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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving

Post by Koi-Cricket »

I want to wish everyone a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day. I am so thankful for our little community.

My hope for this year is that we move past the bitterness and strife. That we move past the cliques and welcome the idea that GMs are players too. That the game flourishes and grows, both in numbers and creativity.

It only takes one bad seed to spread, and it destroys an entire player base and rips it a part. Be the change that when someone is bashing another player, or GM, that says hey, they're human too. We’ve had players leave over big things, and even the smallest of things. Be the one that says come on back to the game, we want you here, as I am saying now.

We have players and GMs alike that are stuck in a mindset that Underlight has to be one specific way, that we have to do it your way, or my way. Let’s be a new version that welcomes change.

I use to be of the mindset that, I felt like Underlight had to be one way and that, oh no, he brought a DM into sanc, shut the whole game down! After 20 plus years of doing things a certain way, the repetition of it all, it is time for change. We can still cling to the good old stuff, but embrace new things that will take place this upcoming version.

I want to say just how thankful I am for Brian (Wishbringer). If you only knew how many hours of tears and sweat he has poured into this game, or how much dedication and passion he has. You wouldn’t entertain that he does anything he does, other than for the good of the game, or to see it succeed.

My roleplay lead I am thankful for. He has taken on so much since coming to the team to try and make it better for you.

The Dev team and Jorkyn, it takes more than you think to keep Underlight going, and I am so thankful for them.

The GMs’s have been coming home from work every single night and doing all things Underlight related. It has been stressful, but fun and exciting. I am so thankful for how active and how much commitment that they are willing to put forth on a thankless, Payless job.

And last but not least, I am so thankful for every single one of you. The ones who stick around even through thick or thin. You are what keeps the portals spinning.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by Drizzt »

And we my dear Cricket are thankful for you.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by Dina »

Happy Thanksgiving to you Cricket and to everyone else. I am thankful for the dedicated GM's and players that still have this game going!
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