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The Excavation of Gloom Peaks

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The Excavation of Gloom Peaks

Post by OfF KiLTeR »

As a follow-up to the Prospecting in Gloom Peaks, I believe that there is a methodology that could be followed in order to achieve the goal of creating a Sanctuary in Gloom Peaks.

The first step would be to clean the site. Get rid of any rock that is unstable and then bolting down whatever was left. A great deal of Tempest should blow the debris away and an even healthier dose of Hypnotic Weave should hold everything in place. I would suggest that you test the work thoroughly with Dreamquake to ensure that everything sticks. If it isn't stable yet, more weave and more dreamquake until you have a solid casing.

The second step would be to excavate the hall where you want the sanctuary to reside. I think that this would be the work of Blast as that more of a precision tool. You can carve out the rock, shape the room, and create the greater fixtures.

The Third step would involve creating of an exterior wall with a portal. The portal would need to be added. This could be done by creating a weave of staffs held together by pocket wards. You would need someone experienced (or willing to learn from scratch) in tuning portals.

The Fourth Step would be to dig out the secondary portal that leads to Larrod's Retreat. This would be the final step before hallowing the room as a sanctuary since you will need aggressive arts to trench the room.

The Fifth step would be tuning a portal on both sides leading from the sanctuary to Larrod's retreat.

The sixth step would be to sanctify the room as a Sanctuary. This might require the assistance of a guild or an elder.

The seventh and final step would be to put in the finer pieces of the room. Furniture, lighting, art, decorations, and the like. These would need to be provided and then cemented to the room.

While this is just a rough outline, I think this could be accomplished - if given the appropriate resources.
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