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As a Soul Weeps~ To my beloved Najerv

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2021 6:52 am
by Roleplayer
Najerv is has been far too long that I held your gaze, that boyhood grin
those lips that would silence my words and caress me gently in long winters nights kiss.
As my soul stubborn refuses to weep, I am losing hope, that you shall be at my side, that marriage vowed, "to the end" empty cold, as the city each dream.
Again...I feel the pains deep within my mind, the SOUL cries in despair
Mother Dream, threatened once again, Should I weep with her? Where are our Gatekeeper champions? You, Jade
Trying to hold my compose, my sense around me in this madness
the angry I feel at two more lovers being struck, in the infancy of their marriage. this time it wasn't from duty, nor lack of dreaming as you haven't been, it was for revenge, stalked and slaughtered like lambs for a cold winters night stew, to fill a victors belly way too soon.
Where art thou, oh silly keeper... My faithful husband? My city needs me and I need you, in its last hours of peril.
Yet, I walk alone, as a Scryer once again, finding truth, facing the inevitable corruption as I swirl my diamond wedding ring.
If you find this scroll, know, if I do not survive, the insidious of the mad man, truly causing our last dreams to be nightmares
I went into my final dream, still loving you eternally.
Liolira Torek
Quartermaster, House Calenture.
Newly Awakened Ambassador
DreamSeer Teacher