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The King and Queen ooc backstory/spoiler alert

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The King and Queen ooc backstory/spoiler alert

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Our city experienced a catastrophic event involving a malfunctioning (spoiler left out here)

The King and Queen held ultimate authority over the entire city of Thornhaven leading up to the Chaos Eclipse. However, the aftermath of the Chaos Eclipse diminished their power, leaving them with control only over access to the strongholds and their Kingdom. As a result, the King and Queen's subjects have all but disappeared due to the eclipse, reducing their influence considerably.

The King and Queen entered the city of Thornhaven one day surprised by the influx of dreamers they had never seen before, while the current inhabitants of the city and all of their guards had vanished. But their dominion over the city weakened significantly due to losing their strength that is their servants and guards.

As planned, the King and Queen will serve on the throne, they'll hire help such as constables or guardsmen to watch over their throne, in an effort to try and rebuild the Kingdom. Houses will be taxed, but they will not seek dominion over your house, they will not tell you what you can and cannot do in your house, they will not tell you what you can and cannot believe, they will not evict you for such things. (Closure of a house will come if your house goes inactive, but this is a fun In character way to help keep activity and close an inactive house)

The King and Queen are meant to be whatever your house/group/you choose to make of them. If you wish for political conflict to be there, we will help present it. We acknolwedge that some players love conflict, some do not. The roleplay is not centered around having two people come in and control everyone and everything. This is not the purpose of this roleplay, but rather offer up so many roleplay posibilities and change the dynamic of the game in a positive way.

We intend for there to be people for the King and Queen and people to be against. Whatever stance or desire that your group/you/house chooses to do, It is all anticipated and welcomed.

Keep in mind there is going to be more than one Kingdom in the city, I won't spoil this part though. It is a different type of Kingdom.
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