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☼ Cosmology: An Outline ☼

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☼ Cosmology: An Outline ☼

Post by Tentacle » Sun May 12, 2019 12:02 pm

Kanto! Kanto! My report is ready! I've found words to describe what the Primordial has taught me.



Imagine our reality as a series of expansive nested spheres. These nesting spheres provide not a thin layer of substance for each of them, but a vast horizon. If one can bend their thoughts, understanding will come much more comfortably.

☼ The Expanse ☼
The Expanse is the farthest point I have been able to reach with the power of the Primordial guiding me. In this place, the oldest, unnamed forces of our realities are locked in tireless battle. I can sense immensely vast and terrible shapes, but they boil before my vision like smoke just under the surface of a lake at midnight. Opalescent masses rises from the depths; they are without form but not lacking in presence. Their combat feels ancient, unceasing, primal. Thundering majesty locked in a struggle that is cold and fierce.

These masses have intelligence; it is cold and unfeeling. Good and Evil have no meaning. At the dawn of time flecks of consciousness were dashed upon the Expanse. Some of these fragments escaped the hunger of the Expanse. Where they drifted, I do not know. I do know they took an aspect of The Expanse with them, and the Expanse came to know of consciousnesses elsewhere because of the exchange.

I can not linger in this place, for as I bear witness to this eternal struggle, I become known. All manner of strange vision begins to tear at my consciousness. The madness starts its procession.

☼ The Dreamheart Tempest ☼
Our Dreamscapes, though varied in nature and perhaps infinite in number, have connections to places of great peril. One of these places is the Dreamheart. Our reality is not that far removed from a realm where Dreamers, can die. The Dreamheart is an inhospitable realm of a twisted, ever-changing existence. Just as quickly as dream-born landscapes materialize they dissolve; without any rhyme or reason.

Amid this chaotic landscape, half-melted dreamscapes linger - some oddly familiar and others terrifying in their alien presentation. In the vastness of this kaleidoscope of reality, we find the Dreamheart Tempest itself. Like any great storm, the Tempest has an eye. If there is any mind, or deity, or purpose that unites all Dreams, it is located within this Eye of the Dreamheart Tempest. A voice tells me, punctuated by a familiar giggle, that each who may visit this place, would come away with a different understanding of what lives in the eye - would I find a god, my real purpose, or achieve unparalleled otherworldly power? No one experience could accurately encompass an encounter in the Dreamheart, much as no dreamer could ever understand every dream.

☼ The In-Between ☼
In this place, the In-Between, I encountered Lyrsha. The In-Between was brought to me to experience in a vision. This vision occurred not long after my enigmatic pedagogue introduced me to the world of Planesmithing.

From the great womb of potential that Lyrsha stood before, webs of vital energy began to grow. Great rivers and smaller streams began to criss-cross and weaved themselves across the realities. Though my perception began to lose the capacity to follow every path, I could see that there were always primary paths that led back to Lyrsha. The myriad of realities continued to expand. Though their dimensions escape precise description, I knew that each of them had a parent connection with this fundamental landscape of pure potential.

The In-Between was a borderland, a realm of protection from all the mysteries that lie beyond. Perhaps even, a vast staging ground. Another giggle, at the edge of my knowledge. All Dreamscape realities attach to the In-Between though the connection may be different in each. In this realm, the power of distortion and twisted illusion begins to increase in power. A protective measure, I believe.

☼ The Primordial Shrines; The Primordial Breech ☼
A thoroughfare of potential and power. In this realm of creative possibility, an open mind finds its hearth. A gift from Lyrsha, a protective buffer and training ground. The Primordial Shrines and the Fonts they contain are a connection to our beginning. They feed reality itself, through their link to The Primordial Breech.

Though the Shrines and the Fonts may, at first glance, seem as mundane as a great many other structures in the city, they are not. Through them, we have reestablished our connection with the raw potential of the Dreamscape, and beyond.

One cannot be told how to master the primordial, for there is no one way. Many will try, few will succeed. This much I do know. These places are far more than playgrounds and obstacle courses for the casually curious. Though their appearance is deceiving the keys to mastering the manipulation of reality lies within these excavated halls.

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