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Coro Myst; Do you Recall?

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Coro Myst; Do you Recall?

Post by Tentacle » Mon May 20, 2019 3:35 am

A question was posed to me not long ago, why is Recall no longer removed through Abjure?

First, understand that this is my opinion. This opinion is an opinion born of sideways thinking and aeons of experience. The art of Recall is one of the few abilities that connect us to that aspect of self that some know as, soul. When we use Recall, we are creating an ethereal tether. A link, between two locations that depends not on a physical avatar but is bound to the pure energetic seed, of us. The eternal essence at the core of each of us.

"Why could it be abjured before?"

We cannot forget the sympathetic relationships that exist between all energies and entities. If I tug at a strand of silk on my web, there is a reaction elsewhere. Nothing we do is done in a vacuum. A clear example of this is the relationships arts have had with each other in Idoaclesia and now, to a lesser extent, in our current reality. However, these are not the only examples of unique relationships.

It has come to pass, that understanding and control of the energetic seed have grown. Quite simply, it could be Abjured before because the attunement's and knowledge of Abjuration were more significant than the control one could express over their tether. Abjuration, as an energetic power, circumvented the strength of our ephemeral chain.

We see this further expressed in a recent development that occurred with Peace Aura. Previously, it was entirely possible to circumvent this focused state of mind, and through the use of Abjure, render someone vulnerable. This result is no longer possible.

My hypothesis states that an entity or entities, far more adept at the transformative manipulation of energies than us, have reinforced the tether we each create when we use the art of Recall.

It should be noted that I wholeheartedly believe that what has been done, may be undone. The equilibrium as it now is can be skewed or adjusted, should one decide to do so and possess the mastery to make it so.

"What do you think about this change?"

I do not have an opinion on this matter. Shocking, I know. Again, I use the word equilibrium. There are scales of balance far beyond the scope of our general consideration. As I have gained both wisdom and knowledge, I give careful thought to what even the smallest change means in the overall web of our reality. It could very well be that the changes to our tether have relationships we do not recognise or understand. While we may be content to accept the changes by forces unknown, that does not mean that we should ignore them. I encourage everyone to give careful thought to the relationships that exist between ourselves and so many of the energies we take for granted. It is entirely possible to hide the diabolical in plain sight. A poison can be sweet and inviting just as it can be bitter and unpalatable.

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