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Logs of FireSide Chat - 8/26

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Logs of FireSide Chat - 8/26

Post by Koi-Drama » Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:25 am

Sat Aug 26 23:06:47 2017: Start Log
Sat Aug 26 23:06:47 2017: Welcome back, Koi-Drama.
23:06:47: ((The Koi-Team will be holding a FIRESIDE CHAT in the Tavern on the Basin of Stars - this event will be entirely Out of Character. Saturday, 8PM DST))

23:15:48: Koi-Drama: Hello everyone.
23:15:52: Koi-Wish: Hello everyone welcome to the FIreside Chat!
23:15:58: Koi-Drama SHOUT: Hopefully everyone can hear me and/or within hearing distance.
23:16:04: Xyn Rhade SHOUTS: Don't be shy, schooch in closer!!
23:17:07: Koi-Drama: Thank you all for joining us this lovely evening. We assembled the Kois tonight, minus a few who could not make it for this event.
23:17:27: Koi-Drama: We'll introduce ourselves and then begin the chat with a few subjects of interest.
23:18:22: Koi-Drama: I'm just the guy behind the curtain - Drama, Managing Director.
23:18:31: >Koi-Drama turns to Wish. "You're up."
23:18:47: Koi-Wish: Hi
23:19:07: Koi-Wish: I am Wish
23:19:29: Koi-Wish: I did a lot in the beginning, putting together the original team, finding people who could make veryone happen
23:19:39: Koi-Wish: I mostly assist with RPing now
23:19:47: Koi-Wish: And leave all the decisions to leads
23:19:51: Koi-Wish: veryone? wtf is that
23:20:07: >Koi-Wish everything
23:20:19: Koi-Drama: You wore out your E key with all the 'extra-curricular' emoting...
23:20:30: >Koi-Drama coughs and turns to Anise.
23:20:36: >Koi-Wish nods
23:21:05: Koi-Wish: Next
23:21:13: Koi-Anise: I'm Anise.. roleplay lead. I essentially look over all the RPs and stuff.
23:21:17: Koi-Echelon: You can always tell which characters Wish is driving, because he refuses to admit You're is a thing
23:21:18: Koi-Anise: Haha. YES.
23:21:29: Koi-Wish: Your wrong.
23:21:57: >Koi-Wish winks
23:22:26: Koi-Drama: Thank you, Anise. Shadow.
23:22:34: Koi-Anise: I was overshadowed by Wish's use of YOUR
23:22:44: Koi-Anise: But that's okay
23:22:46: Koi-Echelon: Anise's favorite word is -within- please include it in all your rp reports.
23:23:14: >Koi-Anise issues Echelon a middle finger
23:23:29: Koi-Dusk: Hey. I'm Dusk. I'm a GM and do GM-y types of things. I don't have special titles or anything. I'm not one of the special ones.
23:24:25: Koi-Dusk: I must be. I'm up here with these guys.. and they are all a little.. special.
23:24:27: Koi-Drama: And she speaks out of turn. You shall be banished alongside the Lowborns underneath the City.
23:24:39: >Koi-Drama eyes Dusk with a wink.
23:24:40: Koi-Dusk: I was next!
23:24:52: >Koi-Dusk grins
23:25:12: Koi-Drama: Shadow, introduce yourself.
23:25:14: Koi-Shadow: Hi. I'm Shadow
23:25:47: Koi-Drama: He's the Public Relations person. Little known fact, he often roleplays by himself in the Courtyard of Awakening... the part that's not even online.
23:26:48: Koi-Drama: Echelon. You're next.
23:27:18: Koi-Echelon: Hello, I'm Echelon. I'm your Teaching Lead, which basically means I read every task you people write and keep track of them. Translation... I spy on you.
23:27:37: Hael Frost: Sprite is not Coke!
23:28:03: Koi-Drama: Comet. Go for it.
23:28:07: Koi-Echelon: Do you ever feel like you saw an avatar just out of sight? Not sure you even saw it?
23:28:07: Koi-Echelon: That's me.
23:29:21: You SHOUT: Comet!
23:30:06: >Koi-Owl tickles Comet with a feather.
23:30:21: Koi-Ajax: He got into the coffee grounds again. He's been sniffing them all day.
23:30:43: Koi-Comet: I'm Comet, I'm a GM and I do lots of stuffs. I'm the most handsome and smartest of them all and alphabetically, I get to be the middle of an Ajaz/Drama sandwich. OOOOOO yeah I said it.!!
23:31:00: >Koi-Comet dances
23:31:01: Koi-Owl: He's drunk.
23:31:23: Koi-Ajax: You make me uncomfortable.
23:31:23: Koi-Drama: Owl. Go for it.
23:31:44: Koi-Owl: Hoot. I'm Owl. I enjoy long hoots in the dark, and mice. I do RP stuff, and teaching stuff. Sometimes I pretend to be a dev tester, but i'm just a poser. I'm also responsible for the lowborn in the walls, sorry.
23:32:27: Koi-Echelon: You can't have my job of Dev Intern, all the Ajax abuse belongs to me.
23:33:03: Koi-Drama: Which brings us to Ajax.
23:33:18: Koi-Ajax: I'm Ajax. I do dev stuff
23:33:31: Koi-Echelon: Amazing dev stuff.
23:33:41: Koi-Ajax: And make fun of Echelon a lot
23:33:45: Koi-Owl: aka: he gets to deal with us whining about everything.
23:33:49: Koi-Echelon: Also that.
23:33:49: Koi-Owl: Glad you like them, :)
23:33:59: Koi-Drama: Don't let him fool you. Ajax has been paramount in a lot of the recent changes and patches.
23:34:09: Koi-Drama: With that said, we had a few GMs who could not be here with us but they send their best wishes.
23:34:52: Koi-Drama: Citadel is one of our In-Game GMs, he typically around here and there.
23:34:58: Koi-Echelon: Fun fact, Drama made this avatar without arts so I couldn't abuse you all.
23:35:34: Koi-Drama: Also, our Lead Dev, Seeker, has been absent for a bit due to serious health issues but luckily I just spoke with him prior to this chat and he'll be back in action soon.
23:36:28: Koi-Drama: Hopefully, by the week's end if all goes well.
23:36:41: Koi-Comet: I think he meant to say "within"
23:37:00: Koi-Anise: Grrrr
23:37:07: Arlyana Jax: Who can I thank for TransLocate?
23:37:07: Koi-Echelon: I had the idea! Ajax did the dev stuff.
23:37:22: Koi-Drama: There is also our Systems Admin, Jor'kyrin. He's been occupied being a new dad among other projects.
23:37:23: Koi-Owl: Anise loves it when you emote or say the word "within" she gives you XP for it.
23:37:33: Koi-Wish: Or suspensions
23:37:40: Purple Lace: Lil lyrans running around evoking mass arts.... spookey
23:38:41: Koi-Wish: There are a few others behind the scense
23:39:10: Koi-Wish: That you dont ever hear their name too often
23:39:16: Koi-Wish: One is a coder named Tony
23:39:22: Koi-Wish: Who has never set foot in UL
23:39:28: Koi-Wish: Macobas - as many of you know as Taryag - who is a coder
23:40:31: Koi-Wish: Also many thanks to Kinetic IT Solutions and Jim Peterson who put the servers in a tornado proof data center with redundent fiber, power, and cooling systems
23:40:45: Koi-Echelon: There's even back up hamsters, to keep the wheels spinning
23:41:08: Koi-Wish: And last but not least a stable of folks over the years whom have helped along this project
23:41:43: Koi-Wish: Including James Hite... may he rest in peace.
23:41:53: Koi-Anise: Lycaon. :( <3
23:42:09: Koi-Wish: And all of you... whom make what we ar doing worth it every day
23:42:57: Koi-Wish: Back to you Drama
23:43:41: Koi-Drama: There's a good list of contributors and staff members in the credits button of this game. Check it out some day.
23:44:38: Koi-Drama: And following along Wish's line of thought. I want to say its been a pleasure, on behalf of the Koi-Team, to be able to continue moving this project forward. We have had our ups and downs and everything in between.
23:44:39: >Arnaya nods in agreement with Drama
23:44:59: Uthanatos: I just assume everyone who played in a previous iteration is ancient
23:46:15: Koi-Drama: As a community, we grow together. We've lost a few members and gained a few. I thank you all for allowing us to share together in this little project we call Underlight.
23:46:40: Synteny: :)
23:47:03: Koi-Echelon: Okay, good fireside, go about your business
23:47:06: Koi-Shadow: Thank you all for coming out. This has been a very successful fireside chat.
23:47:13: Koi-Echelon: Shoo
23:47:52: Koi-Drama: Now... I utilize the term community because despite our role, whether a player, a dev, a GM, or whatever Wish wants to consider himself as... we're all in this together, fortunately (and unforunately) for you.
23:47:56: Arlyana Jax: Wish is daddy
23:48:18: Koi-Drama: We've been tossing a few ideas back and forth and part of the reason for this chat is because are looking for some invaluable feedback as we continue to seek for ways to innovate Underlight for veteran and new players alike.
23:49:02: Koi-Drama: Ajax, I'll pass the floor to you. Don't let the minions (Echelon and Shadow) get carried away.
23:49:13: >Koi-Wish pokes
23:49:14: Koi-Wish: Your older then me
23:49:19: Koi-Comet: Wait...start over. I missed everything.
23:49:29: Koi-Ajax: Uh. Right. Um. What am I supposed to be talking about?
23:49:43: Koi-Ajax: New stuff!
23:50:08: Koi-Shadow: Now we have to listen to Ajax talk for 45 minutes?
23:50:11: Koi-Ajax: I have no clue!
23:50:32: Koi-Ajax: Please keep suggestions coming into the game. You can post them on the forums, email roleplaying@, or even PM me in Discord.
23:51:19: Koi-Wish: Replaced IRC - at least I dont think anyone uses IRC anymore
23:51:43: Uthanatos: if you follow the link in Synteny's forums post it will take you to the site and explain everything
23:51:44: Koi-Ajax: We just ask for everyone to keep in mind that things may change from what you suggest to what is actually implemented. Some of that is caused by there being one of me and I have to choose what the easiest best path to resolution is.
23:51:45: Synteny: There's a post on the player chat forum with a link for discord, Arly.
23:52:04: Koi-Ajax: Others are because Echelon said no the original suggestion.
23:52:37: Koi-Echelon: Sure, tell them that so they're mad at me instead of you
23:53:19: Koi-Shadow: You are allowed to go OOC in real life and else where on the internet. Just not in game.
23:53:19: Koi-Ajax: We are nearing the end of development of the next release and will hopefully have more details for you soon. There will be some fun new areas and things. Most of the fun new things are what GMs can do to you, though.
23:54:09: Koi-Ajax: One thing Drama forgot to mention about our missing Citadel is that he is also our level editor. We're currently conspiring greatly for the greater good.
23:54:44: Koi-Owl: Citadel is working on some pretty neat stuff.
23:55:40: Koi-Ajax: So for the tl;dr;. Send in your suggestions. Don't get angry. And if you do, make it at Echelon.
23:55:57: Koi-Anise: "Blame Echelon" is our motto
23:56:31: Koi-Echelon: Within the GM team it surely is blame Echelon, because within the GM team, that is how things go, within the gm inner circle, Echelon is the whipping boy... WITHIN
23:57:01: Koi-Owl: Yes Uthy you can go to the bathroom.
23:57:12: Arnaya: Lol
23:57:19: >Arlyana Jax laghs
23:57:20: >Koi-Anise sighs
23:57:22: Uthanatos: it's actually kind of a serious question
23:57:23: Koi-Anise: Take that
23:57:32: Koi-Shadow: No we will not help wipe.
23:57:33: Noshkapana: :-O
23:57:40: >Cianne ew
23:57:45: >Arnaya facepalms
23:57:47: >Xyn Rhade spits out his water
23:58:15: Hael Frost: I missed something.
23:58:24: Uthanatos: a large section of the community is at a point where their projects are grand in scale and far reaching. Is there a chance of getting feedback on these to know if they are even possible before just trying it out?
23:58:24: Arnaya: Especially since available support tends to be pretty limited, depending heavily on who's available among the volinteers
23:59:08: Koi-Ajax: What sort of "far reaching" support are you looking for?
23:59:39: Koi-Drama: This is the portion where we will jump into the questions. If you wish to ask a question, please feel free to send us a in-game roleplay report. We are going to attempt to answer them in the order they are received.
23:59:44: Koi-Drama: Echelon and Ajax are currently in a meme war on the GM channel, we ask for your patience.
00:00:16: Uthanatos: different things, but a lot of projects involve permanent changes to the dreamstate, addition of rooms, linking portals, the recent gen project
00:00:22: Arlyana Jax: Art changes
00:00:40: Uthanatos: changing talismen, creating new types of talismen, art changes
00:00:49: Koi-Ajax: Most of those things aren't being submitted and sent into the suggestions channels, honestly.
00:01:00: Arlyana Jax: Really?
00:01:15: Uthanatos: each one is different, but I'm just wondering if we can open up a communication to find out if a project is POSSIBLE before starting it
00:01:20: Koi-Ajax: But it is unlikely you will receive a response stating what you want will be implemented.
00:01:20: Koi-Ajax: Someone else can say whether or not you will get a response that something will be done, though, I can't answer that part.
00:01:51: Purple Lace: Uthy, ye want someone to tell ye that ye project has a 35% success rate or something?
00:02:07: Uthanatos: no no, we all know the code is suuuper fucked up
00:02:29: Koi-Owl: Even if a project doesn't end the way you want it to, we generally try to give you an equal reward.
00:02:42: >Purple Lace nods
00:02:48: Uthanatos: so it's a matter of some things just can't be done without rewriting the whole damned thing
00:02:49: Arlyana Jax: Can arts be altered?
00:02:59: Koi-Ajax: That's for me to solve, not you, however.
00:03:04: Uthanatos: and on this side of the table, we don't know what can and can't be done on that side
00:03:05: Purple Lace: Aye, it's nay the result that counts and ye know that, Uthy... it's the effort (aka rp) put into it.
00:03:10: Koi-Ajax: That is a broad question, Arlyana
00:03:26: Arlyana Jax: I think he is wondering if certain things are actually possible within the limits of the game code
00:03:29: Koi-Owl: But if you have ideas, send them in to RP@ or contact one of us and we can forward your ideas/questions to the team for discussion.
00:03:30: Koi-Wish: Can I answer the art question a bit?
00:03:38: Koi-Ajax: Yes!
00:03:46: Koi-Wish: Thank you
00:03:49: Arlyana Jax: Please
00:03:49: Koi-Drama: In the form of a question?
00:03:56: Koi-Wish: Ok, can arts be changed? Yes they could be. Will they? That is the real question. So let me answer this as best I can
00:04:17: Koi-Shadow: The only things that aren't really possible are things that would involve much more effort than could reasonably be done from our dev(s).
00:04:48: Koi-Wish: Just because a RP happens that requests one to occur, doesnt necessarily mean we will do it. We discuss things, we look at plausibility, game balance... lots of factors.
00:04:56: Koi-Wish: Things arent always easy breezy
00:05:08: Koi-Wish: Nor can they happen quickly either.
00:05:13: >Arnaya nods to Koi-Wish
00:05:21: Koi-Wish: There is a lot more to changing an art then just... changing it.
00:05:27: Arlyana Jax: Do most changes require a patch?
00:05:27: Koi-Ajax: I rewrote the gens in three days while sick.
00:05:31: Koi-Shadow: Such as discovering an entire new planes/cities which would involve 100's of hours of level editing. Completly changing entire game systems, and things of that nature.
00:05:34: Koi-Ajax: There's that!
00:05:36: Arlyana Jax: Ajax, you have a weird idea of relaxing
00:05:54: >Synteny applauds Ajax.
00:06:01: >Arnaya nods to Koi-Shadow
00:06:02: Uthanatos: code monkeys...noone understands them
00:06:05: Koi-Wish: Another thing is we wont make changes for the sake of making a change to support an RP on the fly. Most changes are done in batches. And we implement new things, updates. that kind of thing
00:06:12: Koi-Shadow: Anything that involves a new room, new art, name change to a room, or anything of that nature involves a patch you woudl have to download.
00:06:16: Koi-Wish: No changes will be done on the fly unless they are bug fixes
00:06:22: Koi-Wish: Like if an RP comes out this week to change Poison
00:06:32: Arlyana Jax: Delayed gratification
00:06:35: >Uthanatos nods
00:06:37: Koi-Wish: Dont expect a new game next week
00:06:40: Koi-Wish: There is a lot that goes into it including the RP itself.
00:06:57: Koi-Wish: The bigger thing
00:07:02: Koi-Wish: Is to not EXPECT the change.... and be disappointed
00:07:10: Koi-Wish: I think thats the thing that sucks worst of all
00:07:16: >Arlyana Jax nods
00:07:21: Koi-Wish: You do work and get mad because we didnt do it along your timeline... or do it at all for that matter
00:07:35: Koi-Wish: If we did code changes for every RP that existed we would need nonstop coders
00:07:49: Kelos: I missed out on alot of coding when my TRS-80 computer died
00:07:55: Koi-Wish: So the short answer is... is is possible. Sometimes yes, is it going to happen, sometimes yes...
00:08:12: >Arlyana Jax nods
00:08:19: Arlyana Jax: That's fair, thanks
00:08:25: >Arlyana Jax smiles
00:08:26: Koi-Shadow: "Permanent changes to the dreamstate" that do no involve a patch would include no-pickup item and portals being disabled/enabled
00:08:37: Xyn Rhade: Trash-80s!!!
00:08:40: Dimitri Raith: So, in otherwords, the free to play game with volunteer coders isn't going to implement a new art everytime someone farts the idea out their mouth hole...
00:08:44: >silina moves so she can hear the whole conversation
00:08:46: Dimitri Raith: ...got it.
00:08:55: Arnaya: Lol Dimitri
00:08:56: Arlyana Jax: So damn eloquent Dimitri
00:09:06: Koi-Wish: That is the non-GM answer, but fits
00:09:10: Koi-Ajax: I will add that dynamic content is something I've been striving to reach in the last year since I joined the team.
00:09:11: Kelos: you had one too Xyn?
00:09:12: Purple Lace: i can't hear Dimitri
00:09:18: Koi-Ajax: We want to make the game more fluid and easier to see change.
00:09:20: Arlyana Jax: YOu don't want to
00:09:24: Xyn Rhade: 3 actually.
00:09:26: Uthanatos: I guess I just want to know that we are focusing on things that ARE possible over a long timeline, like before I start a year long RP to create an art to improve talismen, I'd just like to know it has a CHANCE of success
00:09:28: Koi-Wish: Almost anything has a chance for success Uthy
00:09:44: Koi-Wish: You can ask for a new art Called DreamBith that will pop out baby codex babies that turn into emphants and then morph into revenants...
00:10:13: Koi-Wish: There is a chance
00:10:15: Koi-Wish: But I doubt it
00:10:17: >Arlyana Jax laughs
00:10:25: Uthanatos: ugh
00:10:27: Koi-Echelon: You have to remember that Ajax is also working with the limitations of the software itself, and what is easiest to accomplish in the time he has available.
00:10:33: Koi-Shadow: Anything art related would have a chance of success. Like any attempt of discovery that has ever happened in history, you could end up with something different than what you intended.
00:10:39: Arnaya: Lol Koi-wish
00:10:43: Coraal: Well...at least now we know where the Revenants actually come from. Thanks for that.
00:10:45: Koi-Echelon: Such that you get Power Tokens with charges, rather than a container for Power Tokens.
00:10:47: >Coraal updates his notes
00:10:49: silina: no revenants we dont want them you keep them
00:10:49: Uthanatos: that's kind of the point Echelon
00:10:50: >Koi-Owl sits on his revenant eggs.
00:11:25: Uthanatos: I mean, is it possible to alter individual base attributes of a talisman while adding a flag?
00:11:29: Kelos: some wands would be nice...
00:11:34: Koi-Shadow: Ajax, he wants to know about item flags.
00:11:39: >Purple Lace hides her Revenent recipes
00:11:41: Koi-Echelon: Any time a RP Report is sent in, it is read by the entire team and feedback is given when needed as to if it has a place in the game, or is even possible, balance issues and so on
00:11:45: silina: you bette rhid those eggs befor i squish them those things are evil
00:12:00: Koi-Echelon: You brought up item flags... I'm gonna be over here... far from Ajax
00:12:08: Noshkapana: Oh no, you're not supposed to ask about item flags
00:12:08: >silina looks at koi-owl
00:12:15: Koi-Anise: Everyone run.
00:12:18: Koi-Echelon: Seems far enough
00:12:20: >Noshkapana panics!
00:12:22: Koi-Ajax: Hey. Awaken imped
00:12:29: >Arlyana Jax laughs
00:12:35: >Uthanatos laughs
00:12:39: Arnaya: Lol
00:12:42: >OfF KiLTeR whispers something to Arnaya
00:12:45: Koi-Drama: we ready to move on to the next question?
00:12:56: Koi-Echelon: Wasn't far enough
00:13:21: Koi-Ajax: You can only right click read infinite codi.
00:13:45: Koi-Owl: You also shouldn't do RP's dependant on if they'll succeed or not. Failure, your reaction to failure, and the seperate rewards you reap are all part of the RP experience.
00:13:49: Koi-Ajax: For whoever asked that question.
00:13:51: Apothos: I have a question regarding financing. It may be a sensitive topic.
00:14:03: Arlyana Jax: Thank you! I wondered if it was storms
00:14:09: Koi-Wish: The game is free to play Aothos.
00:14:31: Koi-Wish: Apothos
00:14:33: Koi-Ajax: There was a bug for awhile that allowed you to read any of them. That bug made me angrier than Echelon.
00:14:34: >Purple Lace giggles
00:14:38: Arlyana Jax: But paying coders
00:14:41: Arlyana Jax: Ah gotcha
00:14:47: OfF KiLTeR: Thank you for the updates Koi's.
00:15:04: Koi-Shadow: If a codex has charges, you can't read it on the ground either.
00:15:09: Koi-Drama: There was a question concerning character descriptions which asked -
00:15:43: Koi-Wish: Our coders are volunteers. You want to pay, donate.... we havent ran a donation campaign in a long time... when we got money in the past we distributed it for hardware, and have given it as gifts internally
00:15:49: Apothos: Right. It isn't about what it is... we've got a place full of people willing to pay more.
00:15:49: Arlyana Jax: Darn, that waa fun
00:15:49: Koi-Drama: Character Descriptions are limited to 512 Characters. Is that a limitation on the client or on the database? If it is a client limitation, would it be difficult to raise this limit?
00:15:50: Apothos: I was suggesting an entirely optional donation system... not a fan of PayPal.
00:16:12: Arlyana Jax: Patreon?
00:16:23: Koi-Wish: We also except bitcoins
00:16:31: Apothos: Yeah. I support a lot of podcasts that way.
00:16:38: silina: yes so needed i have such a long description i had to cut half of it out
00:16:40: Apothos: Not bitcoin.. but the Pateron bit.
00:17:35: Uthanatos: I'd like to add a description of my hair so Ana doesn't yell at me
00:17:37: >Hael Frost whispers something to Arnaya
00:17:47: Apothos: *Patreon
00:17:49: Koi-Ajax: I'm not sure where the limit is on that. Probably 1995.
00:18:02: >Hael Frost whispers something to Arnaya
00:18:37: Restel: It's database side somewhere, they presist through reinstalls.
00:18:56: Noshkapana: Shall I make a thread about the descriptions then?
00:19:04: Hael Frost: So it's really the glass cooled by the soda cooled by the ice. Lol
00:19:04: Restel: Well, clean installs.
00:19:06: Arlyana Jax: I would rather they not be too long. Liek the ballroom description requires a scroll down
00:19:35: Koi-Ajax: Yes, please do
00:19:35: Koi-Shadow: The limit probably couldn't be raised too much more. Synteny and Coraal's description already takes up over half of the chatbox. You probably don't want to completely wipe your chatbox everytime you check someone's description.
00:19:36: Hael Frost: I normally have a container of Systane, but I can't find it.
00:19:40: Koi-Shadow: Or have to scroll through it.
00:19:44: >Coraal smirks
00:19:55: Coraal: Don't hate me because I'm wordy
00:20:00: Koi-Ajax: But just because it's stored in the database doesn't mean the size restriction is in the database.
00:20:09: Koi-Ajax: It could simply be a limit on the communications.
00:20:37: Noshkapana: Thanks.
00:20:51: silina: i love to give detail thats one reason i play this game and unfourtunatly my cheracter description is lacking because of the limit
00:20:58: Dimitri Raith: It seems like the limit might be related to some archaic 1995 restriction like the text taking forever to trasmit at 14.4kbs,
00:21:01: Synteny: Who's talking about me
00:21:12: Noshkapana: errbody
00:21:19: Arlyana Jax: I remember when forums sigs had a limit
00:21:21: Apothos: Nobody, now.
00:21:25: >Synteny ;-;
00:21:37: Koi-Echelon: In response to the level editor, it is extremely easy to use.
00:21:41: Koi-Echelon: And extreemly hard to be good at using it.
00:21:48: Arnaya: Lol
00:21:55: Nathan: haha
00:21:59: Koi-Drama: Okay, next questions concerns the forums...
00:22:03: Nathan: know that pain.
00:22:08: Arnaya: Are you able to check out the level's as your creating them?
00:22:09: Koi-Ajax: Bless Citadel's heart.
00:22:09: >Arnaya whispers something to Hael Frost
00:22:22: silina: levels for what im lost
00:22:30: Koi-Drama: Is it possible to alter the Archives of the Awakening section of the forums, so that visitors can see the kinds of things we're doing/writing etc? Wouldn't it bring in more dreamers if they could see that section?
00:22:32: Koi-Ajax: With the correct combination of voodoo and blood magic, yes.
00:22:34: >silina tries o hold in a laugh and snorts instead
00:23:14: >Arlyana Jax passes the buck to Jade
00:23:26: Uthanatos: I offer Hael as tribute
00:23:28: >silina covers her nose and mouth
00:23:32: Dimitri Raith: Is there any way to release the level editor for players to fiddle with and submit things for you to look at? You know, an infinite number of monkeys tyoing at an infinite number of typewriters and all that.
00:23:35: Arnaya: Levels are the game environment Silina. Every room is part of a "Level" in most games, some editors are just a nightmare to use, or you have to be a coder to make even a basic room
00:23:39: Arlyana Jax: Only Dimitri can sacrifice Hael
00:24:03: silina: got yah thanks for that info
00:24:09: Hael Frost: I'm not a good offering.
00:24:09: Arlyana Jax: You can sacrifice Arny
00:24:11: Dimitri Raith: Someone might actually come up with some good stuff.
00:24:14: Hael Frost: Full of feathers.
00:24:17: Koi-Drama: That's my department. I'll look into it. Look forward to some changes here and there on the forums. Thank you for the suggestion. Please feel free to send me any suggestions concerning forums.
00:24:30: >silina nods to arnaya
00:24:36: Arnaya: I'd probably take a look and play with it a little bit anyway
00:24:39: Koi-Owl: Drama is the one who made us powdery pink on the forums.
00:24:50: Koi-Ajax: Speak for yourselves.
00:24:58: >Arnaya smiles at Silina
00:25:04: Rasputin: I'm with Dimitri, I'd love to try out the level editor.
00:25:16: Hael Frost: I'd break it. I always break stuff like that.
00:25:35: Uthanatos: Arny loves taking a look and playing with it a little bit
00:25:40: Xyn Rhade: I bet most of us would, including me.
00:25:44: Arlyana Jax: Sometimes that's the point Hael
00:25:44: >Uthanatos whistles innocently
00:25:45: Arnaya: Lol
00:25:46: Hael Frost: Crush it.
00:25:54: Koi-Drama: The Level Editor is not exactly user friendly.
00:25:54: Arlyana Jax: How can this be broken....and go!
00:25:55: Koi-Owl: The problem with letting people use the level editor is Koi becomes responsible for notificing your next of kin.
00:25:59: Hael Frost: Like a tin can.
00:25:59: >Hael Frost makes crunching noises.
00:26:17: Arnaya: Lol Owl
00:26:20: Rasputin: I'll sign a waiver.
00:26:21: >Arlyana Jax whispers something to Wilder
00:26:23: Koi-Owl: Notifying. Not sure what notificing is. I got too close to the level editor.
00:26:41: Apothos: So, my wife in my sister in the same letter?
00:26:41: Xyn Rhade: Sound like fun!!
00:26:41: Koi-Comet: notificing? Really? You're going to go with that one?
00:26:45: Xyn Rhade: Sign me up.
00:26:46: silina: i would probly get fed up and punch my computer which is my tv screen so thats not a good thing (gazez at her 50 inch tv and shakes her head)
00:26:51: Dimitri Raith: Neither was the Duke Nukem Build engine or the Doom CAD...
00:26:51: Koi-Echelon: Quick someone type 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 into the level editor before we're all destroyed
00:27:19: >Xyn Rhade laughs at Koi-Echelon
00:27:46: Arlyana Jax: 8675309?
00:27:47: Synteny: I'm Lost on that reference.
00:27:48: Koi-Ajax: You don't just type into the level editor.
00:27:49: Xyn Rhade: Well that leaves me out.
00:28:00: >Koi-Drama sets all incoming email to be delivered into SPAM folder.
00:28:11: Purple Lace: you can't make me tell you what Autocad experience I have.... I refuse!
00:28:17: >silina laughs at the stupid phone number
00:28:18: Koi-Echelon: One does not simply level edit with the level editor
00:28:19: Apothos: I've been doxxed.
00:28:21: Nathan: Autocad experience?
00:28:21: Uthanatos: oooh, my flatm8 used autocad a shitton when we were working on contracts
00:28:23: Dimitri Raith: Well, most of my CAD work these days consist of vehicle crashes.
00:28:44: Uthanatos: aaaand she's trying to learn to be an Ajax
00:28:47: Uthanatos: I mean code monkey
00:29:07: Dimitri Raith: and crime scenes.
00:29:09: >Kelos feels dumber for some reason
00:29:10: Uthanatos: I mean programmer
00:29:10: Restel: This monster's coded in Cobolt right? Just point her at that and laugh.
00:29:15: Arnaya: Flat out question. Is the idea of players Roleplaying to plateau their characters arts something that the GM team would be willing to allow or support? Particularly for those that don't see GM MT's, or many other players, very often
00:29:24: >Purple Lace laughs at Restel
00:29:26: Purple Lace: And I refuse to tell you my Cobolt experience too!
00:29:42: Koi-Drama: That's an Echelon question.
00:29:44: >Uthanatos shifts his eyes to Echelon
00:29:57: Arnaya: Ah, Sorry. That was meant to be an RP report LOL
00:29:59: Koi-Echelon: Play and find out.
00:29:59: Restel: If you've got enough of that you retired in the Cobolt gold rush already.
00:30:00: Noshkapana: Jesus, I learned Cobol in college :
00:30:01: Purple Lace: I learned it when it was ~the~ new thing!
00:30:18: Koi-Ajax: Me too!
00:30:22: >Purple Lace grins
00:30:26: Kelos: me three
00:30:32: Koi-Echelon: I learned Java, and Ajax makes fun of me when I ask hi questions
00:30:37: Kelos: damn...we are old
00:30:41: Koi-Owl: I know how to make a quesadilla.
00:30:48: Apothos: Hah, I learned Cobalt in Chemistry.
00:30:49: >Purple Lace nods to Kelos
00:30:50: Restel: Did you ask him how to extend an object Echelon?
00:30:55: Koi-Wish: I wrote code in Wordperfect for Cobol
00:31:18: Xyn Rhade: I'm so far out of touch. My last coding experience was Basica
00:31:20: Koi-Echelon: Platting your own arts has never successfully been done, without the use of PP's, which were ooc and not an option in this version of the game. Long story short, I'm not going to answer your question directly.
00:31:21: silina: me to apothos now i dont feel so dumb lol
00:31:23: Kelos: COBOL is the reason I became an accountant
00:31:40: >Arnaya nods
00:31:52: Purple Lace: It was FORTRAN for me....
00:31:57: >Purple Lace sticks her tongue out at Kelos
00:32:05: Nathan: Jesus
00:32:07: >Apothos nods at silina, "We know... we know..."
00:32:19: Kelos: loved fortran
00:32:36: Koi-Echelon: When Ajax would help me with a segment of code, he'd slip in cuss words and insuts, and leave it to me to find them
00:32:38: Arlyana Jax: I tuned it out silina
00:32:42: Arlyana Jax: I don't do code
00:32:47: silina: only code work i ever did was i removed a worm from my computer in dos mode with the directions from google like 10 years ago
00:32:56: Uthanatos: yeah, unless it's a router config, you guys are on your own with that code crap
00:33:08: Koi-Drama: Its okay, he did the same to me in his application.
00:33:11: Koi-Echelon: Like when he helped me learn try and catches
00:33:30: Apothos: That blue worm was vicious.
00:33:30: Restel: Just put pokemon on your list of techs and ask the recruiter to tell you which ones are pokemon..
00:33:39: Koi-Echelon: all my catches returned DANGER WILL ROBINSON
00:33:40: Koi-Drama: In the "Tell Us More About You" section.... he told us a few creative places where the sun apparently does not shine at...
00:33:41: Koi-Owl: Worm?
00:33:42: Koi-Ajax: Rally is considered to be in the same grain as house arts. You task to learn them.
00:33:42: silina: now my husband knows code pretty good but he gets frusterated with it
00:33:52: Arlyana Jax: I thought it was like Initiate
00:34:11: Arlyana Jax: Or Power TOken
00:34:18: Arlyana Jax: Forget Initiate
00:34:33: Purple Lace: Besides, Rally is an rp in and of itself... since Vill created it
00:34:41: silina: koi-owl its a really bad virus that was hitting computers bad about 10 years ago
00:34:44: Koi-Drama: The next question deals with a recent trend...
00:34:55: Koi-Owl: ... I know what a worm is.
00:35:02: >Koi-Owl facefeathers.
00:35:07: silina: you asked
00:35:13: Arlyana Jax: I just know some ranked that don't have it and it sucks
00:35:16: Arlyana Jax: Owl I love you
00:35:24: >Noshkapana wants to be trendy too
00:35:30: Koi-Owl: I didn't, I got excited because someone said worm.
00:35:30: Apothos: Worms have rights.... no? Ok.
00:35:33: >Purple Lace whispers something to Apothos
00:35:38: silina: oh
00:35:38: Arlyana Jax: Only Arrogant ones
00:35:45: >silina laughs and figures it out slowly
00:35:51: Koi-Drama: Serious lag seems be an increasing problem too, with entire rooms being kicked out of game sometimes. I'm not sure if anyone's sending in reports about these or not. Is this something with the game itself, or just connections?
00:36:04: Koi-Echelon: Ajax is good at explaining that!
00:36:26: Arlyana Jax: A little of column A and a little of column B?
00:36:30: Purple Lace: Solar flares!
00:36:40: Koi-Ajax: Uthanatos did it
00:36:44: Arlyana Jax: If Arny and I are the only ones that storm, it's our connection
00:36:46: Coraal: Global warming!
00:36:48: Arlyana Jax: BUt if the whole room storms
00:36:56: silina: its the hurricanes fault
00:36:57: Purple Lace: Electromagnetic Discharges!
00:37:07: Koi-Comet: It's my glitter and dancing that does it.
00:37:10: Synteny: Global warming doesn't exist.
00:37:12: Hael Frost: I storm here and there. I blamemy connection.
00:37:13: Arlyana Jax: No hurricanes up here, too cold
00:37:17: Uthanatos: I blame me!
00:37:19: Restel: An add on to that, are there logs for that? I realize you're probably not fine toothing the logs but if the whole dream drops should we be reporting that, etc?
00:37:20: >Coraal grins at Syn
00:37:40: Arnaya: I know some of mine is from Connection issues, but I was told that having a lot of items placed around the game increased stress and caused more problems with game stability. So I was wondering if it was something like that going on...
00:37:44: Coraal: Sure it does. Florida gets hotter than hell with every year that passes
00:37:52: Arnaya: on top of regular connection problems
00:37:52: Uthanatos: that's why I left Coraal
00:38:08: Purple Lace: And Alabama just gets sweeter....
00:38:11: Uthanatos: screw that heat
00:38:12: >Purple Lace winks at coraal
00:38:15: Coraal: Working on it Uthy
00:38:19: Koi-Ajax: I have a post in the bug section asking for crash feedback.
00:38:25: >Coraal also blows a raspberry at Lace
00:38:27: >Arnaya nods to Ajax
00:38:42: silina: im in fl lovin the heat but not the rain
00:38:45: Arlyana Jax: I just want snow for the damn winter
00:38:46: silina: not me thats why we moved i was tired of that white crap
00:39:07: Kelos: use to be a lot of folks from Florida
00:39:17: Arlyana Jax: I prefer it to freezing temps
00:39:20: Uthanatos: we get some snow, but just enough to be fun, not enough to be a pain
00:39:22: Koi-Shadow: If everyone in the game is repeatedly getting disconnected or mares are acting weird and stuff like that, send in a bug report so we can try to get someone to restart the server so a new hamster can be added.
00:39:22: Uthanatos: welcome to the DMV where everything is peachy
00:39:30: >Arnaya nods to Koi-Shadow
00:39:36: Dimitri Raith: Snow is overrated. I had fond childhood memories of snow... until 3 years ago when I went to Conn in February. You can keep your damned snow.
00:39:38: Arlyana Jax: What happens to the old one?!
00:39:40: Purple Lace: Owl eats tem
00:39:50: Restel: Used it as a heatsink, gets messy.
00:39:54: Hael Frost: Oh, the Conn trip...
00:39:55: Koi-Drama: Its fed to Owl.
00:39:55: >Arlyana Jax lives in the great white north
00:39:56: >silina laughs about the hamster
00:40:01: >Koi-Owl braaps.
00:40:07: Apothos: Hey, well, I got plenty of water...
00:40:09: Hael Frost: It was beautiful out, but so dry. There wasn't a day I didnt have a nose bleed.
00:40:16: Koi-Drama: The next question....
00:40:19: Rasputin: So you don't actually know what's causing the lag?
00:40:25: Arlyana Jax: But but...
00:40:31: silina: im originally from upstate ny so you understand why i moved south
00:40:33: Purple Lace: Solar Flares!
00:40:37: >Arlyana Jax mourns the little lost souls
00:40:37: >Koi-Anise air boxes
00:40:39: Dimitri Raith: Gnomes. Gnomes are causing the lag.
00:40:48: Kelos: we close the highways when the first snowflake falls
00:40:51: Arlyana Jax: Gremlins
00:40:58: Hael Frost: Really lazy house cats.
00:41:08: Koi-Owl: Lowborn in the walls.
00:41:10: Koi-Wish: Bye WIsh... sheesh
00:41:16: Rasputin: So that's a no.
00:41:22: Koi-Echelon: Some times the lag is caused due to a known issue and a server restart fixes it.
00:41:44: Arnaya: ah, okay. Thank you :)
00:42:13: Koi-Echelon: Mostly it is because the client cannot recover from even the slightest amount of packet loss
00:42:32: Koi-Ajax: Definitely send in whatever reports you can when you start storming whenever you're in the room with someone else, including the nightmares.
00:42:50: Arnaya: Will do, Ajax
00:43:36: Arlyana Jax: I still wonder why my connection sucks so bad
00:43:37: >silina hopps around to get feeling in her leggs
00:43:41: Arlyana Jax: No other games do
00:43:45: Restel: Check your jitter/upload thresholds.
00:43:53: Apothos: Don't live in the South?
00:43:55: Uthanatos: I've got Fios and still suffer latency issues
00:43:58: Koi-Ajax: I wonder that about you as well.
00:43:58: Dimitri Raith: Would getting a dial-up modem and an AOL account help? I'm sure the 75 year old dude in the basement office of AOL account management / set-up division needs a win.
00:44:02: Restel: Large changes in ping really screw with UL.
00:44:04: silina: sry
00:44:17: Arlyana Jax: I'll ask Maal, he speaks computer more than I do
00:44:22: Uthanatos: I feel like that was justified in some way
00:44:24: silina: wrong button
00:44:25: Koi-Drama: It's possible. Let's move on. There's something special planned during this chat.
00:44:32: Hael Frost: I'm scared.
00:44:42: Arnaya: Uh oh....
00:44:45: Arlyana Jax: You're expecting?
00:44:47: >Purple Lace laughs!
00:44:53: Koi-Drama: Dont get excited. Wish is not going to strip for you to the tune of "Im So Excited"....
00:44:55: Arnaya: Lol
00:45:01: Koi-Ajax: Any blips in your wifi will cause issues as well.
00:45:01: silina: uthy verizon fios or did frontier buy your area
00:45:03: >Koi-Owl prepares to strike.
00:45:04: Xyn Rhade: The Rats are being let out to play.
00:45:06: Uthanatos: awww
00:45:09: Dimitri Raith: "You get a sphere, and you get a sphere, and you get a sphere. EVERY BODY GETS A SPHERE!"
00:45:15: Uthanatos: true verizon
00:45:16: Koi-Drama: Can we work something to make it so that the wordsmiths can make objects in the museum areas they are responsible immovable so that people don't keep moving them around?
00:45:17: >Apothos whispers something to Arlyana Jax
00:45:21: Uthanatos: frontier bought up down south
00:45:24: Arlyana Jax: Owl is having moist owlets?
00:45:28: Coraal: That's a great question
00:45:31: >Purple Lace laughs at Jax
00:45:37: >Arnaya nods in agreement with Coraal
00:45:42: >Koi-Owl -_-
00:45:42: Hael Frost: "Moist owlets",,,
00:45:44: Restel: Aj that sounds so dirty I ... ugh.
00:45:45: silina: i know i work for them im customer care
00:45:47: Hael Frost: My goodness.
00:45:48: >Arlyana Jax grins like a moron
00:45:58: silina: i hate my job
00:46:01: Synteny: THat would be nice for Dreamsmiths also
00:46:06: >Jade nods
00:46:26: Uthanatos: we are in the DC area Silina, so I generally run about a 10ms ping with 65/70
00:46:27: Uthanatos: which is why I get confused by my lag issues
00:46:43: Arnaya: If Forgers would stop trying to showcase every cool piece they come up with, I'd agree Synteny
00:46:55: >Arnaya sticks her tongue out at Synteny
00:47:05: Synteny: THat's the whole point of the museum.
00:47:11: Noshkapana: daaaaaamn
00:47:13: Arlyana Jax: Or letting DSM make prime items
00:47:18: silina: not bad at all and yeah with fiber there should be no lag issues at all have you heard of our frontier secure products
00:47:19: Koi-Ajax: That may be possible. I'm not sure.
00:47:23: Dimitri Raith: Certain people would just forge statues of themselves and put them everywhere.
00:47:24: Arlyana Jax: Not when everyone wants to keep everything in there
00:47:29: Uthanatos: well, technically the museum would be history, which is why we need an art gallery for the smiths
00:47:32: >Apothos whispers something to Purple Lace
00:47:36: silina: they offer vary good virus protection
00:47:38: >silina laughs
00:47:42: Koi-Citadel: Wow, no room.
00:47:43: Koi-Citadel: Oh, hey, a spot.
00:47:46: >Purple Lace whispers something to Apothos
00:47:52: Rasputin: It's fluctuations in connection speed, Uthanatos, even if the lowest speed is still fast. At least that's how I understood it.
00:47:54: Synteny: Wordsmiths have the library anyway, which has a lot more room than the museum.
00:48:31: Uthanatos: actually MTs took over the library
00:48:40: >Jade points to uth
00:48:47: Synteny: Really? Because I never see them in there doing anything with it.
00:48:57: >Koi-Ajax glares at Coraal
00:49:02: Arlyana Jax: WSM only have the Museum
00:49:03: Uthanatos: not my problem, that was the proclaimation
00:49:11: >Coraal smiles sweetly at Ajax and blows a kiss
00:49:12: Uthanatos: I'm not a MT
00:49:14: Arnaya: Yep, it got taken away from the Wordsmiths and given to the MT's a while ago
00:49:21: >Arnaya shrugs
00:49:32: Synteny: If people want to be creative and actually use forge to create stuff rather than just make a "ds elemen" we shouldn't punish them for that.
00:49:32: Koi-Echelon: Speaking about MT's, a space of their own may or may not be in the works.
00:49:39: >silina listens about the changes intently
00:49:46: Uthanatos: which is why we need a gallery Syn
00:49:55: Arnaya: Nice :)
00:50:02: Synteny: We have one, in the museum.
00:50:09: Arlyana Jax: Please not a Vult
00:50:10: Arlyana Jax: vault.
00:50:17: Uthanatos: I agree, an area where the smiths can showcase those things separate from the museum
00:50:25: >Arlyana Jax mutters about kids and beating her keyboard
00:50:30: Koi-Ajax: It's staring Geena Davis and Tom Hanks
00:50:42: Arlyana Jax: I think we can in the DSM Hall
00:50:48: Arlyana Jax: Staring?
00:50:54: Synteny: Then what the hell is the museum for?
00:51:03: >Arlyana Jax stares intently at Ajax
00:51:05: Arlyana Jax: Everyone else!
00:51:09: Synteny: Not everything in the museum was made by a DSM
00:51:24: Arlyana Jax: It was brought in before all the new halls, but it is not a vault for history, not every art competition
00:51:35: Uthanatos: items of historical and cultural significance?
00:51:37: Koi-Echelon: Hey look, it's Citadel, the level editior, quick ask him about the level editior
00:51:49: Arnaya: Lol
00:51:54: Arlyana Jax: Nor should it be, but everyone feels the need to put everything in there and there is no space left
00:51:55: >Uthanatos points at Citadel
00:52:03: Uthanatos: there's your answer Syn
00:52:07: Arlyana Jax: Everytime someone wants to imp Forge, the Hall of Horrors gets flooded with crap
00:52:23: Synteny: The Gallery of Horros was completely empty until I did my forge classes.
00:52:42: Koi-Echelon: Then maybe the Smiths should be culling the works.
00:52:43: Arlyana Jax: That's new then
00:52:53: Synteny: THat's exactly why I did them there.
00:52:54: Koi-Echelon: But that's not for me to say!
00:52:57: Arlyana Jax: It gets cleaned out a fair amount
00:53:08: silina: why dont they judt throw stuff off the mountain or somthing to get ri dof it
00:53:09: Koi-Citadel: For the record, I did not make the Citadel. But I've always thought it was a nice plane.
00:53:15: Arlyana Jax: But the room does not always need to be full
00:53:17: Uthanatos: I think we are all fond of it as a plane
00:53:29: >Uthanatos nods
00:53:30: Arlyana Jax: Having space in rooms is not a crime
00:53:32: Koi-Echelon: Koi-Citadel is the only one that actually gets excited when he talks about the level editor
00:53:46: Rasputin: Citadel, I want to play with your level editor. Can I?
00:53:49: Synteny: Apparently being creative is.
00:53:49: >Arlyana Jax facepalms
00:54:01: Apothos: Is there a side room?
00:54:24: Arlyana Jax: Syn, we have to remember that we ALL Have to share the same space
00:54:27: Uthanatos: Hey Citadel, is there a standalone version of the editor that we could get loaded with appropriate textures for people to play around in and possibly submit levels and rooms?
00:54:30: Synteny: "we" have to remember
00:54:40: Koi-Ajax: There is not.
00:54:43: Noshkapana: Yeah, Syn.
00:54:49: Uthanatos: you said to ask Citadel!
00:54:52: Koi-Citadel: Well, a number of factors unfortunately go into that. The least of which is that a release and NDA would need to be signed before any of that could go down. I am not the Dev lead, and don't make those kinds of decisions, Rasputin.
00:54:54: Arlyana Jax: We, Underlight, not the royal we
00:54:56: Koi-Ajax: I did not.
00:54:57: Uthanatos: hey...I'm not Ras
00:55:21: >Xyn Rhade mutters, "Damn storm."
00:55:23: Koi-Citadel: Rasputin asked first.
00:55:27: Uthanatos: oh
00:55:29: Rasputin: I did
00:55:31: Uthanatos: didn't hear him
00:55:32: >Jade nods to Arly
00:55:33: Synteny: I'll go remove everything out of the gallery of horrors after this, if anyone wants their artwork back, let me know, otherwise I'll put it on display up at the Monastery.
00:55:33: Arlyana Jax: Not what I meant Syn and you know it
00:55:47: Synteny: okay
00:55:53: Coraal: Arly and Arny...why not just see about repurposing another area of the City that is unused as a gallery? There are rooms on Basin perfect for that. And might save space for items in the museum, etc.
00:55:56: Arnaya: I agree Coraal. We'll have to see about doing something with that
00:56:17: Koi-Citadel: Unfortunately, our Dev lead is on a bit of an extended absense; he's had some personal issues and sickness come up. We're hoping to have him back soon, but are waiting to hear news.
00:56:20: Uthanatos: well, Uthy's been discussing using DoL for that after they move
00:56:20: >Coraal nods to Arny
00:56:32: >Arnaya nods to Koi-Citadel
00:56:32: Apothos: I don't agree. Our characters should determine what art is and isn't.
00:56:36: Arlyana Jax: Every time there is an art show or contest, all the items get placed in the Museum and it fills up quickly. I, for one, hate destroying things to make room, but I ha
00:56:44: Arlyana Jax: ve to so everyone can use the space
00:56:57: silina: whats going on with dol were they movin im lost
00:57:03: Koi-Ajax: Can we get back on track?
00:57:03: Koi-Drama: Lets wrap up
00:57:10: Synteny: You're destroying things? That worked well for some other people.
00:57:12: Arnaya: Moving on, then
00:57:13: Koi-Drama: Let's question -
00:57:19: Arlyana Jax: I give up
00:57:19: Koi-Drama: Is it possible to create a forum in the Chimeric section that is private for Wordsmiths to communicate with each other?
00:57:22: Uthanatos: whole thing, requires a lot of reading Silina
00:57:24: Arlyana Jax: Do what you want
00:57:26: Koi-Drama: Yes. I'll take care of that shortly.
00:57:31: silina: got yah gotta go hit the library eventually
00:57:49: Koi-Drama: Would it be possible to have Rally auto train for Guards?
00:58:03: Koi-Echelon: No.
00:58:10: Purple Lace: No!
00:58:15: Koi-Drama: Moving on...
00:58:16: Arlyana Jax: That was answered already
00:58:30: Koi-Drama: Is there a tech limit to inventory size? If not would we consider raising it?
00:58:39: Koi-Drama: No.
00:58:41: Koi-Citadel: Well I wasn't here for it. They saved it special for me.
00:58:54: Uthanatos: no there's not a limit or no we can't consider raising it?
00:58:57: Koi-Echelon: Both.
00:59:07: silina: was that no to to both
00:59:09: silina: understood
00:59:19: Koi-Drama: Out of curiosity and for rp purposes, is it possible to create "place effects" specific for rooms that work on a consistent basis? For example: a persistent firestorm effect after an rp project failure, correctable by further rp?
00:59:24: Koi-Echelon: That's an Ajax mixed with a Citadel question.
00:59:43: >Koi-Ajax glares at Coraal
00:59:43: Coraal: What? I think it would add depth to the game, personally
01:00:16: Koi-Echelon: and the answer is Ajax is going to murder you for bringing it up.
01:00:20: Koi-Shadow: Coraal wants to know if we can have more item flags, Ajax.
01:00:26: >Purple Lace giggles
01:00:28: Koi-Citadel: It isn't the idea itself that is bad, it is the coding side of it that is a hellish landscape.
01:00:34: Koi-Echelon: Don't antagonize him, he takes it out on me
01:00:42: Coraal: My thought is this: if the process were created and put into place, a GM wouldn't necessary have to be present all the time to produce the effect.
01:01:08: Koi-Shadow: I seem to have suddenly disconnected.
01:01:09: Koi-Citadel: That, and many things like it, are something we've wanted to do for a long time. But the code side isn't there yet.
01:01:13: Arnaya: Same here, Shadow
01:01:15: Koi-Wish: For those of you curious. Mayweather TKO'd Connor in the 10th
01:01:28: Apothos: ....
01:01:37: Restel: Spoilers.
01:01:39: >Coraal nods to Citadel
01:01:43: Koi-Owl: Wow spoilers.
01:01:50: silina: howd the mcgreggor one go
01:02:02: Koi-Anise: So much for my PPV DVR
01:02:06: >Koi-Anise sighs
01:02:07: Coraal: I appreciate your answer. Thanks! I just wanted to watch Uthy's "gas the Lightless" plan end up spewing Poison Clouds elsewhere when the Lowborn prove smarter than us.
01:02:15: >Koi-Owl winks at Coraal.
01:02:34: Dimitri Raith: I was kinda hoping that the bell would ring, Connor comes out and kickes Mayweather in the face, knocking him out, then looks down and goes, "keep yer fookin' money" and walks off.
01:02:35: silina: i sold like 15 subscriptions today i was not paying 100 for that fight
01:02:38: Koi-Citadel: Next question, Drama?
01:02:41: Koi-Drama: Okay. I'll give the floor to Shadow now.
01:02:41: Koi-Ajax: I have plans for the dynamic future of Underlight, Coraal.
01:02:43: Koi-Anise: I was rootin for the Irish guy
01:02:53: Apothos: I was rootin' for the half-black guy.
01:03:14: Koi-Echelon: I like that irish singing guy, lannisters for ever
01:03:17: Synteny: lol
01:03:25: Restel: Liked...
01:03:41: Koi-Shadow: I get to make everyone but one person, who's most likely not even here, mad now?
01:03:51: silina: cant wait for tomarrow new GOT episode
01:03:57: Koi-Echelon: You make me mad all the time, that should make you feel better
01:04:10: Hael Frost: I completely forgot GoT tomorrow!
01:04:15: Koi-Shadow: Dreams do come true.
01:04:18: Dimitri Raith: Is it the last one or second-to-last one?
01:04:21: Noshkapana: "Tomorrow"
01:04:22: Koi-Echelon: It's the finale
01:04:31: Hael Frost: Oh man...
01:04:44: Dimitri Raith: Crap, then we gotta go all the way to 2019 for the rest.
01:04:46: Koi-Echelon: Time to wait a year!
01:04:47: Uthanatos: yep, I don't log in until after GoT on sundays
01:04:47: silina: sorry i mis spelled
01:04:56: silina: i know im soooooo sad
01:05:20: Koi-Shadow: Right at the start of this event, 2 freaking hours ago, I posted a document to discord with 100 names on it.
01:05:24: Noshkapana: Silina, I meant it's Tomorrow already for me. 1am for me x_x
01:05:32: Koi-Wish: Wait til 2019?
01:05:33: Synteny: Truth.
01:05:38: Koi-Wish: What crap blogs you reading
01:05:38: Dimitri Raith: GOT is the only show other than LivePD I can actually get Hael to sit down and watch with me.
01:05:39: Hael Frost: I'm an antsy person.
01:05:53: silina: well me to but i havent been to sleep so my brain didnt think about it
01:06:01: Apothos: Reddit, prolly.
01:06:03: Uthanatos: yeah, we saw said document if we were in discord
01:06:27: Purple Lace: And if we weren't?
01:06:39: Synteny: Nice plug, Uth
01:06:41: Hael Frost: I don't visit theUL Discord thingy...
01:06:44: Synteny: Then you're missing out
01:06:46: Xyn Rhade: You mean 100 places, Shadow. Several names were repeated.
01:06:49: Arnaya: Yeah, not me then.
01:06:55: Koi-Anise: I'm lost.
01:06:58: silina: hey jon snow is hot i think any one would sit if they saw those abs
01:06:58: Koi-Shadow: We held a player referal contest recently and we ended up with 47 entries. I doubled all those to end up with 94.
01:07:04: Arlyana Jax: I'm not daring to run anything else right now
01:07:08: Hael Frost: I'm actually just there for the dragons...
01:07:27: Koi-Shadow: Then there were exactly 6 of you that came here right at 8:00 so I put them in.
01:07:33: silina: there cool to
01:07:38: >Synteny flex.
01:07:48: Apothos: Good math... we are all multiple personalities.
01:07:50: Koi-Shadow: We can pretend that I put all of you in. Xyn Rhade can be #101 for example, but Random doesn't go that high.
01:07:51: Dimitri Raith: She actually has dragon pajamas. With a tail... and wings... and matching dragon slippers.
01:07:52: Arlyana Jax: Awesome Hael!
01:08:11: Uthanatos: that...has got to be adorable
01:08:11: Hael Frost: Oh, stop...
01:08:12: Hael Frost: No one needs toknow about those.
01:08:18: Arlyana Jax: I feel better for knowing
01:08:29: silina: i have minnie mouse with ears and a bow and its a one piece footsie
01:08:34: Hael Frost: :T
01:08:36: Dimitri Raith: Then she gets on my ass because I have a tank top with a batman logo and she calls me immature.
01:08:44: Uthanatos: I'm just glad I'm not the only one with those PJs
01:08:50: Koi-Shadow: So anyway, the document is to keep me honest. I'm going to random, and whichever name is next to that number on that document I posted wins the laser engraved yeticup wannabe for the player referal contest.
01:08:59: Hael Frost: They're stylish... The dragons have lush eyelashes...
01:09:08: silina: i have like 5 pairs of footsies
01:09:10: >Synteny crosses fingers.
01:09:16: Koi-Shadow: I'm really hoping for a 85 here.
01:09:28: >Koi-Citadel crosses Koi-Ajax's fingers in a forced emote
01:09:39: Koi-Shadow: Here goes!
01:09:46: Koi-Shadow pulls 75 from the Chaos
01:09:48: Xyn Rhade: Jared Rose.
01:09:56: Koi-Echelon: Jared Rose!
01:09:56: Synteny: Sounds like a loser
01:10:04: Koi-Shadow: RIGGED
01:10:17: Noshkapana: d a n g
01:10:17: Apothos: Fake Random.
01:10:23: Synteny: Noooo it was real
01:10:29: silina: oh and bat man please i am a comic nerd love all the dc and marvel stuff
01:10:30: Synteny: Hush up Trump
01:10:33: Restel: Rig Random is real, Confirmed.
01:10:36: Uthanatos: can't trust Jareds anymore
01:10:39: Koi-Echelon: Grok's random was always rigged
01:10:48: Synteny: That's for sure
01:10:49: Arnaya: Since I don't know who that is, I'm just goint to say Congratulations lol
01:11:00: Synteny: <---
01:11:06: Uthanatos: neither did I, but it seemed like a good opportunity for a Subway joke
01:11:20: Arnaya: Okay, then Congratulations Synteny
01:11:21: Koi-Ajax pulls 46 from the Chaos
01:11:22: Hael Frost: Comeon, Arnaya. Open them eyeballs.
01:11:22: Hael Frost: Lol
01:11:28: Koi-Anise pulls 42 from the Chaos
01:11:34: Koi-Echelon: Jared won twice
01:11:40: Koi-Echelon: 42!
01:11:44: >Synteny cackles
01:11:45: Koi-Wish pulls 9 from the Chaos
01:11:46: Arnaya: I'm not on Discord, and I don't know pretty much anyone's RL name lol
01:11:58: Koi-Echelon pulls 17 from the Chaos
01:11:58: >Arnaya shrugs
01:11:59: Koi-Citadel: Oh, my turn? Does this toon even have random?
01:12:06: Coraal: Congrats, Syn!
01:12:11: Koi-Citadel pulls 59 from the Chaos
01:12:14: Hael Frost: I have a Discord, but I just stay away from the chats.
01:12:14: Synteny: THanks :)
01:12:16: Koi-Owl pulls 1 from the Chaos
01:12:32: Restel: Every time I tab out I fight with the window for 5 minutes so I avoid that...
01:12:36: Noshkapana: Grats, pal
01:12:39: You begin evoking Random
01:13:08: Chaos calls out to you 28
01:13:08: Koi-Shadow:
01:13:13: Koi-Wish: Ok everyone we are wrapped up for the evening. Thanks for coming out!
01:13:13: Noshkapana: Get it etched with the DoL logo, so you'll have something to remember them by
01:13:14: Koi-Anise: We now return you to your regular scheduled dreaming
01:13:26: Synteny: No way, then HC would just hide it from me
01:13:30: Synteny: :X
01:13:33: Noshkapana: el oh el
01:13:38: >Arnaya rolls her eyes
01:13:40: Synteny: Love you Arn lol
01:13:46: Restel: Oh come on, that was Solid Arny.
01:13:47: Koi-Shadow: anyway, Congradulations Synteny. Dreamers of Light cup will be on it's way shortly.
01:13:49: >Purple Lace smirks
01:13:57: Synteny: ;-;
01:14:01: Noshkapana: good night everyone
01:14:10: Koi-Echelon: OOC is now concluded.
01:14:14: >Arnaya nods
01:14:19: >Koi-Ajax escapes
01:14:24: Koi-Echelon: Bad things are going to happen to you if you remain.
01:14:24: Hael Frost: RUn away!
01:14:33: Synteny: The lowborn are throwing firebombs again
01:14:43: Arnaya: Why am I tempted to stay just because?
01:14:47: silina: me to
01:15:01: Kelos: night all....past my bedtime
01:15:06: Apothos: We should remove ourselves, Ruler.
01:15:09: Coraal: In closing, thanks for all of your hard word Koi-team. UL is an amazing game and I have really, really appreciated the recent back-to-back rp storyarcs you have come up with for the game.
01:15:09: Synteny: Yes thanks for your work and support.
01:15:23: Coraal: Work too. Apparently words are not my forte
01:15:26: Koi-Citadel: Bye all! Keep a portal spinning!
01:15:31: Hael Frost: I've been full of wirds tonight too.
01:15:38: Hael Frost: Must be Florida.
01:15:41: >Hael Frost shrugs.
01:15:48: silina: nice seeing you all
01:15:48: WishBringer: Is it over, did I miss it?
01:15:50: Koi-Drama: Thank you all for coming and behave! Don't go starting a war or something...
01:16:00: >Arnaya nods to Synteny
01:16:05: Arnaya: Yes, Wishy
01:16:19: >silina waves to wishy
01:16:31: >WishBringer waves
01:16:45: === Bye! Lucid Dreams ===

Fun Fact: This FireSide Chat was brought to you by the word "within" which was used 24 times during the FireSide Chat.
“I try to bring the audience's own drama, tears and laughter they know about, to them.”
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