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☼ A breach of the peace ☼

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☼ A breach of the peace ☼

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We grind our teeth and bite our tongues. Surrounded by martyrs and sycophants; the host who knows the truth has gone to ground. Apathy begins to rise. After aeons of warning and portent, our stamina wanes.

Time and again, the characters on the stage may change, the tale, however; does not. How can the population understand the eternal cycle when they turn a blind eye to their imminent extinction? The most erudite of the religious orders are consumed with thoughts of fornication and acts of revenge. Those thought to be leaders descend into fear and deflection as the desire to sidestep confrontation robs them of their voice. Our game of Thrones continues even as kingdoms fall only to be rescued by forces unseen. They change nothing and repeatedly fail. Those who do adapt and overcome, are branded heretics.

We have turned to ourselves for all resolution. We think ourselves witty and wise, yet many of us do not even remember the Shard we have come from. Dreamers would claim to have mastery over the wild, and yet they give no thought to the origins of the wild in the first place. The world of the wondrous is choked to death by the forward march of the mundane and shallow and what few rules our society does have are willfully ignored and abused. What incentive is there to do better if playing damaged, wounded, and unhinged can earn you the wealth of skill and power you desire?

Do you not see our tale echoed in the visions of the Echten and the Yissen? We are watching ourselves. We see our eternal struggle brought to life again and again, and still, we do not detect it. The majority will never know the truth, for they cannot allow for their minds and spirits to think we are small and without all of the answers. To say, I don't know, is terrifying. The unknown brings with it more horror than the Lord Tehthu or my adoptive grandfather, Asmodan.

We are all of us the Yissen Cleric, The Echten Squire, the long-suffering daughter and the corrupted father. The Darkness itself has shown us our cycle, and many regard it with the simple regard of someone watching a travelling troupe of players. They cannot be invested because to be invested would mean they held themselves accountable. As we deny the truth to ourselves, one we could call friend and mentor disintegrates before our eyes. We forget ourselves; our sadness all too quickly gives way to avarice and a desire for martyrdom. The masses cannot differentiate between two different topics discussed in parallel, yet, they would be the ones to decide the fate of our entire world and choose a sacrifice.

The world of illusion is slowly fading away. Entities beyond our imagination are beginning to stir. The lines between comfortable truth and painful reality grow as weak and the protective wards laid by the Overscanners. To move forward, to truly escape the cycle, we must learn of our beginning. It is not enough to master an art, or hold a position; these things are distractions for the unaware.

To the Yissen, I am one of you.
To the Echten, we are of the same essence.
Darkness, I embrace the truth.
To all who dream, giving up our addiction for the known will be the most arduous task we have ever experienced.

Discovering the clues to our beginning is our only hope of safeguarding our future.

The Matron 🕷️
"I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it."- Niccolo Machiavelli
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