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Calendar of Events

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 2:50 pm
by Seveiron
FreeSpirits Meeting: Sunday @ 7PM

WordSmith Guild: Sunday @ 5PM

DreamSeer Guild: Every Other Friday @ 7PM

GateKeeper Guild:

SoulMaster Guild: Every Other Friday @ 7PM

Master Teacher:

FateSender Guild:

Order of Harmony:

Alliance of Eclipse: Saturday @ 7PM

Dreamers of Light: Wednesday @ 7PM

Kabal Guild:

Keepers of the Eternal Shadow House: Saturday @ 7:30PM

Temple of the Abundant Soul Guild: Wednesday's @ 7PM

Master Teacher Meeting: Every other week on Sunday @ 2PM

If I miss a meeting you'd like added please let me know. I try to post them all for everyone to see when planning events. (If a time is not listed it is because I do not have one for it yet.)