus: You'd get a halo of shame if you've recently been collapsed BY an AoE member.
00:16:09: Elmer: and minus XP for blowing up the telescope
00:16:11: Lu Chaos: You are saying a AoE member has committed treason.
00:16:13: Krillin: o crikey
00:16:16: Koi-Owl: BEcause that's sad
00:16:17: Uthanatos: I need an AoE crest please?
00:16:22: Coraal: The Alliance is recruiting. Just saying.
00:16:38: Koi-Wish: Lu, your nightmare form question about higher plats is also a conversation on our table - so say 5th plat becomes Ago, 7th shamblix... 9th Horron. This is possible... and a conversation.
00:16:41: Krillin: hey will dueling ever become a event youcan do to gain xp? just in the Arena alone?
00:16:45: Koi-Owl: (j/k I'm just giving PR some e-mails to answer)
00:16:51: >Lu Chaos nods to Wish
00:16:52: Rasputin: No bogrom?
00:16:57: Lu Chaos: I know right.
00:17:02: Lu Chaos: 3rd should be bogrom.
00:17:06: Lu Chaos: They're so cute
00:17:10: Black Cloud: That would add some excitement to the gameplay, if it were balanced
00:17:16: >Krillin nods
00:17:37: Rasputin: Is it going to be an option? I wouldn't want someone not plateauing it because they want to be an Emphant.
00:17:38: Black Cloud: oh, what if shammies are immune to shammies, and so on
00:17:50: Ra'as: You can be a shamblix but identify as an emphant.
00:17:57: Erasmus: Could be a popup like Translocate/Forge.
00:17:58: Black Cloud: well not immune
00:17:59: Black Cloud: nevermind
00:18:03: Krillin: is it just me, or is Koi-Dramas foot up?
00:18:07: Hael Frost: So does Ra'as.
00:18:14: Frey: hes charging his mega attack
00:18:24: Apothos: Noted.
00:18:25: Ra'as: See you after the convention
00:18:33: Koi-Owl: Sorry I'm only attracted to daddy horrons
00:18:41: Koi-Wish: Ra'as we can support hundreds of more players at the same time. Its not the hardware as much as "code bugs"... and that is ALSO a side project.
00:18:43: Krillin: Koi-Owl, would you be able to incorporate a xp gain in battle in the dueling arena? if granted to duel by dreamers to recieve?
00:19:21: Koi-Owl: That's what Bequeath is for
00:19:42: Lu Chaos: Bequeath works pretty good forthat.
00:19:44: Krillin: true
00:19:47: Uthanatos: or...dueling to collapse
00:19:49: Koi-Scribbles: Remember: Inscribe your questions, please.
00:19:50: Krillin: but it feels better
00:19:54: Lu Chaos: Which nobody participates in anymore.

00:20:00: Koi-Wish: No Thunderman, the gratitude token is amazing at high spheres already.
00:20:00: Harkyn: Scribbles telling people to inscribe make me happy
00:20:04: Thunderman: That isn't my question....
00:20:12: Koi-Scribbles: It should.
00:20:44: Black Cloud: cmon T'man, we countin on you
00:21:08: >Avayla nods to Harkyn
00:21:08: Koi-Wish: Clarify if you could and pass me a new one.
00:21:21: Koi-Wish: The 2nd one, as a team we discussed it. We like the XP loss for players leaving a house, and the mystery of it.
00:23:21: Krillin: o no, creative minds have just started
00:23:39: Lu Chaos: Everyone take advantage and have HOUSE MEETINGS
00:23:44: >Krillin laughs sarcastically
00:23:44: Koi-Wish: For a balance sake, we likely would not allow the shielding for the NMF higher forms.
00:24:00: Hael Frost: HC tries. They everything goes to hell pretty fast. Lol
00:24:03: Nim Aza: NFM?
00:24:13: Uthanatos: nightmare form
00:24:18: Arnaya: Nightmare Form
00:24:18: Seidy: ha
00:24:23: Lu Chaos: Yea, PCs shouldnt have shields.
00:24:26: Lu Chaos: Unless they wear one?
00:24:29: Dimitri Raith: and the damned doorbell doesn't stop ringing... like a bunch of Jehova's Witnesses.
00:24:35: Erasmus: Not to mention, NMF shouldn't be a replacement for daymares on any level, really.
00:24:35: Hael Frost: It's like all the mares suddenly realize HC is having a house meeting and crash it.
00:24:40: >Magnum-425 laughs
00:24:41: >Koi-Wish nods to Erasmus
00:24:55: Koi-Wish: Good answer
00:24:56: Erasmus: Just cosmetic.
00:25:11: Uthanatos: we had to move from thursdays because they figured it out, Bandaret, Zaxun, Darks, Days
00:25:19: Uthanatos: it got bad
00:25:21: >Uthanatos chuckles
00:25:24: Lu Chaos: Alright guys time to vote.
00:25:53: Lu Chaos: Lu for Mayor.
00:25:56: Uthanatos: I nominate Tary for mayor
00:26:13: Seidy: sure, i'll sign the petition
00:26:17: >Koi-Owl calls the russians to hack the vote, Starling is now Mayor.
00:26:25: Koi-Cipher: Ra'as asks how NA players can be more included in the community.
00:26:27: Koi-Cipher: This is entirely up to the player base
00:26:34: >Starling Cheers!
00:26:35: >Magnum-425 laughs
00:26:39: Lu Chaos: Good question Ra'as
00:26:41: Apothos: Voting for the most recent newly awakened.
00:26:45: Seidy: no one with such a sad look could win an election
00:26:46: Koi-Cipher: The PR team is working on a number of IC objectives, such as the newspaper, that will allow for initial inclusion
00:26:53: Erasmus: For a second, I read that as Mplayer.
00:26:58: Hael Frost: Don't screw this up, Star!
00:27:08: Seidy: go STAR!
00:27:13: Lu Chaos: I have a question for the PR team.
00:27:15: Koi-Cipher: But players should be working to help NA players adapt to our community and offering inclusion as well.
00:27:22: Magnum-425: yay Starling !
00:27:23: Koi-Cipher: Lady Silver is an excellent example of this.
00:27:27: >Starling laughs at Hael
00:27:33: Lu Chaos: I've noticed alot of improvements with the logistics of the game. Arts and what not.
00:27:36: Koi-Wish: Thunderman, we are considering a "hover" over option to better clarify the Gratitude token
40: Lu Chaos: Even alot of returning players.
00:27:40: Lu Chaos: Even alot of returning players.
00:27:44: Starling: Oh wait..
00:27:49: LadySilver: lace did it
00:27:49: Lu Chaos: Are you expecting anymore influx of players?
00:27:50: >LadySilver huh
00:27:54: Seidy: it isn't free?
00:27:54: >Krillin cheers for Star
00:27:56: >LadySilver giggles
00:27:57: Lu Chaos: Like alot of newlies or something?
00:27:58: Krillin: told you all to vote for Star
00:28:02: Hael Frost: Lmao
00:28:04: Thunderman: Wish: Could you clarify the "hover" for me, please?
00:28:10: Krillin: yall act like its not in effect
00:28:11: >Krillin chuckles
00:28:13: You whisper to Nmoto: Graditude tokens are a players way of thanking another player for their assistance from being a new player to a more advanced rper within the game
00:28:14: Koi-Scribbles: Remember: Inscribe your questions, please.
00:28:22: Koi-Wish: Hover with your mouse over the art, the item... get more information
00:28:23: Koi-Scribbles: chat moves fast
00:28:25: You whisper to Nmoto: does that help?
00:28:28: Koi-Scribbles: I'll get a whip!
00:28:31: Koi-Owl: I have a chaos eclipse question from Nmoto, but I'll be staying after the fireside to answer RP questions.
00:28:33: >LadySilver pays atatention
00:28:34: Thunderman: Ah.
00:28:35: >Elmer looks at Scribbles, you need to flail.
00:28:38: Koi-Wish: Does that make sense?
00:28:40: Dimitri Raith: Yeah, and if you're entrusted with the care and feeding of the NA, try not to say anything about others if you don't have anything nice to say. Dimitri has a long list of people he considers to be jackasses, but he's pretty content to
00:28:44: >Starling laughs
00:28:49: Nmoto whispers: It does, thanks. How do I use it? Do I just give it to another characters?
00:28:52: Thunderman: Yeah it does, thanks.
00:28:54: Dimitri Raith: let the newlies figure out who they are for themselves.
00:28:55: >Nmoto nods to Owl
00:28:59: LadySilver: you dont like silver rp dimitri your welcome to thresh duty
00:29:29: Krillin: if you find the time to answer Koi-Wish, ill be waiting
00:29:29: Lu Chaos: Thanks Dimitri
00:29:30: Lu Chaos: Everyone always tells newlies
00:29:38: You whisper to Nmoto: double click the token, and select the person in your who list to assign it to them
00:29:41: Lu Chaos: To stay away from Lu.
00:29:42: >Lu Chaos shakes his head, I like newlies too
00:29:47: Frey: especially the male ones
00:29:48: Nmoto whispers: Ah good to know! Thanks!
00:29:55: >Starling laughs
00:29:55: Purple Lace: Not everyone...
00:30:01: You whisper to Nmoto: thanks, and your doing great with your rp love it
00:30:04: Frey: they're just annoying
00:30:05: >Lu Chaos points at Lace
00:30:08: Koi-Scribbles: Lu Chaos: Are we expecting an influx of new players and if so when?
00:30:18: Koi-Scribbles: We're working on gaining new players currently, as well as KEEPING those new players.
00:30:30: Nmoto whispers: I appreciate that! You all on the GM team are doing great with the game. Glad to be a part of it.
00:30:31: Hael Frost: Find out where they live and duct tape them to their chairs.
00:30:47: Koi-Scribbles: So be sure to keep your eyes out for newlies!
00:30:51: LadySilver: koi team god bless and thank you for everything
00:31:06: Lu Chaos: Thanks Silver for knowing when to wrap this up.
00:31:14: Apothos: And stop being dicks to each other.
00:31:17: Lu Chaos: You're so great.
00:31:19: LadySilver: night folks
00:31:20: Lu Chaos: Yea.
00:31:21: Magnum-425: heck yeah thanks for everything yall do !
00:31:23: Purple Lace: Teachers have that, Krillin
00:31:32: Lu Chaos: What Apothos said.
00:31:35: Lu Chaos: Let's all get along.
00:31:38: >Black Cloud inclines his head
00:31:41: Koi-Wish: Uthanatos, I like the idea, however, thats very very subjective to situations OOC that might be uncontrollable. He had a Decay XP question for inactive players - maybe to sphere base.
00:31:42: Lu Chaos: Alot of IC hatred turns into OOC dislike.
00:31:48: Seidy: whatever starlight wants
00:31:58: Lu Chaos: Know that I appreciate the game and you more than you think even if I like to collapse you from time to time.
00:32:11: Koi-Wish: We can discuss it tho, maybe with some limits, controls....
00:32:12: >Uthanatos nods
00:32:18: Seidy: the koi team really is like an ancient order keeping this place alive, its amazing over the years what is done
00:32:31: Uthanatos: as much as positive reinforcement is a thing, a bit of negative reinforcement helps too.
00:32:39: Koi-Wish: Thanks you Seidy
00:32:47: Frey: I've got to bounce but thanks for the hard work you put in
00:33:02: Seidy: i mean many of us started when the internet was first born on aol....
00:33:08: Starling: Yes, great job, Koi Team. Thanks for making it so fun to be playing again!
00:33:21: Seidy: and went from students to adults, children, to parents, parents to grandparents
00:33:29: Erasmus: But they may cause them not to come back, also. There are already mechanisms in place to discourage inactivity.
00:33:31: Koi-Seeker: I am 20 years old than when I started this game.
00:33:32: Starling: And everyone else, of course! :)
00:33:36: Koi-Wish: Thats all the questions I have recieved. Once again, I would love to thank you all for being here. For making this dream a reality, its not just us. Its you, that makes this all happen.
00:33:36: Koi-Wish: Thank you for dreaming.
00:33:39: Lu Chaos: You're welcome.
00:33:53: Koi-Owl: I'll be staying afterwards to answer RP questions, if anyone has any.
00:33:53: Lu Chaos: Yes!
00:33:59: Ra'as: Word up
00:34:00: Lu Chaos: Owl
00:34:01: Lu Chaos: I have some
00:34:02: Dimitri Raith: Meh, the cool kids had AOL, I had some bullshit called Sprynet. I'd literally have to log out and log in every 4 hours or those bastards would suspend my account.
00:34:03: Lu Chaos: Me first please.
00:34:05: Magnum-425: same here.. i logged into the UL for my first time on mplayer in late 98
00:34:06: Erasmus: Thank you all.
00:34:07: Purple Lace: So do I, Owl
00:34:08: Koi-Owl: Except Lu
00:34:10: >Starling laughs at Owl
00:34:16: >Nmoto nods with the other two
00:34:18: Lu Chaos pulls 81 from the Chaos
00:34:18: Black Cloud: Oh! I totally forgot
00:34:19: Nim Aza: Nice to meet the GM family and see all these people here.
00:34:21: Lu Chaos: Nah seriously just one question.
00:34:31: >Lu Chaos grins at Owl
00:34:32: Black Cloud: You guys mentioned Mplayer and a $15 subscription..
00:34:35: Koi-Owl: If you have RP questions, come up to the higher level, please.
00:34:37: Koi-Scribbles SHOUTS: Hey! HEY!! Before the end of this! Wave your hands for screenshots!
00:34:44: Koi-Wish: Once you walk thru the portal, you're back IC
00:34:52: Koi-Owl: Remember that once you leave this room you go back IN CHARACTER
00:35:03: Nim Aza: How do you get to the higher level?
00:35:04: Apothos: Bang. Good PR person.
00:35:05: Koi-Owl: Lu get the hell off of me
00:35:05: Lu Chaos: You know you like it Owl.
00:35:11: Apothos: H is the default bind.
00:35:24: Koi-Cipher: Owl hasn't had his shots yet Lu. We don't know where you have been.
00:35:26: Uthanatos: I...unbound that
00:35:34: Lu Chaos: So yea, the collectors Rod
00:35:34: Arnaya: same here. It kept getting stuck
00:35:47: Lu Chaos: Was it suppose to stick or no? I know u were in arush for themeeting.
00:35:48: Tember: HAHA
00:35:51: Uthanatos: I can NMF though!
00:35:55: Ra'as: NMF FLEET GO
00:36:04: >Starling laughs
00:36:06: Koi-Owl: To your question, Lu: No
00:36:15: >Starling Activates
00:36:15: Koi-Scribbles: More haaaands!
00:36:20: Hael Frost: My arms don't work!
00:36:21: Lu Chaos: Figured.
00:36:21: Koi-Scribbles: Lift the tail too!
00:36:27: Lu Chaos: I needto really be more specific then in my RPs
00:36:28: Lu Chaos: Thanks Owl.
00:36:32: Koi-Cipher: Emphants, lift your tails please
00:36:36: Black Cloud: are we will posing?
00:36:38: Koi-Owl: You're playing with an evil genie of sorts
00:36:39: Dimitri Raith: Yeah, I unbound a lot of the useless keys.
00:36:42: Koi-Owl: Makes your wish specific or he's going to mess with you
00:36:48: Koi-Scribbles: You guys have been great! Thanks a bunch!
00:36:52: Lu Chaos: Yea I can tell.
00:36:53: Nmoto: Good luck, man
00:37:01: >Magnum-425 !!
00:37:03: Lu Chaos: I've been laughing my ass off though IRL
00:37:05: Lu Chaos: So that's a +
00:37:08: Lu Chaos: Thanks then.
00:37:28: Koi-Wish: Some of us will be around here after for chats
00:37:29: Arnaya: He's going to mess with it regardless. Wish granters never grant wishes without catches in any RPG
00:37:32: Koi-Owl: Nmoto, as to your question about the Chaos Eclipse being scripted... some of it is scripted, of course, but essentially all RP's change depending on characters IC actions
00:37:37: Hael Frost: So... We now scurry off into our invidual little hidey holes?
00:37:38: Koi-Seeker: I am staying for the Flask part of it.
00:37:48: Lu Chaos: There's a catch to all things.
00:37:53: Koi-Owl: And as to the second part about using the chaos weapons on a player, maybe you should try it!
00:37:54: Nim Aza: Oh wow
00:37:57: Nim Aza: Never been in this area and this upper level. How cool!
00:38:16: >Arnaya nods to Hael
00:38:23: Nmoto: Ok. Good to know. Just didnt know if we're being pushed into a finite set of options for how it can be used. But before we write up any roleplay reports, it's good to know that ahead of time
00:38:25: Purple Lace: it is.
00:38:25: Erasmus: So I'm a poor listener... which email did you want us to use for suggestions again?
00:38:29: Black Cloud: Are you really expecting to charge $15 subscriptions?
00:38:30: Arnaya: I'm going to go AFK first
00:38:33: Koi-Wish: No Black Cloud
00:38:42: Lu Chaos: Not going to say trance?
00:38:44: Lu Chaos: Youre so OOC
00:38:48: Koi-Drama: Underlight is going to remain 100% free.
00:38:51: Koi-Owl: We very rarely have a pre-set ending to any RP. Almost anything we do changes depending on what actions and choices you guys take.
00:39:04: Arnaya: That happens in an OCC area and event
00:39:07: Koi-Drama: That was one of our original mission statements.
00:39:07: Black Cloud: Ok! didn't know if the mplayer thing was a joke
00:39:07: Koi-Cipher: Erasmus, it's support@underlight.com
00:39:08: >Erasmus nods.
00:39:14: Erasmus: Thanks.
00:39:16: Koi-Owl: We have an idea of where to take something incase players do nothing with a storyline, sure.
00:39:25: Lu Chaos: Seeker.
00:39:35: Erasmus: Mplayer was before the UL2k transition.
00:39:38: Dimitri Raith: Well, I also have some swamp land for sale.
00:39:45: Koi-Owl: You had a question, Lacie?
00:39:52: Lu Chaos: Plan on doing any UL playing?
00:39:53: Purple Lace: About the first thing ya talked about.
00:40:00: Lu Chaos: And you Drama, anymore Zar'tenya appearances?
00:40:06: Purple Lace: But... i can't remember the topic.
00:40:07: >Purple Lace rubs her temples
00:40:11: Koi-Wish: Lu we all play UL.
00:40:12: Nmoto: Hopefully it won't come to that. But thanks for the work you all do, the game is a blast to play.
00:40:14: Koi-Owl: The first thing up here or at the beginning of the fireside?
00:40:26: >Lu Chaos nods
00:40:44: Purple Lace: aye, at the beginning tonite and ya said questions after
00:41:07: Koi-Owl: lol I talked about a few things. Chaos eclipse, lightless, guilds, houses, caretakers?
00:41:16: Uthanatos: she was around and around and then not around.
00:41:33: Dimitri Raith: That's her personal business and not your place to question.
00:41:50: Purple Lace: Damn, and it was a good question too... mebbe I'll remember
00:41:51: Koi-Wish: FYI Rivin has been out because she is sick.
00:41:52: Hael Frost: Bummer. :C
00:42:00: Magnum-425: awww
00:42:04: Koi-Owl: Let me know if you remember, you can always throw it at me on discord
00:42:05: Lu Chaos: If you haven't checked out the forums, The Redeemers posted a Decree in their section.
00:42:11: >Purple Lace nods
00:42:14: Koi-Owl: Did you have a RP question, Nim?
00:42:21: Lu Chaos: For an update on current RPs.
00:42:23: Lu Chaos: In case you didn't know.
00:42:33: Lu Chaos: Well then.
00:43:13: Lu Chaos: I think i'm done with the OOC.
00:43:20: Lu Chaos: It's been real enlightening, thanks everyone, thanks koi-team.
00:43:39: Koi-Wish: Walk out the portal then Lu - this is still OCC
00:43:41: Koi-Wish: Your welcome
00:43:46: Koi-Owl SHOUTS: Anyone else have any RP questions? I'm answering them up on the upper level.
00:44:28: Lu Chaos: OOHH
00:44:38: Lu Chaos: I got a question
00:44:47: Koi-Owl: You've already had your chance
00:44:54: Lu Chaos: How long until you change the name of translocate and threshold and facade.
00:44:55: Lu Chaos: To Bastion of Redemption?
00:44:59: Dimitri Raith: Whenever there's a new build, Lu. It has to be recoded.
00:45:20: Koi-Owl: When we have a patch.
00:45:21: Lu Chaos: Oh yea.
00:45:25: Lu Chaos: Thanks
00:45:28: >Arnaya blinks
00:45:35: Krillin: ah so no new build till 3k?
00:45:42: Koi-Owl: Anyone else have questions?
00:45:49: >Magnum-425 !
00:45:58: Koi-Owl: Can you be more specific?
00:46:06: Thunderman: RP questions up top, you said?
00:46:12: Koi-Owl: Yes Tman
00:46:24: Lu Chaos SHOUTS: CYA IN GAME FOLKS!
00:46:24: Koi-Drama: Don't threaten us!
00:46:35: Koi-Scribbles SHOUTS: RP questions up top with Owl!
00:46:36: Koi-Owl: Yes, we shelved a lot of storylines during the eclipse so that people wouldn't get overwhelmed. I've told my RP team not to play their borns for the time being.
00:46:59: Koi-Owl: They will return after the eclipse. If you need the borns for something like a task, please let us know via e-mail, in-game RP report, or let me know on discord.
00:47:21: Krillin: oo yea
00:47:38: Krillin: one more question
00:47:40: Black Cloud: can we talk about the newspaper?
00:47:41: Koi-Scribbles: Sure! What you want to talk about?
00:48:04: Koi-Owl: Ascheron has been around during the eclipse, he's stated ICly that the Highborn are keeping the Lowborn in Lightless while the eclipse is here, to keep them safe from the empowered mares.
00:48:11: Koi-Scribbles: Let's go onto the other side of the room though. Copyright?
00:48:31: >Black Cloud nods
00:48:50: Black Cloud: Cool, nice to meet you guys first off
00:49:00: Koi-Scribbles SHOUTS: PR and newspaper stuff over here if you have questions!
00:49:00: >Starling laughs
00:49:03: Koi-Scribbles: Nice to meet you as well.
00:49:07: Black Cloud: My work revolves around web development, and I can think of a perfect solution for something like a newspaper
00:49:53: Koi-Scribbles: We're more than willing to listen to suggetions and ideas! Lay them on us.
00:50:22: Black Cloud: and before we get into it, I want to say that I had a similar idea, not the same thing by any means, but similar as far as user contribution goes, however it was based on one major thing, at least to me..
00:50:47: Black Cloud: that it be run by a 3-rd party source. Something where users feel that censorship won't be an issue..
00:51:25: Black Cloud: One thing i've learned is that it's hard to make everybody RP the same way, and the best have a gift, in my opinion
00:51:53: >Koi-Scribbles nods
00:52:26: Black Cloud: So, if people have the ability to do and say and create the way they want, they end up contributing more. yes, it may be controversial at times, but that gets views..
00:52:35: Black Cloud: In the end, the over-hand moderation is something that deflates situations that don't need to be deflated. In the end, it is handled in game, and rules must be followed
00:53:13: >Purple Lace slaps her forehead
00:53:22: Purple Lace: I remembered my question!
00:53:29: Black Cloud: I asked about the display format because the solution I have in mind is this..
00:53:49: Apothos: I have one of my own, after those two.
00:53:56: Koi-Scribbles: Sure thing Apothos
00:54:24: Black Cloud: Basically a website that's built to work as a news/ mutlimedia website. It allows user registrations and profile creations, and article submissions.
00:54:37: Black Cloud: Now that that is over, the main attraction is the front page. You select what shows on the front page so even though theres a lot of stuff you don't want to promote, you don't have to
00:55:16: Black Cloud: But the idea is that every player have that platform
00:55:25: Black Cloud: 2nd, those posts, along with their media (pictures/videos) can then be shares, along with the pages meta info, to facebook, etc..
00:55:52: Black Cloud: and our forums
00:55:59: Purple Lace: ohhh and a search feature.
00:56:06: Purple Lace: title or author
00:56:12: Black Cloud: So say, you want to see everything Lace has to say, she has a place where her literature can be found
00:56:31: >Purple Lace nods
00:56:38: Purple Lace: oh this is good
00:56:41: Black Cloud: and the same goes for every player
00:56:42: Purple Lace: i like this idea and it's doable.
00:56:47: Black Cloud: These posts, in a way, can searve as a live newsfeed of whats happening in game
00:57:09: Purple Lace: Short, concise, and with a hint of a mystery to entice the reader.
00:57:32: Black Cloud: As moderators, I think there should be some agreements..
00:57:49: Black Cloud: Like, to make front page, we may edit your title to give it that.. Mpph
00:58:10: Koi-Scribbles: Alright, so, let me respond a bit here. Here's our general plan with this paper, and why our team was put on it.
00:58:24: >Black Cloud nods
00:58:46: Koi-Scribbles: Our big purpose of these paper is to give you guys a way to not only chronicle your adventures in a way that doesn't lead to a bunch of people slandering eachother, but also to promote the game and get new players.
00:59:45: Koi-Scribbles: The newspaper is suppose to go on multiple platforms, hence the graphical format plan.
01:00:04: Koi-Scribbles: This is to let new players go, "OMG! So much cool stuff!"
01:00:20: >Purple Lace nods thoughtfully
01:00:34: Koi-Scribbles: They're not going to do that if there's 20 posts about how your mother is a monkey.
01:00:47: Lu Chaos: sorry I got lonely
01:01:17: Purple Lace: What about a well thought-out riddled poem?
01:01:31: Purple Lace: About something ingame
01:01:35: Black Cloud: There are ways to let that happen and it not be seen, but yes I know what you mean
01:02:06: Koi-Scribbles: We're considering expansions to the paper, but right now we'd like to see artistic kept in the Archives of the Awakened. Which is now available for everyone to see.
01:02:28: Koi-Scribbles: Can you elaborate a bit, Black Cloud?
01:02:46: Black Cloud: Sure, but first when you say graphical format, do you mean that it's all graphical? or is there an article that follows
01:03:22: Koi-Scribbles: It's all graphical. We set up the pages ahead of time and post the text and pictures as a graphic. That's the plan at the moment, but things are subject to change, naturally. It's just the easiest way we've found to make it cross-format.
01:04:13: Black Cloud: Ahh ok
01:04:45: Black Cloud: to elaborate, the idea was that the main categories and content within are selected. So if a contributor does not follow the rules, their content is not promoted above, you know that kinda stuff
01:05:38: Black Cloud: but their content is still available if you look them up
01:06:01: Apothos: Seems as simple as THE REBEL to me.
01:06:53: Black Cloud: I think there could be a learning curve for the players until they learn to use the system properly
01:06:55: Black Cloud: and be adults about it
01:07:07: Black Cloud: Oh
01:07:36: Apothos: That's the way I considered it.
01:08:21: Black Cloud: another reason that I thought it would be cool do this in a way that has a database recording all this information is because, well so many reasons. Content can be found efficiently
01:08:24: Black Cloud: and sharing on social media will pull all the info it needs, including images
01:08:58: Black Cloud: just she sharing options are insane, probably over 20 platforms to chose from on any page
01:09:44: You Say: I like the idea Black, may I ask you to set up an example and email us a link to it?
01:10:33: Black Cloud: Yeah I was just thinking that, sure
01:10:50: >Koi-Copyright nods
01:10:55: Koi-Scribbles: Chronicles@Underlight.com
01:10:56: Black Cloud: Will do, thanks
01:11:41: Black Cloud: I think everyone is confused, including mare
01:11:45: Koi-Scribbles: We want to get as much feedback as we can before we do this so we do it right.
01:11:52: Koi-Scribbles: Sure Lace. Go ahead
01:12:02: Purple Lace: ok, two things i wanted to ask... well one is a question, the other an offer.
01:12:16: Purple Lace: first, intellectual property....
01:12:26: Purple Lace: I know "Purple Lace" belongs to KOI
01:12:40: Purple Lace: But what about what she writes? does that belong to ya'll too?
01:13:04: Lu Chaos: Copyright and Scribbles
01:13:09: Purple Lace: wait your turn, Lu
01:13:17: >Lu Chaos waits
01:13:28: >Black Cloud grins
01:13:54: Lu Chaos: Hey this ain't IC anymore, OOC Lace doesn't play that.
01:13:59: Koi-Owl SHOUTS: Any other RP/House/Guild/ETC ETC questions I can answer??
01:14:00: Purple Lace: i am updating my website and need to know
01:14:02: Lu Chaos SHOUTS: YES!
01:14:06: Purple Lace: where do i put the UL sticker, ya know.
01:14:14: You Say: On that please note that this is an IC item, as such everything would belong to Koi, related to Underlight we would not be marketing this to anyone else
01:14:37: Black Cloud: Im confused on that. How does that work with the content on her website?
01:16:17: Apothos: The terms of service seem to cover that.
01:16:26: Purple Lace: means i can't use any of it.
01:16:28: Purple Lace: doesn't belong to me.
01:16:33: Purple Lace: I'm screwed... again.
01:16:40: You Say: No thats not what it means
01:16:50: You Say: you are free to use your contributions anywhere you see fit.
01:17:10: You Say: when you submit to our paper, we are also free to use it, as we see fit.
01:17:29: You Say: the goal is clearly, to share far and wind, more reach, etc.
01:17:58: You Say: wide rather
01:18:15: Koi-Scribbles: Don't mind his wind. It happens.
01:18:17: You Say: heh.
01:18:36: Purple Lace: ok, so this goes for the forums as well?
01:19:04: Argh! You can't move!
01:19:04: You can move again.
01:19:07: Purple Lace: i submit and it becomes sharable thru the stie?
01:19:28: >Black Cloud laughs!!!!
01:19:34: You Say: As long as you are not making money on it
01:19:36: Black Cloud: thats messed up
01:19:44: You Say: your free to use it as you see fit
01:19:45: Lu Chaos SHOUTS: What did I do?!
01:20:06: Black Cloud: I wanted to add a point when lace is done
01:20:07: >Koi-Copyright nods to Black
01:20:13: Purple Lace: ok, well i had a book deal on the table a while back... guess that's gone. ok part 2
01:20:34: Purple Lace: I have degrees in IT and about 18 hours a days to do as i please.
01:21:00: Black Cloud: im sure they're open to royalties
01:21:03: Purple Lace: empty hands here.
01:21:14: Black Cloud: May I?
01:22:12: You Say: We are not Dev those would have to go to support @
01:22:14: Purple Lace: So the group doing the newspaper doesn't need any help? I can kinda write.
01:22:58: You Say: Sorry you said IT
01:23:11: Purple Lace: People think I'm stupid.
01:23:23: Purple Lace: They don't want me to help them code and such.
01:24:20: Black Cloud: So, my idea that I mentioned earlier was because I felt that this game is based off of writing. This game is huge, but we sit in a single room and chat for hours. Point being that we all have a lot to say. So I wanted to make something..
01:25:00: Black Cloud: where players can write and have their own space. Where they aren't drowned by newer replies in the forum
01:25:19: Koi-Scribbles: Lace, when you say coding, that's not our area. You need to email Support@Underlight.com to contact Dev team
01:25:19: Black Cloud: because this game is heavily literature based, it makes sense to let people write. It ads to the story
01:25:35: Purple Lace: i have and was turned down.
01:25:55: Black Cloud: and it also creates a record of the history over time, you can literally see events over time. So, it kind of makes sense to incorporate that with a newspaper
01:26:14: >Koi-Copyright nods to Black
01:26:28: Black Cloud: its also possible to only allow certain people the ability to work on the newspaper articles
01:26:29: Black Cloud: while still allowing users their own space
01:26:39: Black Cloud: and then things can be referenced to
01:26:51: Black Cloud: smallers discussions can be happening all over the place
01:27:12: Koi-Owl SHOUTS: If nobody has anymore RP related questions, I'll be out.
01:27:19: You Say: I see what your saying Black and that makes perfect sense
01:27:47: >Black Cloud nods
01:27:50: Black Cloud: I'll put something together
01:27:59: Black Cloud: I just wanted to add those points
01:28:12: You Say: What I want to see, from this, is Wordsmiths and guilds taking over the work load, and GMs basically oversight it from the forum perspective
01:28:18: You Say: if that makes sense?
01:28:37: Black Cloud: Yeah it does
01:29:10: Black Cloud: Wordsmiths would make good moderators overall probably
01:29:12: You Say: I am very interested to see what you come up with as far as what you suggested though.
01:29:18: Black Cloud: Thanks, me too!
01:29:34: Black Cloud: Oh
01:29:56: Black Cloud: You guys mentioned you were looking for a web designer. What were you looking to have done?
01:30:08: Elmer SHOUTS: Thanks Koi. Awesome work
01:31:08: WishBringer: Looking to give the Page a - 2017 facelift
01:32:59: Black Cloud: I know it's late, we don't have to get into anything more
01:33:02: Black Cloud: Thanks for chatting
01:33:13: Koi-Scribbles: Anytime. Please, let us know your ideass.
01:33:49: Koi-Scribbles: We want this to be something YOU want to contribute to.
01:33:56: Black Cloud: Sure thing!
01:33:58: Koi-Scribbles: Something that's yours.
01:34:04: Koi-Scribbles: We're just moderating it
01:34:26: Black Cloud: I'll keep that in mind
01:36:06: WishBringer: My alt is Koi-QRP
01:37:06: Erasmus: Ironically enough, Koi-Pyrite could be a DoL seneschal.
01:40:12: WishBringer: I am out
01:40:54: WishBringer: Deuces folks
01:46:17: Koi-Scribbles: Magnum! Anything for us marketing people?
01:46:17: Koi-Scribbles: Nice response.
01:46:27: Magnum-425: well
01:46:45: Magnum-425: im not really savvy on internet marketing but i do my part to spread the word
01:47:06: Koi-Scribbles: And that's greatly appreciated!
01:47:35: Koi-Scribbles: There's nothing better than word of mouth
01:48:04: >Magnum-425 nods
01:48:57: Koi-Scribbles: Well, we're more than happy to hear any ideas you have. And any feedback on the art we released, as well
01:49:15: Koi-Scribbles: So please feel free to let us know.
01:49:20: Koi-Scribbles: Even if you think it's dumb.
01:50:17: Koi-Scribbles: We released some art on Facebook!
01:50:24: Koi-Scribbles: You should check it out
01:50:35: Koi-Scribbles: Thanks a bunch!01:51:15: Magnum-425: i would looks right now but trying to use discord on a windows phone is hard enough lol i dont wanna lose my conversation with owl =\
“I try to bring the audience's own drama, tears and laughter they know about, to them.”
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