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Opening Menu !

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Opening Menu !

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>>Opening Menu<<

Drink Menu Coming Soon.

Just for Snax

Trinity Tuber Frites : The finest Trinity potatoes, julienned and fried to a deep golden brown.

Calenture Calamari: Seasoned and lightly breaded crispy squid, served with your choice of dipping sauce

Emph Wings:
Just the tips! Your choice of smokin' hot, honey sweet or Salt n pepper

For the Heartier Appetite

Beyond Bogphant Burger: A thick juicy pattie dressed to your liking between two fresh baked slices of resilient rye.

Trinity Tuber Testosterone Plate: Your manly man will love his favorite frites smothered in melted cheese, bacon, mount illapse mushrooms and chives

Palisades Pasta: A heaping bowl of home made pasta with a spicy marinara and bog balls- don't knock em, till you try em!

Secular Salad: The freshest greens - Chosen from the Basin lands, mixed with an assortment of crisp, healthy vegetables and drizzled with an entrancement vinigrette

On the Sweet Side

Harrow Weed Brownies : For the adventurous, a rich chocolatey fudge brownie infused with the finest strain of Harrow weed

Strawberry Chamele Cake:
As much fun to eat as it is delicious, if you can find it!

Fatesender Fruit Flan Flambe': The delicious custard flambe' is topped with Lambent berries, !Caution!: Mind your brows. Extra long spoon provided.



I am pleased to announce the introduction of my
mobile food cart! Repurposed from my trusty old wheelbarrow.

SPUDS-n-GRAPES will offer a new ala carte menu weekly!

Not gonna lie, there is a lot of herb and harrow weed smoking in our fair city -
Well this is the answer to your munchy craving giggle-assin' prayers!!!



A Subsidiary of Elms Bud-n-Shade Landscaping.
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