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Laieus' Notes- Of Fear and Nightmares

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Laieus' Notes- Of Fear and Nightmares

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Notes 06-15-2020

While genning in the Breach this afternoon, the otherwise silence of the City was interrupted by the sound of a ticking clock. Stellaris confirmed that the sound was City-wide when she soon joined me. She had been in her house, the Alliance, when she heard the ticking as well. My first thought upon hearing this ticking was that WishBringer was dreaming. A quick check of Locate Dreamer confirmed this. After a quick discussion, we noticed that Wish had joined us in the Breach.

We decided Stella would be the one to talk to him, and that I would be ready with Rally, should anything go amiss. Stella found Wish in the Crucible, and was able to converse with him for only a few moments before the storms whisked her away. Most notably however, Wishbringer seemed to be playing with something in his hands.

Stella stormed, leaving me alone shortly after. I sensed someone in my Home, and after checking my Member art, realized it wasn't a housemate. I went to investigate. I didn't find anyone around; it was quite tranquil until I felt a sense of Fear in the Gathering Hall.

I found myself talking to myself, inquiring as to what was happening; the Fear was able to bypass my Protective arts. It was then I heard the whispered, quiet tone of Wishbringer, "Fear, do not resist it."

"Why?" I spoke to a seemingly empty room.
"Give in to your Fear ... Embrace it." He whispered.

I was trying to think of how my fears applied to the situation when he asked a simple question, "Are you prepared?"
Uncertain how to respond to such a question, I replied with a question of my own, "How do you prepare for Fear?"


I continued on my line of thinking that of course, there's a certain measure of trying to resist it. I tried to think happy thoughts, but my doubts still remained. Since my question got no response, I decided to ask another.

"What are your Fears, Wish? And how do you overcome them?"

Instantly, I was transformed into a Maren form of myself. After a moment of surprise and observing my new condition, I came to the conclusion that this was his reply.

"Do you confront your fears by being your own?" I asked the empty room that wasn't quite so.

In his hushed tone, he replied, "Within each of us is a monster ... "

Looking down at myself, a new question arose. "What do you choose to do with your monster?"

"Embrace it....", then after a moment, this was followed by a softer whisper, "....or perish."

"Did you choose to embrace it with Sadara's ritual? As a chance to change yourself?"

As he answered, I felt that I was getting close to something, "I was not given the choice, mine was taken... Thunderman's was taken, he shall embrace it as well."

It took me a few moments to actually process this reply and its implications. I then had to ask one more question, not knowing if I really wanted to know the answer, "Who took your choice away?"

"Eldryck", his whispered voice said, then began to echo the name, fading away until the room was silent.

My form soon returned to normal, but my thoughts were quite pensive about what I had just learned and experienced.

I got the sense someone was in Threshold, and needing some company, decided to Translocate to see who I could find in Threshold. Searching Threshold didn't yield any companionship, so I started preparing notes of the encounter when I was joined by Danubius, very much welcomed after talking to the walls for the past few minutes.

After a normal, but pensive greeting, I noticed Dan seemed somewhat skittish. He then began to explain that after a few attempts, he was using the portals of Aethemir's Lab to explore the City. I had sensed someone in the Pallisades. Putting this together with what Dan was retelling, I correctly surmised that it was him in the Palisades, and that he saw a room, or something that might have frightened him.

Danubius had been transported to the Execution Chamber in the Palisades, where he had his own unique and frightening experience. The room itself is an eerie one, but he then described seemed to have honestly shaken him quite a bit. A voice called out to him, asking if he'd come for his own execution. Dan then explained to this voice how he'd gotten there via the portals in the Lab, and the voice replied that he was interrupting his work and being a nuisance. This "being" (as Danubius referred to the voice as) then proceeded to transport Dan to my location in Threshold.

Just as he told me his tale, he stated blandly, "I don't feel... well...", put a hand to his stomach, bent over and seemed to feel faint and then disappeared. I looked for him with my Locate, but he wasn't in the City any longer.
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