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A Home By Any Other Name List IN Progress

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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A Home By Any Other Name List IN Progress

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Original: Derelict Keep
Lyran: Dreamers of Light - DoL
Ideoclesia : Luminous Mountain
Lyraclesia: Dreamers of Light; Order of Light

Original: (Unknown)
Lyran: House of Calenture - HC
Lyraclesia: House of Calenture - HC

Original: Deserted Garrison
Lyran: Protectors of Radiance - PoR
Ideoclesia :
Lyraclesia: Peace Corpse, Protectors of Radiance

Original: (Unknown)
Lyran: Keepers of the Eternal Shadow - KoES
Lyraclesia: Monastery of the Shadow

Original: Derelict Citadel, Impervious Citadel
Lyran: Union of the Covent - UoC
Ideoclesia: Cult of Bashir, Council of Wardens
Lyraclesia: Bastion of the Covenant, Bastion of Redemption

Original: Reliquished Observatory
Lyran: Allaince of the Eclipse - AoE
Ideoclesia: Sect of the Prudent, Eternal Order
Lyraclesia: Allaince of the Eclipse - AoE

Original: Abandon Caves
Lyran: Order of the Sable Moon - OoSM
Ideoclesia: Emancipators of Men
Lyraclesia: Order of the Sable Moon, Order of Harmony

Orginal: Deserted Institute
Lyran: Gathering of The Entranced - GotE
Ideoclesia - Emergence Academy
Lyraclesia - Emergence Academy - EA, Temple of Abundant Soul

Please if you have anything to correct or add to this let me know
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