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Post by Sadara » Fri May 17, 2019 9:16 am

The plum diary is opened on the ground as a tattered and tear stained page is shown.

Dear Diary,
It's been a while...
A lot has been happening within the dream... and I seem to be... I just...
I need to get something off my chest.
In my shard, I did kill my brother yes... however that was never my blood brother. There are things that are still haunting me, even within the dream. Let me start from the beginning.

I was born from a woman that never loved. Never wanted anything more than to have a child to torture, to make them do what she wanted, and to break. My fa-- the man that I came from was a deceitful man full of secrecy, concealed in a layer of anger and a sexually deviant man... He met that woman out of wedlock, had another family with this woman while he not only had his marriage in the village also several other bastard children strewn throughout the lands. My twin brother and I were born from this woman. Our family lived out in this dark swamp land, in this wooden shack on the lake. At 5 years old me and my brother wore sacks for clothes, hunted for our food with a hand made bow, chopped what dry wood we could. Yet all the while we were... content being secluded. Being secluded... no one can hear your screams.
My-- that WOMAN, I remembered that one day she made us dinner. It wasn't a very productive hunt that week yet the woman pulled some strings and got us dinner for that night. We ate... the man was home this night... yet this night while he sat in his clean linen robes, eating the brown rice and meat, he had finally took his mind off sex to look down at the plate. I never...
I never saw someone's face contort into that of terror, pain, and disgust... He screamed so loud... that I couldn't hear the crickets chirp outside anymore. He looked at the woman with a horror in his eye, as he mouthed, "My children..."

That... grin. The woman's face began shifting, her mouth crawled into a wicked grin that spread from ear to ear. Her eyes sunk into her skull as her black hair started flailing and flying upwards as if it were on fire. Her teeth... grew two inches, her jaw enlarged, her nails grew a sharp five inches. I will never forget... how wide her mouth opened... how she sunk her teeth into his neck. The red blood that soaked my freshly washed socks.
I was frozen. My brother next to me crying and wailing... as I just... sat there watching my father being devoured piece, by piece.
His lips... how they used to tell me to stay quiet.
His hands... how they used to hold me in his undying grasp...
His eyes... how they--
I felt free, finally free... If only for a moment.

My eyes finally wandered down onto what was on the plate, to see what the man saw. A finger with a golden ring that glowed off the light of the candles on the table.
I remember her words that seemed to echo through my head as she glared up at us for a moment with blood splattered across her face and pieces of flesh hanging in between her teeth, she said in hoarse and cold bone chilling tone,
Right after... it all goes blank from the rest of that night. The month after she had my brother and I were scared... she'd make us--

During that time... I told myself and my brother that we were leaving we can escape. He ignored me... and as soon as I turned 10, I got the courage to runaway. I tried to bring him... to take him with me...I grabbed him by his bony, broken, blackened hand by accident... I regret... not trying harder.
She found out as soon as my brown and soiled sock had touched the ground on the other side of that door, I saw her... her face pop out from around that dark back room like a groundhog a her eyes burned fire...
I froze.

The page is torn out on the other side of the diary.
Time. Some use it to heal, some to help, and others waste it. - {Sadara}
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