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Shrine Maze - Lucidity

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 3:06 am
by Stellaris
So, today i have given my tour on the ludicity maze, thank you too all thoses who came, as promised here is the map too, This only shows inside the maze itself, If you want to enter is via the first entrance, the one that will be at the top of the map, then you will need to enter the lucidity maze from Chasm, Go up the stairs on your left once the enter, around the top to middleish there is a section dipping outwards, in the corner of that is a portal you'll need to active, this will take you to another area of the room, And directly in front of you will be the the portal to the breach, you'll want to head down the stairs your on, then go down the stairs on the right, You should be facing a wall with strange marking on it inside a hole, if you go directly ahead to the wall in front of you, and right into the middle of the wall and active the portal, you will be taken into the maze, where the map will lead the rest of the way

And here's a little key for quickly finding what you want
  • Map
  • Written Key on the map
  • Notes and Important information
  • My thoughts during the process of mapping this map
  • Any credit needed to be give to other dreamers

The key may be hard to read, so i'll rewrite it here, also you may have to squint your eyes to read some of the numbers apologize for that, i'll keep that in mind when shrinking down the other maps so i can actually fit them upon here.


Correct portals: Green line Fake walls : Blue line The centre pillar : Gray circle

Portals out of maze: Red line Decorations: Red boxes and circles Stairs: Badly drawn stairs

Notes and important information:
Originally i had place notes on the map, however due to having the press the map into itself to fit it into the scrolls here, i removed them, So here they are instead, along with some more information.

Note 1: You will have to jump to get through hidden walls

Note 2: There is a shamblix at step 10, you may want to chamele before entering the room

Note 3: Any red line on the map means that portal will lead you outside of the maze, and you'd have to do the entire maze again, Any step beyond step 9 has rooms that look alot like rooms in chasm of souls, However, despite what it looks like, you are not in the same room, but instead what i call a "Mirror room", a term you may end up seeing me use a lot in these map scrolls, a mirror room is just a room that looks like another room on a plane, but isnt the same room.

Note 4: The map has a section in the top left, showing you each step you need to take to get to the centre, it can be hard to make out the steps as the map is rather small, but generally they are separated by lines, some are harder to see however, and so if you look for the weird black blur just above each part, know that says "Step" and whatever step it is. There are 12 steps in total.

Note 5: Once you complete step 12, you will be back inside the first section of the maze, However this time you can walk off the platform, Be mindful though, You can still active the other platforms portals.

Note 6: There is a portal in the centre, for once you make it through the portal, to get back out.

Note 7: There is apart of the map in the top right section, where one platform is marked 5(6), and there is no further markings, that is because the two entrances to the shrine meet at that point, I marked the rest of the maze as "Second entrance A" and "Second entrance B" as i was marking it from the second entrance at that time, and found that the first connects up to the second, So while on the first entrance on platform 5, you are on the second entrance A, platform 6.

Note 8: There is a second entrance, if you stand at the stairs leading up to the breach portal, on the right side as the enter the room from the chasm, and line yourself up with the stair in the centre leading up to the breach portal, and run forwards activating a portal you should enter through the second entrance, Though i recommend going through the first entrance, as it's easier to find your way through and get into.

Note 9: If you ever find yourself lost inside this maze, Try heading to whatever corner faces the centre and active a portal, if you on the right track, all but one platform will allow you to get to the end of this section using that method, The only platform that does not work with this trick is the second platform, instead you have to do the opposite corner.

If that explanation was bad then let me try and explain it how Nmoto did to me. Think of the centre pillar as north, The direction you always want to be heading, when you go onto a platform, if you look at the centre you will notice one wall will be more in line with the centre than the other, that is the portal you want to go through, The reason for the second platform being different is because both walls face the centre almost exactly, And so the next best tell is behind you, If you think of the platform being on the other side then it would be nearer.

My person thoughts while mapping this maze:

When i started mapping this maze i thought it was going to take forever, I mean it's the lucidity maze, Maze of fate sender, surely it's going to have many tricks and turns, and that it did, I know i certainly would still be mapping this place if those at the explorers guild didn't help me out, it was the first map i had actually started while being apart of the guild, without Laieus' help with mapping the maze to begin with, i would have little to no idea which portals lead to what still, and without Nmoto's tricks on how to remember getting through, i'd still be trying to figure a way on how to remember it easily. This map was one of the harder ones to map, with its many portals and tricks, Even a shamblix, i was thrown around wondering if i was inside the maze or not, Of Course there was some easy ways to check, i would create a codex, and leave it on the ground, Leave the room and re-enter, It's more than likely that if i re-entered and there was a codex there, then i was no-longer in the maze, and if there wasn't, it means i was in the maze. The mapping of this maze signified my new passion for exploring and sharing the dream with others, i hope to later do more maps of, well where ever.

There are definitely things i'd like to improve on with mapping in general, this map was the second i created, though first i've finished, including placing it on theses scrolls. I wish to edit my other maps some to make them more clear and readable, also, this map gotta a little burnt, due to all the fire the paper got a little red, and...ashed, gonna try protecting my maps better next time.

I've already mentioned them once both Laieus and Nmoto have been a great help in creating this map, I would feel it wrong if i didn't credit them both here as well as myself, hopefully we at the explorers guild can provide more maps, Hopefully good ones, for the dreamers of this city.

Shrine Maze - Resilience

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 9:54 pm
by Stellaris
So, yesterday eve i have a tour on the Resilience maze, it was a eventful night, however i will get into that in my personal note, as i did for the other map i will provide a key here to quickly find any part of this scroll

  • Map
  • Map's Key
  • Notes
  • My personal thoughts during the mapping and giving the tour itself
  • Credits


Map's key
Blue squares or lines lead somewhere else via portal, Show by either a pink line, or pink and blue, Or via words
Green squares lead towards what i call the "Fishbowl" or "FISH" for short, The centre of the maze
Yellow line is a fake wall, A wall you can pass through, Though you will need to jump into it.
Purple dots are where you are once you go through a portal, Starting at the purple dot in section 1
Pink lines are two-way directions, Allowing you to drop down from a room and go back up.
Pink and blue lines only allow you to go through them in one direction, The pink side being the side you can go through, to give a better idea, Here's an example:


With this room, you can drop down from the top room, however can't get back up to the top room from the bottom.

Note 1: All the rooms in this maze nearly the exact same, give or take a few holes in the side. Finding which way is down can be quite hard sometimes, however if you look at the flow of the water in the middle of the rooms then you know which way is down, as the water always flows downwards.

Note 2: Section 1 and Section 1b are the only sections that have three rooms in a row, meaning you can look up from the very bottom of each section to tell if you're back at the start, Section 1 and Section 1b are the exact same place, just different places where you would be placed by a portal.

Note 3: Section 3 has a portal between the top and bottom, meaning when you try and drop down from the top to the bottom, you get teleported, The teleportation place is still in section 3, in the top room, You basically just get put back where you were.

Note 4: Does Not affect much, however Section 1 and Section 4 actually link, the top right red room in section four is actually the same room as Section 1's room that's directly one to the left of the entrance.

Note 5: i didn't mark it on the map, But in the first room, on the back room is a portal out of the maze, back to the shrine, There is also a portal in the fishbowl to get out and back into the shrine.

My personal notes and what not
This maze was the one that got me into mapping the shrine mazes, Probably the most fun to map, finding what links with what, while being a pretty simple, it took us a little while to map, however once it was done, it felt like a great achievement, though i did have to re-design this map like six times. During the tours, nothing of interest really happened, i managed to get everyone who wanted to see through the maze with relative ease, However before it was rather interesting, The darkmare WishBringer had transported us all to the "Crystal Maze", a rather interesting place, He said either "make it to the end, or else" and gave us a time limit, Not all of us made, In Fact only one us did, and it wasnt me. However Wish's or else wasn't too harmful, instead he had placed us in random places within the dream, I appeared in Lost caves, It was an interesting experience, though im glad no-one got hurt from it.

Once again, Laieus and Nmoto had helped massively during the mapping of this maze, Me and Laieus would get together and slowly map each room together, Then Nmoto came along and showed us some tricks, Such as swimming up the water falls, which is how we found out section 1 and section 4 were link.

Shrine Maze - Insight

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2020 10:49 pm
by Stellaris
So, what i believe to be the worse maze of them all, though one of the smaller ones, The insight maze, Or as i call it "The maze that's half invisible how am i supposed to map this grrrrrr".

  • Map
  • Map's key
  • Notes
  • Personal thoughts
  • Credits

Map's Key
Pink lines - Send you to the next room, Rooms shown from left to right, only four of them
Yellow lines - Send you back a room
Green lines - Move you to a different place within the room
Red lines - a guide on where the green lines go.
Different shades of blue dots - Markers of where you will be placed, When inside a box with a purple line on said box, That portal will lead to that dot.
The two purple shapes in the third room - Portals completely out of the maze.

Note 1: This map is a massive pain, Most of it is invisible, However if you look down enough sometimes you can see the floor, Super helpful in the last room

Note 2: In the third room, there is a good trick for getting into the portal that leads to the last room, First you have to shoot the lightest wall on the right side of the room, when your facing towards it, you have to hit the left corner of that spot, if you are, then back up until you can see the walls going around the edge in a circle at the top, If you can see part of the first wall that goes back into the room, but none of the others, then you are lined up correctly, Head backwards, activating portals as you do so, and you do eventually hit it. If you hit a wall, you missed, Try again

Note 3:If you stick the wall in the final section, and head backwards and slightly right, Putting yourself back onto the wall when you notice a gap, You should end up going through the portal at the end, This is the only portal in the maze that doesn't need to be activated.

Note 4: You can activate a portal in the first room twice to skip pass the second room, There is zero timing on this, as one of the portals puts you right next to the portal in room 2 taking you to room 3.

Personal Notes
God i hated and also loved mapping this maze, It was the most challenging of them all, Figuring out a way on how i can map things, and how to give ways to easily get through areas, Provides you use the methods i said in the notes correctly, It's actually super easy to get through this maze, which feels great, Knowing i can get through this maze now in a like two minutes, When i first dreaded the idea of even mapping this maze. This maze felt like the most reward maze to map, and for that reason i think it should be my favorite, Though i might be bias...being a seer and all.

So Me, Myself and I had created this map, With the help of Laieus, without his support once again, i would have gone insane trying to map this maze, The note i made in note 2 he helped to create, I made the first part, he made the second. together they provide a extremely easy way to find the portal.

Shrine Maze - Will Power

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 8:12 pm
by Stellaris
The final maze out of the four, and the shortest.

  • Map
  • Map's Key
  • Notes
  • Person thoughts
  • Credits

Map's Key
Orange line - Exit of maze
Green dot - Where you are place went going through a portal.
Green line - Correct portal
Yellow line - Leads to where the correct portal goes, if there is none the portal leads to the next room.
Purple line - Walls that you can walk through
Red lines - Portals that will send you backwards
Teal lines - Walls you can only pass through is it has a ward on it.
Big weird circle thing in room 4 - The centre

Note 1: You will need a gatekeeper to get through this maze completely
Note 2: There is a wall that will give you blend in room 1, However it only last for a short time, and you dont want it anyway, as it will make you go through warded portals and therefor send you back
Note 3: The walls that needs to be warded are portals, And if you get too close you will be teleported.
Note 4: You will need to active all correct portals to actually get through them
Note 5: this map isn't to scale, but gives a general idea, As with most of my maps. in fact all of them.

Personal Thoughts
Honestly i dont have much to say on this maze itself, Not many had shown up for the tour of it, and it was the only shrine i didn't help map, The map you see in this scroll was made by looking and Laieus' map of the shrine. So instead i wanted to talk about this entire process from start to finish. Beginning with the Resilience shrine, Where i first found Laieus running around, and with my help we got most of the maze onto paper, With Nmoto showing us a few extra ways around the maze. This was probably the most fun maze to map, putting together each room on pen and paper, figuring out which connected to which, Uses codexes, or even dreamers sometimes, along with noting any landmark we could, like the first section having a column of three rooms, Unlike all the other sections with columns of two.

After that, Me and Laieus started work on the Lucidity maze, The was my favorite looking maze out of the lot, and allowed us to learn of the differences within mazes, And their similarities, This maze felt like a pain in the ass, until Nmoto show us a simple trick on how to get through, Once we knew how to get through, i was able to mark each platform itself, then place markers on them, and use those markers to find out where each portal lead. After that,, it was a simple case of noting down the mirror rooms and trying not to be collapsed by the shamblix, Which i had avoided up until giving the tour of-course, The one time others would see me getting collapsed is the one time it happened...Ok fine it happened twice, But..i wasnt suppose to accept the restore and get myself collapsed again!

Finally there was the Insight maze, From what i heard the Lucidity maze was the hardest, so i thought great, This maze should take too long, after all the lucidity maze wasn't that hard once you figured out the trick, My how wrong i was, I consider the insight maze to be the hardest out of the lot, I dreaded the day giving the tour of that maze came, i thought it was gonna take hours, and i'd end up getting lost, However, Using the tricks me and Laieus had came up with, Everyone was able to get through with relative ease, And, if the tricks are done correctly. The maze is actually super easy and you can probably get through it faster than the other ones.

For the mapping of this maze Laieus and Nmoto are to blame. The map on this scroll was created by myself by re-creating the maps both of them had made.
I'd also like to thank everyone who came to any of the tours, Or even read this scroll, It helps the explorers guild achieve its goal of mapping areas of the dream, and sharing them.