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Altar Missions

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Altar Missions

Post by Koi-Cricket »

When I first had a vision for the missions, in my mind it would be something for people to log in and stumble upon a mission and do the mission right then and there. Give you something new to do every time you log in to the game. The missions were never meant to replace questing. Missions are basically a fun addition to the game and another way to -help- advance.

I immediately saw how much work and thought it would be for me personally to put out new missions every single day, having to come up with brand new ones, forge up new altars etc. So the new missions came far and few between.

In that time, people began stock piling so bad that people didn't even have to personally do the missions to receive the reward because their house/cache was so full of the items needed that they could just come in and grab those and head straight to the market.

We ended up having to give houses locked cache and essence rooms just for missions. Now the MT halls, library, guilds, have mission items stocked or hidden. War rooms for the houses, etc. Even the cache's around the entire game have mission items. I know that people that do not participate in missions, probably do not appreciate never having any storage for their own things.

My vision for the missions are gone, and it just does not seem fun anymore. We should have never had to give extra rooms to hold missions, only for you to complain that there was still no room for missions.

I feel strongly that we need to get back to the root of how the missions were intended and the vision that I had for those. It has been suggested that we manipulate the library mission board for these as well. But I will keep you informed of how the missions will be going forward.

No more notices that missions are changing, it will be your duty to go into the game and check what the mission is for that day and set out and do it. Missions could change every single day, or every other day, or every week.

I want us to get back to the fun of the missions, and still having a fun way for you to stay busy and advance.

I appreciate so much that people have gotten into those and that that you enjoy doing them. But some times when things get out of hand, we have to get back to the root of its intent.

If anyone has any suggestions, I ask that you email us at roleplaying@underlight.com for consideration.

Thank you!
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