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Old descriptions

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:44 pm
by Butterfly
A boisterous dreamer full of laughter and good spirits, OfF KiLTeR is always there to cheer people up and make senseless wisecracks. His hairisa mess that has tangled itself into a messy birdsnest.

That's an OfF KiLTeR; you need a skill of at least 69 in DreamSeer to use it.
The OfF KiLTeR has infinite functions and 254 charges
Function #1: Missile - Velocity: Fastest and Bouncing & Twitchy; Effect: Annoying Buzzing Noise; Damage: 999 Kazillion - katrillion (lots)

Wears a T-shirt that reads "I took a trip to the unknown with chain and all i got was this lousy t-shirt"

More to come...

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 1:21 pm
by Koi-Wish
You want some old descriptions?

Let me know whom; and I can pull up some from Lyra days.


purple lace: Clad in a flimsey silk dress of deep blue, trimmed at the upper thighs with a band of intricate lace. Cut low in both front & back; ornate keys & a crystaline heart-shaped gem dangle from a gold chain about her neck. Long locks of hair twist in loose swirls as they hang down her back past her hips. She leaves a hint of lilac in her wake...

tux: Of medium height and stocky build this dreamer appears older than most. Completely bald with the exception of a long unkempt moustache he has several fingers missing on each of his thick callused hands. His wrinkled thread worn uniform gives him the appearance of some sort of antiquated functionary of the City. His deep appeasing baritone voice reveals much more of his nature.

Kailee: A white sleek gown that fits snugg against her gracious curves. Long blonde curly hair that hangs down to her waist. The symbol of the Entranced glows brightly laying against her chest.

Thunderman: You see a man with piercing blue eyes who approximately 6'2". His dark night hair stretches over his tan face with frosted white tips. White garments hug his body while several gold chakrams protrude from his belt. A golden medallion hangs from his neck on a silver chain which reads, "ThunderMan45, City Guardsman" and a silver dog tag on a seperate chain which reads, "No Limit Soldier."

Cianne: She carries herself with a certain grace and confidence achieved over time. Tousled hair falls to her shoulders, long bangs fall haphazardly over striking cyan colored eyes. A bluebird feather is entwined into a long thin braid that falls delicately over her left breast. An ethereal glow surrounds her avatar. Rarely speaking--she seems at peace.

WishBringer: Just some really old guy.

Taroneh Afsoon: Darkened black-brown smiling eyes showing above a drawn-up veil. Diminutive in stature, she is covered head to toe in a white maqnaeh without form in which she might become lost, if not cinched with the gold metal rope belt at her waist. Her black hair and a circlet of gold coins on her forehead barely defy the cover above her brow. Her hands and feet are seldomly visible, but appear scorched. She walks with an occasional jingle of the coins.

Keeka: A lovely maiden stands as beautiful in soul & heart as she was so many dreams ago. Her long hair falls softly over her back. Her eyes hold a saddness that has returned. She once again walks the City alone. She senses your stare & looks up & smiles.Her smile touches your heart with tenderness unbeknown to most.Her smile fades and a shadow covers her face. You wonder for a brief moment what could have caused such saddness.She softly hums a melody, the words heard only by Him.

Ceyllynn: A long, intricate blood-red braid with a bow in it, falls to her hips, crowning a shapely figured, and petite woman. covered in abyss scales, her features maren with solid jade green eyes, and her hands ending talons... with two bites on her left shoulder.

Request some? Even your own.

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 5:19 pm
by coltdorsey
Description requests:
Joshua Mandrake

...and if you have way more time :p
Gadd Rangi
armageddon (sp?)
Silent Death

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:22 pm
by Koi-Wish
Joshua Mandrake: Withered skin of colored flame flickers wihtin the darkness place in this dream. Wears a medallion of the city protecting the innocent and stuff. a Guardsman he is

Shadowman: Deep blue eyes return your cursory glance. They speak of years and years of experience, hardship, and yet hints at contentment, known only to those who have Dreamed, and enjoyed it, longer than most have been alive. A small translucent stone, shaped like a wolf's head, hanging from a fine silver chain around his neck. The stone pulses slowly with an unbelievably beautiful green hue. It seems as if the source of the glow is a pure, solid form of Resilience.

lonewolf: A thick horron skin vest of armor is strapped to the chest of this dreamer, the initials LW can be seen.Dark shades on his face and a crooked playfull smile.Around his neck hangs an amulet in the shape of a banished mare token.Thick kneepads wrap around his knees. A cup of talismans tied to his side that reads "FREE TAKE ONE" and silly clown slippers with jingling bells attached all over complete this dreamers attire.

Gadd Rangi: Grizzled and spreading around the middle, this dreamer still appears as the type that is quite capable of tieing someone's arms in a knot because they annoyed him.

Stonegrinder: A tall, handsome man just entering his middle years. Bits of grey streak through his hair and beard, and two sets of faded scars cross his face. He wears a plain brown uniform with knots of rank under one shoulder. An empty sheath and a red cape rest on his back.

Zarinthia: Her face and skin are a mass of wrinkles. Her hair gray, long and wiry tied in a neat bun. She wears wire rimmed bi-focals which she peers over on occasion. There is an inscription along the side which says "made by the hand of dolly day dream" A simple wedding band adorns her left hand. A twinkle can clearly be seen in her blue, watery eyes. A black bag in the crook of her arm hangs down and a solid cane in the other hand stands proudly, which she rests upon often. Her head bobs up and down through age.

TDan: No descript at last login

Ballaster: Before you stands a dreamer of fair build, a few battle scar's on his arms from many battles.. A large Blade strapped to his back with the handle sticking out just over his shoulder, around his belt hangs many chakrams of different color's. His brown eyes seem to pierce your mind as he looks at you. On his left hand, a golden ring with shining ruby's catches your eye, a gift from his lovely wife Taezarra. :)

armageddon: No descript at last login

Terra: Daughter of J'tar, elder Soulmaster and inventor, named Terra, the first of her clan to be born on Earth 836 years past; a soulmaster, like her father and mother before her. She hopes to make them proud by helping to protect the city from chaos and destruction.

Pixar: petite stature, long wavey sand-blonde hair, wearing a long silken cyan and beige dress that scoops at the neck in layers with small straps on the shoulders. Wears several pieces of jewelry (dainty pearl and diamond ring on right hand, thin chain with a ruby that sparkles as it dangles around her neck and a brooch signifying she is heir to her Home-shard and a simple golden band upon her left hand ring finger) When you look into her emerald green eyes you see softness in her heart.

Knaive: This dreamer wears a long, regal trench coat with a very high collar. Black belts and buckles fasten his ensemble together. The trench coat is pristine and polished. At his side is a wickedly curved rapier with a poisoned edge. His golden hair hangs down his face at the bangs. His face, while attractive, is twisted into a sardonic grin. His eyes are full of malice and malcontent. When he speaks, it is in a mocking lilt.

ravageone: No descript at last login

Silent Death: You see before you a tall, strong man who looks to be in his late 20's. His tan hair flows from his head like the mane of a lion, and his sparkling blue eyes smile at you when he enters a room. His skin is the color of Fire form the Lucidity that burns bright within him. He walks with a subtle confidence seeming to flow from room to room. He dressed in the finest White Armor, and has a medllian of gold with the words " City Guard " on it . He has the look of a gentle but brave spirit.

No problem. :-) I enjoy the nostalgia of looking at these. Its one of the reasons we are all still here.

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 9:30 am
by coltdorsey
Wow, you got all of them! Thanks :) Do you guys have the old forum data anywhere? I've tried using but its not very reliable. I'd love to read through old ul forums.

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 5:42 pm
by Butterfly
Taeloc Otek

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 4:20 pm
by Cherokee
Description request: Qui-Gon Jinn

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:46 pm
by Koi-Wish
I dropped the ball on getting some of these done.

Anyone want to see their old, or some other dreamers last known and stored Character description from original UL Lyra?

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 5:56 pm
by Cianne
Sidious Tryhnak
Myradyl Avri'la
Tarik Dahran
Rathis Tarn

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:04 pm
by Koi-Wish
Ruari - Last Login: 12-16-1998

Midhir - Last Login: 10-28-2004
A simple man from a simple time with a look of wonder in his eyes.

Feanor - Last Login: 7-24-2001
This grizzled dreamer looks happy, as if he has regained his pride in the dream. As he shuffles by, you notice an old badge resembling an outdated ruler crest of the Order of the Sable Moon at his collar. On his chest is a brand new initiate crest of the Order, it's chalk symbol gleaming brightly against the night backround. When he touches it, his face assumes a determined look, his steps grow bolder, and his eyes gleam with resilience.

Verdant - Last Login: 8-8-2002
Before you stands an avatar born after the First Great Loss. About his body is a cloak of mist. No doubt a result of his being lost in the mists for so many years. As you gaze into the emerald eyes you can faintly make out a well travelled past. You see he moves with a fluidness, seemingly gliding with each step. In his hand you see a gnarled walking stick. Faint traces of jade leaves float to the floor with each stike of the stick. An inscription reads simply "Tehthu is mine!"

Dremorus - Last Login: 12-8-2006
Possessing eyes the color of a moonless night, his blue-toned skin appears to be extremely smooth, except for a few rugged scars on his cheeks. Hair as white as freshly-fallen snow drapes out across his broad shoulders and falls down the length of his back. Black robes tailored from a fine silk adorn his avatar.

Sidious Tryhnak - Last Login: 3-8-2006
A bulky figure clad in a long abyss cloak that shimmers night when hit by the light just right.

Myradyl Avri'la - Last Login: 11-2-2003
She shimmers within an ethereal aura, silver hair moonlit. Brilliant flashes rarely glint from a once dazzling but now dimmed sapphire clasped at her throat. Deep turquoise eyes glitter with a scholarly intensity, as if captivated by lore of the Ancients and music of the Spheres, an azure-feathered quill protruding from her velvet hip pouch. Mirroring peace, she moves with quiet silken steps, an enigmatic smile at her lips and an inscrutable expression upon her visage.

Machiavelli - Last Login: 11-28-2006
Looking paler then usual, a grim look in his eye betrays the placid smile on his face. His clothes, though clean, show signs of heavy wear and the dull glint of metal occasionally flashes from under his cloak.

Yog-Ka - Last Login: 10-26-2004
This Dreamer's twilight skin seems ashen, his white hair tangled . The color of his pale blue eyes is almost lost in a soft white inner glow. His black leather outfit is elegantly designed, with an upturned collar and boots, belt and gauntlets trimmed with an intricate web-like design of ebony gloss. On his left hand he wears a ring of ruby-set platinum, and on his right, a softly glowing ring of cyan. From one ear dangles an ornate purple earring. He carries over his shoulder a leather pack.

Tarik Dahran - Last Login: 9-18-2005
A ghostly, wraith-like figure. The crest of the order stands out clearly from the rest of his form.

Rathis Tarn - Last Login: 2-13-2003
A man of perhaps middle age and features nondescript stands before you. His hair shorn close and his clothing unadorned. Dressed in sombre colors all that is outstanding is perhaps his eyes: grey-blue, the color of a sea at storm. Upon his brow rests a silver circlet set with a single moonstone. His hands are gloved in black leather to the elbows.

Renna - Last Login: 9-15-2005
A sheer plunging black blouse tucks into supple doeskin pants which bear criss-crossed lacing up the sides of both legs revealing a swath of bare skin from ankle to hip. The distinctive inking of a tattoo of some kind can be seen in places through the leather lacing on her right thigh. Her almond shaped eyes glint a mossy green with flecks of warmest amber. She scents faintly of anise. Waves of silken hair cascade loosely down her back to her hips. Her stance is one of casual self-confidence.

Khateyana - Last Login: 5-23-2002
An olive skinned woman of average build with violet eyes and long dark hair. Her face, sometimes graced with a rare smile. She carries a thick tome with a sapphire cover and often seen scribing in it. She posesses the ability to support thos seeking 4th and 5th spheres.

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:19 pm
by Uthanatos

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:36 am
by Koi-Drama
Uthanatos wrote:Boggen
Boggen - Last Log-In: Aug. 9th, 2004
6' in height, you see many scares down the arms, some resemble bits some resemble claws, others just scorch marks. around the neck you see a long gatted gash of a scare. across the face you see be but light blue eyes covered mostly be eye lids, short sand blond hair finishs it up. medium build, britchs abit saggy.

Kudzoo - Last Log-in: Jan 1st, 2001

Puck- Last Log-in: Aug. 1st, 1998

Ambi - Last Log-in: Feb. 14th, 2006
Wearing a simple plum sundress, this fair skinned woman smiles at you. Her hair is tied back in the traditional dreamer pony tail, held in place with a plum colored scrunchy. She looks to be in her mid twenties, and smells fairly clean. Floating beside her is a magical book which waves its pages to you in greetings. You overhear her say under her breath "where did everyone go?"

Nziri - Last Log-in: April 30th, 2001
Dark robes inscribed with silver sigils. Eyes closed. A faint whiff of the ocean on the air. Her head tilted slightly, as if she listens to sounds no other can hear.

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:02 pm
by Yuritau
I love this post.


If you don't mind!

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 6:22 am
by Gorgunsun
Kinda stalky but a nice bit of history. I was like WOA.

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:13 am
by Ruben
Can you get my old description by chance?

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 1:28 pm
by Mzchievs
Can I get Mzchievs' old description? that would be cool to see. Thanks

Re: Old descriptions

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 5:17 am
by [Finmarda]
If you have Fin Marda's old description, I'd love to see it also.