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Third look at new art project: Transmute Essence

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Third look at new art project: Transmute Essence

Post by Dakkoth » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:15 pm

Fellow citizens of Underlight,

First off, I want to thank all those who were able to attend and participate at the third gathering for the creation of Transmute Essence. For those who were not in attendance, a brief summary:

We gathered in the Pedantical Laboratory of Lost Caves with the mission of weaving the essence arts to the various status/crests that a dreamer may achieve that be relevant. We began by smashing a SoulReaper into bits. Then placing those bits into a cauldron of a slimy berry substance rich with Resilience. We then picked out the slime covered slivers and used them to weave the arts (symbolized by nightmare essences with said essence manipulation) and crests (symbolized by forged house crests or power tokens) together. A special thanks to Sadara for assisting and gathering all those things. The slime being very resilient was stretchy allowing for the bond. We then secured all loose ends to a large Copper Rod. I twisted the copper rod to pull everything in together and wrap them around it. The visual of which resembled the cast of the potential new art. I was not prepared to be spun so violently by the Chaos Vortex that overcame me. But I did not let go of the Copper Rod. The rapid long spinning weaved all together tightly around the Copper Rod. When all finally subsided, the Copper Rod with all the weaved talisman together became one. We shall use this as the base object for attuning each to Transmute Essence

Next gathering is this Wednesday 02/13 at 8pm DST in the Pedantical Laboratory of Lost Caves. All are again welcome and encouraged to participate!

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