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~Tattered Journal~ The Mountain Sage~Revelation

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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~Tattered Journal~ The Mountain Sage~Revelation

Post by Cianne »

Now I sit in the Sanctuary of my home to tell you about what the mountain Sage revealed to me.

In prior journal entries I have told you that I hail from a place called Dunlain, my parents were Angus & Lillian McCleoud.

The Sage revealed to me that Dunlain is the land of the Sidhe Fae. The Sidhe Fae, "Fair folk", are women, who take human men as their mates. The woman live
unnaturally long lives and are distinguished as never dying from natural causes and only lose their lives either through some misfortunate accident or by anothers hand.
My mother, Lillian, was one of these, and therefore the Fae blood runs in my veins.

In retrospect, it dawns on me now that while my mother was always beautiful and seemed ever youthful, my father looked much more aged, until his passing when he was
overcome with a fever and illness which could not be remedied.
My mother succumbed to an accident when she slipped and fell into the river and a swift current took her down below. She was never found.

The mountain Sage himself, is offspring of Sidhe Fae, and much like myself, has chosen to live the life of a recluse.

After my journey back down the mountain, was when I dicovered I was able to conjure ice and snow at will, I believe that my friend, the wisened Sage of the Sidhe Fae bestowed this gift upon me so that I may always remember our time spent together, and remember who I am.

~Practice patience and silent reflection in a moment of anger ~ It will save you infinite moments of regret~
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