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Kudos Thread

Want to talk about non-game related issues? This is the forum for it.
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Re: Kudos Thread

Post by Coraal »

Good afternoon, everyone! I wanted to post here to take a moment to thank everyone who was able to attend the GoS effort in the Library last night:

Stormy Edwards

*GM's in attendance who offered their support

It was an amazing evening getting to enjoy this experience with all of you. Thank you all so much for showing your support and for actively engaging in the event in true UL fashion
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Re: Kudos Thread

Post by LadySilver »

Sometimes it can be hard to come in and see no one. I enjoy the quiet time. I will admit some things are done best then so you can focus on others when they come in. Not everything can be accomplished in a room full of well-wishers and folks hoping to be entertained in one form or another. The dream needs maintenance. It can also use an offered helping hand. What is the saying team work makes the dream work? This is a heartfelt thank you for those that we might not even see when they help as they run in to see what they can do. They reassure us that our time matters. That the love and planning we invest in as dreamers is appreciated. So thank you to the GMs that put their faces in the dream and give a hand in the more mundane things. The vibrant City Market, the Finders of lost items, the Teaching Elders that dream day in and day out to be sure we have what we need sometimes before we need it. We all know in a few years we will be remembering Grandma jo's rocking chair, Zaleria's Kimmie, Elson's candy it will be these simpler things memories are made of. Thank you for making the City a place where dreams are made.
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Re: Kudos Thread

Post by Seveiron »

Zaleria, Elson, Seenah. Fun GMs that make the dream push forward in unique ways. Thank you for that.
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Re: Kudos Thread

Post by Roleplayer »

I really want to thank Stormy Edward, Lady Silver and the Keepers of Shadows. I have a little brainstorm board that gives me ideas when Zsa is playing with certain items. Cindy had congratulated me and Stormy on how well we play off each other. Christy you are an amazing role playing, don't ever change your style.
The Cow came out of the blue from a brain storm. Thanks, it made for an entertaining rp in the midst of waiting for major Rps to roll off. I will quote Silver " I have never laughed so hard, it just keeps coming."

Other thanks
Seveiron and
the famous Stardolly....also known as Starfall. :P :lol:
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